2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Theme Camps

Habitat for Insanity

Habitat for Insanity cultivates novel Burner technology, interactive art, and unique food. We’re a warm and welcoming group of veterans and new people from around the world.

Hometown: Pittsburgh


Hack-a-Cola will provide a meeting place for residents of BRC to congregate over cold hand crafted sodas during the hot sunny days and then warm themselves at night around our lounge area with a cup of hot cocoa.

Hometown: San Francisco

Hair of the Dog (HOTD)

HOTD provides old school entertainment and cold drinks on the playa.
You bring the drinks and music, we’ll supply the music and drinks.

URL: http://thehotd.com Hometown: San Francisco bay area

Hammer And Cyclery

We are a full service bicycle repair shop (limited parts) with all of the tools and talent to help Burners everywhere have the smoothest, safest (reddest) week possible on their Burning Man bike. We are open from 10am to 6pm every day (Monday to Sunday).

URL: http://hammerandcyclery.com Hometown: Minneapolis

Hammered and Sickled

Hometown: SF Bay Area

Hammock Hangout

The Hammock Hangout is a very large passive solar shade structure with room for 90 hammocks. We have a full bar, a giant chill space and super friendly inhabitants called Space Cats. We karaoke most of the time, provide a cool relaxing retreat from the sun, give people cold drinks, snack people and get them to sing songs. It is a very happy and inviting place.

URL: http://thehammockhangout.com Hometown: San Francisco, LA, Portland OR


HamsterCamp! The eagles of the playa. Celebrating, birthdays, love letters, pranks, poop jokes, fart jokes, electric shocks, tea, coffee, games, the universe and so much more!!!

URL: http://www.hamstercamp.com Hometown: New York

Hang-Out, the

After a long night of hunting vampires and dodging intergalactic marauders in the seedy spaceport known to some as BRC. The glowing crystals that illuminate the city begin to fade as the Day Star climbs above the mountains. It is time to rest. From high and low, everyone knows that there is no better way to chill on the playa than a cool, shaded hammock. Come ye unto the Hang Out.

The playa is a heavy load to carry, we know. There is much work to do. Inter-dimensional neverlands of sublime witchery don’t just dance themselves into existence. Someone has to stack the vibes. Someone has to wire skulls onto shit. And after a day/night/day of labors, you need to recharge. Come ye then unto the Hang Out.

The hammock is an ancient technology, simple and perfect. Tension, elevation, motion. Perfect harmony between ground and air. A dusty burrito drifting through the continuum. The crucible wherein soulmates are alloyed. A great place to take a nap. Come ye unto the Hang Out.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/150704538339546/ Hometown: chico

Hangar 4

Challenge yourself to climb one of many routes up Intention 1 Rocket. When you are done bouldering stop by the bar and tell us your best adventure story!

Hometown: San Diego

Hanging Gardens of BRC

The Hanging Gardens is an all-inclusive space – male, female, gay and straight – that celebrates the beauty of our interconnectedness, serendipity and of their intersection. Visiting The Hanging Gardens means opening yourself up to the possibilities of chance meetings and unexpected adventures.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HangingGardensBRC Hometown: Los Angeles

Hanuman's House of Tea and Ramen

We are serving Boba Milk Tea scheduled through the week and for those looking for a tummy warming last night nibble we will have hot ramen! Join us and see when we are serving in the What Where When or see the schedule posted on the front of the Tea House.

Hometown: San Francisco

Hapless Genies

We are the Hapless Genies – a camp of welcoming and passionate guys and gals, always excited to have an amazing time to share with each other and with our fellow burners. For Hapless Genies, creating amazing experiences and lasting relationships have always been at our core of how we participate in and what we plan to bring as a camp to the Playa community.

Hometown: San Francisco

Happy Hour

Hard day on the playa? Unwind at Happy Hour, where you’ll be greeted by one of a kind refreshing spirits served with smiles! Enjoy our lounge, bar, and gigantic jungle gym! Climb, dance on our Kaleidoshade structure or groove on tallest rotating “exotic dancing” pole! Start your evening with Happy Hour!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Happy-Hour/350219491736402 Hometown: We are global!


for your convenience, whisky, salsa dancing, and welding..all in one spot.

URL: http://www.hardlybrc.com Hometown: Mountain View

Harmonic Convergence Camp

Harmonic Convergence is an intimate, spiritually-focused camp, highlighted by the Harmonic Cafe (which serves the best cappuccinos on the Playa).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonicConvergenceCamp/ Hometown: Santa Monica


Perpetual Cuban-themed sultry Havana Nights dance party with a laid-back Miami feel. Lighted, inflatable palm trees will surround the perimeter of a large shaded and lighted dance floor. Large, comfortable, elevated chill pads will be available for guest to relax. Rhythmic Cuban and energetic Latin bongo beats will play in the background. Cold Mojitos, Margaritas, and Cuba Libre drinks will be served by camp attendants wearing guayabera shirts. Dance lessons hosted once per day.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HavanaNightsParty Hometown: Miami

Haze Laze

Shade, pillows, hookah, music, good conversation.

Hometown: Bay Area

Head Space

Come on by for our 3rd annual Case-of Ideas Night! Serving quesadillas and hot tasty pizza from our wood-fired oven. Fill your belly, relax in our shade and check out all things related to the neck up!

Hometown: Vancouver

Healing Foot Wash

Come experience a new level of relaxation and conversation in Healing Foot Wash at one of our 16 comfortable foot wash stations. Come back every day and participate once you’ve had your feet washed!

URL: http://healingfootwash.org Hometown: Oakland

Heart Tribe

Heart Tribe offers a chance to engage in platonic touch in our Healing Sanctuary and Movement Revolution Spaces. Come get a massage, reiki session, chiropractic adjustment or squish session in our Healing Sanctuary between the hours of 2-6pm Tuesday through Saturday.
We are excited to expand our public offering to include yoga, dance and other movement workshops in our Movement Revolution.
Come play with us and connect to your true essence.

Hometown: Berkeley


Visit camp Heart-On! at Black Rock Power Co-op Village to have yourself decorated with beautifully stenciled heart body art in the form of airbrush body painting, ink stamps and hand drawn face painting. Come by and pick up a 2016 camp sticker and visit out giant gumball machine for a heart related prize! Everyone loves a Heart-On! Multiple Heart-On!s are good!!

Hometown: Redwood City

Heavy Metal Recess

Heavy Metal Recess – not what you are expecting (hopefully)

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/963233730438770/ Hometown: Reno

Heavy Petting Zoo

The Heavy Petting Zoo is back! Come ride our furry mustache, drink our delicious apple pie moonshine or ride our art car across the playa in musical HPZ style!

Hometown: Portsmouth

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

BRC’s premier healing oasis for 17 years. Escape the chaos and take care of yourself with our staff of conventional and alternative healers – massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy and tantra.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.org Hometown: Boulder, SFO, NYC

Helios Camp

Hometown: New York City


Helioz. Have your mind blown in the Soundnasium, a participatory synaesthetic audiovisual experience. Come into our dome and experience this moment as you create it along with your friends.

Hometown: San Francisco

Hellfire Society

Hometown: Orange County

Hello, We Love you!

At Camp HELLO, We Love you! We Want to create an experience that shows you that HELLOO>>….. WE LOVE YOU! Art, Light Painting, Sound baths, Healing, Gifts, food and Fun galore! We want to make you smile! because HELLO…We Love you!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/helloweloveyou Hometown: Los Angeles

Hen House

The Hen House is made up of solely girls who build their camp and host some fun events complete with omelets, booze, and booty shaking.

Hometown: Reno

Heroes and Super Villains (HSV)

We are a community of like minded people. Our activities are intentional performance art from craft cocktails at the bar to curated DJ music, art activities, soul power wash and of course our Friday Soul Brunch. It’s not a free for all, but rather an intentional community with lots of wisdom and planning along with lessons learned. Past campers have paid it forward to provide this year’s amazing camp. Our planning and structure provide a grounding and safe foundation amongst all the fun and chaos.

URL: http://www.heroesandsupervillains.com/ Hometown: New York and Los Angeles


Hippocampus is the place to make your playa memories stick. Find our mobile cafe as the sun rises over Black Rock City for the best coffee on the playa.

Hometown: Seattle and Minneapolis

Holi High Camp

Holi High Camp brings the madness and color kaleidoscope of the Indian festival of Holi to the boisterous masses of the playa through body-paint blasting cannons.

Hometown: San Francisco


Drop by HoloDreamers to make your very own practice spinning poi! We supply the craft supplies and you walk away with a pair of spinning poi you can enjoy all week and beyond. Add blinkies and dazzle your friends at night. Crafting assistance is provided in the mornings with impromptu spinning tips given upon completion. The Poi-making studio will have instructional materials present and be open 24hrs/day for your late nite crafting fun.

Hometown: Seattle

Home Camp presents Laserbrite

Home Camp presents: Laser Brite
An amazing laser light experience in a space that feels like coming )^(ome. Play with the giant Lite Brite, chill to dreamy music and laser light shows and ride the magic carpet art car – need we say more?

Hometown: San Franscisco

Home Rule Village

Now in our sixth year on playa, Home Rule Village is committed to engaging BRC denizens in novel forms of expression, exploration, relaxation and connection. Six unique camps combine to offer a wildly diverse experience, including an array of workshops, seminars, dance parties, vaudeville shows, improve comedy classes, holistic healing, diversity-awareness events, yoga practice, body painting classes, blind taste-testing dinners, fire spinning and more!

Hometown: Washington

Home Sweet Dome

Home Sweet Dome is a public chill space at the heart of Hushville, next to the Town Round.
We offer shade in the daytime, lighted area at night, solar powered battery charging for cell phones, computers and the like.
We host various activities by Hushville residents throughout the event. Stop by and check out the schedule of events for Hushville posted on the bulletin in the Town Round.

Hometown: Redding

Homebrew 4A Homebrew

A Home Brewers community hub where brewers of the Playa come to meet and share. Enjoy a cold home brewed beer, mead or soda served daily from noon into the dark. We have a pool table, games and daily events including our world famous pickle party! Bring your keg and we will refrigerate and tap it.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/476024835926123/ Hometown: Sparks


Drop in for a cheerful “Slice of Home”—Playa-style. Participate in our comfort-food cook-offs, climb the sky-high HomeSlice Tower’s inverted pyramids, or re-engineer your Playa duds and gear at our Radical Alteration clinics.

URL: http://www.camphomeslice.org/ Hometown: Altadena

Honey Puddle

URL: http://www.honeypuddle.info/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Hooville Hummuside

Hop on over to Hooville for a chant, a drink, a dance, a nap. You bet your ass we are happy to have you!

Hometown: Portland


Camp Hope offers coffee, cocktails, cookies, and chill space. Come inhabit our YOUTRUVIAN interactive sculpture and help us playfully implode the false notion of “a perfect man” by collectively declaring “we are ALL perfect…perfect by virtue of our imperfections, our nuances, our very differences.” Join our Self Love Ceremony on Thursday at dusk and commit to treating yourself with loving kindness. Or, stop by for some Bad Advice and Mediocre Booze with our international family!

URL: http://www.camphope.rocks Hometown: Brooklyn, San Francisco, Boulder, Sydney, Paris, Tel Aviv, Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow

Horny Camp

Horny People, release your inner devil, daemon, or unicorn and come make horns with us! We supply the clay, instructions, and gas fired oven. You supply your inner creativity and vision. Lounge in our shade structure while your masterpiece bakes (15 min) and when it’s done, we’ll help you fit them to your head, chest, nipples, or whatever body part you choose to adorn.
REMEMBER: Classes only run from MON.-THU; Noon to 4pm. so come while supplies last!

URL: http://www.hornycamp.com/ Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York

Hot Cheeks

Hot Cheeks! Best body painting on the playa! Get a portrait by world renowned Amedeus (His actual name not a misspelling), or stick your face in the cut-out and have a selfie as “The Vetruvian Man”. Come in, relax, chill with a Blended Margarita, or warm up around our fire pit. Full bar, non-techno music, conversation with our international members. Learn the Chinese swear word of the day. Watch for our Kava Ceremony and wine tasting events!

Hometown: California, Hawaii, Taiwan, New York

Hotel California

URL: http://hotel-california.org Hometown: San Francisco


Makers & artists from Houston CORE bring you: Houphoria’s Illuminated Interactive Playground. Hydrate at Water Bar, relax and play and SEE in our interactive projection mapping lounge, and find your stimuli in one of the interactive pieces in our vision of comfort, wonder, connection, and escape.

URL: http://houstonburners.com/ Hometown: Houston

House of Maslow

…because you have NEEDS!

Come to House of Maslow and work your way through your own hierarchy: Physiological, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, and Self-Actualization.

Hometown: San Francisco


HUGGZILLA: Unlocking human intimacy among people regardless of age, gender, or sexuality by using Hug therapy as a powerful way of healing, expression, and connection.

URL: http://www.huggzilla.com/ Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


Humano is an ideology, a place where you can free your mind, your soul can dance and your heart can flourish.

Humano is a place to connect with yourself and likeminded individuals, which use tools such as arts, culture and music to spark human progression

URL: http://www.humanothetribe.com/ Hometown: New York


Hushville, an aural oasis in an undulating sea of chaos, is open to any camper who pre-registers and can abide our three simple rules: 1) No Generators; 2) No Amplified Sound; and 3) Leave No Trace. Because Hushville is a village in Black Rock City, we can’t promise that it will be quiet… just quieter.

URL: http://www.hushville.com Hometown: Seattle and the surrounding Planet


Your local intergalactic construction zone neighborhood association invites you to stop by for a 4th dimensional geometry lesson.

URL: http://www.hybycozo.com Hometown: Oakland


Hyperbole is a camp for dreamers, artists, builders, makers, druids, reptaliens, time travelers, cynics and jokers…

Hometown: Oakland