2014 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.


We Will Stamp You! Come on by and have a good time. Small camp to come chill and relax get stamped and heckle people, various shenanigans and vulgar mouths will take place here.

URL: http://facebook.com/walkover.campHometown: San Rafael

Wanderer's Camp

Our Camp is an oasis on the playa for the Wandering Burner who happens upon our camp and finds HUGS, Gin/Tonic, and Hot Dogs, Come by every afternoon for our playa hot dog feed, have a gin/tonic and enjoy the shade, great company and music.

Hometown: Reno

Wanderer's Sanctum

Weary travelers, come rest in the confines of the Wanderer’s Sanctum. A shelter from the elements, may it provide you with a place for rest, meditation, and rejuvenation.

Want It!

If you Want It! but can’t find it here, then we’re probably Nawt It.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampWantItHometown: Oakland

Warp Zone

Warp Zone, purveyors of Aggressive Hospitality since 2010, are delighted to return home to Black Rock City for another beautiful year. Come warm up in the wee hours with tea next to the Hexaheart fire, or stop by during the day for an afternoon workshop, or just to say hi!

Hometown: san francisco

Wasabi Kisses

The Wasabi Kisses theme camp seeks to create a space were sexuality and gender identity are respected and where queer, trans*, genderqueer, and gender variant folks can get their kink on with a focus on consent, safer spaces, and queer/trans* visibility.

Hometown: Berkeley

We Are All Stars

We Are All Stars is a 25’x25′ canopy of glowing ping-pong balls that interacts visually with people under it.

Well Made Mistakes

Join us atop Stoop’s Stoop to catch a desert sunset, or grab the megaphone and heckle our neighbors – just watch your bottom when you catch the zip-line back down. We’re back again for another round of mistakes!

URL: http://www.wellmademistakes.org/Hometown: Berkeley


Crank, Crank, Crank. Camp WeScream invites the community to participate NOW in the creation of ice cream using 3 modern 6 quart wooden ice cream makers. We will ask the community to Scream for their ice cream and then crank away.

URL: http://www.WeScream.infoHometown: Boulder

Wet Dreams

A forgotten paradise to soothe the weary adventurer, or a lawless land of risk & reward? We are both. A yin and a yang. An amalgamation of two elements, each playing off the other. Village now featuring prodigal Wet Dreams and Liminal Spaces!

URL: http://shangri-lawless.com/Hometown: San Diego


The WetSpot Bar & Faceplant Lounge: Welcome to the best place on the playa to enjoy a home crafted beer while relaxing in our unique lounge. WetSpot is about making new friends in an open to all setting while engaging in musings around one of our favorite pastimes: brewing beer. Our crew includes homebrewers and non-homebrewers alike and provides an inviting atmosphere to sample and learn about the art and science of brewing beer as well as just having fun.

Hometown: Reno

What Would Duck Tape Do?

Helping our community members keep their cargo in good repair! We will instruct and assist people on useful playa fixes using duct tape in innovative and creative ways to repair, strengthen and create!

Hometown: New York City

What Would You Do For A Pickle?

Have you ever experienced the juicy perfection of eating a pickle on the playa? Come visit us so we can ask What Would You Do For a Pickle?

Hometown: San Francisco

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Revive and refresh your body and mind with fresh squeezed lemonade, swings, shaded hammocks and juicy beats.

Hometown: Portland

Where is the Dojo

The Dojo is the place of the way, here, there and everywhere…
finders, seekers, we are the way.

Hometown: North Shore Lake Tahoe

Where's My Pants? Camp

Where’s My Pants? Camp is the best camp EVAR! Come in your pants and play with our burningman lego set, sit on our double-decker couch, and let’s celebrate how AWESOME everything is! If you lost your pants (it happens!), we’ll find a pair for you.

Hometown: San Francisco

Whisker Biscuit

Calling all aerialists, we’ll be bringing it with a giant tripod for silk and lyra performances, workshops and skill shares. Take a load off in the shade of our circus tent or climb up to the high bar on top of our school bus for spectacular views of the playa and the performers.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampWhiskerBiscuitHometown: Denver

Whiskey and Dust

Simply put, we are a Whiskey camp with a small habitual yoga problem. Join our always popular shaded bar stocked with the many flavors of alluring liquids. Enjoy the conversation, events, aerial acrobatic performances, vinyl music and various workshops (Yoga, Juggling, Dancing, Hooping, etc.) throughout the week. Continuing with our previous theme, we hope to continue to bring more new and creative concepts to the community.

URL: http://www.whiskeyanddust.comHometown: Denver

White Ocean

With massive steel rising from the playa, we are hosting some of our favorite friends from around the globe for you, our family and friends.

Hometown: San Francisco / London

White Trash Superstars

Were your friendly Neighborhood dive bar. We have no set schedule so If the bar stools are down and/or musics on, come join us for a drink or some shine if we haven’t already drank it all. Bring your own cup to pimp out, and enjoy the shade on comfy couches and have fun playing a variety of bar games.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/White-Trash-Superstars/174384205941598Hometown: Reno

WhoofARTed?! & Get the F*%$ Out!

Come to Camp WhoofARTed?! (It was me!) and Get The F*%$ Out! for fun, libations, food, libations, frolicking, libations, bacon, libations, games, libations, art, libations, and general merriment (and libations)! Visit our Hydration Station and spend time in our chill living room – the perfect place to enjoy some shade, friends, dust, and, of course, libations! Look for our bacon and bloody mary events, random late-night foods, photos, and more!

Hometown: Las Vegas, Seattle, Melbourne


This is the place where fairy-tale world is turned upside-down and awaits for you to jump in! We welcome burners for participation in familiar stories slipped from the pages of familiar chilhood books that meet adult world. Are you still a Virgin? Come to WICKEDLAND and trust yourself into gentle hands of expierienced burner for a day or a week, or… maybe a lifetime? Are you an old-timer BM-champ? Then help a newcomers and Adopt-A-Virgin here!

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/wickedlandbm/homeHometown: Moscow

Wiener Zoo

Wiener Zoo! Where neighbors and friends can stop by for a hotdog or some cocktail weenies. Daily from 3-6.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Wind Sock

wind travelers perch, the

This is a place of rest for travelers weary from the desert winds and sun. You can pause, relax, trade stories and ideas with your fellow travelers or just play in the shade. Climb high and sway like the desert winds, rest from the sun while basking in the love and company of those around you. Regain your strength here to go back and give yourself once more to the people and the desert.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Everyone’s a winner; you get chicken dinner. Want some wings and beer? You can find them here!

Hometown: San Francisco

Wish Maker

Come visit us at Wish Maker! From 3pm-6pm daily. We provide you with burnable articles and the tools to fashion your own meaningful tribute or object of devotion. Our talented table dwellers will help you create something that is worthy of its meaning to you, friend. Our wishing ribbons will be available always for your wishes leave them on our wall and we will deliver to the temple for you at sunrise on Sunday before the burn. Please join us!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BMwishmakerHometown: Austin

Wish U Were Here Camp

we wish you were here to join us in our photo project; come by any time for your pic.

Hometown: Richmond

WMICC Organic Fruit & Veggie Bar

WMICC brings nearly one ton of delicious organic produce to the people of Black Rock City. Come for the juicy goodness and stay for the delightful experience.

URL: http://thesummerline.com/WMICCHometown: San Diego,

Womp Camp

Womp Camp is a group of fun loving Canadian and International Burners dedicated to fun, shenanigans, laughter, great music, sustainability, and community. A headquarters for a mobile fun squad and a community experience that will extend far beyond the Playa, come say hi 🙂

Hometown: Vancouver

Wonder Camp

Wonder Camp is a place where you can bring your broken project, mutant vehicle, heart, etc……or we will come to you! Complete mobile repair for the broken Burner.

Hometown: Lakebay

Woop Woop

Hometown: Boulder

Wrongtown & [Phil in the Blank]

So Wrong. Sooo Phil.

Hometown: Earth

Wyrm's Clutch, The

The Wyrm’s Clutch is an intimate and comfortable rest stop for travelers to relax in the shade and await the hatching of dragons. This covered dome is furnished with benches and offers an excellent vantage of a dragon’s nest. Two of the hatchlings have emerged from their shells and are cuddling together, eager for the rest of their siblings to hatch.