2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Theme Camps

Tango'd Up In Blues

Discover what it’s like to hold a dance partner in your arms and move to the music. Tango. Blues Dance. Join us in re-popularizing partner dance in America.

URL: http://bluestango.com Hometown: Eugene

Tantra Mantra

Tantra Mantra is a camp dedicated to the transformation and transcendence of the human condition. We integrate ancient esoteric teachings of tantra with modern self-development techniques to create a unique environment for experiences that prepare the ground for evolution. To envision and prepare the world of tomorrow we need to rewire our nervous systems and free ourselves from the old paradigm. Tantra is an accelerator of evolution. The context of Burning Man serves as an amplifier to these ancient Tantric techniques. The collective ambition towards freedom present during Burning Man is unique. It erases differences between individuals and supports the Tantric effort of transcending all false dualities. From regular morning energetic practices to one-of-a-kind ceremonies and ritual, Tantra Mantra embraces and promotes the change towards a new human agreement. We leave a great place for spontaneity… Expect the unexpected.

URL: http://tantramantracamp.com/Welcome.html Hometown: San Luis Obispo


Tarwater welcomes you with Lady S’s Boutique, Recycled Bowling, the Corn Hole, Ladder Toss and the Throwing Specific Things game. Come by for a game and to write a poem, draw a sketch or an pen an essay about The Need to Believe. Science Fiction books will be given away during the middle of the week. You can ask the author to sign one, if you want.

URL: http://www.camptarwater.com Hometown: santa rosa


Tazii will provide Moroccan chill space and top-shelf bar. New this year will be live music, including our house David Bowie cover band!

Hometown: San Francisco

Tea Time!

Come by Tea Time to share a cup of Ice Cold Tea on these hot days! Grab a cup on the go, or stay a while and share your story with the community.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come bask in the shade of our fire-poofing volcano, and dance to our ground-shaking beats while we serve you a drink—or not! Don’t forget to bring us your playa virgins to sacrifice to the volcano god!

URL: http://tectonic.camp/ Hometown: Portland

Teddies on Teddys

Teddies on Teddys? Oh my!

Hometown: San Francisco

Temple Guardians

If the Temple has a special place in your heart, join us and help hold the space so that others might experience the wonder that brings us back.

URL: http://burningman.org/event/volunteering/teams/temple-guardians/ Hometown: San Francisco

Temple Homage Camp

A gathering place for like-minded people who love and honor the Temple. And providing support to those affected by their experiences at the Temple

Hometown: San Francisco

Temple O'Flying Spaghetti Monster

We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a rockin’ attitude. In honor of his noodley goodness the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice cold libations and groovin’ tunes for your mind, body and spirit. Call almost anywhere in the world on our free public phone or use our free wi-fi hotspot. Test your pole dancing skills at The Stripper Factory. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all, so stop by and be touched by his noodly appendage.

URL: http://www.fsmtemple.com/ Hometown: Southern California

Temple of Annointment

Temple of Anointment – please join us for blowjobs, lotion, tattoos and drinks. We have blowers to blow the sand off you and misters to clean and cool your bodies. We have suntan lotions and tattoos to protect and adorn your body. Frozen drinks such as mudslides, margaritas, and daiquiris will cool you on even the hottest days..

Hometown: San Diego

Termination Dust Hole

A rowdy rabble of Alaskans hailing down from the north, here to meet, greet and eat all of you.

Hometown: Homer

Tetrix Village

Tetrix Village – Explore the mystical 140ft wooden labyrinth of Armone Galaxy, Experience the Stargazer Artcar, Kitty Litter Bar cocktails and jump wild on the trampoline park of Camp Meow. Pimp my pushie; A bike decoration workshop housed inside our giant robot head resident spaceman “RubberArmstrong”.

Hometown: Sydney

That Camp Over There

Swing by and draw with UV light, enjoy Spanking & Pringles, climb our scaffold and Moon The Man, chill in the shade in Las Hamacas, 7-11am enjoy coffee, pancakes and unidentifiable fried pig parts. Snowconeokie will be roaming deep playa, catch us, do a forfeit, get a cone. Entirely Amateur since 2001

Hometown: San Francisco

The Black Hole

Home of the BRC Gate, Perimeter & Exodus Dept. If you are looking for one of us, this is where we are. If you wanna be one of us – this is where you stay.

URL: http://gate.burningman.com Hometown: Black Rock City

The Black Rock Plyceum

We are a group of professionally trained philosophers employed at universities around the world. Our goal is to create a space for the discussion of philosophical concepts and ideas aimed at increasing understanding and awareness of the fundamental nature of knowledge and reality.

Hometown: Sacramento

The Bleachers

The Bleachers – Mutant Vehicle Parking – A mobile interactive work of art/improv stage that made its debut at Burning Man 2013. Take a break from participating and spectate with us.

URL: http://facebook.com/bmbleachers Hometown: Vancouver

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club village is home to Pancake Playhouse and Scarbutts Coffee. Pancake playhouse serves up hot delicious pancakes Monday through Friday 9:00am-12:00 noon
Scarbutts Coffee Serves you Hot and iced, cold brewed coffee. Monday through friday 9:00am -12:00 noon
Monday throu

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218549604961632/ Hometown: Oakland

The Burning Globe

We want to bring a reimagined Globe Theatre to the Playa and fill it with people witnessing one another speak Shakespeare language with joy, passion, abandon, specificity, imagination, irreverence, humor and pathos.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/burningglobepublic Hometown: San Francisco

The Capsule

Come by The Capsule to record a video message to your future self! You record the message on the playa, and we email it to you 6 months later.

Hometown: Oakland

The Copper Egg

How do you like your eggs? Your answer to this age-old question grants you a front seat for the performance that is as delicious as it is unforgettable.

URL: http://coppertheater.com Hometown: Oakland

The Costumery of Awesomeness

From 8pm to Midnight each night the Costumery of Awesomeness will host epic pre-parties where costumeless wonderers as well as costumefull savants will gather to intoxicate, swap tales and costumes and get yourselves ready for what is likely to be one of the best nights of your life.

Full body painting will also be offered as well as a huge selection of tickle trucks full to the brim of interesting artefacts to share and enjoy.

Wardrobes will be set up and 4 changing rooms will be available.

We will have the Wheel of Awesome in the centre of Camp next to the Giant tickle trunk. You spin the whee and it will land on a piece of clothing and IF you have that piece of clothing on you have to swap it for something in the trunk. If you don’t have it on you get to pick anything out of the trunk.

We also have a giant inflatable twitter that will double as a bouncy dance floor costume off. Winner gets to choose a piece of costumery to swap with the loser.

Epic times guaranteed.

Hometown: Samobor

The Cove

The Cove is a 14′ tall tower designed for climbing and interaction among Burners, inside the tower is lined with cushions, blankets and pillows for lounging, sleeping and spending time with each other.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Donner Party

The Donner Party would love to meat you.

Hometown: Donner Summit

The Dragon's Lay-Her

The Dragon’s Lay-Her is an fun filled Grateful Dead Experience.
Come by ride the Casting Couch & Puff the Magic Dragon!

Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA

The Dump

Where the worlds most fabulous musicians and dancers from MarchFourth Marching Band, The Saloon Ensemble, Love-Bomb Go-Go Marching Band, Trashcan Joe, and The Ukeladies are dumped and recycled to endlessly create music from a by-gone era. Come sing, dance, play our piano, and join-in as we all share in electronic-free acoustic joy! Lyrics included!

URL: http://www.saloonensemble.com Hometown: Portland

The Dusty Beavers

Directly from the Great White North, land of the maple leaf, comes the sugar shack of your dreams. Yes, a sugar shack on the Playa! Maple taffy on snow. Yes, snow on the Playa, in August. We will make it happen. Join us after dark for a taste of sweetly delicious “tire d’érable sur neige.” The Dusty Beavers are an international group: Canadians, French and Americans.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TheDustyBeavers/ Hometown: Montreal

The Dusty Daycare

The Dusty Daycare is a place to play or take a time-out from the Playa. Interact in a larger-than-life-size Daycare setting for adults.

Hometown: Orlando

The Dusty Rhino Camp

The Dusty Rhino Camp aspires to bring people together through art, fire and electronic music, and to be the best Black Rock public transportation possible. While people take an Art Safari they listen to great DJs and enjoy a 29′ Rhino that shoots fire from its horn.

URL: http://www.dustyrhino.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

The Embassy

The Embassy is the center for relations between Black Rock City and the Default World. Come by to ease into life as a burner, learn about the strange customs of the Default World, and prepare for inter-world travel.

Hometown: Boston

The Empress

Victorian themed, the Empress provides an elegant escape from the everyday. Every afternoon and evening, our gracious hosts and hostesses wear Victorian or Steampunk costumes and hand-serve selections from our tea menu along with light snacks – drop by for our daily hours!


URL: https://sites.google.com/site/empressburn/ Hometown: Victoria/Vancouver

The Fastest Pizza Stand

The Fastest Pizza Stand

URL: http://fps.interchang.es/ Hometown: NYC & SF

The Firehouse

Each year camp Do-More-Now brings to Burning Man the Firehouse, a five story building providing a relaxing hangout, one of the best views on the playa, a bar, and a space and materials for people to create awesome art. In addition we host bands, fire dancers and hold themed parties most evenings and morning mimosa bar.

URL: http://www.do-more-now.com/ Hometown: Everett

The Fur Village

TheBootCamp by Cindy and Chris

Hometown: Stockton

The Future

A collection of whimsical thinkers and engineers who are building interactive art for the future, one journey at a time. Come visit us, and you too can climb into the skies and watch the world from above, or stay on the ground and share a party or two with us!

URL: http://thefuture.camp Hometown: San Francisco

The G-Spot

The G-Spot, stop by and enjoy our pleasures. Remember if you can’t find us you are not coming!

Hometown: SF Bay, L.A., Seattle, Pollock Pines, CT, GB

The Green Hour

The Green Hour Absinthe Bar and Root Beer Saloon serves the Red Baron’s finest 1855-recipe hausgemacht at sunset, and ice-cold root beer to participants of all ages during the day. Welcome Home!

Hometown: Portland

The Hangry Bishop

The Hangry Bishop is a Medieval diner and roadside inn, founded around the time Cheddar Cheese was invented in 1300s England.

Since 2015, we have invited dusty pilgrims of BRC into our household to serve Grilled Cheeses and Virgin Mary’s. We only use top shelf Cheddar to prepare a holy trinity of gooey deliciousness, the Grilled Cheeses.

At our Holy Grill in BRC, we serve Dinner at nones, every day at 2 pm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1461548064153619/ Hometown: San Francisco

The Harmoniscope Project

The camp in support of the Harmoniscope Project

URL: http://www.harmoniscope.com Hometown: Seattle

The Hive

A buzzing mass of madness from the East descends upon the desert, full of burning light and energy. Is the Hive full of honey, or stings? Bathe in our glow, and discover!

Hometown: Boston

The Hunting Party

Hunting party
Sometimes has a greater chance
Of flushing love and God
Out into the open
Than a warrior

– Hafiz

The Hunting Party is where movement and magic swirl wild forms in the dust. Exploring the mystical realms within and without, we stalk the many-faced prey of the One – we are the flock and the fledging, the church and the people, the dungeon and the steeple. We explore the ever-emerging edge of intimate truth and togetherness. Before, during, and after, we dance.

By day, we play with reverent abandon and reckless devotion in honor of each other – and what we create when we turn our heartbeams to a dynamic and fluid center. We serve homemade kimchi by the arched fingerful and deliver fresh, happy juices into keen mouths. By night, we play with spontaneity and serendipity, drunk only on the magic of connection and juice. The dome becomes a place to mellow out and venture into the frontierlands of mind, body, and spirit where we, the Hunting Party seek the We in You.

URL: http://thehuntingparty.us Hometown: Boulder


THE LAST SUPPER by the Order of the Dusty Phoenix

Hometown: San Francisco

The Last Word

Come in to play word games, have your fortune told, play Vetruvian nerf ball, or swap some lingerie for something new to you.

Hometown: SF Bay Area

The Lost Penguin

What could be more lost than a Penguin in the desert? Drop in to our hospitality oasis where we offer comforts such as shade, couches, wine, lemonade, chocolate, snow cones, friendly people, and live entertainment. Day or night, get up on stage for asshole theatre, watch some bands, dance to DJs or take a workshop. Join us as we navigate surprises all week! Or just sit and we will engage you in conversation as you watch the playa float by.

URL: http://www.thelostpenguincafe.com/ Hometown: Toronto

The Magic Theater

THE MAGIC THEATER…Not for everyone…for madmen (and madwomen) only!

Hometown: Ashland

The Moon Under Water

The Moon Under Water

Your perfect Pub.

Hometown: London

The MURAL Camp

The MURAL camp is made out of visionary creators and artists from Montreal, Canada. They’re the ones behind the MURAL Festival, a north-american destination for all things urban art. They are the festive and innovative soul of a city burning with artistry.

URL: http://www.muralfestival.com Hometown: Montreal

The Neighbourhood

We are a Québec/US Burning Man theme camp! Together we create a communal space that celebrates the childlike mastery of the art of play. So come to The Neighborhood, where it’s Recess all day! Dance and play your cares away. You can swing on our swings and/or play on our court, from our bridge catch the views, while your friends all play fort. Dance to some beats, no need to be discreet. We got your back covered from this whimsical heat. Do us a favor…Won’t you be our neighbor?

URL: https://www.facebook.com/theneighbourhoodatburningman/ Hometown: Los Angeles/Montréal

The New Barbarians

Moving beyond the confines of a traditional food camp, The New Barbarians quest to provide subsistence and endless comfort in a desert land full of desire, self-discovery, and radical transformation. Come join our barbarian tribe from 1-2pm daily to participate in our dusty savage nourishment project!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/jurassicporkofficial/ Hometown: San Francisco

The Other Camp

The Other Camp

Hometown: San Fransisco, Boise and NYC

The Phage

The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral life forms evolve faster than any other life on earth. In their furious co-optive radiations they have acted as the vital genetic pollinators that wove long-separated lines of cellular life into resplendent new threads — the phage are the needles of life’s tapestry. Beware if you encounter us: memetic biohazards lie ahead.

URL: http://thephage.org/ Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, NYC

The Princess Palace

Come and gather at the Princess Palace. Our camp hosts Wedding Dress Wednesday with the Princess. We invite everyone to come play dress-up with Prince S. Stephanie. We bring a closet of over 500+ wedding dresses for you to choose from. We also host a Pink Panty and Pink Lemonade Bar where you can get a new pair of pink panties. Or please choose to relax with one of our Morning Yoga Sessions. Our camp is also home to the Steampunk Airplane Art Car “Deep Cycle”. Stop by only during the day.. because at night we are out dancing.

Hometown: Denver, CO

The Space Whale Camp

The Pier Group is best know for their art at Burning Man including the eponymous Pier in 2011, Pier 2 in 2012 and their monumental dedication to relationships, family and love, Embrace in 2014. The Space Whale is an environmental statement, a dedication to nature and science. A testament to the urgent need to preserve our environment.
Come visit us where we rest, recharge and play after what we hope to be a pretty incredible build.

URL: http://www.thespacewhale.com Hometown: Reno

The Temple of UniTea

Our tea mission is to promote participation in, and appreciation of, world tea traditions as well as otherworldly tea traditions. To throw tea parteas by offering a relaxed, convivial and harmonious space to make and take tea.

URL: http://www.templeofunitea.com/ Hometown: Austin

The Thrill Chill Cult

Need some energy for your nighttime adventures? Those who dare to join the Thrill Chill Cult will be rewarded with tasty coffee and visual treats.

Hometown: Chicago/LA/NYC

The Tinkers

The Tinkers are on the road to your village to repair pots pans & utensils.
We can fix your cup & fill it up, with water, wine, whiskey and love!

Hometown: San Francisco/Vancouver/Boston/Sydney

The Weta Cave & Insect Repository

Home of The Giant Weta, we will bring you all things New Zealand so you can immerse yourself in iconic kiwi culture and heritage and we’ll collect all your insects while we’re at it. Bring any insect you find while exploring the Playa and we will attempt to identify, classify, preserve and display it in our repository.

Hometown: Auckland

The Yard

Our big ass board games bring all the burners to the yard, and they’re like, “hey, this is pretty fun.” Come for the games, stay to get schooled in DJing, juggling, and the fine art of hula hoop. Don’t worry, we always make time for recess.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/theyardvillage Hometown: Vancouver

Theme Camp Theme Camp

A quirky bar with refreshingly tasty drinks and different themes everyday!

Hometown: Chicago/Reno

Things That Swing

You know you’re curious. Don’t be scared. We swing, but we won’t bite. Unless you ask us to. Nicely.

URL: http://www.things-that-swing.org Hometown: Brooklyn


Thumper aims to create the kind of music and dance experience we ourselves were seeking out: a lounge vibe that’s friendly, welcoming, fun, inclusive, with the best possible sound.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/thumpercamp Hometown: DC

Thunder Gumbo / 16 Inches of Joy

16 Inches of Joy provides vital hospitality services: Fresh baked pizza cafe and delivery via art car, and a classy love hotel.
Thunder Gumbo camp supports the Thunderius Gumbonium Lahontanii art car, a mulit-level dance party updated as a replica of a mysterious skeletal whale.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Tickled Mink

At Tickled Mink (where everyone is a star!) we are here to help you pretty yourself at our our movie star mirror before you start channeling your inner diva. If you don’t know how, we’ll teach you to smeyes so once you step into our plush, fake fur lined photo booth you’ll be ready to strike a glamorous cover page pose when the flashes pop.

URL: http://www.tickledmink.com Hometown: San Francisco


Our Mobile Quesadilla Stand Hits the Playa Once Again,
Take a Dig Through Our Lovely Costumes in Our Tickle Truck – Trade, Eat, Talk, Smile. Don’t Forget to Strike that Pose!

Hometown: Anchorage/Seattle/Vancouver

Tiki Bar & Hammocks Theme Camp

Tiki Bar Hammock Camp – come visit neighbors and fellow burners, enjoy a fresh cool island drink and swing in our hammocks with us.

Hometown: Reno

Time Camp

Tick… Tock.. Tick.. Tock…
I’m late. I’m late! for an very important date.

Hometown: Mendocino

Time Colony

A time travel agency and resource center for the temporally dislocated. Come enjoy games, drinks, and performances from the past, present and future!

URL: http://www.timecolony.org/ Hometown: Seattle, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Bay Area

Time Ninja Syndicate

The nexus of time has opened and various heroes from various dimensions have poured through.

Hometown: Portland

Time To Burn

The “Must Have App” camp returns for high-tech workshops, gifting, and shenanigans. Come by and get a PIPSIE!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TimeToBurnApp/ Hometown: San Diego

Tin Foil Hat

EVERYONE MUST BE SAVED! COME make your own way to TIN FOIL HAT! You think its a fashion statement but it is soooo much more. Share your Talents in bending Aluminum Foils to your fantasy, and share them with the world!

Hometown: Las Vegas


Mysterious, exotic, remote…like the great Andean lake, this is Titicaca!

URL: http://camptiticaca.com Hometown: Black Rock City

ToneAge - The Last Pickler

ToneAge – The Last Pickler, a great mix of new and old alike, primarily from Vancouver, Denver and San Francisco, but always happy to see and welcome new participants from wherever they call home.

Hometown: San Frandencouver

Tortoise Town

TortoiseTown is an International Village composed of people of all races, ages, and lifestyles.

Hometown: san francisco

Tower of Slackjaw

Visit the spaceship for a view from SPACE!

Hometown: Olympia,

Toxic Disco Clam

In the default world, the Toxic Disco Clam is a real aquatic creature – it uses a sparkling lighted exterior to attract other fish… and then it immobilizes them with acidic snot. We’re pretty much the same: we draw you in with dazzling lights and entertaining activities, we ply you with our intoxicating beverages, and we hope you never leave (we promise less snot).

Hometown: San Francisco


Trampolines to show off your skills and a special one enclosed with tent cover, sheer curtains, led lights, disco light and fog machine for cuddling fun.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Trash Talk

Trash talk is a small but tenacious group of tinkerers and backyard inventors dedicated to bringing waste management services to the Burning Man community. Our Trash Trolley will roam BRC compacting trash and collecting burnables for our burn pit.

Hometown: St. Louis


There will be heckling. And movies.

Hometown: Clearlake


Trifucta was born after three people in separate RV’s decided to create community space by parking them in the shape of a triangle. From that small act, a community comprised of artists, builders, fashion designers and welders joined together to create connectivity through a common space that engages the playful creativity and expression inside each participant.

URL: http://www.trifucta.com Hometown: New York City

Trilogy Space

As a collection of innovative culture crafters we intend on empowering the inner genius and inspiring others to do the same.

URL: http://www.zeptospace.com Hometown: San Diego

Trip and Fall

Trip and Fall featuring the “Shockatorium Emporium” and solar power experiments.

Hometown: Venice Beach

Tropical Treehouse

A verdant home alive with the warmth of aloha! Castaways welcomed to paddle up to the tiki lights and toast the night with a Mai Tai.

Hometown: San Francisco

True Reflections Palace Camp

True Reflections Palace. Mirrors don’t lie? No, actually they do. Come see what happens when you can see your true nature without being reversed in a true reflection mirror. Don’t Miss This – It’s Magic!

Hometown: Accord

Tsunami Camp

Tsunami Camp welcomes YOU to stop by for a frosty snow cone, a playa fashion makeover, a puppet show, or other performance. Our daily schedule is posted next to the stage for your convenience.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Twilight Spaghetti Theatre

Perform for your chance to slurp our hot wet noodles. This is your chance to show off your under-appreciated talents on our custom built stage for a spaghetti dinner!

URL: http://twilight-spaghetti-theatre.blogspot.com/ Hometown: San Francisco


Once upon a time, there was Twinkii, the magical twini-corn with two horns instead of one. Twinkii loved tasty sugar cubes, hot water foot soaks, pineapple tequila and granting wishes with his magical wish-hole. But because of his second horn, he was laughed at by other unicorns, his wish-hole largely overlooked by creatures seeking tru magic.
Finally, on his 4th birthday he met the Horny Camp. Horny campers knew that two horns are better than one, and an unlimited number of horns is better than two. They loved Twinkii the twini-corn and both of his magical horns and his wish-hole. Together, Twinkii and his new friends, embarked on a great journey to enlighten the public on the subject of safe horn making, horn maintenance and… magic.

Hometown: Portland

Twisted "G" Spot

Tightly knit group of burners offer for your pleasure the Twisted G Spot Bar serving up PVD’s (Playa Vodka Drinks) w/mostly organic fruit juices and a “Twist” of lime or lemon. Dudeist Priest and Priestess available for playa confessions “Penance is Hell” and ordained marriages, bigamy is good. DJ N8Tron spinning his music. Otter Pops upon request, or street side at various intervals, served cold and hard! Human Twister played all day with kinetic spinner wheel. Early morning powdered donuts, that’s not just playa powder, served Wednesday through Saturday delivered on a silver platter by Kristi Kreams . PandJ sandwiches offered by Miss Prepared and foamy things for your ears always available at the bar. If you need a horsey fix, come find Margie and check out Horse, our camp mascot and resident mutant vehicle. Horse will deliver mail on playa too! Check our mailbox for schedule of planned events. Stay Twisted

Hometown: Currently that's BRC! Default World: Reno, Nevada City, Tahoe, Truckee and Green Bay

Twisted Swan

Twisted Swan Celtic Pub, a true celtic experience on playa!

Hometown: Apache Junction

Twisted Tentacles Village

A village swimming in aquatic tomfoolery.

Hometown: Northern California, Nevada, and Beyond...

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on playa, Unofficial Playa Civil Unions (incl. rings/certificate), Black Rock Temporary Divorce, Annulments, amazing interactive elwire sculpture

URL: https://www.facebook.com/twolanternsthemecamp/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Two-Stroke Transit

Got questions about your two-stroke engine? Maybe you just like to rev up your engine and make a lot of noise? Come on down to Two-Stroke Transit to talk to us and show us your awesome mechanical creations based on this year’s theme. While here, you can find out how to prevent playa damage from dripping oil while improving your engine’s performance.

Hometown: Redding