2014 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.


Come and get your green on at the Lucky Lizard’s Gaming House and Trading Post. Open for happy hour Wednesday – Saturday.

Hometown: San Diego

La Calaca

La Calaca is a shamanic bedouin camp. A strange, mystical experience that welcomes all brands of travelers. We’ve got a lot of things brewing in our cauldron for this year. Specifically:
• We co-produce TEDxBlackRockCity
• The healing dome will be back and in full, energetic force with over 20 different practitioners lined up to ply qi gong, aromatherapy, bodywork, meditation, and much much more
• A Burning Man Art project
• Our second photo project with Spencer Tunick

Hometown: The World

La Calaca Village

La Calaca Village is a community 8 years in the making, housing 2 camps: Pinatas Revenge & Camp La Calaca.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/110739525682835/Hometown: Sebastopol

LAFer Camp

Hometown: Los Angeles. Salt Lake City. Woodland, CA. Kings Beach CA. Lake

Lamplighter Chapel

Every day at sunset, the Lamplighters go forth to gift the citizens of Black Rock City with Illumination, Navigation, and Celebration. Any and all are welcome to join the ritual procession! Preparations begin at 5:00pm daily throughout the event.

Lamplighter Village

Home of the infamous Lamplighter Bar, where we host a recruitment party from 3pm – 5pm each day, but are open 22 hours a day. Come stop by and enjoy our shade, grab a drink, and stick around to volunteer to help us light the city.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/lamplighter.htmlHometown: Black Rock City, NV


The LadSharks are remote controlled, animated El-Wire Sharks that roam the open Playa at night . We play with people in many ways, they chase bikes and art cars, playfully attack swimmers , walkers desert isles…. whatever we come across.We are out to brig smiles to as many as we can. It is all about playing and sharing.

Large Harmonic Collider

The Large Harmonic Collider is the collision point of universes: an anomaly in spacetime where beings from all origins and dimensions intersect on a common plane. Create music with new friends through our interactive sound dome.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/largeharmoniccolliderHometown: San Francisco

Largest Known Hammock, The

This giant hammock spans 40 feet and provides multiple groups of weary playa wanderers a suspended space to sprawl out on.

Lavender Lounge

This is a chill spot in the heat of the day where our guests are given a head massage while laying flat and being misted by lavender water. The Lavender Lounge is a cool inviting safe place for all age groups.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Lazy Skool Daze

Lazy Skool Daze is an intellectual and artistic haven. We create a welcoming physical and emotional space where playa-mavens can come to teach and learn, to perform and observe, to show and tell. We sing songs from the days of lunchtime and lockers, dance with childish abandon, and share stories of what we’ve learned since youth.
In essence, our camp tries to create adult versions of favorite childhood memories, to bring us back to states of wide-eyed wonder and enthusiasm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LazySkoolDazeHometown: NYC/SF/BOSTON

Le Kafé

Le Kafé welcomes you for a cup of fair trade & organic coffee or tea, iced or hot, with an Irish flair or French style. Come relax in a cozy shaded area with comfy futons and eclectic music, favorite board games and great company. Served by authentic and exaggeratedly obnoxious French waiters. Menu extravaganzas will be offered daily, check every morning. Open 11am to 2pm.

Hometown: San Francisco

Lemonade Stand, The

Come create art while enjoying an ice cold glass of lemonade!

Hometown: Portland

Leopard Martini Lounge

Making martinis as dry as the playa since 1998

URL: http://www.upwarp.com/lml/Hometown: Palo Alto

Let It Go

Come let it go at our camp. Relax in our flower dome where you will be surrounded by nature’s beauty or come confess it all in our confessional.

Hometown: San Diego / Melbourne

Let There Be Light

Art Installation Mission Statement
“Let There Be Light”

In August of 2014, appearing gracefully in the Black Rock Desert is be a beacon of light providing visual stimulus and deep sensual pleasure to caress the senses and entertain the mind and body of those on the playa. Decorated with tassles is a giant lampshade that brings not only physical and metaphorical light, but the silhouette of a graceful dancer (participation by burners encouraged) straddling the whirling center pole inside. Room for six or

Let's Go Bananas

We will be providing gifts of fresh bananas throughout the week! Please come join us on Thursday at 9:00pm for a banana extravaganza!

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

Light & Illusion

Interactive Total Control Lighting LED wall, Persistence of Vision, Reverspective Cool Neon and LED optical illusion, and many more light-optical illusions at camp site. Tech talks.

Hometown: Oakland

Light Box

At the heart of Burning Man is the people and their spirit, radical self-expression, art and the playa itself. The essence of Light Box is to capture these treasures as photographs. The Light Box is a large, moveable “view camera” which records the beauty, state of happiness, euphoria and freedom in Burning Man! Found in a different playa location each day, the Light Box is an automated device that will record images of whatever passes in front of its all-seeing lens. Stand in front of the Light Box’s view

Light Brite

Giant lite Brite. Playagoers will stumble across this giant
rendering of their favorite childhood toy that invites them to interact
and create spontaneous light sculptures that express their thoughts and
ideas in the moment.


Star in your own 80s-style arcade game! Step into our console and onto the light-up dance floor where you can play fun games like giant Minesweeper! Experience life-size, 8-bit immersion!

URL: http://lightsweeper.z3n.orgHometown: Seattle

Liminal Labs Dust Xchange

Today’s Silk Road is more cyber than Khyber, a volatile marketplace fueled by virtual goods and digital wallets. What better playa currency than DUSTCOIN? Get in on the ground floor. No mining required. Check exchange rates on our constantly updated LIMDAQ board, then try to haggle us down. (Workshops on the finer points of haggling each day at noon!) Traders bearing biometric DUSTCOIN stamp/tattoos enjoy reserved seating for our spine-tingling fire shows each evening from dusk through dark-thirty.

URL: http://www.zorca.com/liminal_labs2014Hometown: San Francisco

Lip Service

When the harsh playa takes its toll on your soul and lips, come see Lip Service. We’ve got just what you need… really Bad Advice, soothing Lip Balm, cool beverages, great beats and other debauchery generally included!

Liquid Sky

Liquid Sky has landed…Hello earthlings! Come and be a mexican for a day. We’ll offer a little corner of mexican galore for you where we celebrate the dead…. Ofrenda 4-6pm Monday-Saturday. Day of the Dead Friday from 7pm, bring your skeleton to dance with the departed.

Hometown: Mexico


Come to Listen and be heard.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/470394766364523/Hometown: Los Angeles

Living Theatre, The

The Living Theatre brings Judith Malina, as well as other long term members to Black Rock City where they will curate a revolutionary one-week-theatre-festival.

URL: http://www.livingtheatre.orgHometown: New York City

Lost & Found

We’re advocates for the journey and we embrace those creative and bewildering folks we meet along the way.

URL: http://playalostandfound.com/Hometown: San Francisco

Lost Boys

We are the LOST BOYS and we will never grow up! Come escape time on our Art Car or enjoy Naked Bacon in the morning…you bring the naked, we bring the bacon! Rufio will mix up drinks that are BANGARANG! Learn to fly, learn to fight, learn to crow! Find us past the second star to the right and straight on til morning! )'(

Hometown: Eugene

Lost Penguin, The

What could be more lost than a Penguin in the desert? Drop in to our hospitality oasis where we offer comforts such as shade, couches, wine, lemonade, chocolate, snow cones, friendly people, and live entertainment. Day or night, get up on stage for asshole theatre, watch some bands, dance to DJs or take a workshop. Join us as we navigate surpirses all week! Or just sit and we will engage you in conversation as you watch the playa float by.

URL: http://www.thelostpenguincafe.com/Hometown: Toronto

Love It!

Take a trip through TV’s steroid fueled golden era by running the Assault course from American Gladiator. Fire a semi-automatic pneumatic tennis ball cannon or test your agility as the contender! 9&K

Hometown: San Francisco

Love Land

We welcome and inspire people taking part in the Burning Man Experience. Featuring daily activities, a unique and pampering “City Concierge” in our “Love Spa”, the 3rd annual “Steely Dan Happy Hour”, a “David Bowie Happy Hour” and our 5th Annual Pastie Workshop: bling out your boobs in our cozy beehive dome! Get crafty and create your own sexy pasties, adorn yourself with body paint, enjoy a cocktail, or shake your booty to our honey-licious Dj’s + More!

URL: http://www.lovelandbrc.comHometown: Santa Barbara / Los Angeles / Austin

Love Potion Camp

Based on art, creativity, whimsy, fun, family, positive vibes , ‘Luurve’ & our famous Love Potion. Our mutant vehicle, the Amphora will be offering up awesome DJ’s, dancing and transport. Open to ALL.

LOVE POTIONS!!! Thousands to gift. Special ceremony too!

Double 10’ Tesla coil fire shows, fire spinning, afternoon Amphora parties.

Acro Yoga
Mutant Spirit Animals

Specialty Cocktails, Yoga and meditation in the Yoga dome

Our in dome bar will be chillin’ and serving up cocktails

URL: http://www.lovepotioncollective.org/Hometown: Oakland

Love Puddle

A bar and playground open every afternoon that serves the most refreshing punch on the playa, to enjoy before or after playing foursquare or swinging on the swings. Ask nicely and we might give you a Love Puddle or whip out Dildo Jousting.

Hometown: Bay Area

Ludus Symposium

Ludus (playful love) Symposium (Meeting for music, drinking and intellectual discussion) is a place to hang out on our friendly deck/bar above the playa and make new friends.

Hometown: Sacramento