1999 Theme Camps

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Celebrating the diversity of the two genders. Named after HA, the man/woman figure burned at Burning Flipside (an Austin based Burning Man event), it represents the union of opposites, community built out of individuality. A community of Texas burners invites you to join our vision with art, projects, and participation.

HAmlet is ideally suited for individuals, first time Burning Man participants, vetrans and theme camps looking to make a substantive contribution to a larger community within Black Rock City. Based in Austin, TX

Haute Couture Camp

Every morning, our staff of designers will construct clothing for clients which reflects their individual sense of style, as well as the Black Rock City environment and the theme of Time. Every evening, these clients will return to model the fashions which we’ve created for them on our runway.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Headhunters Hut

One should be so lucky as to be captured by these feral wymen, who only want your head.

Hometown: Portland, OR


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

HOURland Camp

HOURland is a transmodern outpost with environmental, theatric and musical offerings – housed in the Vgypt Pyramid and Casbah. It is also the home base for the groups creating the Saturday night Community Dance, Black Rock Crop Circle Project, Eternal Return Ritual Performance and Annual Burning Man Fashion Show in Center Camp.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


This year, hubcamp will the a centre for Kanadian Kulture in all its splendor. We will be organizing and hosting the Burning Man Hockey League (BMHL) and inviting all other interested pickup teams to play. we will be using hockey sticks and tennis balls (sorry, no ice this year).

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada