2014 Theme Camps

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I call this one Old Gregg

Hometown: Atlanta


I need an adult village: the place for booze and tunes, costumes and playa-fied wear, playground and enchanted forest

URL: https://www.facebook.com/IneedanadultvillageHometown: Denver

I'm OK, You're OK Corral

I’m OK, You’re OK Corral is back! Stop by and say hello to all the cowgirls and gents. Join our daily playa virgin roundups on our spectacular mutant firetruck called “The Queen”.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ibis Maximus

Ibis Maximus is a beautiful sculpture of a bicycle, nearly 10? tall. It is the brainchild and creation of sculptor Nick Taylor of Fort Bragg CA. The main frame is made from steel pipe, 4 inches in diameter with about 1/4 inch wall thickness, heavily manipulated and sculpted and welded and ground and filed by Nick. The forks, bars, stems and links are also custom made. It weighs over 1,000 pounds; the wheels are 59 inches. Not recommended for riders under 10? tall.


Chill out with the Icy Hands crew as they defrost between midday mercy missions: share cool stories, images and video of those touched by icy hands under the sizzling playa sun. Learn how to turn a simple block of ice into smiles, goosebumps and a truly incredible shared experience!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IcyHands/Hometown: San Pedro


Innovation camp focused on enabling Burning Man culture in the default world

Hometown: San Francisco

Ignited States Outpost

Ignited States Outpost is the residence of the BRC Ski Patrol and host of the KaravanSKIra Lounge (aka The Ski Lodge). All travelers welcome!

Hometown: Phoenix

Illumination Village

The Illumination Village is an eclectic gathering of camps, held together by history and shared resources. We don’t require expensive dues from our campers to create a joint vision. Each year it’s a new experiment in radical collaboration to create the cohesive feel for the village, across our many diverse camps. We love the multifaceted variety of environments which result from this approach, and believe that it makes the Illumination Village a unique and delightful place to visit.

URL: http://www.illuminationvillage.orgHometown: San Francisco


ILLUMINUS is a two-story solar-powered pyramid; a sacred venue for meditation, performance, art, film and music created in the same divine proportions as the pyramids of Giza. Come play with us!

URL: http://facebook.com/theilluminusHometown: Los Angeles


Story sharing and dress up

Hometown: Santa Rosa


The inappropirates are… 1) Inappropriate. 2) Pirates.
Oh. And we serve coffee.

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Welcome to Infinity!
Lounge in our shaded CuddleOasis, visit our PillowFight Vortex for some healthy release, get your nails painted and your infinite vibe on with our Beautification Station, or be processed to become a Universal Citizen: it’s all here!
You are invited to our annual 50’s Housewife Party, Wednesday 1-4pm.

Hometown: SF, Seattle, Portland, SoCal

Infusion Confusion

We are a solid, sexy bunch of builders, bakers, educators, crafters, magic-makers, gardeners, cyclists, outdoor thrill-seekers and overall creators. We also like a good motor boat any time of the day.
Come get an infused spirit or homebrew to satisfy your curious minds and senses.
We hail from OR and CA and would love to hug you and laugh with you.
Anyone and everyone can come, be safe, feel good, feel loved, feel sexy and be themselves.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/InfusionConfusion?fref=tsHometown: Portland, OR & Humboldt County, CA

Inner Sanctum

Inspiration Moasis

Wondering what is the pirate do after they going to sleep (if they ever sleep) and experience the inspiration in the desert. Inspiration Moasis from Israel, Reno and many other exotic places is the place for relax learn and grow.

URL: http://MorrisBurnerHotel.comHometown: Reno, Atlanta, Israel

Inspireality Palace

Within the grand caravansary of Black Rock City, Inspireality Palace is an inviting structure, a journey of self-discovery, a communal space and a transformational experience. Two mountainous peaks, draped with hundreds of shiny black rectangles, sparkle from afar. Weary travelers drawn to the abstract edifice discover one of two entrances disguised in the hard outer shell. Inward spiraling arches guide travelers through a warmth of feeling created by intense contrasts of scale, materials, illumination a

Institute Village, The

Do you got it bad, got it bad, got it bad? Come visit the Institute Village where our overeducated, undermanaged faculty staff will jam so much science in your brains you’ll puke. Night or day, we’ll just keep pounding it into your skull until you fucking get it. Yay science! Don’t miss TUESDAY NIGHT, in the battle of the century, we pit Science vs. Magic (Witchcraft). It’s ON!

Hometown: San Frabrooklyn

Intention Dimension

Intention Dimension is a space that encourages living intentionally in all dimensions of life through example, workshops (See WWW Guide), and an inviting atmosphere. Come join us in our sanctuary focused on sustainability, happy healthy life styles, healing and expansion, and creative expression.

Hometown: Eugene

Interaction Cafe

We create a unique and extremely interactive space where servers can offer any stripe of interaction – body part wrestling, improvised songs & skits, slo motion races, bullfights, spinning games, sensual touch, conversations about edgy & odd topics, (we have hundreds of tantalizing menu items that may be on our individual menus!) – and guests choose which they’d like to indulge in. It can be hard to leave, because you never know what might happen next…

Hometown: Oakland

Intergalactic Sasquatch Village

A funky little Cantina for magical beings to come dance, relax, and get a cool drink.

Hometown: Newport Beach

Into the Wild

Come experience a different way of life. This year we bring you wild new ways to play Ping Pong, Beach Volley and Badminton. Come to our camp and try out Chained Badminton, Pink Pong or EL wire Beach Volley.

Hometown: Silicon Valley

Iron Rose

…when you’re tired of Techno: Iron Rose
Burn Barrels, Bluegrass and a Big Red Pill.

Hometown: Bay Area, Mendocino and all over the world!

It's All Made Up

It’s All Made Up! (formerly DC not Washington) plays with possibility, transformation, and the Created Life. We’re always up to something new, and we invite you to come and create it!

URL: http://www.itsallmadeup.org/Hometown: Washington

It's Not Camplicated

Hometown: los angeles