1999 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Warm Fuzzies

Everyone needs Warm Fuzzies!! Take one, Give one, Share one, Keep one!! Come visit Gigsville and get your very own Fuzzy.

Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA

Warm Fuzzy

Warm Fuzzy camp is back, we’ll have a menu of warm fuzzy things (compliments, hugs, gold stars, body paints) for you to pick from. Just come by when you need some warm fuzzys to brighten up your day.

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~karinaoc/burn98/warm.htmHometown: San Francisco, CA

Wet Paint Camp

Wet paint camp, wet paint camp, you can paint yourself blue, you can paint yourself red. You can paint on our canvas, those thoughts in your head.

Hometown: Portland, OR

What Time Is It, Anyway? Camp

Past, Present, Future. We will have the answers, and the questions. At any given time it may be time for cocktails, pinatas, backrubs, footrubs, rub-a-dubs, body painting, spin the donkey on the tail, or whatever we feel like doing at the time. Time will tell.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Wheel of Misfortune

PetermanDotOrg proudly presents The Wheel of Misfortune: America’s favorite syndicated game show, with a decidedly Burning Man twist. Instead of landing on “Lose a Turn”, you might land on “Get a Wedgie.” And just wait until you see the phrases on the big board! Show times will be prominently posted.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

White Trash-A-Go-Go

THE camp for scintillating conversation about NASCAR and big-time wrestling. Mini-Marshmallow casserole, old copies of Hustler and that ‘Nilla wafer/banana pudding crap available upon request. An all-night ‘bluegrass only’ rave Thursday night. Free beer if you are Barbara Mandrell. And a 25-foot “Wham-O Slip-N-Slide” coated with Wesson Oil. This is Young Country, you old sonofabitch!

Whore of Babalon Gnostic Temple & Titty Bar

The Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Cabal invites you to achieve Gnosis through Eros by exalting the Exhibitionist/Voyeur within you. Within this Temple, showing off and feasting your eyes are acts of worship, not shame, because every body is sexy, beautiful, and thus Divine. Temple/Bar opens with Midnight Mass WotansDay and ThorsDay nights, followed by libations and gyrations, rituals and initiations throughout the wee hours.

Hometown: Monroe, WA