2014 Theme Camps

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Anything can happen in Black Rock City, and nobody knows this better than the Man himself. In 2014, he looks down at the Esplanade and sees something especially peculiar. It’s a rare phenomenon, only ever seen in the ocean’s deep volcanic fissures and other unfathomable places. Here, nearly a mile above the ocean, fire under the sea illuminates the high desert. Come by for our music, lights, dancing, fire lessons, open spin, fire baseball, fire dodge ball, and playground.

URL: http://www.campzoom.orgHometown: Oakland / Bay Area


Zap is a giant lighting bolt striking the playa. It seeks to blur the boundaries between a traditional two-dimensional cartoon image and a three-dimensional sculpture to engage the viewer into questioning their perception of fantasy and reality.

Zen as Fuck

Come Dance and Brush your Teeth!

Hometown: Costa Mesa

Zendo Project

The Zendo Project will return to the playa this year to offer a tranquil space and compassionate care for individuals seeking psychological support on the playa. Trained volunteers will be available around the clock inside our open-air yurt-like structure and bedouin-style tea house.

URL: http://zendoproject.org/Hometown: Santa Cruz


The Lost Oasis

Hometown: Las Vegas


zondernaam – (a place with no name)
Like dusk and dawn, seasonal transitions are brief moments in time where the ordinary barriers that delineate our default world soften and allow magical layers of change to occur. Come join us in our Chill Space or engage in conversation/interaction at out Chat and Chew table.

Hometown: Sacramento

Zoodiac Academy

We like to get down AND get up, depending on the time of day.

URL: http://zoodiac.org


Come hang with the animals at the Zooniverse!

Hometown: Bay Area

Zuvuya Tribe

Techno and Tech house stage with live performances and art.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/zuvuyatribebm2014Hometown: Point Arena