1999 Theme Camps

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S & M (Swap & Meet)

Bring your clothes, costumes, junk/art and swap for ours. Swap ideas in our bar. The Official Swap Meet of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Lake Forest, CA

S.C.A.N. (Society For the Creation of Anarchic Noise)

By night experiments in automated sonic creations, by day mild mannered drunkards and witty banterers.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Safer Sex Camp

Safer Sex Camp distributes and makes available to drop-ins safer sex supplies packaged in a safer sex kit – Never Leave Camp Without One. Distributors needed – all genders and orientations. Help out – Hand out safer sex kits.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Sandpainting Camp

Paint the Playa with coloured sands and artistic vision! Sandpainting Camp will provide all the materials for sandplay and shamanic creation in our camp’s sacred space, or get in touch with us and ask and the Priesthood of the Sands bring Sandala materials out to YOUR location!

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Section 51

Section 51 is coming in 1999! Join us in protecting our city against hostile entities traveling through “Timegates”. Get DNA tested in our Bio-Med Lab, Train to be an Agent, Travel through our “Timegate” (with proper security clearance), or just learn about our Time Displacement capabilities.

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Shakti Sisters of Ganapati

The Shakti Sisters of Ganapati (with help from Ganesh) will be focusing their formidable energies on removing obstacles within and without–come join us in our attempts! As vehicles for change we use and welcome the various tools of music, intellect/reason, performance, muscle/force, meditation, rhythm, gentle persuasion and unstoppable pure intent.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Skate Camp

Inlineskate camp is for people wishing to use skates to get around camp. We will have as many skates on hand as we can find and whose owners would not be terribly upset if they were not brought back. But please do bring them back since they are great for cleaning up on afterwards. Special Friday Night Skate and Windy Day Kite Skates will be held.

Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Sleazy Speakeasy

The Sleazy Speakeasy will be a small staged non-amplified establishment in Gigsville for those with a vice for inebriation and a passion for any entertaining act or performance.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Soup Advisory Board

Is Indentured Servitude For You? Discover how you can experience personal growth through the willingness to surrender or be surrendered to… Our friendly, professional staff will guide you through presentations, workshops, one-on-one counseling, seminars, groups, and, above all, limited and extensive participatory exercises in the indentured servitude power paradigm. If you are a theme camp or village in need of personpower or a newcomer / nominal-participator drop by our Center Camp pavilion to find out more, or look for our daily, mobile inductions and auctions.

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Space Cowboy World

The cowgirls and cowboys are back from the future to review the concept of TIME. Travel the playa on the chariot train to the edge of the wild west. Stop in time at 9:59 URANUS. Put on your best duds, to experience the Space Cowboy Lounge where we barter, trade, howl, laugh, dance and share galactic cocktails and much, much more. Bring a bottle, a twelve-pack or a bag or two of ice to make your lounge hours cool and let your travel through time reach warp speed. Yes, even you can leave earth and end up on URANUS.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Space Vikings

Danger Earth Humans! Space Vikings come to enslave you! Quake in fear as they ineptly and drunkenly try to conquer your beloved Earth, and serve up some pretty tasty drinks too. Gasp as humans battle for their lives in the arena for the amusement of the mighty Space Vikings.

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Space Virgin

“Regain the Sprit of your Virginity” at the new & improved “Sacred Shrine of the Space Virgin”. A Black Rock Public Service. A 24 hour self service sensual spiritual para-course of self discovery and purification. Upon completion of course Certificates will be issued, bodies stamped and Passports processed. Bring empty 1 gallon plastic bottles for the growing and living “Cellular virg-a-zoa”.

URL: http://thunder.prohosting.com/~svirginHometown: Bellevue, WA


Imagine George Jetson crashing his hovercar onto the set of Barbarella as Napoleon Solo saunters past and Emma Peal stands on the sidelines tossing off witty one-liners. Imagine a world of endless TANG and robot weavers that churn out limitless bolts of Sabre-tooth cat fur to tinny lounge muzac piped through cheeep speakers. It’s a collision of cheesy 60’s Bondesquery and 50’s soooper-future. It’s Spacelounge!!!

URL: http://www.spacelounge.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Spanky's Fantasy Island

Smiles, smiles everyone. Welcome to… uhhh, Burning Man. Come watch Herve Villechaize older, wiser, and taller brother Spanky and his crew work their Island magic to make your fantasy come true. Enjoy a frutiy tropical cocktail while you wait, but be wary of what you wish for… You just might get it.

URL: http://www.thebeginning.net/fantasyislandHometown: Menlo Park, CA

Spectator Camp

All rules are meant to be broken why not “Participants only no spectators”? Besides were not all as talented and creative as some. Bring your chair, binoculars and cameras for some serious spectating!

Spinner's Post Apocalyptic Bar and Grill

Set in the aftermath of some terrible tragedy a bar opens up in the Black Rock desert. Hundreds of pillows provide seating comfort. Spinner himself will be there to greet patrons, and negotiate goods and services. Master Masseuse Seth will have his own tent to provide physical relaxation from the harsh desert wastes.

Hometown: Temple City, CA

Spiral Oasis

Sleep and we shall soothe you, calm you and anoint you, myrrh for your hot foreheads; oh, then you’ll feel, everything’s alright, yes, everything’s fine. And it’s cool and the ointment’s sweet, for the fire in your head and feet; close your eyes, close your eyes and relax, think of nothing tonight.

URL: http://spiraloasis.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Spock Mountain Research Labs

Jed Sanders and his band of cyberbilly hyperscientists bring down-home SCIENCE to the Playa. Come to our spacious porch and enjoy Hyperwhiskey and other fruits of beverage research and leisure technology.

URL: http://www.pigdog.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA


The Sporocite brings Body Beautification to Burning Man for the third year. This year, check out our Human Spin-Art paintwheel!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Star Baby, Ohm, and Spacechild

Bringing music and dance into the twentyfirst century.

Hometown: Portland, OR

StarLust Lounge

Once again the Alien Mac Daddys are back on the Playa. Bring your baubles, beads and bodies to see what you can barter for. We have Centaurean Tequila, Galaxy Paints and the Cryptic Clipper to entice you as well as a new Gilded Pole and Musical Couch. Uncover your hidden self.

Hometown: San Anselmo, CA

Studio Duk-Duk

A functioning ceramic Raku site with hand-made and participant finished tokens, bobbles and charms which provides a base camp for our Papua New Guinea inspired Duk-Duk Performance Artists.

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Suburbanville USA

A nice quite place where you can raise a family and the unemployment and the crime rate are low, a place where the schools are good and the Astroturf is green year round. Bring your lawn chair and your pink flamingo’s, your lawn and a white picket fence. Come on over and borrow some power tools and stay for some ice tea.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA


Leave the dust behind and go blind in a hermetically sealed environment. A boy in a nightie and a girl in parade outfit together create the most consensual of portrait studio enviroments. If you like the way you look and the people you are with please document your love of life with us.

URL: http://www.supersnail.comHometown: San Francisco, CA