1999 Theme Camps

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The Dante Network presents BATTLE OF THE BURNING MAN THEME CAMPS! Watch the most prestigious theme camps duke it out in events ranging from Sordid Porn Trivia Challenge to Blind Knife Wrestling. All other theme camps are invited to battle one another on Dante’s live broadcast — piped directly to every television in HELL!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Day at the Beach

Relax, throw a frisbee, drink a beer, visit our suntan lotion lube station, groove to the sounds of the seashore–we guarantee that it’s seagull-shit-free–chill out and share your experiences.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Deadly Sunshine Cleaning Camp

Beware the Skull and Crossbrooms! Under cover of brightest daylight, our brutal service representatives cleanse unwitting campsites like yours of filth & spiritual pollution; tips gratefully demanded. You have been warned.

Death Guild/Barter Town

A Post-Apocalyptic amphitheater of bizarre acts and weird stuff. Featuring: the Thunderdome, Ritual Combat, Teh Vectro Car, Motorcycle Monstrositeis and Death Guild – Gothic/Industrial/80’s Dance Club at night.

URL: http://www.deathguild.comHometown: Oakland, CA

Debbie Petting Zoo

What if… the future were full of color instead of drab? What if!… the future were full of happiness instead of hopelessness? What if?!?!?!?! the future could be embraced instead of feared? What if?… you could dance and play and experience life the way you did as a child? Full of wonderment, excitement, inventiveness, and joy? What if??? Plus there are A LOT of animals to play with! The future is in our hands…

Ded Keg Saloon

Howdy pardners. Yall knows that the Texsun is hottern hayul. You get reel thirsty after a long day fishin at yer favorite bass hole. So if yer toung is draggen inta da playa, put on yer best unaware and overhauls and ya’ll cumon down to the Ded Keg Saloon. Have yer druthers and drink em too. Heck, if yer lucky, old Sally might git buck nekkid and put on a show. If not, at least ya got beer.

Ded Keg Saloon – Hah dolla Texas beer for the commonist folks who cain’t afod it.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Didj Camp and the Dreamtimers

We are the past, present and future as told through the aboriginal creation myth. Come join the Dreamtimers as we roam the playa telling our tales, our stories, our legends. Our Dreams.

Hometown: Idyllwild, CA

Digital Light Camp

A nerd camp featuring two (or more) aspects of digital light: A large digitally controlled light show, and displays and examples of digitally manipulated photography of Burning Man, including a 15 foot long photo-quality panorama of all of Black Rock City 1998. We may also attempt at time-lapse digital movie of the city.

URL: http://www.templetons.com/brad/dlcamp.html

Dirt Nap Camp

Dirt Nap Camp… where you play God… Come to D.N.C’s “Tomb-o-Rama” and inscribe the name of your soon to be departed on one of our 66 tombstones and the pact shall be sealed… after our tombstones are full they shall become the path of despair leading to “Sterning Man” our art installation. Can’t make it to B-Man this year? Visit our web sight and hit the E-kill button… We’ll do the dirty work for you. D.N.C.’s mission for the millennium, to extinguish the evils of the shock media industry… and better to represent that facet than our beloved “Sterning Man” The king of all media and soon to be one big goddamn campfire.

Hometown: Sparks, NV


1999 brings with it a smaller and better Disturbia. Visit our mini village which will feature Antarctica, aka The Ice Age; The Energetic Alchymists’ pyrotechnics; a replica of Giza; the Sunshine Pussy Hut; the Obelisk of Dancing Light; a giant Sundial; and our amazing Perimeter filled with time related art and other oddities.

URL: http://www.disturbia.comHometown: Denver, CO

Domestic Chicken Concentration Camp

A merciless concentration camp for domestic chickens. See armed cocks herd flocks of innocent chickens into a mass incineration chamber! See cock witch hunters burn hens at the stake! Eat fried chicken on us!!!

Hometown: Springfield, OR


This year we’ll share a Mist Carosel, Karaoke, Aura Janitors, Pillow Tent, Labyrinth, and more with Black Rock City. Come play with us.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dorian Trance presents "Pajama Camp

Pajama camp will be a 24 hour a day slumber party with less slumber and more party. If you can’t find us just follow the Sealy Mobily when you see it in the playa. Ask for details on the After burn Pajama burn party.

URL: http://www.weid.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Dragon's Lair

A camp of caretakers of the creation of a Dragon with all pertinent sounds and commotion. The ambience of a cool forest with the primal energy of a dragon.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


DranoVision – The Arcade, The Stage, The CD
DranoVision – The Misty Bar and Brothel
DranoVision – Flash The Man The Mystery
DranoVision – The Lounge Lizard, Papa

Hometown: San Francisco, CA & Reno, NV

Dream Time

Through out time, through out space Dreaming has inspired the human race.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Dream Towers

Once again, we bring you the Dream Machine. A favorite among the slightly impaired, giving visions of enhanced life and entry into a wonderful dream-state of semi controlled thoughts.

Hometown: Felton, CA

Drift Catalyst

Drift Catalyst is a freely evolving 24 hour sound (eclectic, experimental, ethnic, hypnotic) and visual field exploring radical and experimental arts such as skilled fire play, traditional Japanese rope bondage and Skeito bata skat. Guest and resident performers are invited to our stage to interact on the cutting edge.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Drum and Dance Camp

Hand drummers and dancers of every type & tradition are welcome at the BM 99 drum and Dance Camp. We will drum for Center Camp rituals and events, have classes, toy making workshops and nightly drum jams.

Hometown: Dallas, TX


A stage for performers to do their thing as well as a community meeting place.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA