2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Theme Camps

D'Oro da Sacramenti Regionale

D’Oro da Sacramenti Regionale Art Support Camp. Bringing the Art of Da Vinci Weapons Guild to the Playa.

Hometown: Sacramento


D.O.R.I.S brings you the Disco Operative Radical Inclusion Shuttle! Look out for our daily shuttle service from 4am and 8am between the 2 and 10 o’clock sides of the playa or come visit our camp and chill with us over a drink and some tunes.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/doristhelovebug/

D.P.W. Ghetto

Home of Black Rock City’s Department of Public Works.

Da Dirty Hands

Da Dirty Hands is the home of Black Rock City’s largest signing contigent of Burners. We welcome all to come visit, play, and learn with us.

Hometown: San Francisco

Da PlayaGround

At Da PlayaGround, you can experience the physics and dynamics of spinning and swinging on our multi swing playground and get your photo taken as Mona Lisa. Thirsty, sit at our table for your “Last Supper” and drink some wine, nibble some bread.

Hometown: Healdsburg

Dante’s InFURno

Visit the raunchy side of the Furries at Dante’s InFURno bar and strip club. Drinks are on us, cuddles are on you!

URL: http://www.dantesinfurno.com Hometown: Vancouver

Dare to be Rare

Dare to be Rare is a meat inspired camp party day camp. We love our meat especially on playa. We run events all week so stop by early to get the inside scope. Don’t miss our Playa acclaimed Wed BBQ. The only camp on playa that serves 180lbs of TriTip, awesome DJ’s and loads of adult games. Meet our Meat Priest & Naughty Nun, give our Meat Alter boys & girls something to remember. Take our meat like good boys & girls. Confess your sins at the Meat Alter or try your luck at our Glory Glory Hallelujah Hole. Dont forget to get tanked at Tanked Twister or Truth or Dare Jenga. Check out our board for other fun events all week.

URL: http://www.daretoberare.rocks/ Hometown: Bay Area,Portland, Denver & Jacksonville

Dark Carnival Community Cafe

Dark Carnival Community Cafe offers Coffee as black as our humor 24hrs a day. Come enjoy a hot beverage, conversation and the unexpected.

Hometown: Tucson

Dark Sparkle

Dark Sparkle is the potent mix of the mysterious and the dangerous that makes something irresistibly attractive. It’s what causes people to push their limits to the point of insanity, what spurs exploration of territories both physical and metaphysical,, that unexplainable quality which arouses curiosity in the dark side. Some days, Dark Sparkle is your alter-ego; other days it is your most natural feeling form. Dark Sparkle is Mona Lisa’s smile, tarot cards at prom, mother’s milk, the apocalypse. Dark Sparkle is an adventurous way of life–audacious and bold as BRC itself.

Hometown: Davis

Darwin Fish Tank

Dive into the Darwin Fish Tank! When you are ready to grow a pair (of legs that is!) climb out of the primordial ooze and beat the heat with our misting system for a genuine adventure in the belly of the beast. Come for the flowing beats, stay and chill within the waves with some liquid joy.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DarwinFishTank Hometown: San Francisco/Los Angeles/Denver/Vancouver/London/NYC

DaVinci's Playground

Join us at DaVinci’s Playground and attempt to solve our puzzle room. If you escape in time you will receive the highest honor bestowed upon any Renaissance Woman or Man. If you fail, you shall receive the greatest punishment befitting any mammering, ill-nurtured, malt-worm.

Hometown: San Francisco

Death Guild Thunderdome

The dark beating heart of the playa since 1999.

Hometown: Oakland


Debocceri is located inside “Planned Playahood” village. The Bocce courts are open 24/7 with lights for night-time play: come play with our balls! We host special events 3-5pm daily featuring open bar and ice cream. We offer bicycle repair, car-buffer massage, a chill dome, live bluegrass music, furkins and “second aid” services including playa-naming and open playa-marriage officiating.

URL: http://debocceri.com Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Vancouver, British Columbia, New York

Decadent Oasis

A glowing multicolored oasis in the dark of night, a windswept grove of white palm trees by day–our magical oasis and sheltered lounge welcome you to dance, play, perform, and chill. Slack lines, giant twister, games, DJ’s, day/night dance parties, hula hoops, and friendly folks all around–in an eco-conscious camp made from mostly reclaimed/reused materials.

URL: http://www.decadentoasis.com Hometown: San Francisco / Oakland

Declusterfuqerization v3

Say hello to Declusterfuqerization v3! We are back and better than ever with a revamped climbing wall, a trampoline, slacklines, and a bar serving the best Not-Piss on the playa! Come boogie, scramble, and make questionable decisions with your favorite fuqs!

Hometown: Reno, Nevada (mostly), with a couple from Salt Lake City, Utah, and California

Deep C

Deep C, a collaboration from Seattle Washington, was conceived to share our love of creating interactive music and light displays with the Burner community. With our flagship art project, the Zahnica, we let the viewer bend the sound and light to their will amidst a variety of other collective and creative visual and musical arts and activities.

URL: http://campdeepc.com Hometown: Seattle


DeMaTerial once again returns to the playa! Our international diaspora of American, Australian, South African, and other burners from across the globe welcomes you to our fantastic dome. Featuring a Bloody Mary bar in the morning, Licensing Bureau during the day, and Silent Disco at night. (Rumor has it our Aussies are setting up a low-water hair salon and running morning yoga on Wednesday, too!)

Hometown: Oakland


Come join in the minty fun at DeMentha. You’ll find music from out DJ line-up, enthusiastically prepared fresh mojitos, aromatherapy, ample shade and plenty of cooling mist. Combined with a hearty welcome you’ve got the perfect recipe for a awesome time. 1-6pm daily.

URL: http://www.dementha.com Hometown: San Francisco


dEOxidized Camp is dedicated to recharging the batteries of all hard working burners. The camp is comprised of members of an Entrepreneurs Organization along with guests from all over the world. Together, we will co-create an unforgettable experience with our community of friends old and new. Our main attraction will be a 50′ parachute featuring a lounge type chill space with an open bar, live music and happy hour everyday from 3 to Sunset. There will also be a stage for impromptu performance, educational talks and well planned workshops throughout the day, i.e.; Yoga, bicycle workshops. We have members from all over the United States and as far as Dubai, New Zealand and Mexico. We are a diverse group of burners with much to share and look forward to meeting you!

Hometown: Reno

Desert Morning

Desert Morning: Home of the Lovin’ Oven: Greet the morning, and let the smell of our freshly baked bread draw you into our oasis, where we will will soothe your soul and nourish your body. Since 2011 we’ve been serving hungry, dusty, lovely Burners hot Tuscan Flatbread, organic jams and fresh mint tea and entertainment with funky DJs and eclectic performances. Our bread is lovingly baked by our campmates in our beautiful wood-fired Lovin’ Oven. In the middle of the desert: hot, dry and dusty, we bake bread. Every morning. Just for you! Performers needing a space or anyone wanting to use the oven, please drop by and see us or email us in advance.

URL: http://www.desertmorning.org Hometown: Leucadia (San Diego)


Homemade, handcrafted, upcycled and repurposed. Our camp style, architecture and activities are informed by some core values: Keep it simple|Keep it clean|Form AND function|Monochromatic|Natural fibers|High quality artifacts in all mediums – music, sculpture, fashion, food, connection|Low tech efficiency|Smart solutions to desert living|Strip poker.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


We offer the kind of haggard mental and emotional support you get from folks like your uncle Larry. The one who taught you how to roll a cigarette and never to worry about growing up. Who always had the most worn in, dusty, comfy couches, who never seemed to care if you had rips in your clothes or blood on your knees, and whose bar was always open and magically full of whiskey. And who, of course, was a creative genius with a blubbery sensitive streak. Ask your dad if you can hang out at uncle Larry’s again this weekend. If you can find him. Check over at that run down old western Desperados dive bar down the road.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, Oakland, LA

Dessert Dwellers

Dessert Dwellers is a place to come enjoy the sweeter things in life: gourmet desserts by day and decadent drinks by night. Enjoy your dessert inside a cozy cupcake!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DessertDwellers Hometown: Portland

Destiny Lounge

Destiny Lounge returns to challenge you with Rock Yer Balls, our large two player game, give you Free Blowjobs on a warm afternoon (all ages and genders welcome), and completely confuse you with the Vortex of Destiny! Enjoy our comfy lounge, completely surrounded by amazing 3D artwork!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/destinylounge Hometown: Pasadena

Destiny of Fire

Hometown: Los Angeles Mexico City

Detroit: (Black) Rock City

Detroit: (Black) Rock City. Home of the Michigangsters and
Official Honeymoon Destination of The Burn.

Hometown: Detroit... I bet you knew that

Deus Ex Detective Agency

Stop by the Deus Ex Detective Agency to bask in the gritty noir ambience and crack a case.

Hometown: Seattle / Portland / San Francisco

Devachan Lounge

The “dwelling of the gods” of Indo-Tibetan theosophy
A place of authenticity, love, and connection.
A home on the playa where we get to be our best selves.

URL: http://www.devachanlounge.com Hometown: San Diego, Bay Area, Oregon

Dick Shaped Foods

Camp Dick Shaped Foods. Come enjoy and share our love of the best kind of food…the dick shaped kind!

Hometown: Reno


The Dickstracted Camp is and adult-gay oriented camp emphasized on bringing exhibitionism and voyeurism to the playa.

URL: http://dickstractedcamp.tumblr.com/ Hometown: los angeles

Dilated Peoples

Expand your inner vision while indulging your senses. A soothing treatment of refreshing eye drops, cucumber slices and a cooling facial gel-pack awaits you…followed by a meditative lavender-scented eye pillow surrounded by the enchanting healing powers of the Dilated Peoples Eye Spa. Before and after your spa experience, enjoy herbal tea in our lounge.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dilatedpeeps Hometown: San Francisco


Our Diner has terrible service, randomness on the menu, and you will never get what you order. We have a Canada party and a Mad Hatter tea party… who knows when. It’s always a confusing joy to visit DinerTown.

Hometown: Whistler, BC

Disciples of the Dust

We are an art support camp. Members have been bring art to BRC for the past four years. Disciples of the Dust have members in Seattle, Arlington and Port Townsend Washington.

Hometown: Seattle

Disco Bomb

Silent Disco, Daily Workshops, Community Chill Space, and Center for Aural Pleasure. < 3

URL: http://www.discobomb.org Hometown: Worldwide

Disco Chateau

Disco Chateau is a creative global community for artistic, loving & inspirational people who are committed to sharing their experience at Burning Man as one family. The focus being human connection. We are a community that thrives on human intimacy, mindfulness, creativity, love of music, dance, community, art, & relaxation. In order to foster our growing, global community at Burning Man, the majority of our activities are focused on interactivity.

URL: http://www.discochateau.org Hometown: San Francisco

Disco Knights


URL: http://www.discoknightscamp.com Hometown: San Francisco

Disco Parlour

We have a Climbing Dome! Come get your disco on, enjoy our cafe/bar dome with climbing holds on the inside. Challenge your body and mind! If you make it to the top, you will be rewarded by the sky bar with a view of the playa and amazing people hanging by their finger tips. 🙂

Hometown: San Francisco

Disco Space Shuttle

Join us in the late mornings and early afternoons to confess your sins and rejuvenate your mind and body with a tasty Blood Mary. Then join us at night to fly across the Playa on the Disco Space Shuttle

URL: https://www.facebook.com/discospaceshuttle/?fref=ts Hometown: San Francisco

DiscoFish Landing Strip

Stayin’ Alive on the Playa! Come take a ride on the DiscoFish!

URL: http://www.discofish.org/ Hometown: Sunnyvale


As camp DISCOnect, we seek to derail people from their everyday routines through excessive socialization, delicious food, and light-hearted spanking. Spanks, Dranks, and Pancakes to start your mornings!

Hometown: Reno


Discordia is a 100% international camp of crazy Kiwis, Aussies and Brits who fly half-way around the world to build awesome things.

Come have a frosty beverage in our huge misting pyramid, climb the 3-story high tower for the awesome views or just chill out to some of the best music on the playa from our resident DJs and interactive music system.

URL: https://discordia.camp Hometown: London, UK and Melbourne, Australia


Too Much Is Rarely Enough.
Welcome to Disorient…

URL: http://disorient.com Hometown: New York, Dubai, San Francisco, Hong Kong


Bringing art & beat together – A rambunctious playa day party of vociferous beats from live DJ’s, original art, and luscious blended libations from a shaded bar. Your daytime dance, debaucherous and disorderly, DISTRIKT.

URL: http://distrikt.org Hometown: San Francisco

Do More Now

Each year camp Do-More-Now brings to Burning Man the Firehouse, a five story building providing a relaxing hangout, one of the best views on the playa, a bar, and a space and materials for people to create awesome art. In addition we host bands, fire dancers and hold themed parties most evenings and award winning morning Mimosa bar.

URL: http://www.do-more-now.com/ Hometown: Everett

Dodgeball Addiction

Nighttime dodgeball is back! Music, heckling, yelling and dodgeball! 14 or older please.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DodgeballAddiction/ Hometown: San Diego

Dodo's Nest

The Dodo’s Nest is a camp of wigs and ruffles, music and affected accents based around the fabulous Dodo Pleasure Barge art car.

URL: http://dodobus.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Dome on the Range

Dome on the Range – you’re local waterin’ hole and “Saloon’O’Sorts”, slangin’ dancin’ and dranks everyday from noon till sundown! Saddle up and come on down for an ol’fashioned Porch Party! The beer is cold, the jams are live, and we got a spot on The Stoop waitin for ya. Yeehaw!

URL: http://www.domeontherangecamp.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Doom Kingdom

Hometown: Brooklyn

Down Low Club

An enclosed, discreet and air-conditioned play space for adult men of the Playa seeking to meet other adult men and/or engage in tactile and erotic manplay. Whether self-identified as gay, bi, trans, questioning, curious or straight, this non-judgmental and away-from-prying eyes space is open 24/7 all week to adult men.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/557666564336453/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Dr Playa's Ear Nose&Throat Clinic

Pesky playa dust packed into those openings in your head? We can help with that!
Our NON MEDICAL staff is available Mon -Friday from 1-3 PM

Hometown: Reno

Dr. Carl's Dept of Recollection

Dr Carl’s Dept of Recollection will have you wracking your brain to solve a delightful puzzle of larger-than-life proportions. Achieve some level of success and you may find yourself with a semi-fabulous prize.

URL: http://www.drcarlscamp.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Dr. Placebo's Snake Oil Emporium

Feeling sad, tired, ill, weird, or anything else bad? Stop by for some snake oil medicine, and we’ll turn you right around! You’ll be carousing with renewed energy soon enough!

Hometown: San Francisco

Dr. Realz' Steampunk Sideshow

Come one and all to Dr. Realz Steampunk Sideshow! Are we for Realz? Are we Steampunk? Are we a Sideshow? No! But when has that ever stopped us?

Hometown: Everywhere

Draft Punk at the Trashed Fence

Draft Punk at the Trashed Fence. Bring us your hot, your dusty, your thirsty, and discover the coldest, fastest beer on the playa, every afternoon from Monday to Friday.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CheezyPcamp Hometown: San Diego

Dragon Clan

Dragon Clan is a camp themed on fire and flight. Join us to practice and perform fire arts in our performance space, learn about the joy and experience of ultralite flight, or just seek shelter beneath the wings of our dragon, climb up into our nest or just hang with us in our lizard lounge.

Hometown: San Francisco to Santa Cruz, Built in Redwood City, CA

Dragoncamp Armory

Dragoncamp Armory. A hands-on workshop for women to make and decorate their own amazing, sexy Metal Bikini. Yours to keep!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Dragonfly Den

Dragonfly Den
An oasis of music and hydration.



We make your dreams come.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dream Society

Hometown: San Francisco

Dreamers Playground

We are Dreamers. Open minds filled with imagination and restless energy. The Playground is a cushion of comfort and warmth clearing routes for kinder high frequency experiences.

Hometown: London


DREAMSCAPE invites you to explore our playa dreamland- complete with Dream Dome, Glow Jellies art installation, Shimmer Shimmy Hoop Building Workshop and Hooping Lessons, Prisma Dance Party, PlayaFried Laser Tag, Afterglow Shadow Wall, and popup Fantasy Table Top Gaming sessions offer throughout the week! Explore our ethereal realm where surreal soundscapes and rainbows of light elevate your conscious to fantastic new heights!

Hometown: Seattle

Duane's Whirld

Duane’s Whirld is a gathering of roughly 40 fun-loving, creative do-gooders from across the globe who love to make people feel welcome and warm. We thrive on cultivating connection and emotional intimacy in a playful, joyful way. Please join us for a sunset sip or a cozy fireside chat.

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Hometown: Burlington VT, Incline Village, NV, London, UK, Dubai UAE, Springfield, MA, NYC, South Lake Tahoe, CA Park City, UT

dust & stars

~* dust & stars *~ is a celestial experience! come play a round of queer-friendly Spin the Bottle Rocket, enjoy seven minutes of fun in star-spangled Heaven, or pose in front of our giant Rainbow Galaxy Wings. you can also take or leave something at our Gifting Tree, cool down in an Intergalactic water gun fight, or join us for a late-night warm-up around our fire pit — and of course, enjoy a Cosmic Cocktail or Sparkle Shot (with edible glitter!) at our Star Bar.

Hometown: los angeles

Dust Circus

The Dust Circus – twisted mix of entertainment. Real Magic, Dancing, Mind and Bighting your Movement Lighting, Burn your bad thoughts away Machine…There are overwhelming, dazing and confusing shows.

URL: http://dustcircus.org Hometown: San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento

Dust Monkeys

The Dust Monkeys’ revolutionary Fauxtobooth is guaranteed to make you smile and will always capture your good side. Don your best duds and come on down to experience the mystical power of fauxtography first hand!

Hometown: San Francisco


Fire art as community service – we provide high pressure vaporized propane to art cars with flame effects, so they can burn as hotter, brighter & crazier!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dustfishlovesyou/ Hometown: SAN FRANCISCO



Hometown: Salt Lake City

Dusty Bumm

Trade in your dusty tookus for a warm shot and a cold slap in the face or plow it up with a snowboardski or three, then try your hand at Giant Beer Pong/Jenga! Afterwards cuddle up in our oasis puddle, then puff on some hooka in the Tuchus Dome or just relax under hundreds of G-Strings! Face it, out here, there’s no escaping a Dusty Bumm!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thedustybumm/ Hometown: South Bay Area

Dusty Cantina

We will be hosting a beautiful high energy “bar” where you can zip fancy tequila or take a dusty shot a la go!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Dusty Cobra Art Car & UCBR

Come learn more about our exciting Art Car and Camp!

URL: http://www.dustycobra.com Hometown: Truckee

Dusty Frogz

Come on little froggy, we are a french team with the fucking french touch. We ‘ll try to share our fucking culture to the burners and more “si affinités”.

URL: http://www.dustyfrogz.fr Hometown: Montpellier France

Dusty Goats

Dusty Goats- Come and get f***ked up like a goat with dancing in our dome and showing us your goat golfing skills. Stick around and recover with our yoga sessions, massage and rest your hooves under our huge shade structure. Come by and have a goat-tastic time!

Hometown: Vail

Dusty Justice

Camp Dusty Justice is bringing an open, slightly impartial, fun venue for Burners of all stripes to get their dusty dirty day in court. Come solve your dispute and spin the wheel of punishment.

Hometown: Menlo Park

Dusty Lady

Camp Dusty Lady: Come for the fire tornado, stay for the comfortable shade and ambient sounds. Mid-week party with DJ- stop by for details!

Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Lusty

Find your dusty lover with our playa grindr matchmaking board! Join us for tasty quesadillas and badminton, geared for queers and friends to dance, eat, and make plans for later. Quesadillas served Tuesday through Friday, 12pm-1pm.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Nuts Tavern

Come meet Remix, The Master, Top Noodle, Douchebag Undecided, Pulled Pork, Tigerlily, and Dusty Nuts himself everyday 5-7pm for Happy Hour. Sit on our Throne of Lies, chill out in the chill dome, or get/give massages.

Hometown: Sunnyvale

Dusty Taint

The Dusty Taint Camp is born in the style of a 1940’s “Negro Juke Joint” featuring music, games and drinking. A highly welcoming and social nexus where people passing by and coming to the area can join us for the annual Ginger Appreciation Party, and rousing rounds of ‘The Game”, in addition, drink and get to know their fellow burners in a multi-cultural and adult space following an amazing day on the playa.

URL: http://www.dustytaint.com Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

Dye with Dignity

Come dye with us! We provide silk/dye and all materials for you to create your own piece of playa art magic.

URL: http://www.dyewithdignity.com Hometown: Fredericksburg