1999 Theme Camps

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Come feel the power in the T’s Through Time pyramid built out of historic T-shirts. Each and every shirt has a story to tell, places it’s been, breast and chests it’s covered. Trade-in’s encouraged. Practice your putts on our lifelike Tee Time putting green, or enjoy a cup of tea while you get a free brand or a henna tattoo at the Tea Time Tattoo Parlor.

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Tactile Appreciation Zoo

Visit our infamous timemindspace petting zoo, where all manner of fleecy exotic creatures await your sensory delight. Adventurous visitors so inspired will even have a chance to join the flock of the felt…

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Talk Show Camp Show

Talk Show Camp Show is back and burning at both ends. Aboard Pepper’s Motorized Living Room we will shoot a multi-camera talk show then project it on a big screen TV at night!

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA

Tartarusean Sanctuary

The Tartarusean sanctuary a site of nomadic pilgrimage sacralizing unknowing. Nocturnal communals, daytime barter market, fakirs, merchants, beggars…

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, CA


“The Force will be strong at Burning Man this year.” Tattoine brings to life the desert home of the Skywalkers. DJs will spin galactic tunes, live funk from Moustachio will help get yer groove thang out. Come hang with the Disco Jedi and slurp on a Lando Smoovie at the Cantina. Pod Race (open to anyone with a pod) on Friday (see events).

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

TCHKUNG, Post-World Industries Outpost

Apocalypse devotees please attend Molotov cocktail instructional range and riot simulator. Hear recordings made on the streets of North Africa and South Asia and live music at times.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Technomania Circus

neotribalindustrialtechno — Live drum oriented music with illuminated dancers, trapeze/web act, twirling guitars, mannequin and whatever the hell pops up from now ’til then.

Temple of Atonement

The Temple of Atonement welcomes all pilgrims in search of spiritual cleansing and emotional rebirth. Purge your soul of karmic debts by sacrificing your body on our Altar.

URL: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Barracks/3969/TOA1.htmlHometown: Columbus, OH

Temple of Godys

The Temple of Godys offers woman-positive fun for Goddesses of all types. Yoni painting, tribal drum night, free chai and exceptional hostesses.

Hometown: Pacifica, CA

Temple of Ishtar

We are re-creating an actual, operating Babylonian Temple of Ishtar. Priestesses in the Temple will serve and initiate worshippers of the Goddess Ishtar as was done 5000 years ago.

URL: http://www.ishtartemple.orgHometown: Corte Madera, CA

Temple of the Attenuated Wave

Satellite dish with sound light scapes.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Temple of the Burning Question

The Temple of the Burning question is a sanctuary to those who have challenged conventional wisdom, and sought answers to their own *burning question*. Your burning questions may be scribed on the Scroll of the Burning Question which will be ceremoniously burned on Saturday to release the questions into the cosmos.

Hometown: Richardson, TX

Temple of the Great Outdoors

Welcome to the Temple of the Great Outdoors! Join us as we pay tribute to our almighty Mother Earth.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Temple of Timelesssness

We are all trapped in the illusion called “time”. “time devils” have put a spell on humanity which blinds us to the possibilities of timelessness. If you can outsmart these devils you can reach the temple of timelessness, and say a prayer to the time angels, you may find a place where time stands still.

Hometown: Ojai, CA

Temple of WaterBoy 2.0

A fully interactive SCUBA diver/oricle, offering blessings of h20, water games, and more. Share the Moisture!

URL: http://www.falsegods.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tempus Fukit

Come visit us in Disturbia.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Tesla Coil

Development of large scale lightening facility.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Tethered Aviation, Floating City

In a temporary community we have a need for temporary art billboards, kites’ ie: tethered aviation is the answer. With kites and buggies being more popular than ever on the playa a corral for this activity is our new vision for a “floating city”.

Hometown: Inverness, CA

The Aesthetic Meat Foundation

Come worship pleasure and indulge in Performance art, music, and art installations with an Apocalyptic Theme.

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

The Argawarga Den

Easy Livin’ with rock stars Rosin Coven, Mystery Cult, and Hypnogogue. Come to our den to sample our hospitality, and play with us at the Burn when the Man falls.

URL: http://www.argawarga.comHometown: Oakland, CA

The Barbie Nation Freedom Fighters

In our tireless (and color-coordinated) effort to free our oppressed sister Barbie, this guerilla army will be training volunteers at our boot camp. Come fight the patriarchy and get a make-over at the same time!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Blinkingman Camp

What is Time? A Blink of an Eye, A Tick of the Clock? Visit our clock towers and you can be in any time zone you desire. Set one of the clocks to your favorite time of day, then pull the plug and stop Time where you like it. Bring any clock that has a flashing light display to add to our towers.

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, Chicago & San Francisco, CA

The Blue Light District 3.0

Our oldest official village. The Blue Light District has been at Burning Man since 1997, and ever since they’ve been building their community on the playa, over an e-mail list, and through numerous mid-year events to provide a supportive, entertaining, loving, playing, dancing, singing, guffawing, ridiculous home for all types of friends. You will find BLD members to be a welcoming bunch of rugged individualists, comprised of BM “veterans” and “newbies” of all types. Based in San Francisco, CA

The Brooklyn Boys Boom Buggy

Our “Sound System” van will roll across the country to bring the pulse of Brooklyn to the people. Basketball, breakbeats, fly rhymes and graffiti.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

The Burning Band

Calling all acoustic musicians, percussion and paraders! The Burning Band wants YOU! Meet at band camp everyday at 1pm for meeting, rehearsal, party, etc. Meet every night at 7pm for parade along the esplanade. Tons of fun as we entertain ourselves as well as the masses.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

The Casting Couch

We will be plaster casting people’s bodies. The purpose is to see if we can capture in the moment the expressiveness and passion of the event and display it to the community at large.

Hometown: Mariposa, CA

The Church of Mez

The Church of Mez is back again to tease your inner Mez into a mass of frizzy blonde hair! Join us for self-transcendence, a giant human jousting ring, and good transhumanist fun!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

The Church of St. John the Baptist of the Alien Artichokes

Enjoy misty shade and relaxation while learning the holy truth of the artichokes at the Church of St. John the Baptist of the Alien Artichokes. Send musical signals to other Galaxies with the Orchestron VII alien communication device.

URL: http://www.modernsolutions.com/artichoke/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

The Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet will offer quality name brand and private-label soulmates at substantially lower prices than can be found through conventional wholesale sources.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

The Cult of Distraction

Toxic Temporal Syndrome (TTS), do you have it? This debilitating condition is rampant, stop by for a free exam, generous doses of Distraction therapy (DT), or learn more about the disease. DT providers will also perform house calls, community outreach, and emergency distraction.

URL: http://www.cultofdistraction.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Delightful Paintbrush

Free Bodypainting and Glitter adornment camp. Home of the Giant Light Maze.

URL: http://www.attila.comHometown: San Francisco CA

The Dingo Parlour

Join us daily for an ever-so-slightly-less-boring version of Bingo with a particular bent towards the native Australian wild dog.

Hometown: Melbourne by way of San Francisco

The Disco Headhunters

The Disco Headhunters are a groovy collective hailing from San Francisco, Northern Cali, Eugene, Portland and Seattle. We believe in radical egalitarianism, continually strengthening the psychic web, and shaking your booty to some bouncing jams.

Hometown: Eugene, OR

The Frequency Publica OverReactor

The scientists at Frequency Publica have succeeded in bringing you the listener even closer. Now, the roaming public will actually be the program material, through the technology of: The Six Dimensional OverReactor (6-DOR). The (6-DOR) will know you and respond to your every move and mood by OverReacting to your movement through time, space, color, and seismic impact. Enter the (6-DOR) and your every action will be amplified and twisted (and broadcast on Frequency Publica 91.5).

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

The Future Forest Primal

Satori3 presents The Future Forest Primitive. 7 nights of Tribal beats and alien trance, set in a twisted, timewarp arboretum.

Hometown: Edmonds, WA

The Gemini Manor Fantasy Matrix

Gemini Manor is a safe place for people to expose and explore their fantasies, desires and dreams. Our Gemini Manor-at-Burning Man camp will provide an artistic forum for the presentation of ideas, music, writing, workshops, massage demonstrations, free-dance, etc.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA

The Groove Shack

We will provide shack-like environment to get one’s “groove” on.

The High Energy Magick Camp

A point, a line, a circle, spinning patterns of the wheel of time. There will be an intimate space where patterns are created and a huge ring of light on the playa where the patterns are seen. 2000 years, 2000 lights, 2000 patterns per second, we are playing pretty flashing games with your sense of scale.

URL: http://www.quantalink.comHometown: San Jose, CA

The Holiest Of Holy Poet's Watering Hole

Open your ears and your mouths to let us pour euphoric verse down your throat! The souls of such poets as Ginsberg, Bukowski, and Blake (as well as others) will reverberate and vibrate against your own soul, creating the eternal, burning soul of “us”.

Hometown: West Valley City, UT

The Hotnspicy Lounge

Come cool down and heat up at the Hotnspicy Lounge! Your senses will come alive! Your tongues antagonized! Ignite your passions and incinerate your mouths! A sensational assault on the senses!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The House of Jimmy Durante Emotional Camp

The church of Jimmy Durante is an attempt to de-diefy the aspects of our life that frustrate and confound. “Jimmy” signifies the tire-less pursuit of whole-ness, while allowing for the expression of simple human emotion (costume noses provided) for/by all participants.

Hometown: Beverly, MA

The House of Wyre

Are you stuck in a religious twister? If so, come and join our camp full of misfits, pagans, and crispy critters: in this camp anything goes, who knows, you may like what you see…

Hometown: Lowell, MI

The Hug Not-Sees

The Healin Heathen is back with the “Hug Not-Sees” – bringing love and submission to this crazy world! We are a roving group (with spiked bras and riding crops) dedicated to finding those determined to submit (blindfolded) to random luscious hugging! YOU VILL HUG ME AND HUG ME NOW!

Hometown: San Francisco CA

The Illumination Village

The Illumination Village: Creating world class Art and lighting it on fire.

URL: http://www.burningart.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Jonestown Kool-aid Company

Stop by and have a drink with Jim and the gang at the Jonestown Kool-aid Company.Relax and enjoy the light show in our second story “Theater of the Apocalypse”.

Hometown: Hollister, CA

The Kaleidome

The Kaleidome is an interactive environment where participants work together to create sound and visuals by playing the room–no skills or talent required…just imagination.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Kava Zone

A place in the shade to feel the peacefulness of the South Pacific. Drink some kava and sail into the harmonious oneness… essence of Burning Man.

Hometown: Arlington, TX

The Last Outpost of Black Rock City

It was after the Millenia Wars. Bill Gates was dead unprepared for the backslash after the leap year crash. Frat boys, media whores and the Humongus pillaged what was left. Most of the Internet running Linux and Unix servers was still intact. Rumors about a walled city with a 12 volt solar grid were confirmed by scraps of E-mail from an NT server that managed to boot. Those that returned were changed, different somehow. No matter how they tried to put it off as the deranged visions of old hippies or the mad ramblings of the psychotic ones the man still burns in Gigsville, the last outpost of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Kagel Canyon, CA

The Library

The library will be run on a casual basis, basically open 24 hours every day. A variety of books will be free for the taking, we ask only that you try to keep them in decent condition, and bring them back when you’re finished (which might not be until next year.)

If someone wants to own a particular book, we will probably swap it for something.

The Library can serve as a distribution point for any free publications that anyone wants to drop off.

URL: http://www.bookbill.com/bookcamp.htmlHometown: Berkeley, CA

The Luminous Tiedye Theme Camp

We will create glowing, pulsing psychedelic visual magic for all to revel in. Come see the world’s only tiedyed balloon, tethered at night and filled with fire!

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

The Maze

We are creating a walk-in walk-through maze, 25′ x 25′ that will be lit up with various lighting and effects. Different parts of the maze will be designed w/ interactive mini-rooms and lounges for sunrise, sunset viewing and connection.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Mutant Hive

Swarm to the wikked buzz of stinging elektrifried bEEtz… MYNDST8, S.P.A.Z., Blakkat and frenz… be insektuous and mutate!

The Playa Rainbow Wax Clock

Bring your wax icons (or make one using some wax from our recycle wax box) and place them on the Playa Rainbow Pinwheel. Come back later when the biggest timepiece, the sun, has marked it’s path and changed your wax piece forever.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Playaphone Project II

The Playaphone Project II, is a closed circuit telephone system which allows Black Rock citizens to randomly connect and communicate.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Pyermid of Ra

The pyermid of Ra is a place to worship the sun god Ra. Come hear his music at night.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

The Roach Camp

Camp luxotica is getting “cockrotchety” this year. Lift your guzzlers to the sky and let the Tequila princess warrior’s quench your thirst, while scurrying giant cockroaches lead you to the burn!

Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Sheikdom

The sheikdom is a place for serious playa gazing in the shade, the hammocks or in the am by the playa side. Join us for an evening of drumming, belly dancing, fireplay and Middle Eastern treats in the blue light district at sunset on Thuresday night.

The Temple of Liquefied Petroleum

What would Burning Man be without our precious Liquefied Petroleum? Our camp will give thanks for all the prehistoric life forms that made the ultimate sacrifice to allow us big time flamage, and we will have much to burn as well.

Hometown: Boise, ID

The Time Tunnel Project (Project Tic Toc)

The Time Tunnel (Project Tic Toc) has arrived, to dazzle your senses and transport you through time. Listen to, and participate in unique performances while you blow your mind traveling through time and space with us.

Hometown: Folsom, CA

The Transcendental Realm

…featuring the Cosmic Love Temple and Tiki Mist Lounge
Need a break from the Wheel of Time? Transcendence is always available…

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

The Village Printer

Enjoy the tactile pleasure of Printing! Join in creating your playa cards on a 1930’s printing press. And have your new playa address in print!!!

Hometown: New York, NY

The Woo-Woo Field

Cosmic woo-woo is running low! We will erect a large copper pyramid and enhance its power with sensory stimuli aimed at focusing and disseminating cosmic woo-woo to all participants and the world at large. Step into the Woo-Woo field… feel the love.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA

The Y2Knot

Arrange a rope of words long enough to hang yourself with the “The Y2Knot”.

Hometown: Portland, OR

TheJyna Camp!

TheJyna Camp invites your to expose yourself! We are a temple dedicated to that precious flower of the desert–TheJyna! Located near bianca’s, we invite you to stop by and take a creative, close-up, self-photo (polaroid) of your genitalia–to be anonymously and publicly displayed at our camp. All are welcome to praise and make personal offerings to TheJyna tree. Or, if you prefer, you can pay homage to TheJyna’s kindered spirits, PeckerPlant and ButtholeBush. We’re sure you’ll find what you are looking for… and with our new Scratch-‘n-Sniff process, your senses will be delighted! Also be on the lookout for “JynaMan”–our roving field reporter dedicated to bringing you first-hand accounts of his experiences with theJyna’s of the playa.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Thermal Shock Camp

Thermal Shock continues for its fourth year on The Playa and is not necessarily just a ‘Ranger Camp’. We welcome Artist, Burners, and anyone who wishes to join our group to party, hang out, and PARTICIPATE in a cooling welcome respite for everyone from the HEAT!

Thrash Camp

Sunrise punk, noise & hardcore performances, firedancers, 1/2 pipe ramp, P.A. and stage, and the spontaneous conversion to “Quiet Camp”.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Through the Time Tunnel

Journeying from the future via The Time Tunnel, synthesist Randy Walters performs for the denizens of Burning Man at the dawn of the new millennium.

URL: http://worldpeace.comHometown: Bristol, RI

Tiki Fest

Return to a time when Tiki Bars dot the California coast, the Surf is up, and Disneyland is a new concept. It is the early 60’s when exotica is hip, everyone knows how to limbo, and tall, strong drinks beckon with umbrellas and Tiki Gods. Lounge in the Tiki Fest Bar or re-live Disneyland Past.

URL: http://www.tikifest.comHometown: Austin, TX

Timely Tarot

Aerialists whose arcane movements flutter the cosmos with their breaths. Enacting for all the archetypal symbology of the tarot divine, reduced to the very kernels of wisdom originally intended to pop off the trampoline of life!

Hometown: El Cerrito, CA

Tomales Bay Explorers Club

The Tomales Bay Explorers Club presents… Flying Dinosaurs! Trapped in a world they never made… the land that TIME forgot… the Playa is the Playground of The Giants!

Hometown: Point Reyes Station, CA

Tortoise! Camp

Domain of The Sacred Tortoises of Perception, nomads of chaos, a lineage that spans time and space, navigating chaos with grace and majesty. We, the ancients, the eternals, invite all Black Rock citizens to step into Tortoise!Time and enjoy Tortoise!Time Theatre (nightly), do the Tortoise!Tumble (daily), and keep your ears open for The Tortoise!Time Project (at venues and radio stations around Black Rock City). Chant with us now, brothers and sisters… Tohrrr-tuss!

TOTEM: Temple of the Eternal Mysteries

Our theme is personal transformation through ecstatic experience. In keeping with this theme, we are throwing a week-long party for 20,000 of our hottest friends, in air-conditioned comfort — and we want you to join us!

Hometown: Westford, MA

Tower of Power

A psychedelic trip to the stars high above the dusty playa. Come hang out and enjoy the view with your new friends.

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Tribal Thunder Camp

Inspired carpenter builds many huge drums out of PVC and raw hide. All invited to come beat the hell out of them.

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Tribe of Hammockia

Come let your mind, body, feet and soul be rested and relaxed with the Tribe of Hammockia. We shall woo you with hammocks in the shade, delicious morsels and vital fluids, time checks, Ministry of Statistics surveys, our Brownie Troop, plus foot baths, massage and lotion for those tired, dry feet (water donations for washing welcome).

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Twentieth Century Death Camp

“The only good 1900 year is a dead 1900 year.” Twentieth Century Death Camp hosts the genocide of the 1900’s.

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA