2014 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Yabba Dabba DoMe

Our dome contains a participant driven, high kinetic energy play space. Every action has it’s reaction: every motion has it’s emotion.

Hometown: Reno

Yellow Bikes

The Yellow Bike Shop is dedicated to servicing ONLY the community yellow bike fleet.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCommunityTransitYellowBikes

Yes, And

Camp “Yes, &” is a group of friends from Seattle (and often further afield). The phrase “Yes, &” is borrowed from Improv, and we have made it our own, to indicate that no matter what the idea is… we’re in.

Hometown: Seattle


Yorick is a ten-foot calavera, constructed from plywood cut on a CNC router. The design includes two portals that allow participants entry to the interior. At night it is illuminated from the inside, and occasionally on the exterior by video projections.

You Got This !

Join in and play, music, laughter and community building. New home of Nevada life mobile town. Look for the Big Green Thumbs UP! and learn to breath fire! Or just drop by for cigar with Sweet Peet and over throw a Government and install a new one check out legal affairs, they drink whiskey there.

Hometown: West Coast

Your Mom's

Your Mom’s camp – we do what mom’s do – sew your stuff (costume and minor tent repair), listen to you, support you, and make you feel at home.

Hometown: Lenexa

Yozh Camp

We are camp Yozh, and we are fun, we like singing in the sun.
Dance a little, dance with us, we will prick your little arse.
We play really silly games, join us in a prickly haze.
We’re a group of ruski speaking, techno playing, hula-hooping, chillers. Come for the vodka bar, stay for the prickly vibes.
Yozh is pronounced Yo+ZH – as in Massage (massaZH).
Yozhiki are cute little hedgehogs.
For more info, check out Yozhik v Tumane.

Hometown: San Francisco

Yummy RUMInations

Live interactive performance oriented camp uniting burners through laughter, curiosity, and consciousness. Mobile group performances, social experiments, storytelling, workshops and home of The Yum Cart…people leave with a smile and often come back for seconds.

Hometown: LA/Brooklyn


Home of the Yurtop’lis Topless Review, Bazaar Bar and Entomology Expo.

Hometown: Los Angeles


Not necessarily the future the way it will be; the future the way it should to be…shiny!! Home of a radio listening tea lounge and some shiny, happy people.

Hometown: San Francisco