2014 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

S'mores N Amour

S’MORES !!! We bring this camping favorite to the playa. We provide everything for all ages to enjoy this sweet treat. Marshmallows will be roasted! S’MORES at sundown Monday through Thursday!

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/b1e2bf96-a3bf-4a91-b145-9a9b0fdff718Hometown: Los Angeles

Sacred Cow

Desert wanderer! Join the mystical culinary odyssey of the Sacred Cow as we romp through BRC on the Sacred Cow Hajj rooftop restaurant- lounge-mutant vehicle! Catch the Hajj spouting delectable smells down your neighborhood street, or toss fantastically fabricated food stuffs to the land locked participants below: such technological wonders of flavor they have never experienced. Sunset dinner cruise art tours. Late night playa picnics. Moonlit Temple Feasts. We always need kitchen help!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sacredcowHometown: Seattle/NYC

Sacred Spaces Village

We are a diverse inter-faith spiritual community of artists, activists, and mystics seeking to improve the collective intelligence of humanity. We provide grounded, heart-centered sacred spaces for individuals to heal, learn/teach, create art, make music, and transform themselves and the world. Water the Roots!

URL: http://sacredspacesvillage.orgHometown: Berkeley

Sacred Zen Garden

Come to the Sacred Zen Garden, a Zen Garden where you can relax , replenish your energy with our fresh squeezed juices and healthy beverages, cool off your burn with our misting System, soothing music and visionary art.

URL: http://www.sacredzengarden.com/Hometown: Los Angeles

Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners is a collection of peeps- mainly from N. California. We enjoy conducting sensual workshops for couples and plan a 3rd year of naked body painting in deep playa with formations and photography – called Dust to Dust. This year will also feature a Stripper Workshop, complete with Stripper Pole.

Hometown: East Bay, Northern California

Sake To Me

Sake To Me is your neighborhood sake bar! Stop by for a comfortable shady pitstop, some great chilled sake, and test your skills at a giant version of Jenga.

Hometown: Las Vegas


Come enjoy live music and a cold Sake all day everyday! From 11am-sunset, and Thursday and Friday night as well!

Hometown: Sonoma

Salon 7 (with Do More Now)

Salon 7 is a mixture of artists, yogis, DJ’s and explorers coming together from all over the world. Come join us daily for 10-12 yoga and 6-10 sunset parties with drinks, DJ’s, dancing, shenanigans under our beautiful carpeted shade structure.

Hometown: Truckee

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other beings. We invite the Burning Man community to visit our friendly, comfy quadruple Do-Me Domes any time, stop by for a dance at our Funk Royale Cordial, enjoy one of our Healing Faire offering massage, readings, or relationship counseling, and relax to the sounds of Black Rock Chamber Music. Also, come feed your power hungry devices and fill depleted batteries at our solar charging station!

URL: http://www.salonsoleil.org/Hometown: San Francisco

Salty Jacks

We are salty, nautical, and play daytime R&B at home base….. and rove in Gracie-Pleasure-Pier by night for the best view of the playa.

URL: http://campsalty.com/Hometown: SF-Boise-Seattle-LA

Scarbutt's Coffee

Scarbutt’s Coffee open from 9am -1pm Tuesday – Friday.
Come enjoy a hot or Iced coffee.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218549604961632/Hometown: Oakland

Scatter Landing

Go ape shit at Scatter Landing!

Hometown: Venice

School of Consensual Kink

All the classes you wish were available when you were in school — Black Rock School of Consensual Kink (S.O.C.K.) offers a variety of classes and BDSM tastings by our faculty of trained kinksters. The kink curious of all genders, orientations, and identities (18+) are welcome, see you in class!

URL: http://www.blackrocksock.comHometown: Seattle

Scotch & Hop

Too long has “hop” been in front of “scotch”! Come and Enjoy some “Scotch” with your hop! A playground for adults featuring, what else but hopscotch, and maybe a couple of other games. A relatively simple child’s game kicked up a notch! Prizes include, Scotch!

Hometown: New York, Reno, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bismark

Scrabble Camp

Come play Scrabble on a big board.

Hometown: La Verne


Hometown: San Francisco


SEAWEED is a large-scale artistic collaboration ignited by a circle of tenacious spirits in pursuit of a common vision. We like to build big art, let people play with it for a while and then burn it.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SeaweedArtsHometown: Seattle

Secret Gentlemen

A place full of secrets for the curious. A device to help you manifest your dreams, and a device that allows you to see sound. A warm fire to stand beside at night and a gentlemanly tie to take with you when you go.

Hometown: San Francisco / Chicago

Secret Passage Camp

A small camp dedicated to the secrets we all carry within us, helping share ourselves with each other, with the help of a bit of booze, a place to hangout, a photobooth, and more.

Hometown: Brooklyn and Beyond

Secret Trading Post

The Secret Trading Post fosters liberation from the weight of the past. It is a welcoming outpost and non-judgmental space for those who have secrets that they would like to let go. Trade anonymously, trade with a friend or stranger, or share on the walls. Any which way you choose to go, don’t look back.

Seeds of Burning Man

My art consists of nine 3×6 panels. Each panel has 18 8×10 photos on each side. These panels displayed in a 90 degree zig zag pattern suspended on metal poles. The 320 photos, taken from Orange Co. to San Fransisco. At music festivals, anti war rallies, and “Happenings”. Some might say they are pictures of “hippies”, but they are far more than that. They are all types of people coming together because they share primary principals they felt were important to share and stand for. Such as music, dance, ar

Semper Ardens

Semper Ardens ~ Always Burning
Join us for a moment or two & tell us your Burning Man story, We are a chill space to relax and hear tales and adventures from past, present & future Burning Man events. Join us nightly at sunset for a beverage & share your burn!

Hometown: Las Vegas

Sensual Playhouse

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Sensual Pleasures (The Camp for)

The Camp for Sensual Pleasures is dedicated to providing pleasure for women.
We offer hair washing and massage by Pope DB, and the well-known Orgasamator Experience is back, enhanced to give women an even more intensely enjoyable experience, all in an environment that’s safe, comfortable & private.

URL: http://www.campsensualpleasures.comHometown: West Coast


Seraphim is a collection of friends and dancers who seek to brighten the days of the our playa-mates. Stop by our Luxarium, which provides a place of solace and loveliness complete with sound-responsive LED ceiling or the Compliment Booth, a simple, but powerful, expression of our love for people and for life.

Hometown: NY, LA, SF and beyond


SERENDIPITEA, meanwhile let’s have a sip of Tea.

Hometown: London

Serenity Giant Game Camp

Serenity Giant Game Camp is back this year with more games and new events each day. Hang out and enjoy the games you played as a kid. Picture a giant size Connect 4, Jenga, Backgammon or a Checker Board, you have to walk on and move your pieces. No more searching for people who aren’t embarrassed to play kids games. Check calendar for the events. Watch for the Mutant Vehicle pulling a Giant Connect 4

URL: http://serenitygamecamp.blogspot.com/Hometown: NEW YORK CITY

Serenity Now

The chillest coffee house on the playa, and the most welcoming burners you’ll ever meet. Serenity Now has coffee in the morning and whiskey at night to keep you burning strong!

Hometown: Bay Area


Swing by our singular six-sided living room, climb 20feet to our 60 degrees of BRC Observation Deck, 20 feet high (seems higher). The Lingerie Lounge staff will hook you up with a new look from our vast trove of sweet wearables that’s sure to please, zip thru the PlayaPilot? bikeway to earn your Official Pilot’s License, and hoopdance extroverts of all levels welcome, we have extra hoops for you.

Hometown: Portland

Sextant Camp

Sextant Camp is all about high-energy fun. Ascend the Tower above our Dome all the way to the 52’ Crow’s Nest if you dare, but don’t forget to have a drink in Vünderbar, bar in ze sky! Ride the Zip Line to our Tesla Coil towers and walk through the Faraday Tunnel to get under the sparks. For those in need of R&R, crash out in the dome lounge as long as you like and enjoy the pretty lights.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sextantcampHometown: Redwood City

Shady Lady Saloon

A Western/Burlesque themed camp serving bourbon flights and bourbon inspired cocktails. Come learn about the history of bourbon, our National Spirit! Hang out with our friendly bartenders at our Happy Hour daily at 4pm. After you grab a beverage and learn about the greatest spirit ever made, pick up a hoop or some poi and spin in our play area or grab a seat and just relax.

Hometown: Oakland

Shady Motherfaffers

Get out of the sun! An afternoon shade oasis and lounge with sexy beats, honey bar, and the chillest vibes of the decade.

Hometown: Denver

Shady Village

Shadyvil evolves again and becomes Shady Village

Hometown: SF, Portland, NYC, Mexico,

Shamandome Camp

Shamandome Camp guides you to FIND YOUR POWER ANIMAL. Our healer shamanistas move you to the first day of the rest of your life, reconnection, transformation.

URL: http://shamandome.orgHometown: New York City


A forgotten paradise to soothe the wary adventurer, or a lawless land of risk & reward? We are both. A yin and a yang. An amalgamation of two elements, each playing off the other. Village now featuring prodigal Wet Dreams and Liminal Spaces!

URL: http://shangri-lawless.comHometown: San Diego


When you enter Burning Man – you are in an earthly paradise of unbelievable possibilities ~ Welcome to ShangriLa! Our international group is looking very much forward to create an ambiance where people can spend the entire day hanging out with daily yoga classes, hand-jobs, bike repair, wine tasting and the Shangri-Lounge. We will be ShangriLa for you and your playa friends!

URL: http://shangrila.heavenlyyoga.us/Hometown: Morrison

Sharkey's Bar and Lounge

The Preferable Party Past the Porta-Potties on the Pre-Playa Plaza Playground! A Caribbean-style daytime bar and lounge with a wonder daily libation and shaded, lively lounge. Open when the first drink is poured, and closed after the last is served!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/144115109328/Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colorado and Europe


Welcome to the Shenanstigator’s Safety Third Playground: Jump, Play and be Safe!

Hometown: San Diego


Shibumi – n. – (shi-boo-mee)
1. A rare kind of personal excellence.
2. A state of effortless perfection.

URL: http://campshibumi.comHometown: Oakland


SHIFT… the paradigm and create your new reality.

URL: http://www.shift-bm.comHometown: SF Bay Area

Shiny Donkeys, The

The Shiny Donkeys welcome you to join them for yoga and swingset parties. Here you will be greeted by a plethora of new sweaty burners that may lack playa experience, but make up for it with wicked awesome music and a desire to enrichen your burning experience through laughter and cocktails….but mostly cocktails.

Hometown: Sacramento


ShipFam and friends!

Hometown: San Francisco


Welcome to Shoetopia-where anything is possible if you have the right shoes!

Hometown: San Francisco


Shogyo Mujo is a 30′ high, geodesic, skull which will be 3-D projection mapped on all sides via 4 projectors, and then burned. During the day, it will be a beautiful faceted sculpture, covered in muslin…a blank canvas if you will. By night, the skull becomes a vehicle for experiencing and channeling our visions into the physical world. 360-degree projections animate the skull, symbolizing our hopes, dreams, imagination, and vision – our spiritual connection to the universe that defines us as human beings. N

Short Stack & Om Skillet

Short Stack & Om Skillet bring you a chill park vibe and gourmet grilled cheese in the desert. Join us around noon daily to lounge on our lawn with sandwich service and some groovy tunes. Tuesday afternoon is the Tutu Tuesday dance party!

Hometown: San Francisco

Shots for Shocks

An electrical tasting bar: we shock you with a cattle prod, you get a shot!

Hometown: Seattle

ShotSki Wanderlust

Welcome to Camp ShotSki Wanderlust for a bit of the Sierra’s on the Playa. Ski’s, Boards and of course shots from the bar including a ChairLift for relaxation! Come visit us!

Hometown: Reno

Show Us Your Pits

Come have your pits appreciated. Stop by for our signature cocktail, The Rye of the Tiger on Tuesday at 6.

Hometown: San Francisco


We don’t [email protected]#$ around. Come join us for kombucha!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shwartown/Hometown: Eugene

Siberian Electric Company

Vodka Drinks and Radiation Leaks. Come buy and get contaminated in our pre-Putin Soviet era somewhat leaky nuclear reactor.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/167228493336802/Hometown: Salt Lake City

Sidekick Camp

Sidekick camp is on the lookout for all would be scamps, scallywags, and rapscallion who are on the search for adventure. Come grab a helpful cohort to aid in your journey or hang out and get certified as a bonafide sidekick yourself!

Hometown: Seattle


Caravan of Freaks and Oddities- at Illumination Village offers amazing acts and baffling exhibits the weird and wondrous in the tradition of the classic American sideshow. It’s ALL ON THE INSIDE!

URL: http://sideshow2014.weebly.comHometown: Reno

Silicon Village

Visit Silicon Village for a Caravansary experience! Zip down our Zip Line, cool down in our misting booth and shade structures, witness aerial acrobatics and live stage acts. Hang out in our Bedouin bar, have your fortune read, get airbrush heart tattoos, cookies and spankings, stay hydrated with coffee, tea and honey water, be inspired by our lazer dome, art and happy hugs! We love to meet new people! We’ll be hosting a special Thursday night tour of Silicon Village!

URL: http://www.siliconvillageburners.orgHometown: San Jose

Silk Route Shoe Shine Stand

The Silk Route Shoe Shine Stand is the perfect respite for the travel weary, the adventurous, the dusty and the persnickety. A ludicrous exercise in futility perhaps? Or maybe simply a meditation on just letting go? Everything is temporary on the playa, everything is beautiful, even if just for a few seconds until the dust blows up again and hides once more that oh-so perfect shine.

Designed for two people to sit side by side, to talk, to drink, to watch the Playa go by, all whilst having your boots polis

Silly Nerdy Activities Playground

Camp SNAP (Silly Nerdy Activity Playground) will house a giant game zone with board games to life sized game. We want to help you start your morning with a SNAP and will be gifting the Playa with coffee and tea every morning Monday through Sunday 8am-11am. The shaded lounges would stay open during all the daylight hours. I promise I will make the open game space available 24hours to the Playa and host soccer/futbol MWF at 10am.

URL: http://campsnap.wix.com/snapHometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Silt Harbor

Engage in life-changing conversation, join our morning yoga class or come along on our hippy fishing tours around the playa in the Lady of Lahontan and Playa Predator mutant vehicles… Be on the look-out for our pirate raids as we seek to radically include you in our p’arrrlor discussions…

Hometown: Fort Collins

Sin City

Sin City is a place where freedom of expression is embraced and “What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City.” There is always something happening and there are many things to see and do at the Party Naked Tiki Bar, BRC Airbrush, Sin City Day Spa, Sin City Costume Exchange, Sin City Art Center, Sin City Volleyball, photo opportunities and much more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillageHometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Art Center

Come by any time to enjoy our collection of Burner Art created by camp members and local Burners. See what creative minds have made for you to enjoy. Please, be respectful of the artists that have contributed to create this display and do not vandalize or steal from the art center. Thank you.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillageHometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Costume Exchange

Donations of gently used costumes are welcome starting Monday. Come browse our selection of playa costumes that we’ve been collecting starting on Wednesday. Let our girls make you over and leave with a fun new costume for the playa and you can even pay it forward when you donate a gently used costume that no longer suits you. Come early for the best selection.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillageHometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Day Spa

Have a mini “MIRACLE SHOWER” and learn how you can “shower” on playa with two glasses of water and feel squeaky clean. All you need to do is bring your own towel. Other services include foot massage/moisturizing, sun screen or aloe vera application, manicures and more. Come by and check for hours of operation and full services list.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillageHometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Volleyball Rec Center

The Sin City Volleyball Rec Center is where you can go to get your game on. Our enclosed volleyball court is perfect for games of volleyball, badminton, disk soccer, hooping and more. Check out our matches or come enjoy free play time with friends.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillageHometown: Las Vegas

Sitting Is My Favorite

Come have a seat with Camp Sitting Is My Favorite and enjoy an ice cold adult beverage. The rules are simple, don’t get up unless for the bathroom or to get yourself or another a drink; you’ll be surprised by all the fun that comes to you when you stay in one place for more than a second.

Hometown: Atlanta


Stop on by for that extra Sizzle!! Revel in your Dusty Bumm while taking a slapshot or 3, immerse yourself in the Nocturno Lounge with some hooka love & a Moscow Mule, feel at home while you get to know your fellow South Bay burners, or just monkey around at the Primate Playground. Official kickoff spot of the Busty Bacon Brigade! We’re here to cook you up some goodtimes!! )'(

Hometown: Silicon Valley


Every city needs a Skatepark. We’re bringing the one for Black Rock City. Come shred or cheer on shredders as they risk their lives.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sk8kampHometown: SF Bay Area

Skinny Kitty Teahouse

Skinny Kitty Teahouse serves tea 24 hours a day all week long. We offer a refuge from the hustle and bustle: shade, shelter, couches, a piano, performance space for spontaneous use and the company of several unfortunately emaciated felines.

URL: http://skinnykittyteahouse.comHometown: Mendocino County

Sleazy Beaches

Hometown: Denver

Slumberdome Piano Lounge

Slumberdome Piano Lounge is a calm and quiet escape where the dusty traveler can relax and enjoy the music of our beautiful Wurlitzer piano. Whether to come and play, or come and listen, all are invited within the comfortable and serene environment of the Slumderdome. Featuring calm and subdued lighting and bedecked in beautiful fabrics, we hope to provide a resplendent respite from the elements. Daily 10am yoga classes. Join us every sunset for a Slumbered Aum session!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Cum suck down our Slut juice, wrap your body in our love and pound your hips to the rhythms of the playa.

URL: http://www.slutgarden.netHometown: Portland

Snow Koan Solar

Snow Koan Solar hosts a daily snow cone cocktail party in the mid-afternoon. We also have a roving hot dog cart that gifts protein-based snacks to hungry Burners.

URL: http://www.snowkoansolar.orgHometown: San Francisco

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village is like the bazaar of your dreams. Our smaller camps come from all over the world, to cluster together and give you all sorts of unique personal interactions!

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake2014/Hometown: Milwaukee, Detroit, Toronto

Sofa King... medium_Style

We are Sofa King medium_Style, coming from the Basscouch and NEXUS crews. You know us, you love us….come and join us for the best medium_Style sound camp on The Playa.
hedd_sound will be providing you a with a high fidelity audio experience and the unbelievable line-up that we have planned is gonna leave you never wanting to go back to the default world.

Hometown: Denver/San Francisco



Solnishko – russian word for baby-sun. We are an eclectic group of Bay Area touchy-feelers, international russian affectionados and uncategorizable veteran burners. We will offer space for self-reflection and contact, rest and challenge, olfactory and body stimulation and facilitate sensory and sensible connections. We will recreate the life-giving atmosphere of the Sun in our cozy dome, beverages and snacks, in unapologetic soul mating rituals

URL: http://www.solnishko.webnode.comHometown: Berkeley

Soul Garden

The Soul Garden is a collective of wholesome individuals passionate about creativity, free expression of individuality, and nourishing the body and soul. Come unearth your inner spirit vegetable as the vegetable shaman helps guide you through the mystical garden to achieve horticultural enlightenment. Our Carrot Dome is also perfect for vegging out, laying high, laying low, or getting down in funkytown…so lettuce turnip the beet!

Hometown: San Francisco

Soul Seat

Soul Seat consists of an interactive sculpture suspended from a 24 foot tall armature which defines a contemplative, centered and grounded gathering place. Three fins of graceful curves, representing Body, Mind and Spirit rise from the desert like waves; they meet at their apex in a delicate point, the point at which the ego dissolves. Integrated platforms and seating encourage the body to rest and the mind to meditate. Participants are encouraged to write down their reflections and inspirations for others

Soular Tribe

A camp of sustainable earth children powered by the Sun.

URL: http://www.SoularTribe.comHometown: Los Angeles

Sound Garden

Enjoy the soothing, angsty sounds of 90s grunge metal.

Hometown: Tucson



Souqazaar is an unexpected mini oasis on the traveler’s path to the Caravansary offering respite from the desert heat with a cup of chilled wine and perfectly aged cheese from a can in our tastefully appointed Boozesouqa. And for the traveler in need, we present the Souqazaar Bazaar – ART that doubles as a SWAG Exchange.

Hometown: Phoenix

South Bay HardCORE

South Bay/Silicon Valley Regional Camp – Drop by our regional Happy Hour, find out how to connect to other South Bay Burners the other 51 weeks of the year. Hear all about our Souk marketplace, and how you can participate! In Sizzleville.

URL: www.southbayburners.orgHometown: Santa Clara, CA

Space Cowboys

The Space Cowboys are opening the stargates to our very own Rocket Ranch this year. Step out of the cold vacuum of space and kick up your moonboots in the Supernova Saloon, or float up to the Bolide Brothel for some high altitude decadence. Don’t worry, you’ll still find us out on the range wranglin’ all those dirty breaks you love.

URL: http://www.spacecowboys.org/Hometown: San Francisco

Space Jam

Situated within the BC Village, Space Jam is a camp dedicated to the awesomeness of space. It will feature a space station complete with landing pads and a light show and you won’t be able to leave without attempting to pin the mustache on Chris Hadfield (not the real life version unfortunately).

Hometown: Vancouver

Space Virgins

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the Space Virgins at Burning Man! Come to our daily day time happy hour to gather, drink, and dance.

URL: http://www.spacevirgin.orgHometown: Seattle


Exploderate your brainmeats in Space Station Prog V, the most haughty psychedelic battleship to ever be loosed upon the galaxy.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Spaced Scientists’ Caravanserai

The Herbal Meds Station will enhance Travelers’ well being and libido; the Mammogram Station will provide “medical support” for travelers. Philosophize with travelers and adventurers as to the nature of inner and outer space in the Meditation Center.

Hometown: Orinda

Spaghetti Taco Camp

From the scorching sands of the Rio Puerco, We are a mixed-foods camp celebrating the paradox of tacos and spaghetti in one bite. Come for the Ass-impressions and Hydration Station, stay for the Interactive Hurt Art Gallery, Steampunke Apothecary, Massage, Bagels and Boogies, and Thursday’s Spaghetti Taco Dinner at 6:48 pm. We also provide Fortune Telling, Belly Dance, Drumming, Virgin Coaching and impromptu rituals. DJs spin music for all occasions in our Lounge and we welcome guerilla chefs.

Hometown: Albuquerque

Spank Bank

Welcome to Spank Bank, your interactive and sensual playa spanking experience! We’ll warm your behinds while also cooling you down with a refreshing cocktail or drink served in our commemorative cups which turn as pink as your bottom once we pour a cold drink into them! Come on by for a hint of pain and a whole lot of pleasure!

Hometown: Hood River

Spank of America

Black Rock City’s finest bank.
Get your bottom robotically spanked on our ATM (Ass Thwacking Machine).
Enjoy the mist system, Bottom Bar, bank/spank satire art and videos. Mark your hometown on our “world o spank” world map.

URL: http://www.stuver.com/spankofamerica/Hometown: Torrance

Spank the Monkey Bar

Wet your whistle at the Spank the Monkey Lounge, enjoy virgin burner shots, playa friendly poontang (aka the playa screwdriver) as well as other refreshing beverages. They come with free harassment from our assortment of monkey clad bartenders, we’ll try not to throw poo.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Spanky's Village (and wine bar)

The infamous crown-jewel of Burning Man bars. Your heart may belong to the Man… but your ASS belongs to Spanky’s!

URL: http://www.spankyswinebar.comHometown: Sacramento

Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar

Forgot your costumes or want to update your playa look? Stop by Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar. We’ll be open from 12-6 daily for your costuming pleasure.

Hometown: San Francisco

Sparkle Love Oasis

Sparkle Love Oasis ~ We invite you to relax in our oasis lounge where you will be served nutritive drinks, be entertained, and enjoy our unique family of trouble makers, introverts, extroverts, dancers, artists, and unicorns. This is a magical space to explore your boundaries gently by having fun at our Booty Appreciation Station, taking fun topless pics with our BOOBIES sign, and showing off your dance moves at one of our shadow dance parties.

Hometown: Ashland/Asheville/Lions/Sebastapol

Sparkle Pony Corral

Every camp has a sparkle pony- brings 60 costumes – forgets H2O. Sometimes you need a break! Bring your sparkle pony to our corral 1-6pm daily. We’ll stroke their ego & give them sustenance while your camp gets some peace & quiet. Sparkle ponies will be re-hydrated, showered w/ compliments & ready to re-enter your camp after a visit to our mental health clinic.

Hometown: Portland area


We are an eclectic group of Oklahoma and California Burners who wanted to be the Grapes of Wrath, but there was a copyright infringement and we went with Speakcheasy! Come and get some cheesy snack, Sangria, conversation and shade during the day. We would have to have you! Figure out the camp password and get something FUN to forever cherish!

Hometown: SF Bay Area/ Oklahoma City

Special Places Pelvic Spa

An oasis in the desert since 2004, Home of the Special Places Pelvic Spa for Women. and the Home of the World Famous Morning Coffee Enema.

URL: http://www.specialplacespelvicspa.comHometown: Jefferson

Spice N Vice

Visit our shaded daytime tent oasis to enjoy middle and far east treats and cold and hot beverages. Our ‘Desert 2 Desert’ Tent is hosted by Burners from Asia, Middle East, India, United States and beyond. Share your Travel Stories with us.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SpiceNVice?Hometown: Shanghai

Spice Trippers

Can you handle the hot? Drink your BURN experience at Spice Trippers – BYOC

URL: http://www.spicetrippers.netHometown: Portland


SPIN ART CAMP – Remember Spin Art? We built a giant 4-foot diameter machine to create your own masterpiece with. Bring a T-shirt or just take off what you are wearing and join the fun!

Hometown: Steamboat Springs

Spin Cycle

SpinCycle is home for hoopers on the playa. You never know what you’re going to find at SpinCycle, accept you can be pretty sure that you will find a man’s-man in women’s underwear hooping. This year we’re giving the playa exactly what we know it wants most: Grant’s balls popping out of fancies on the dance floor while he tries to do that hand stand trick.

URL: http://www.hooping.xxxHometown: San Francisco

Spirit Dream

11 is the number for revelation. It is also the number of years we have joined all of you on the playa. What will be revealed in our midst this year? Join us for greater revelation of your original design, your flow, your purity of essence. Whether you need water, espresso, love, spirit, release, transformation or transition, it will be revealed to you.

URL: http://www.spiritdream.orgHometown: All over the world


a place to squash and be squashed.

Hometown: santa barbara

Squirrel Army

The United Squirrel Army lives by the Ten Principles, as counted on our furry paws and sharpened claws. We are a communal effort of radically self-reliant squirrel.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/squirrelarmybrc/Hometown: Oakland

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the village comprised of Skybar/Panda Lounge, The Space Between, and Pam the Albino Mastadon art car (P.A.M. for short). Come by and hang out with the Peters you know and love and enjoy the space beats you’ve come to expect.

URL: http://sparklepony.infoHometown: San Francisco

St. Squishy's

St. Squishy’s Summer Camp for Wayward Children helps kids of all ages unlock the joy of good ol’ summer camp fun! Come play on our helicopter swing, cool down in our ball-pit bar, and tell ghost stories around the S’mores campfire!

Hometown: Los Angeles and Texas

Stag Camp 8

Stag Camp continues celebrating radical self-reliance though offering our spirit of social inclusiveness mixed with personal responsibility. We offer a large group shade, a warm stove to gather around at night, music, a happening neighborhood bar, and friendship.

URL: http://www.stagcamp.proboards.comHometown: Worldwide!


Create Burning Man Souvenirs. Bring your favorite shirt/hat & stamp them with The Man logo theme and/or phrases like I’m Burnt!

Hometown: Pittsburg

Stands Of Chime

The art installation will have the look of a pagoda. As you approach it you will see a simple 4 sided hut made of steel. It stands 10′ at the peak of its roof and is about 12′ wide. What you will notice first is that the walls are made of large suspended steel chimes. They will range in size from 6″ to 12″ in diameter an up to 4′ long. With a simple breeze the pagoda will come to life as an enormous wind chime . As you enter into this amazing pagoda of tones you can take a seat in the epicenter of sound. T

Star of Shamash

The Star of Shamash is the symbol for the Babylonian Sun God, Shamash, which was likely a part of the caravansary across ancient Mesopotamia. It is 8′ diameter and colorfully lit with LEDs for night-time sun worshipping. It was also built to honor Anat Shamash for her 20th anniversary of attending Burning Man!

Star Star

Star Star – Live Music – Movement, Dance, Yoga classes daily. Lively shows and aerial performance throughout burn week on our gorgeous rustic stage with full daytime shade. Kick one back and come shake your business at the Star Star Roadhouse!

Hometown: All Over


Across the space/time continuum, through galactic upheaval and hiccups, we have evolved to this messy existence. Colliding and reforging, StarBarf weaves workshops, discussions, and movement into our shared vision of community. We strive to connect with beautiful and messy humanity; the humbling scales in which we exist; and the unbounded possibilities that we, as StarBarf, realize… You are StarBarf, too.

Hometown: San Francisco

Stardust Lounge Casino & Spa

Go all-in at the Stardust Lounge Casino and Spa! Double down on some dirty martinis and dirtier games of chance and skill at the Casino, get your playa wedding on at the Chapel, then clean up and cool off with rejuvenating treatments at the Spa.

Hometown: San Francisco

Starfist and Starlight Oasis

We serve the playa for the enjoyment of the last remaining light of the day at our Starlight Oasis and with Go Postal!, our independent message delivery service, at your service. Our oasis provides tea for the thirsty, coffee for the strained, and other refreshments for the adventurous. Need to get a message across the playa? We are always at your service. With our roots spanning across the world, we welcome you to our nourishing den.

Hometown: Oakland

Stargazers Anonymous

Stargazers Anonymous provides a safe space for people in all phases of consciousness. A deep playa reverie for wayward travellers, weary playa surfers and strung out desert shamans. Come and gaze at the stars, safe from bright lights and stray art cars.


With ideas around travelers navigating the Silk Roads, StarWay plays on the ideas of star navigation and journeys.

Stars will be distributed around BRC with printed instructions on them to bring the ‘found’ star to StarWay, a 20’ sculpture made out of 300 individually lit stars. Those who bring the ‘found’ stars to StarWay will see a star on the sculpture change colour from blues/green to pink/red reds – the colours of love. But that is just one part of the interaction. They will then receive a message o

Steam Bath Project, The

The Steam Bath Project makes the mundane magical! The simple act of “cleansing” becomes part of an age-old ritual tradition embracing the possibility of transformation. We invite you into the geodesic dome where you can relax on the wooden benches as boiling water produces steam with negative ions that fill the space. Negative ions are known to create an overall feeling of wellness, similar to the air after a summer thunderstorm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SteamBathProjectHometown: Boston

Stoop, The

The Chris Himle Memorial Stoop is a community gathering place, much like the apartment stoops in your own town. The 16 foot tall wooden structure consists of a set of stairs and a front porch, serving as a place where art car parties develop in the middle of the night, loved ones can reunite after a long day roaming the playa, community members will erect story-telling tables, and people can sit and relax and meet new friends, taking in the view of the city and contemplating the meaning of life.


Mile High Bar waits to serve you at its new wide-body crash site! Let our committed cabin crew take you to new heights on a Jet Age fantasy of sound and hospitality – two flights daily!

Hometown: San Francisco

Street Life: Hip Hop on the Playa

Picture Big Bird swigging a 40 while listening to Public Enemy. Street Life is bringing the story and soul of Hip-Hop to the Playa with the levity and neighborhood feel of Sesame Street. Come dance your way down memory lane, as we combine the nostalgia we feel for Sesame Street with the urban swag, bounce, and flavor of the Hip-Hop we love.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Life-Hiphop-Comes-to-the-Playa/152087438167309Hometown: New York

Struts & Bolts

The Bangingest Lounge on (?) Street

URL: http://www.strutsandbolts.comHometown: Costa Mesa

Sugar Bitch

SugarBitch Camp hereby declares that you look delicious. You’d look better still if you kneeled down at our altar of low-carbohydrate eating so our Sugar Bitch Priests and Priestesses could feed you fresh strawberries swimming in cream and slap a temp sugar skull tattoo on your fine body.

URL: http://www.sugarbitch.netHometown: Boston

Summer Camp

Welcome to Summer Camp! We invite you to enjoy Summer Camp as an adult while still letting your inner child play. Enjoy our arts and crafts, drinking games, campfire stories, non-drinking games, lessons from an Eagle Scout and earn uniquely fun merit badges! Feel free to hang out in our bar, chill out tent, shaded hammocks, campfire circle or rooftop lounge. Our camp counselors are experts at having fun and showing you a good time, so stop by and enjoy!

Hometown: San Francisco / Los Angeles

Sun Guardians

Yoga | Art | Spirit: generating the spark of self from the light within.

URL: http://www.sunguardians.netHometown: San Francsico

Sunrise Saloon

The Sunrise Saloon is a sunny place for shady people located on the far eastern hinterland of the deep playa. This watering hole is home to gunslingers and bandoleras alike who come for the sunrise and stay for the whiskey.

Sunset Trip, The

The Sunset trip is the home base of 4 Los Angeles based camps: Camp Charlie, The Dirty Beetles, Transmorphagon, and the Tasty Noodles. Stop by in the afternoon for craft beer from the Noodle Craft Beer Bar and come back at night for the Capital Reckers Main Stage for live music and DJs. We’ll also be featuring a red carpet, walk of shame, the unicorn branding station, electric swing set, giant light bright, post card photo station, and more.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Super Friends Synaesthesia

Billowing white fabric surrounds our waterless pillow pools where the tired burner can take an afternoon nap. Learn new skills at one of our daytime workshops or groove to some tunes. SuperFriends Synaesthesia is also the home base for the artists and crew of Inspireality Palace, a deep-playa, large-scale art piece.
My hand is holding your hand, but we’re such Super Friends, you feel my hand on your heart. Or in your brain.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/SuperFriendsNeighborhoodHometown: Los Angeles

Supreme Ultimate, The

The Way that can be spoken is not the eternal Way… In the ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy, the Yin-Yang symbol represents the duality of the essence and substance from which the myriad things come – light/dark, masculine/feminine, sun/moon, good/evil, active/passive… For us as individuals, sometimes our yin is rising and yang setting, and then again, sometimes yang is rising and our yin is setting… it’s all one big cycle of rising and setting, rising and setting. How are things going for you just no

Suspended Animation

Experience full-suspension erotic rope bondage: part kinetic art, part thrill ride, part endorphin rush. Our crew of expert riggers offers bondage and BDSM rides, workshops for all levels, breathtaking performances, and night time play parties. We also rove the playa and build impromptu bondage sculpture!

URL: http://suspendedanimationcrew.comHometown: Seattle


SwagMart is an Oasis of creativity located in the Heart of Black Rock City. We provide FREE unusual materials to create SwagNecklaces, Earrings and note worthy embellishments for your Playa wear. Evening Branding sessions with Todd Andrews amazing Burning Man & Burning Woman branding for your Boots, Hats, Belts etc. Costume appreciation trophy’s andspecial Swag for costume.Stop by for a creative positive experience and meet Burners from all over the Planet.

Hometown: Nevada City

Swamp Fuckits

Rag tag group of New Orleans architects, lovers, dancers, djs, cooks, artists and friends- expert at bringing our laissez les bons temps rouler attitudes from the swamp to the desert. Come meet us!

Hometown: New Orleans

Sweaty Betty's

Friendly neighborhood misting Parlor and Spa, stop in and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as you stroll through the mist (is that vanilla?) and watch the smiles emerge while body temperatures drop, Got crunchy hair / boring nails / feeling a bit beat… You may qualify for an emergency hair wash, nail painting; perhaps there is an opening in the massage room…Stop in and chill. Open 11:00 to 4:00, Volunteer opportunities. Tea.

Hometown: Seattle, Ventura, Ithaca

Swing City

Swing City brings the Original Muscle Beach from Santa Monica California to Black Rock City. Come play!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SwingCityBurningManHometown: Santa Monica California

Swish Embassy, The

Theme Night parties, breathtaking costumes, amazing music, and a rockin’ (new) bar will be the hallmarks of BRC’s new Den of Divine Decadence. We welcome divas of all genders, orientations, and experience – just be fabulous, bay-bee!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/174170769334791/Hometown: Provo


A re-imagination of the traditional Greek ‘drinking party’. Drink wine and debate with others on how to make a difference in the world.

Hometown: Guernsey