1999 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Nail Me

Do you feel pretty? Come express your inner beauty by way of a fresh, kicky manicure from NAIL ME.

Hometown: New York, NY

No Borders Barter Bookstore & More

No Borders Barter Bookstore & More will make available ‘one-stop bartering’ for BM participants’ books, zines, and CDs/Cassettes. We urge all participants to send us their works for our camp… we’ll make sure your art gets into the hands of your fellow Burners.

Hometown: Malden, MA

No Tanline Camp

The natural body is commonplace in the experimental society that is created at Black Rock City. But it need not be that way, there are people across America and around the world living that way throughout the year, so we seek to provide information about them.

URL: http://members.theglobe.com/burnmannudeHometown: Phoenix, AZ

Now & Zen Camp

The East-meets-West camp where you can sit in the misted shade of our zen garden, stroll through a multi-colored labyrinth, attend reiki classes, receive reiki and acupuncture, ponder sacred geometry. The sand mandala in the center of our camp says it all — come for the color, the beauty, the parade of life, stay for the spirit and the sacred, go out in a blaze of breath and dust…

Hometown: Boulder Creek, CA