2014 Theme Camps

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The V-SPoT is Burning Man’s official Volunteer Headquarters in Black Rock City. Where different projects come to seek Volunteers and where Burners come to find out how to help. Our friendly Volunteer Experts are here to answer your questions and help you find your “special place” on the Playa.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/vrteam.htmlHometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Vagabonds & Tagalongs

As vagabonds and tagalongs, we strive to attract, include, and discover all the other vagabonds and tag-alongs out there. We come from all corners of the US and even Australia, brought together by our love for radical expression and inclusion, with a little help from the wonderful world wide web.

Hometown: The Internet


Valhalla is a new camp built by veteran burners from several camps. We want to provide a nighttime community space, and a seed for a particular flavor of communal adventure and questing.

URL: http://valhalla.campHometown: San Francisco


At the Valuation-Station it’s not your parking ticket that get’s valuated but you, awesome you! You make Burningman great and the Valuation-Station crew want to make sure you know.

Vamp Camp

Vamp Camp. We only come out at night! (Unless we wake up early.)
Vamp juice, burn barrel, music and Vamp Stamp if deserving!
No Schedules, no commitments. If you are here, you are on time.
Find us on facebook

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/VampCamp/Hometown: Gardnerville

Vegan Nightmare Camp

An interactive environment to discuss sustainable farming, healthy diets, local food sourcing and global views on the future of meat production advantages & disadvantages. It’s also a fun place with the “Wheel O Meat” and lively discussions and drinks.

Hometown: Santa Rosa


A camp focus Spreading Burning Man Culture throughout Latin America.

Hometown: Black Rock City


Nightly video projection on our two big screens. Body painting, airbrushing and spray paint art every afternoon in our dome. Come by and cool off in our mister! Record a message for your “Former Virgin” then watch it later on our screens. Play Playa Jeopardy on Wednesday Night. Live Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday Night. Contact us if you have an original video you’d like to show. Located in Snowflake Village.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/videogasmHometown: Woodhaven

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience

If you are hot, thirsty, and decaffeinated while on the playa then come to VICE for refreshing, hand-made Vietnamese Iced Coffee, afternoons from 2 to 4pm. Learn to walk on Stilts, dance with Flags, or create Perler Bead keepsakes at one of our interactive workshops at VICE – a friendly, diverse camp who wants to see YOU in line for coffee!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/111107568995459/Hometown: Many – Bay Area, LA Area, Albuquerque, Washington DC, Seattle,

Vines Without Borders

Vines Without Borders is a global wine bar and lounge inviting guests and offering wines from around the world. Each night starting at sunset a different wine region will be celebrated in our cool LED illuminated venue furnished with vintage couches and chairs and a long back-lit bar.

URL: http://www.vineswithoutborders.comHometown: Menlo Park

Virgin Hooper Camp

Are you in awe of the hottie hoopers on the Playa? Come by Virgin Hooper Camp and we will teach you how to hula hoop. We can teach anyone in 10 minutes or less!

Hometown: North Hollywood

Vision Tree, The

The Vision Tree is a project that symbolizes people sharing the best of who they are through the creation of a 50′ tree. The tree is hollow to allow people to climb up inside it’s 35′ trunk to gain a better vision of their surroundings.

During the day the trees branches and leaves provide shade for those braving the desert sun. After dark a projection system lights the tree up providing a magical lighting experience.

Visual Orchestra

The Visual Orchestra is meant to delight kids of all ages. It is a combination of light, sound and motion. It is the next in a series of multimedia art and technology presentations by Greg Ames.

Voice of the Man, The

The Voice of the Man allows the user to rest and listen to the Voice of the Man radio station (BMIR) through the use of a beauty salon chair.

Voodoo Shooting Gallery

Exercise your demons – shoot voodoo dolls and shrunken heads to win glow cups emblazoned with Voodoo 2013 camp logo. Hosted by the best collection of French voodoo priestesses and their zombie slaves to cheer and award you prizes and treats.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/satanisyourpalHometown: Portland

VooDoo Soup

Hometown: Willits

Voted Best Camp

Skateboarding and rock and roll drenched in whiskey. Come to the camp that singlehandedly defends BRC against constant dubstep onslaughts. Aint no fuckin’ accident we’re Voted Best Camp.

URL: http://facebook.com/votedbestcampHometown: Reno


Come to Vulcantown and experience flow in all of it’s glory. We will be playing constantly and invite everyone to come join in the fun.

Hometown: Oakland

VW Bus Camp

VW Bus Caravaners, stop and camp with the VW Bus Caravansary at Black Rock City. Stay and participate with us at the great Burning Man Caravansary, before continuing on your paths across the wilderness of Nevada and places beyond, VW Bus Camp, where camaraderie and the spirit of Burning Man has lived on now for 17 Burns.

URL: http://vwbuscamp.comHometown: Tucson