2002 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

11:11 Camp

A giant fish swims across the playa… cool yourself off in its spray, be swallowed and relax in the opium den within, or challenge the pirate crew in games of skill and chance.

Hometown: Portland, OR

3-D Island of Buried Pleasures


URL: Los Angeles, CA

420 Tea Party Lounge

Come chill in the 420 Tea Party Lounge and possible home of Free Radio Takilma, where you can come and listen to 420 music. We will be serving sun tea everyday at 4:20. Be sure to bring your own cup… Come and help create the ambience with your presence. Bring a friend, a song or a poem if you wish. See you there.

Hometown: Cave Junction, OR

451 Bookmobile

CAUTION: Dangerous Books Inside

Hometown: San Jose, CA