1999 Theme Camps

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A sexually explicit language interpretation of DaDa space-time manifolds created by partial differential equations, and the use of F-Space in these solutions, with interactive displays, experiments, and presentations. Oh, we were not supposed to use sexually explicit language. Doh! did it again!

URL: http://F-Space.comHometown: Mountain View, CA

Fabulous Faces in Far-Out Places

Fabulous Faces in far off places offers you another change to be in a fantasy, change your persona… bring your camera!

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR


What’s a Glockenspiel? It’s one of those big mechanical clocks with the little army of mechanical people in lederhosen who come marching out of the clock tower. Swing by Fandango to watch the life-size Fandango Glockenspiel chime at noon and eight o’clock p.m.

URL: http://www.fandango.netHometown: San Francisco, CA

Fanny Flame's Magic Makeovers & Fashion-Sets-U-Free Hut

“…’cuz a fanny pack and flip-flops ARE NOT enough!”

Stop on by our little ol’ house o’ style! Let us exorcise your fashion demons, snazzle up your look, and MAKE YOU SHINE!! And that’s not all – Chef BOY-ARE-“D” will spank your taste buds with the nummiest of nibblets, lovingly concocted in our kozy kitchen… and remember — Baby, You’re -HOT-!!!

Flag Farm

Lots of color flying in the wind. Please join us for flag making – limited space available.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Enter FLESHLAB and explore the body and mind. Outlaw theatre, bartered foot pampering, delicious chill space, and a sultry horde of marauding doctors will greet you.

Hometown: Austin, TX

Florida Escape Camp

A haven for Florida based participants to relax and soak up some good Black Rock City vibrations, and lament about our culturally deprived homeland!

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Flying Hands

Flying Hands camp, It is like seeing noise, hahaha like eyes candy ! A language with hands = called, American Sign Language. It is strange deaf culture in a big world. You are welcome to join us in big dome tent and enjoy the events with us. There are flying hands everywhere! Using a lot of facial expression and body language as a gesture. Don’t be afraid. It is fun.

Hometown: San Francisco

Forge Camp

Forge Camp will melt aluminum and some glass. Molds and casting sand are available, so come and be creative.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Four Calendar Cafe

Coffee brews in the mornings, mist sprays in the afternoon and Cocteau Twins etheria plays all day. Soothe your soul and fill your coffee cup!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Free Martian Xenologist

We are the Free Martian Xenologists from 2337. Our hope is to create cohesion between all beings, but especially the citizens of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Everett WA

Free Photography Zone

Act, play, pose and posture at the Free Photography Zone (aka Polaroid Camp), where interesting participants earn free prints. Now in it’s 4th year of giving Polaroids to true participants.

Fusion Valley

Home of BurningBell and PlayaNet. Soon to be radiating near you!

Hometown: Bay Area, CA