2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Theme Camps

S'mores N Amour

S’MORES at sundown! All ages are invited…come roast a marshmallow and we’ll make you a S’more. Doctor Who says these are the best S’mores in all of Time and Space! Warning: marshmallows will be burned.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/b1e2bf96-a3bf-4a91-b145-9a9b0fdff718 Hometown: North Hollywood

S.A.T.B. (Singers At The Burn)

Connect with the Something Other often overlooked at Burning Man. Your Playa Choir welcomes all Burners to come and participate in a fun 4-part harmony of classic sacred and secular songs. Rehearsals are Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. To listen, please join us for the Sunday SUNRISE Performance at the Temple, or the Full Choir non-denominational, non-religious but entirely welcoming, spiritual and moving “service” at 11:00 a.m. in our Dome. Singers of all skill levels, and persuasions are welcome 🙂 Also looking for Musicians! Contact madis_service@yahoo.com for more information or swing by our camp on the playa!

Hometown: OAKLAND

Sacred Cow

Desert wanderer! Join the mystical culinary odyssey of the Sacred Cow as we romp through BRC on the Sacred Cow Hajj rooftop restaurant- lounge-mutant vehicle! Catch the Hajj spouting delectable smells down your neighborhood street, or toss fantastically fabricated food stuffs to the land locked participants below: such technological wonders of flavor they have never experienced. Sunset dinner cruise art tours. Late night playa picnics. Moonlit Temple Feasts. We always need kitchen help!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sacredcow/ Hometown: New York/ Seattle

Sacred Song Teahouse

The Sacred Song Teahouse is a temple for devotional singing on the playa.

There are many traditions of devotional singing, sometimes known as bhajans or kirtan, which help to quiet the mind so that the heart can open to the divine, allowing us to taste the blissful reality that is our true nature. Rather than being a performance in which the audience listens to musicians, it is a participatory spiritual practice in which everyone is encouraged to sing and express their inner joy.

The Sacred Song Teahouse is a Burning Man camp dedicated to creating and maintaining a serene temple oasis for joining our voices and diving into the Divine… together. We welcome the keepers of tea wisdom to join us in our temple space to sooth our throats with their mystical infusions. We welcome musicians to join us on stage and have a safe and secure place for them to store their instruments during the Burn. Together we create Magic!

URL: http://sacredsongteahouse.com/Welcome.html Hometown: Atascadero

Sake II Mi

Sake II Mi Camp is bringing the first and only combined Sumo Wrestling Arena and 16th Century Rubenesque photo stage to BRC. Come wrestle, pose, and participate in pure EurAsian hilarity!

Hometown: San Francisco

sake to me

Sake To Me is your neighborhood sake bar! Stop by for a comfortable shady pitstop, some great chilled sake, and test your skills at a giant version of Jenga.

Hometown: Las Vegas


Come get cold sake on a hot day at one of the playa’s longest running sake bar and newly added tea lounge!

Hometown: Sonoma

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other beings. We invite the Black Rock City community to visit our friendly, comfy quadruple Do-Me Domes any time, stop by for our Royal Jam De Funk dance party in honor of funk and rock royalty, Black Rock Chamber Music Festival, or enjoy one of our Healing Faires offering massage, readings, or relationship counseling. Also, come feed your power hungry devices and fill depleted batteries at our solar charging station!

URL: http://www.salonsoleil.org/ Hometown: San Francisco


Camp Salty: Day and night we are the local deep dive bar of the 9:00 neighborhood. Nautical, underwater themed, we are your safe haven from the fervor of the playa playing R&B, Soul, Blues, Electro-swing, Hip Hop, and Disco.

URL: http://www.campsalty.com Hometown: SF, LA, Boise, Seattle, NYC

Salute Your Jorts!

Our camp is about good ole’ fashion summer fun! The care-free friendly competition of lawn games, combined with the best pair of jorts you’ll ever own will take you away from the pounding beats of adulthood. Join us to laugh, play, sing and have a ball!

URL: https://saluteyour-jorts.squarespace.com Hometown: San Francisco

Salón at the Oasis

Visit our Renaissance Salón and expand your knowledge of yourself and the world by checking out a human from our library M/W 5-7pm or volunteer yourself as a library acquisition; and/or channel your inner orator/actor by participating in Literoke Tues. 5-7pm. Wine will be served during all scheduled activities.

Hometown: Palm Springs

Scar Bar

You provide the scars, we provide the drinks.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Scarbutts Coffee

Scarbutts Coffee serves up hot and iced.Cold brewed coffee
9:00 am to 12:00 noon Monday through Friday

Hometown: Oakland

School of Consensual Kink

All the classes you wish were available when you were in school — Black Rock School of Consensual Kink (S.O.C.K.) offers a variety of classes and BDSM tastings by our faculty of trained kinksters. The kink curious of all genders, orientations, and identities (18+) are welcome, see you in class!

URL: http://www.blackrocksock.com Hometown: Seattle and San Francisco

Scotch & Hop

Jump around and be silly playing Hop Scotch and drinking Scotch. All ages are welcome, but must be 21+ for the Scotch.

Hometown: New York, Reno, SF, LA, The Dakotas, Portland, Seattle, Somewhere in Wyoming, Philly, Boston, Toronto, London

Seattle's Breast Coffee

Seattle’s Breast Coffee

Hometown: Seattle

SeaWEED Artist Collective

SeaWEED Artist Collective. Seattle, WA – teaming up with Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC – to bring a monumental library to the Playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SeaweedArts Hometown: Seattle

Second Star

Second Star to the right, and straight on ’til morning! Escape to Neverland and join us in our funk oasis for music, drinks, and good vibes. Lose your shadow at the Lost Boys Bangarang, or dance it out at our Second Annual Second Star FUNKtion.

Remember – “all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of playa dust!”

Hometown: Brooklyn / London

Sensual Pleasures (The Camp for)

The Camp for Sensual Pleasures is dedicated to providing pleasure for women in an environment that’s sensual, safe, comfortable & private.

The well-known Orgasamator Experience is back, enhanced to give women an even more intensely enjoyable experience, and the very popular Eros Tangeré, an Erotic Sensation Performance, is also returning.

URL: http://campsensualpleasures.com/ Hometown: LA & Orange County


We focus on surprise, and spontaneity with live performance artists mixed in with a range of carefully curated dj’s to provide a camp that is filled with mystery, excitement and even some delightfully unexpected snacks and drinks. Let us linger in the beautiful foolishness of things, and revel in our ignorance.

URL: http://serendipitea.camp Hometown: London

Serenity Now

Serenity Now coffeehouse returns for its 4th year on the playa! Bringing its smooth cold brew coffee, delicious teas, and welcoming atmosphere, Serenity Now has your caffeine fix.

Hometown: San Francisco

Serenity Valley Saloon

Welcome to Serenity Valley Saloon where we re-enact the joy and pain of our past including Jerk Church (and maybe Undercity)! We are still drinkers with a singing problem, so come share a cup and a song with the reformed Mudders at our church without religion but lots of spirit…. or is that spirits? Anyway come by for a drink & some adventure!

Hometown: Oakland & Seattle

Servants of the Secret Fire

“You cannot pass,” he said. “I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass.”

Join our community of wizards for magical potions, acquire mystical knowledge, and learn to wield the power of fire!

URL: http://se.cretfi.re Hometown: San Francisco

Settle This Like Men

Settle This Like Men is about one thing: Beatings.
Whether you’re learning to mete out justice during one of our classes, smashing that camp mate who just won’t pick up his moop in our Ring of Justice, choking out your best friend in our Jiu Jitsu matches, or kicking your own ass in our fitness classes, you will get beat.

Hometown: Reno


At Sextant, your life is in your hands: Giant Tesla Coils, Zip-Lines, a 75 foot Tower with a Crow’s Nest, and Vünderbar (ze bar in ze sky!) 16 feet off the ground – we are committed to bringing the tallest, craziest, and most electrifying builds to the Playa.

Sextant is Hard Science, Hard Engineering and Hard Sexy.

URL: http://sextantcamp.com/ Hometown: Oakland

Sexy Tramps

Full of joy from unabridled admiration from our Compliment Booth, you can lay your bindlestiff down and take a moment from your travels to share a story with your fellow adventurers at Sexy Tamps. Refresh yourself with an ice-cold SnakeByte, bounce on our Sexy Trampoline, warm yourself by our fire, dance with abandon, and take in the abundant amusements and oddities presented for your enjoyment. Most of all, Stay Sexy.

Hometown: New York city area including Brooklyn and nearby New Jersey

Shack of Sit

Shack of Sit, a Mensa SIG, featuring the Embiginator – a means to project yourself to the world.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/215133971881354/ Hometown: Portland / San Jose

Shady Waffle

Shady Waffle is a full-service breakfast restaurant in a brilliantly colored elliptical dome. Our dome is a well known landmark, a machine that converts cranky hippies into happy hippies. Come eat, cool off, relax, and make a stranger even stranger.

URL: http://shadywaffle.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Shamandome Camp

SHAMANDOME CAMP birthed out of Heebeegeebee Healers Camp in 2006. 40 workshops, healing 1200 burners by core shamanism drumming journies. Our Find Your Power Animal workshop twice daily across the week trances to DIRECT ACCESS TO SOURCE. and Wake Up the Shaman in You. We address sustainability, individual crises, harem management, soulretrival, extraction of neg energies, by CHANGING YOUR DREAM. We get you back on playa reopened to receive the epiphanies you flew in for. Shamandome.org

URL: http://shamandome.org Hometown: New York City


A forgotten paradise to soothe the wary adventurer, or a lawless land of risk & Reward? We are both. A yin and yang. An amalgamation of two elements, each playing off each other.

URL: http://www.facbook.com/pages/shangri-lawless/270167463002683 Hometown: San Diego


ShangriLa – Wine Camp with a Yoga Problem! LaLas are back with yoga, meditation, handjobs, and wine tastings to enjoy! We even sing with you this year and plan to give you a good spanking if you behave ~

URL: http://shangrila.heavenlyyoga.us/ Hometown: Morrison


Shantitown delivers steaming hot, freshly baked pizzas directly to you. Simply call us on 1 (800) – PLAYA – PIZZA or look out for one of our trusty delivery fairies to place your order and we’ll deliver a piping hot pizza pie right to your doorstep. If you’re of the cooking disposition and would like to help bake pizzas to make hungry tummies happy, come join us in the kitchen where, as Uncle Mario always says, “It’s-a-always-a-party-a-in-a-here!”.

Sharkey's Bar and Lounge

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sharkeysbarandlounge/ Hometown: Los Angeles, San Francisco and all corners of the globe


SHIFT – It happens

URL: http://www.shift-bm.com Hometown: Napa

Shine Town

Shine Town – Does it Burn? We have a Shot for that! Visit our Moonshine Bar for happy hour specials and daily themed events all week long in our shady dome!

Hometown: Seattle, Painesville, and Parker

Shiny - a Support Camp for Autism

Burning Man is an intense experience for anyone. For those on the autism spectrum, or with other neuro-diversities or sensory sensitivities it can be overwhelming. Camp Shiny is here as a refuge for sensory overload, to help manage the intensity, and facilitate interaction for anyone feeling “socially challenged” — no one should go it alone, come here instead.

URL: http://campshiny.org Hometown: Monterey

Shipwreck Tiki Lounge

While working passage on a Norwegian steamer we picked up a castaway from the water, he’d been drifting for weeks way west of Sumatra, a thousand miles outside the shipping lanes his ship had run aground on on a uncharted island hidden in deep fog. They said there’s nothing out there but back then there were many blank spaces on the map, a place thought only to exist in myth until now…

URL: http://www.facebook.com/shipwrecktikilounge Hometown: Oakland


Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

Short Bus XOXO

XOXO Village is truly about hugs and kisses. Year-round community is what we live for and joining our camp is a lifelong commitment. This year the village brings together several amazing camps including Shortbus, The Condo, Rawrtastic, and Welcome Home. We will be hosting a variety of beautiful and exciting events this year including Astrology Classes, Community Meals, Healing Workshops, Spiritual Dance Parties, Spa Days, and more!

URL: http://xoxovillage.com Hometown: San Diego

Short Stack & Om Skillet

Short Stack & Om Skillet bring you a chill park vibe and gourmet grilled cheese in the desert. Join us at 1pm on Tuesday and Thursday for full sandwich service and some groovy tunes. Tuesday afternoon is the Tutu Tuesday dance party!

Hometown: San Francisco

Shots for Shocks!

An electrical tasting bar: We zap you with a shock, you get a shot!

Hometown: Seattle

Shotski Wanderlust

Looking for skis, boards, a killer chair lift, shots & fun? Camp ShotSki Wanderlust is the place to come! We are an open and diverse group of people comprised of veterans and newbies who like to bring a bit of the Sierra fun to the Playa.

Hometown: Reno

Shrumen Lumen Camp

Home of the Shrumens

Hometown: San Francisco

Shwar Town

Shwar Town doesn’t fuck around! We’re all about gett’n down to some quality underground house, bass music, glitch hop, DNB, garage, and 2step. We are a Burning Man camp based out of Eugene Oregon and also have members from Colorado, Alaska and California. Our town is comprised of a Hexagon of carports with a large center pole and shaded lounge in the center. We have been on the playa for 10+ years and invite you to come by and enjoy free Kombucha all week long!

Hometown: Eugene

Siberian Electric Company

Cool drinks and radiation leaks. Stop by get contaminated, get de-contaminated. Your call.

URL: http://mesabear1967.tripod.com Hometown: Santa Fe New Mexico


BEHOLD! SIDESHOW returns to the playa in 2016 with an assemblage of freaks, oddities, magicians extraordinaire, and a real-life strong woman, all in the greatest old time tradition of the Circus sideshow.We offer an open invitation for you to drop by and share your talents

Hometown: Reno

Significant Encounter

A social game designed to promote closeness among strangers as well as to deepen the connection among friends and couples. This game is based on academic research in psychology and social sciences.

Hometown: Houston

Silent Ravers

Silent Ravers Camp (within Hushville). Never raved? Always wanted to but 1) didn’t know exaclty what “raving” was? 2) Feel too old, square, chubby, sober, awkward, midwestern, Presbyterian to truly rave? 3) Always thought “House” and “Techno” were sure strange names for a band? (hint: they are not bands) …well load up your MP3 player and head over to the Silent Ravers camp, during, say, a reasonable hour, and dance with us. We hold a week long, drug free if ya want, (or whatever) Silent Rave, just you and your MP3 player. Lazers and blinkies not even required! Kick up some dust and sit in the shade and rest. Raving can be easy, if you pace yourself.

Hometown: Oakland

Silicon Village

Visit Silicon Village for a mind-expanding experience! Enter through the flashing Stargate, dance, drink, and be entertained in our lavishly decorated Bedouin bar that provides shelter day and night. Watch or join in fire performances, have your fortune read, attend workshops, play games, get airbrush tattoos, fresh-baked cookies and spankings, stay hydrated and refreshed, and be inspired by our light and music art installation controlled entirely by your mind! Gaze in awe at our elaborate art cars, and catch a ride across the Playa. Listen to music, and sweat it out in our authentic Finnish Sauna, transported all the way from Europe for your health and well-being. We are looking forward to seeing you on Playa!

URL: http://www.siliconvillageburners.org Hometown: San Jose

Simian Akademy

Bike broken and nowhere to turn? Well, you may be ‘all thumbs’ but if at least two are opposable, we can help you fix it! (And if not, we’ll help you break it altogether!) Here at Simian Akademy, our mission is to help you gain the skills necessary to adapt to today’s dynamic, ever-changing playa environment. Our dedicated team of trained monkeys will show you where it goes and how to work it. If a trained monkey can do it, you can too!

Looking for a truly unique and interactive experience? Come visit the Olfactorium where our Mistress of Scent will concoct a custom perfume just for you, based on your unique, personal preferences.

Feeling cranky from the heat? Your new best friend getting on your nerves already? You need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT AND COLOR! Come visit our shaded dome to relax and color your frustrations away. Choose your favorite, beautifully embellished swear word, or perhaps a picture of unicorns being total jerks!

URL: http://simianakademy.com Hometown: Boulder

Sin City

Sin City is a place where freedom of expression is embraced and “What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City.”

There is always something happening and there are many things to see and do at the clothing optional Party Naked Tiki Bar, Black Rock City Airbrush, Sin City Day Spa, Sin City Photography Studio, Sin City Art Center, photo opportunities and much more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Art Center

Come by any time to enjoy our collection of Burner Art created by camp members and local Burners. See what creative minds have made for you to enjoy. If you have art that you created and to have displayed you can bring it by to add to the collection. Please, be respectful of the artists that have contributed to create this display and do not vandalize or steal from the art center. Thank you.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Day Spa

Have a mini “MIRACLE SHOWER” and learn how you can “shower” on playa with two glasses of water and feel squeaky clean. All you need to do is bring your own towel. Other services include foot massage/moisturizing, sun screen or aloe vera application, manicures and more. Come by and check for hours of operation and full services list.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas


Size Doesn’t Matter- a small camp for ALL.

Hometown: Reno


Scoot on over for that extra Sizzle!! Revel in your Dusty Bumm under hundreds of G-strings while taking a snowboardski or 3, immerse yourself in fur in our Hooka Lounge, Play some giant Beer Pong or Jenga, Relax in our mulitple Cuddle Puddles, Jump on some trampolines, or get your nails done! You’ll feel at home while you get to know your fellow South Bay burners, or perhaps just monkey around at the Primate Playground while fizzing up your drink at the Bubbletron! Official kickoff spot of the Busty Bacon Brigade and the Home Brew Tour. We’re here to cook you up some goodtimes!! )'(

Hometown: South Bay Area


SK8 KAMP agrees, every community needs a skate park, why not bring a 24/7 skate park to the Playa? Bring your board or any other human-powered vehicle and witness gravity’s technique of breaking the horse that is your self-doubt and blasting moves you dream of into the sky as your temporary pain is rewarded with bliss.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sk8kamp/?fref=ts Hometown: San Francisco

Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol : Procurers of WTF Moments

Skinny Kitty Teahouse

Skinny Kitty Teahouse serves tea 24 hours a day all week long. We offer a refuge from the hustle and bustle: shade, shelter, couches, a piano, performance space for spontaneous use and the company of several unfortunately emaciated felines.

Hometown: Ukiah, CA


Born from confusion and tempered by mild incompetence. Home of the world famous “Now we dance! Now we fight!” Dance/Fight party. Absolutely no eggs. All hail String.

Hometown: Champaign (but relocating to DC in late Sept.)

Slippery Tentacle

An art support camp for Peter Hazels’ sculpture “Octavius”: a group of exhausted artists with nothing to offer but a welcome hug and an amazing sea creature sprawling on The Playa. Please stop by with smiles and sandwiches in hand, we’d love to say hi.

Hometown: Reno

Slumberdome Piano Lounge

Slumberdome Piano Lounge is a calm and quiet escape where the dusty traveler can relax and enjoy the music of our beautiful Wurlitzer piano and assortment of other instruments. Whether to come and play, or come and listen, all are invited within the comfortable and serene environment of the Slumderdome. Featuring calm and subdued lighting and bedecked in beautiful fabrics, we hope to provide a resplendent respite from the elements. Join us every sunset for a Slumbered Aum session! There will be yoga, live musical performances and flaming slackline routines throughout the week.

Hometown: Encinitas


We herald from all corners of our wonderful globe. As with voltron when our powers combine we becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts. Enter Slushious an oasis for the weary travelers!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/letsgetslushie/ Hometown: San Francisco


Cum suck down our Slut juice, wrap your body in our love and pound your hips to the rhythms of the playa.

URL: http://www.slutgarden.net/ Hometown: Portland

Slutt Putt

The Slutt Putt is a mini-putt course complete with a clubhouse! Come enjoy a refreshing Arnold Palmer and play a few rounds!

Hometown: Tucson

Smiley Grrrlz

Smiley Grrrlz welcomes you to our Chai Tea Lounge! Come warm your bellies and hearts with delicious, home-made, herbal organic chai tea. Relax in our tea lounge while connecting with Smiley Grrrlz and each other.

Hometown: Truckee

SNAP Camp & Cafe

SNAP Camp & Cafe provides Playa members a chill place to relax and participate in life sized and regular board games of all types. We offer yoga classes, poi, and a cafe with daily brewed iced and hot tea, coffee, and yerba mate.

URL: http://campsnap.wix.com/snap Hometown: San Francisco

SNaughty Naked Neti Camp

We are a nude friendly camp offering Neti Pots to the masses, cleaning dusty nasal passages, and now poly-minded talks and meditations!

Hometown: Coos Bay

Snow Koan Solar

Snow cones served each afternoon around 4pm. Hot dogs served late at night. Solar-powered public charging station is open from 12-6pm. Bring a phone or camera that needs charging.

URL: http://www.snowkoansolar.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village has it all! Go to Speed Dating, have a drink, participate in a movie, play in your own band, and project your face 20 feet tall. Open day and night.


So Far So Good

Possibly the only mini-golf course in all of Black Rock City! Come and putt around with or against your friends and prepare to go head-to-head in the Wednesday tournament.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Society for Temporal Preservation

The Society for Temporal Preservation consists of time travelers tasked with preserving the fabric of space-time. The society welcomes travelers from any era or dimension and is ready to assist the temporally locked in altering their place within the framework of time and space.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/267817396884607/ Hometown: Sparks


Solnishko – russian word for baby-sun. We are an eclectic group of Bay
Area touchy-feelers, international russian affectionados and
uncategorizable veteran burners. We will offer space for
self-reflection and contact, rest and challenge, olfactory and body
stimulation and facilitate sensory and sensible connections. We will
recreate the life-giving atmosphere of the Sun in our cozy dome,
beverages and snacks, in unapologetic soul mating rituals

URL: http://solnishko.webnode.com// Hometown: Berkeley

Soul City

Soul City is bringing that backyard cookout vibe to the playa, complete with spades and dominoes tournaments and lots of sh*t-talking. Or drop by for some heavily incensed, finger-snapping spoken word.

URL: http://www.campsoulcity.com Hometown: Fairfax Station

Soul Garden

The Soul Garden is a collective of wholesome individuals passionate about creativity, free expression of individuality, and nourishing the body and soul. Come unearth your inner spirit vegetable as we help guide you through the mystical garden to achieve horticultural enlightenment. Our Carrot Dome is perfect for vegging out, laying high, laying low, or getting down in funkytown…so lettuce turnip the beet!

Hometown: Petaluma

Soul Mate

SOUL MATE (mah-tay) invites new friends and old to join us for mate tea ceremonies and soul music. Revitalize your soul with mate, music, and friendship.

Hometown: San Francisco

Soul Shakers

Explore the depths of your soul with tarot, astral projection, raw cacao and sacred beats

Hometown: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Soul(ar) Society

We are Soul(ar) Society – Dedicated to providing Black Rock City with solar energy and workshops for individual growth and freedom of expression. Our objective is to create an environment that is fun and educates the community about the importance of sustainability for earth, body, and soul.

Hometown: Seattle

South Bay Burner Art Collective

South Bay Burner Art Collective (BAC) – A meeting space for artists, makers, and dreamers from the South Bay (San Jose/Silicon Valley) who participate in playa art, and the year-round South Bay Region.

URL: http://www.southbayburners.org Hometown: Silicon Valley

Space Baggers

Our big ass board games bring all the burners to the yard, and they’re like, “hey, this is pretty fun.” Come for the games, stay to get schooled in DJing, juggling, and the fine art of hula hoop. Don’t worry, we always make time for recess.

Hometown: Vancouver


The Space Cowboys are opening the stargates to our very own Rocket Ranch this year, so step out of the cold vacuum of space and kick up your moonboots in the Supernova Saloon, or float up to the Bolide Brothel for some high altitude decadence. Don’t worry, you’ll still find us out on the range wranglin’ all those dirty breaks you love, but if your bike requires mending and your thirst quenched, come find Inflation Station serving up just what you need.

URL: http://www.spacecowboys.org/

Space Hole: Mist Opportunity

Visit Space Hole: Mist Opportunity. Get misted and see some cool no-RV Burning Man camping tech!

Hometown: San Francisco

Space Jam

Come on and slam, welcome to the Jam! We’re here to take you to another world.Check out our Zero G hammock dome or The Bar At The End of the Universe.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceJamBC/?fref=ts Hometown: Vancouver

Space Virgins

The Space Virgin Arts Collective is a 501c3 non-profit arts group with the mission of building community through collaboration. We started as a Seattle-based Burning Man theme camp in 1994, but we have since grown and our projects include off-playa art projects and events. In keeping with the Burning Man philosophy “no observers, only participants”, our art is often interactive and experiential, plunging participants into theatrical-style sets and engendering joyful, transformative experiences. www.spacevirgin.org

URL: http://www.spacevirgin.org Hometown: Seattle

Spaced Out

Spaced Out is an astro-physics-themed camp celebrating the ever-expanding horizons of the universe. Consisting of a planetarium and a human-sized galaxy wand, and home to our space jam dance party, Spaced Out provides a participatory experience for scientists to space cadets alike.

Hometown: Oakland

Spaghetti Taco Camp

International hospitality camp specializing in virgin coaching and glamping. Come swing from our chandelier under an oasis of shade featuring music, dancing, SPA-ghetti taco treatments, and spankings all the time!

Hometown: Albuquerque

Spank Bank

(Spank Bank) Have you been naughty or would you like to be? We are the playful, sensual playa spanking experience designed to warm your bottoms, tease your minds, and satisfy your…..um……thirst, with a cold cocktail in one of our commemorative cups!

Hometown: Hood River

Spank The Monkey Bar

Wet your whistle at Spank the Monkey Bar, enjoy virgin burner shots, playa friendly poontang as well as other refreshing beverages. They come with free harassment from our assortment of monkey clad bartenders, we’ll try not to throw poo.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/spankthemonkeylounge Hometown: Salt Lake City



Hometown: Santa Rosa

Spanky's Village (and Wine Bar)

The Infamous Crown-Jewel of Burningman Bars. “Your heart may belong to The Man… but your ASS belongs to Spanky’s”

URL: http://www.spankyswinebar.com Hometown: Sacramento

Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar

Need to update your playa look? Come by Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar for unique items and festive photos in our studio.

Hometown: San Francisco

Sparkle Donkey Village

Sparkle Donkey Village is a collection of interactive camps based around service, entertainment, education, and community building

Hometown: Oakland

Sparkle Love Oasis

Welcome to our Oasis Sky Lodge, a beautiful chill lounge to enjoy a drink out of the sun. Come play with us, get your Booty Appreciated, take a spin on the TallyWhacker and make new friends!

Hometown: BRC

Sparkle Pop Kittens

A curious camp of galactic Kittens as well as base camp of the giant fallen robot, Mechan 9. Meow!

Hometown: Portland


We are an eclectic group of California and Oklahoma Burners who wanted to be the Grapes of Wrath Camp but there was copyright infringement so we went with Speakcheasy! Come and get some cheesy snack, Sangria, a Mimosa, some conversation and shade during the day. We would love for you to stop by! Figure out the camp password and get past the big burly doorman and get something fun to cherish forever. Look for our daily happy hour or brunch in the What Where When.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/speakcheasy/ Hometown: Northern CA and Oklahoma

Spice n Vice

Spice N Vice – offers Bedouin hospitality every day from 12-4 p.m. Visit us for some hot or cold chai tea. Talk to one of our travel sages for stories about life abroad and travel advice. New in 2016, Climb our viewing platform for magnificent vistas of BRC.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SpiceNVice Hometown: Shanghai/Bahrain/Norfolk VA


SPIN ART CAMP IS BACK !!! Remember Spin-Art when you were a kid? We built a 4-FOOT DIAMETER MACHINE for you to make your own Spin Art. Bring a t-shirt or take-off what you have to create a work of art. We provide the machine and the paints for you to create an awesome Burning Man Souvenir.
Please see the What-Where-When for times and location.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Spirit Dream

13 is prime and our time and your time to visit. Spirit Dream has been your place of peace, comfort, transition, awakening, restoration and more for 13 years now. Come spend some time with us. The cafe will once again be serving cups of fresh ground love and providing a place to rest and recharge. Outside there’s water in the desert and next door an awaiting encounter with life giving spirits. Let us embrace you and draw out your essence with our offerings of love and revelation. Come visit our well that runs deep and draw life that will sustain you. Drink deep until it overflows.

URL: http://spiritdream.org/

Spoonful of Friends

Spoonful of Friends is like a spoon full of friends: so delicious you’ll never want to leave us. We’re campers, burners (!), foodies, dancers, explorers and lovers…
After a long day strolling the playa, or before a long night dancing your ass off, come and enjoy with us a homemade hearty casserole diner every-night ! You bring the booze and we’ll serve the food.

Hometown: San Francisco / Paris

St. Squishy's

Giant LED Ball Pit, Human Kaleidoscope, Squishy Stage, Campfire Barrel 😀 Come play with us!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Stag Camp 10.0

Stag Camp continues celebrating radical self-reliance though offering our spirit of social inclusiveness mixed with personal responsibility. We offer a large group shade, music, games, a happening neighborhood bar, and friendship.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stagcamp/ Hometown: Everywhere


STAMP IT! is the place to get yourself and your stuff stamped with Da Vinci’s 2016 BM related stamps and CultureIT stamps – Ten BM Principles stamps. We provide the stamps and inks and you bring yourself and souvenir items to stamp and take home with you.
Stamp your hats, packs, t-shirts, or whatever. Sample stampings: BM 2016, BM logo man with flames, Da Vinci related stamps, and variety of other BM themed logos and sayings. Family friendly camp with stamps for our younger aged Burners.
Mini Social Lounge for Burners providing a shady hangout area with refreshments and music from 3-6pm Mon-Fri.

Hometown: Pittsburg

Star Star Roadhouse

We bring a risque mix of cabaret-style theater and live rock and roll to the playa. Sexy, physical, thematic. Daytime acting, movement, yoga, and twerkshops throughout burn week in our shaded venue. Night time shows and public bar with custom cocktails to wet your mouth and loosen you up!

URL: http://www.starstarroadhouse.com/ Hometown: Placerville


Across the space/time continuum, through galactic upheaval and hiccups, we have evolved to this chaotic existence. Colliding and reforging, StarBarf weaves workshops, discussions, and movement into our shared vision of community. We strive to connect with beautiful and messy humanity; the humbling scales in which we exist; and the unbounded possibilities that we, as StarBarf, realize… You are StarBarf, too.

Hometown: San Francisco

Stardust Lounge

Go all-in at the Stardust Lounge Casino, Spa, and Chapel! Double down on some dirty martinis and dirtier games of chance and skill at the Casino, get your playa wedding on at the Chapel, then clean up and cool off with rejuvenating treatments at the Spa.

Hometown: San Francisco


StarFist presents:

The Infamous International Tea Service!
Monday-Friday 2-5pm – serving a delightful selection of hot and cold infusions from around the world, served by the Stars themselves.

Come by the Star Tower anytime – by day survey the city or by night the bright lights as BRC comes to light and life.

And last but not least, home to the infamous GO POSTAL! – independent message delivery service (at your service!). Our streetfront booth is open for you to send a message across the playa to the recipient of your choice. Our international fleet of mystery is at your service!

Hometown: Black Rock City

Steam Bath Project

Steam Bath Project offers a playa twist on the ritual cleansing tradition and embraces the possibility of transformation.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SteamBathProject/timeline Hometown: Boston


Stop by Camp STEEP for a fresh cup of hot, iced, creamed or straight herbal and traditional loose leaf teas. Over 40 herbs and teas mixed by hand in front of your eyes! Dreams interpreted, conversations to be had, pillows to be lounged upon – come Drink in the Love!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampSteep/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Stellar Dusty Moon

From the makers of SpinCycle comes Stellar Dusty Moon! Where the drinks are out of this world, as are the workshops and the fun!

Stories of the MIR

Our lives are the best scripts! Let’s share them together behind one table. We provide food, you provide stories. Our food is the best traditional Russian dishes, your stories are something interesting happened in your life. Because, hey, your life is a beautiful journey and we want to have it written down. After the Burn we will release the project called ‘The scripts’ that will show the world that our lives are the best scripts ever and no movie, show or book can beat it!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/theownway/ Hometown: Moscow

Storytelling Camp

Be part of the enchantment at Storytelling Camp, where gatherers will be led in hearing legend and myth, true hard-to-believe tales and other, and perhaps burners will be inspired to share their own amazing stories, myth or true, playa stories or default world stories. There may be spontaneous drumming, song, dance or flute or poetry and more, and above all, there will be soul-stirring unforgettable magic!

Hometown: Santa Clara

Strange Gardens Bear Magical Frui

NYC, Reno, and Vancouver Island represent! We give you “It’s PlayaTime!” The Gameshow that tests your Burning Man knowledge and skills. Also the home of Misssus, the alien mutant vehicle looking for a new home. Did we mention the pizza? We have pizza ovens, and we will use them by golly! Be one of the lucky few to enjoy our full service sit down Nostalgia Pizza Cafe with delicious pizza and decor that will bring you back in time to Burning Man’s early years in the 1970’s when it was held on the Jersey Shore.

Hometown: New York City


Hometown: San Francisco

SugarBitch Camp

Come join SugarBitches to learn how to do low-carb diets, with frozen strawberries + whipped cream at 5pm on Thursday and Friday at the SugarBitch camp! Look for the SugarBitch Flag at PolyParadise Village. Be prepared to genuflect (if you can!)!!

Hometown: Boston MA

Sun Guardians

A psuedo Hindu temple honoring Ganesh and Hanuman. Come get your spiritual groove on with Vinyasa, Hatha and amazing Rootist Temple style yoga sessions. Our meditation classes are centering and lifting unlike anything you experienced before. Come and enjoy the shade anytime. This is a Safe Place if you need to escape the sun, the crazy lights or just need a place to collect yourself.

URL: http://www.sunguardians.net Hometown: San Francisco

Sun Guardians 2.ooooommm

Sun Guardians 2.oooommmm with the Rootiest Lounge and Hanuman’s House of Tea and Ramen to kick-start your spiritual and sense of adventure. We will have yoga all through the week and special services for tea and ramen! The Rootist Lounge will present entertainment, bar and a place to chill. Come by any time, check out our posted schedule, and hang out for a while.

URL: http://www.sunguardians.net Hometown: San Francisco

Sunrise Diner

Four score and a couple months ago some Seattle burners brought forth on this playa, a new theme camp, conceived in brunch, and dedicated to the proposition that all burners deserve to be gifted breakfast sandwiches every morning. Also coffee.

Hometown: Seattle

Sunset Lounge and Bar

Sunset Bar and Lounge is BRC’s favorite meeting spot. Live acts and daily events!

Sunset Portal

Every sunset we welcome our fellow burners to Sunset Portal where we give thanks to the day, and welcome the night with open arms. We love to reflect, connect, and make new friends around our fire pits as we howl at the sun.

Hometown: San Francisco

Sunset Trip

The Sunset Trip is a mashup of 3 Los Angeles based camps with a concurrent theme of getting together and throwing epic parties. We are all vastly different in what we provide to the world, yet share the same values and deep rooted awesomeness that bring us together year after year. We bring the Dirty, Sparkle and Bad.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Super Friends Synaesthesia

Billowing white fabric surrounds our waterless pillow pools where the tired burner can take an afternoon nap. Learn new skills at one of our daytime workshops or groove to some tunes. My hand is holding your hand, but we’re such Super Friends, you feel my hand on your heart…or in your brain.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFriendsNeighborhood/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Surly Camp

Surly Camp is the home to the SurlyBird double decker art car. She first debuted on the playa in 2003 and has undergone some amazing and imaginative transformations since then.

Hometown: Reno

Suspended Animation

Experience full-suspension erotic rope bondage: part kinetic art, part thrill ride, part endorphin rush. Our crew of expert riggers offers bondage and BDSM rides, workshops for all levels, breathtaking performances, and night time play parties. We also rove the playa and build impromptu bondage sculpture!

URL: http://suspendedanimationcrew.com Hometown: Seattle

Sustainable Infrastructure Ideas

Brainstorming sessions on creating and implementing Sustainable Infrastructure: in a 30′ PlayaDome covered with posters of ideas and innovations. 12 sessions: tentatively 11 am – 1 pm and 4-6 pm, Monday 8/29 – Saturday 9/3.

URL: http://sustainabletransportationandcommunity.blogspot.com Hometown: Monroe Township


SwagMart is an Oasis of creativity located in the Heart of the Black Rock Desert. Our Swag Pins, Earrings, Necklaces, Playa Post cards,
are collected and cherished each year while our nightly Branding of your .Belts, Boots, Hats etc. are a must have of the Playa.Special Swag trophies for our Costume Appreciation. Stop by for a creative fun
positive experience and meet Burners fro all over the Planet.Free
Coffee and Hot Chocolate this year. SwagMart is celebrating our 8th
year always close to Center Camp.

Hometown: Nevada City California

Swamp Fuckits

Rag tag group of New Orleans architects, lovers, dancers, djs, cooks, artists and friends- expert at bringing our laissez les bons temps rouler attitudes from the swamp to the desert. Come meet us!

Hometown: New Orleans

Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese

Grilled cheese to please your tastebuds!

Hometown: San Francisco

Swing City

Direct from the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica California for the 7th year we provide the playground you provide the fun!

URL: http://scbrc.us/ Hometown: Santa Monica

Swish Embassy

Theme Night parties, breathtaking costumes, amazing music, and a rockin’ bar will be the hallmarks of BRC’s awesome Den of Divine Decadence. We welcome divas of all genders, orientations, and experience – just be fabulous, bay-bee!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/174170769334791/ Hometown: Provo

Synapse Conduit

Synapse Conduit is a place where you will interact with a number of Burners who will tell your fortune, read your tarot, play mind games and interact in a fun and silly manner. While you imbibe in one of our daily signature alcoholic concoctions we will help you relax from the pressures of the playa, discuss the hip happenings of life and ensure you leave with a smile on your face or in your mind.

Hometown: Oakland


Syncytium: a single cell containing several nuclei, formed by fusion of cells or by division of nuclei. Syncytium consists of people who “do”. Artists, Engineers, Scientists, Flow Artists, Seekers, Builders, Makers, Musicians and Circus performers. We come together with our varied talents to push our own limits. We are never exactly the same from year to year.

URL: http://www.syncytium.org Hometown: Ann Arbor/Detroit