1999 Theme Camps

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Eggchair Camp

“If you can’t find the meaning of existence while doing something as simple as sitting in an Eggchair, where the f— else are you gonna find it!” -Zen Master Po

Hometown: Alamdea, CA

Elf Camp

Brush your teeth at ELF CAMP, bring a toothbrush and some water and tryout our freaky flavors. Make your mouth happy and transform your attitude!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Erotic Science Reading Room

Erotic Science Reading Room: So you think you know it all? We have reference books on sensuality and sexology, ranging from the mild to the wild, from the strange to the unusual. Cum on in and browse! Erotic massage classes held daily. (Not responsible for perversions, pulled muscles, or pregnancies suffered as a result of ideas encountered in this camp.)

Hometown: Richardson, TX

Exhibit F: Not Admissable

We are not responsible for evidence held in contempt of court. To make Lasada, please see page 17. Thank you, and please stop by and talk.to/fna.

URL: http://talk.to/fna/Hometown: Berkeley, CA


A large luminous eye that sees all will be ceremoniously paraded around the Playa by a group of dedicated mylar monks: followers are welcome, as the omniscient eye looks over all. A CCTV image of the Eye’s eye view is relayed back to EyeLand Camp.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA