2014 Theme Camps

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M*A*S*H 4207th

We’re not Doctors. The least disciplined military unit on the playa. Random security Checkpoints will occur. Terrorists & Loyal Citizens will be labled. Propaganda & commentary provided for the prevention of communism. Nightly viewings of old episodes & movies from the show. Since 1999, your bastion of Democracy in a sea of fifth column communist/socialist/lawless infiltrators and barbarian mutants! Daytime martinis at Rosie’s Bar. Praise the lord and pass the sauce!

Hometown: Van Nuys`

MacGyvers' Union

Every camp has a MacGyver; now the MacGyvers have a union. We provide all MacGyvers with recognition, thanks, tools, training, entertainment, emotional and moral support, chill space away from their home camp, and an official ID card.

URL: http://www.macgyversunion.comHometown: Oakland

Magic Pancakes: Intergalactic MFs

Camp Magic Pancakes, presented by the Intergalactic Motherfuckers. A group of wizards with the love of all things mischievous wish to bring magical pancakes and the wheel of punishment for all the unsuspecting citizens of Black Rock City.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Magic-Pancakes/298467423636382Hometown: Ventura

Magic Theater

Not for everyone…..for Madmen Only

Hometown: Ashland

Man's Best Friend, The

Strolling across the playa thinking of your other home(s) as you look towards the Man your eyes alight on a mirage…wait, no it IS a giant dog…just when you were missing familiar things and your best 4 legged friend. You approach and it barks, pants, whines at you. As you marvel at its size and contemplate how much shade is underneath you realize that ladders rise up the legs. You climb and emerge onto a platform just below the mouth. There you sit and gaze out on the playa towards the Man shaded by the

Martini Village

Come visit Martini Village and enjoy cold refreshments, games, entertainment and much more!!! Look us up for our scheduled events or just stop by and check out a random happy hour. Be prepared to be immersed in the 10 principles of the playa.

Hometown: Reno

Math Camp @ Group W

Math Camp is A Safe Place for Mathematics: A small, social camp, offering a place to drink and derive! Daily lectures and long-winded impromptu chats on all things Math related. We are proud Purveyors of Crunchy Snacks, plus we have The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the playa (not to mention being home of the fabulous Electric Cupcakes).

URL: http://www.mathcamp.usHometown: Bay Area

Mayan Warrior

Mayan Warrior is both a camp and a massive moving stage. After years of collaboration and inspiration, a group of artists, designers, musicians, builders, wanderers, lovers, and festival designers created Mayan Warrior to bring an underground culture from D.F. Mexico to the Playa.
We are 70,000 watts of self reliant modern-turbo-bohemia featuring the world’s top DJs.
Come join us on the playa and build lifelong friendships over music, dance, bass, and our unique culture.

URL: http://mayanwarrior.mxHometown: Mexico City, D.F.

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is an on-playa press room. Our motley band of reporters, marketers, sociologists, technical writers, artists, anthropologists, clowns, film geeks, and rock stars help prepare journalists for the Burning Man experience, and uphold registration and acculturation processes designed to make visiting media-makers’ impact on Black Rock City and its citizens a positive one.

URL: http://burningman.com/press/media_mecca.htmlHometown: San Francisco


Home of Gunther and the BoopDown.

Mellow Mountain

Come horse around on the carousel, swings and stick-ponies. 
Pause at the cafe tables and lounge for drink service and get a big pneumatic red smooch from the Kissy Fish art car.

Hometown: Berkeley


Come to Menagerie day or night. Playing with the curious creatures you’ll find there is definitely encouraged! A collaboration between Horny Camp and Scotch & Hop, Menagerie features Horn making classes by day with hop-scotch and a scotch bar. By night, the lounge will be active with campers chilling and grooving.

URL: http://www.hornycamp.comHometown: New York, Reno, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Bismark

Meow Now!

Our cat sex cutout, temporary cat-sex tattoos, megaphone ass-yelling, and meowing contests provoke the community to modestly step outside their daily comfort zone into a universe previously unknown to them. Our games and interactive pieces are designed to be tools to allow the community to radically express themselves, as fucking cats!

URL: http://www.meownow.org/Hometown: Denver

Metal Camp

Come by Metal Camp to see metal casting in action!

Hometown: Oakland

Midnight at the "O"asis

Enjoy a Medjool date (or meet a new date!) at Midnight at the “O”asis every evening starting at midnight for two hours. Other date activities each evening Monday – Friday including Date Matching, The Dating Game and more.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/desertburnersfromcoachellavalleyHometown: Palm Springs

Midnight Poutine

Bonsoir les amis! Monday to Friday, starting at Midnight until we run out of poutine, come and sample Québec’s favourite late night snack at Midnight Poutine. Learn the awesome power of french fries, cheese curds and hot gravy. Embrace the joie de vivre of our bilingual Canadian camp. Lâche pas la patate!

URL: http://midnightpoutinebrc.com/Hometown: Montréal

Midnight Ridazz

LA bike culture in BRC – DIY repairs, DIY destruction, and DIY F.U.N. with bicycle mechanics, builders, and ridazz. Build it, ride it, break it, fix it.

URL: http://www.midnightridazz.comHometown: Los Angeles

Milk & Honey

The mission of Milk & Honey is to nourish those who sleep in the dust. For six years, we’ve built a loving space for interconnection on the Playa. This year we are reborn as Milk & Honey. We are still exactly us. Smiling faces, kind hearts. Courage and love. Dance moves so tasty you could eat them for dinner. Faith in dust. Sustenance.

URL: http://www.sukkatshalom.net

Mimosa Sunrise

Here comes the sun! Come enjoy the glorious sunrise every morning with a cold mimosa, good vibes and share your journey with a smile and a laugh at Camp Mimosa Sunrise. Don’t be surprised if we find you on the playa at sunrise with a gift for you.

Hometown: Santa Cruz


We are MindShark. We are a collective of scientists, engineers and creative souls who come to the playa to educate and entertain. We feature the Synaptic Aquarium, the 32′ Brain rising out of the playa. The fire and light within are driven by models of neural circuitry developed by the Neuroscientists and Software Engineers in our camp. We also enjoy Bocce.

Hometown: Burlington


Feeling the need to blow, beat or stroke on something? Come to MINSTREL CrAMP and get your creative “musical juices” flowing.
Stop in, Listen in , Join in, to some great live acoustic, jamming with our house band “THE BURNING SENSATIONS”.
Check the schedule board out front to see what’s happening or sign -up for a slot to perform with your own band (or ours)
It’s all good! Listeners welcome!

Hometown: Ojai

Miso Horny

Miso Horny is a space to explore your silly sexual nature. Come share some hot miso soup and sake during the cold hours. Partake in our full spread of fine herbal aphrodisiacs. Participate in our workshops and body healing sessions. Get silly and sexy with our double decker stripper poles, a hot bowl of soup and a tincture of playfulness.

URL: http://misohorny.usHometown: Santa Cruz

Miso Soup Camp

The Miso Soup Camp believes miso soup will replenish lost nutrients of burners on the playa. We are serving our AMAZING miso soup Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-12pm.

URL: http://misosoupcamp.tumblr.comHometown: Los Angeles

Mission Country Club

San Francisco’s Mission district outpost on the playa. 10 Years and going strong! Beer, cocktails and pretentious coffees served daily. Monday night we host the 2nd Annual BRC Hip Hop Ball! Come by on Thursday at 4:20 for our 10th Annual Sangria SoundClash Party: dance to Cumbia/Salsa/Merengue while devouring 50+ gallons of Sangria.

URL: http://www.missioncountryclub.comHometown: San Francisco

Mist'R Cool Camp

Mist’R Cool Camp Caravansary includes a Bedouin tent with bar, pole dance and aerial acrobatics performances/lessons, The Cool Mist Experience (misting booth experience with pleasant surprises), Cool Vibes (for Goddesses) and Mist’R Cool’s Zipper (zip-line) as well as the Cool Wind Art Car.

Hometown: Cupertino

Mobility Camp/BRCDoA

Our focus is making Burning Man accessible and possible for All. We offer wheelchair accessible Art Tours 4 times Daily to the Deep Playa Art and to the major burns as well as some Limited shuttle service and we also provide education and information on how to prepare and survive the Playa environment and support for those with mobility equipment charging needs.

URL: http://mobilitycamp.orgHometown: Hesperia

Mobius Heart

Trace a path around Mobius Heart and you’ll discover there’s actually only one side, and only one edge. It represents never-ending love, and from dusk ’til dawn brilliant LED’s will trace that path for all to see.

Modge Podge

Home of The Musical Oasis Dome and Balls in Your Mouth Boba bar. Create & listen to music in our oasis while sipping an icy boba drink. Please contact if interested in joining our camp.

Hometown: Los Angeles/ Oakland

Mohammeds Mini Martini + Erotica

After wandering with your camel searching for that Silk Road and having spent all your shekels at the Souk come by to our Bedouin tent for some of the coldest martinis and hottest erotica(written by you!) on the playa. Whether dressed in your bedouin best or in playa casual, our low tables, pillows and rugs offer a soothing oasis. Night time we transform into “Midnight at the Moasis” for an eclectic selection of chill DJ’s, belly dancers and more.

Hometown: Santa Cruz


Come to MOIST!! Get plastered with plaster.

Hometown: Portland

Monkey Business- Under new mgmt

Camp Monkey Business Under new management- is about inclusivity and not taking ourselves too seriously. We love our camp so much, that we often have a hard time leaving! So, we invite you in! Our Banana Beacon guides us home at night and our soft rock happy hours make you dance with a smile on your face.

Hometown: District of Columbia

Monkey Caravan

More entertaining than a caravan of monkeys! Visit the “Dome of Destiny”: rest your glittery friends at “Sparkle Pony Oasis” while you have an “Urban Mystic” tarot-reading. Having a bike/costume malfunction? Stop by “Monkey Wrench Station”; trained monkeys will help you fix it or just break it altogether. Just wanna smell good? “Pasha Perfumes” will create a custom scent just for you! Did we mention the Egyptian-themed wedding celebrating the union of Pyro and Coty? Come share the love!

Hometown: Boulder

Monks of Funk, The

The Monks of Funk are here to guide you to nirvana through music and dance. Join us for one of our scheduled sermons or just drop in to our Dance Church for some meditation, rejuvenation, and/or hip gyration!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/MonksOfFunkHometown: San Francisco/Los Angeles


Have you Herd about Moolandia? It’s where all the Cool Cows go to pasture. Whether you’re in the Mood for posing for a Cow Family Portrait, being stamped with a MOO quality seal, dancing in the Pulsefield, or you just gotta have more Cowbell during our interactive “More Cowbell Hour”, Moolandia has your brand of fun!

URL: http://www.pulsefield.comHometown: East Bay

Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese serves celebrated grilled cheese sandwiches with love from 10PM to 2AM in a bright and beaming bastion of savory sustenance amidst the dusty darkness. Dine with us under the stars and stay by the fire for a while, your tired feet propped, your stomach filled, and your heart present as you gaze into the celestial worlds above and into the fire-lit faces of those around you, the true descendants of the heavens and sources of starlight on Earth.

URL: http://www.tastethemoon.comHometown: Palo Alto


We are a group of people who enjoy taking things to the next level.

Hometown: SF Bay Area


This year Moonrock merges our magic with the Black Rock City Science Center village. Come see what we’ve built!

Hometown: Seattle

MOOP Map Headquarters

The largest Leave No Trace event in the world. Learn how you make it happen.

Hometown: Black Rock City

More Carrot

Sure, you could live off protein bars and MREs all week if you really want to, but how about giving your dusty soul a treat? Come by the More Carrot Camp and get yourself something crunchy, cold and crisp! Yes, that stationary bike you see in the distance is equipped with a smoothie blender, so come refresh your morning. We gift fresh vegetables, fruit and smoothies at More Carrot Camp. Tues. – Fri., 8 – 10 a.m.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/MoreCarrot.BRC.FarmersMarketHometown: Sydney

More Cowbell Saloon

Sit for a spell and knock off your dusty boots. We have the finest ‘aged daily’ whiskey on the playa and the most rocking tunes you can find this side of the Rockies.

Hometown: Portland

Mosaic Lounge

A camp inspired by the atheistic and magical vibe of the ancient Arab country of Morocco, built utilizing the principals of sacred geometry and sustainability. Explore all the senses of your body as we take you on a magical journey into Mosaic Lounge: touch, smell, listen, dance, pose, taste, savor and embrace this rite of passage.

Hometown: DC - Philly - Brooklyn


Camp Mothership is a place to come for creature comforts, voluntary captivity with rewards and punishments, professional services, and good ol’ people-to-people connectivity!

Hometown: Austin


The Mo of Motropolis invite you to embark on the quest to explore the meaning of the being Human. Take the Hero’s Journey and enter “The MoLabyrinth of the Divine Self”.

Hometown: Austin

Mountain Mayhem

Camp Mountain Mayhem provides an inviting, comfortable, interactive daytime atmosphere that is centered around community interaction in the forms of music, engaging conversation, cool refreshments, shaded lounging, dancing, and games (both board and physical). We love creating a space that encourages and promotes a range of interactivity with our shaded circle hammock lounge, slack lines, horse shoes, mini-bike races, connect four, card games, and our team of semi-professional, simi-classy, semi-world-renow

URL: https://www.facebook.com/mountainmayhemHometown: Durango

Mr. Peepers Closet

Need to spruce up your playa attire.We have wedding,prom and casual dresses,hawaiian shirts, tutu’s,tie dyes and lots lots more stuff. We have body painting too.Let Mr. Peepers help you find your Playa persona. We gladly accept clothing donations.

Mt. Infinity

Mount Infinity is a 25 foot high climbable mountain. Faces are at varying angles, adorned with several kinds of hand and foot holds to enable participants to climb to the top of the mountain at varying levels of difficulty. Alternatively, there is an inclined path leading to the top. Once at the top, burners can look down into an Infinity Pool*.

The inside of the mountain is accessible through a cave opening, and once inside participants can see another infinity pool above them.

At night, the crevasses b

Mudskippers Urban Decay Cafe

Mudskippers Urban Decay Cafe is a predominantly gay, yet straight-friendly jungle oasis on the Playa, serving smoothies in a sit-down cafe, and hosting a number of crafting- and service-oriented events throughout the week.

URL: http://www.mudskippercafe.com/Hometown: San Francisco / Los Angeles


If you are travelling with a MultiPass, you know who you are, you interstellar silk road wanderers! Come on by for some intergalactic caravan interactions and ice cream!

Hometown: Sun Valley

Museum of Transportation History

Come celebrate the fake history of fake transportation in a fake historical Black Rock City. Contemplate the future by learning about the fake past–because those who ignore fake history are fake doomed to fake repeat it. Check out our exhibits, hear fake stories and fake presentations on BRC’s fake transportation fake history, and tell us your own stories of fake transportation fake history from BRC’s fake past.

Hometown: San Francisco/Oakland

Music Savages

We classify Music Savages as a Lounge Camp. This is a hybrid between your traditional Sound Camp and Relaxation Area. By blending hand selected music provided by international talent with art, comedy, comfort, and an intense lack of drama, we create a unique oasis off the beaten path. We prefer to stay out of the limelight – making it a pleasant surprise to stubble upon if you’re exploring without a set destination.

URL: http://www.musicsavages.com/Home.htmlHometown: Los Angeles

Mustache Raunch

Imagine riding a giant black furry mustache while your friends laugh and sip iced apple pie moonshine sitting on our front porch. After your ride you decide to climb to the top of our 16 foot tower to check out Black Rock City and enjoy the view.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/557962074300833/Hometown: Portsmouth

Mutant Machine Town

A place where mutant vehicles, bikes and pumps come together.

URL: http://mutantmachinetown.com/Hometown: San Francisco

Mycodelic Forest

The mycodelic magic of the redwoods awaits you! We’ll be dancing and giving away free hugs 24/7. If your timing is right, our Spirit-Guide has been perfecting her awe inspiring drink concocting to quench your thirst, or our Creator of Happiness may have a story for you! Our family is full of enchantment, each with our own talents to offer, bring your hOOp, your glow and fire toys, your cup, and that smile and we’d love to move with you!

Hometown: Humboldt County

Mystikal Misfits, The

Everything your parents warned you about.

URL: http://mystikalmisfits.comHometown: Los Angeles // SF // Portland

Mystique's Sky Lounge

Mystique’s Sky Lounge is an oasis for enjoying ambient electronica grooves and night time libations. Come experience the quiet side of the city from our observation deck with stunning 360 views of the playa, laser illuminated dome and comfy chill space.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mystiques-Sky-Lounge/580062648670893Hometown: Napa


We are a family of friends, partners, cousins, parents, children, gays, straights and every thing in between, a family of different-minded, like-hearted people who bring an oasis to the playa. At Mystopia you can enjoy our gigantic misting tent, French Toast brunch, and Reverse Cowgirl Creamery. Come play with us!

URL: http://www.mystopia.campHometown: San Francisco