1999 Theme Camps

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X-goth intends itself as a camp of goths who love feeling depressed and lonely whilst still wearing glitter and listening to music of happy nature. We will dress according to the dictates of goth culture even in the expanse of the lonely and forsaken desert.

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA


Amongst the illusional phenom known as Black Rock City, emanates an unfamiliar apparition looming through perpetual mists of cloud forest and concealed deep within the glow woods, a pyramidal eidolon is rediscovered within a ravenous jungle that is known a Xara-its saga and aspirations shrouded with mystification. Partake in archeological digs; witness the dawning of the great chamber; unbend on lawns beneath the dappled canopy of lush verdant surroundings and succumb to the enchantments that are all around you. The lands of Xara will seduce adventurers as these concealment’s are revealed from a past lost to time…

Hometown: San Diego, CA