2014 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

O fish O

24 hour Diner open at 1/4 too.

Hometown: Whistler

Oasis 47

Art School and Playground – Liberate your inner artist amidst friends.
Join us to embellish bronze pendants, learn the secrets of EL wire, Burmese Massage orpartner yoga and more.
Take our art car to faraway places, or find us in the dust.

Hometown: Boston


Don’t call it a comeback, we been here for years! Cross the Rope Bridge of TERROR! Get yer shopping on in the General Store. Try our new SNUFF Bar and then drop it like it’s HOT on the dance floor with resident DJ’s redBone, Ronzo and HornyCorn. Take that lasting photo by the MOLLYWOOD sign. Marvel at the engineering masterpiece and INTERACTIVE art Lo-Do or relax in the Hammock Oasis! When at Burntown, expect the unexpected! thank you, come again.

URL: http://burntown.ajpn.com/Hometown: Auburn

Oasis of LoDo

As the Caravansary Traveler crosses the bleak and glaring desert, they are drawn towards what appears to be date palms by a shimmering pool. Can it be real? Or are the shimmering lights just a Mirage?

As the Travelers approach it becomes clear – they have discovered the Oasis of LoDo. The pool is actually an interactive, life-size, multiplayer game board. Stepping on a square after dark, LoDo comes to life, drawing players to co-operate in games like life-size Pong and Breakout. 

The assembly consists of

Oasis of Missed Connections, The

The Oasis of Missed Connections stands to commemorate those people we have no way of contacting. It is a sanctuary in the desert where those connected across time and space can find common exchange, where each traveler who arrives brings memories of those in their wake. At the center of the Oasis lies the Book of Missed Connections, where visitors can pen notes to those with whom they have lost touch over their journey. This living document allows travelers to connect with their loss, share stories, refle

Octopus Garden

Come play with us at the Octopus Garden… Swing set, trampolines, art gallery, O MY! … Enjoy some Pussy Punch whilst we airbrush your body to some smooth grooves.… Though we love Pussy, we are not an orgy camp… yet

Hometown: San Francisco

Ocular Cavity Apothecary

The Ocular Cavity Apothecary prides itself on helping with the everyday annoyances – gifts include vitamin packets, condoms and tampon kits. “Doctors” will also be onsite and roaming the playa writing “prescriptions” to assist our fellow burners with the recovery of a variety common ailments.

Hometown: Seattle

Official Unofficial Camp Camp

Hometown: Boulder


We are a spirited group of burners who deep within our souls are artists, creators, constructors, experimenters, poets, photographers, videographers, dancers, musicians, singers, foodies, theorists, geeks, givers, lovers and above all else burners.

URL: http://www.campofosho.comHometown: Seattle

Oh No You Didn't!

Be our guest and get it off your chest at our playa confessional lounge, featuring libelous libations and scornful judgment from our panel of experts. Commiserate with the best as we help keep your shame in perspective.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camp.oh.no.you.didntHometown: Santa Rosa

Ohm Kamp

Raging, Art Cars, Good Music, Beautiful People and Raging!

URL: http://WWW.OHMKAMP.COMHometown: Hawaiian Islands


OKNOTOK is a small venue featuring a variety of individual performers, speakers, and activities all week.

URL: http://oknotok.comHometown: Los Angeles

OMitting Station

OMitting Station is a camp to a participatory art project, which is to record burners uttering the sanskrit syllable “Om” and then layer them all together to create one unified Om. We will then have it played from a large sound art car Sunday morning at the ashes of the man.

URL: www.omittingstation.comHometown: Mount Shasta

Oontz Pouch

“Caravansary is just a longer word for Oontz Pouch”–old Persian proverb. Come visit the Oontz Pouch: playing the hits since 2010!! Oontz oontz oontz!

Hometown: San Francisco

Opulent Temple

A space for sacred dance to world class dance music

URL: http://www.opulenttemple.orgHometown: San Francisco

Orphan / Endorphin

The Orphanage is a group of three camps, for “loners who don’t want to be totally alone”. All are welcome, and we attract orphans and virgins from all over the world. The main Orphan / Endorphin camp, features the Hippy Hunger Games, Orphanage Pub, Daddy Warbuck’s Cigar Lounge, Captain Ron’s Fishing Shack & Hoist, Punjab’s Snake scare and snare, Baron Oink’s Latex Vac & Pac, Asp’s Infused Vodka Saloon, Robin’s Nest, and Al Pachinko’s Time Zone Arcade.

URL: http://www.orphanendorphin.comHometown: Sacramento

Otis Spankmore

Come for the Spanking; stay for the cookie.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/192085154172/Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


Otter is an oasis of love and conscious celebration. This is the 19th year in a row in which we, the Otter Clan, bring our big love, laughter and fancy pants dancing to Burning Man!

Our House Camp

A colorful group of creatives who invite you into Our House to play, laugh, dress up, goof off and be yourself. Come hang out in our living room, play games on our lawn and color around with us!

URL: http://www.ourhousecamp.virb.comHometown: Reno/LA/SF


Outpost23 is a consortium of artists, DJ’s, movers, shakers, hybrid’s and lovers. We’re here to orientate you for the first day of the rest of your life.

Hometown: San Francisco

OverThePantsHandJob (OTPHJ)

Its never too late for the most uncomfortable sexual encounter of your life. Join us for OTPHJs, drinks, and dancing

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/390854077687138/Hometown: San Francisco