1999 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

OK Croquet Corral

Renowned as the ‘Black Rock City Country Club’, we step back through time for our return to the playa. Time honored Naked Croquet… western style!

Oracle-Delphi in the Desert

Drop in and have your fate judged or your character assassinated in general by the oracle… party with the band.

Hometown: Carmel, CA

Oregon Country Fair Embassy

Drop by, visit with some Oregon Country Fair folks. Chill out have some tea.

URL: http://www.eugeneweb.com/~bm/Hometown: Eugene, OR

Orphan's Camp

If you are independent, self sufficient, and traveling on your own, join the rest of the stray dogs in our squatters’ den. We’ll aim for the ‘lo-fi’ section of the city and will post our location on the bulletin board.

Hometown: d'oh, we're orphans!