2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Camps


!Zoom! Undersea fire art camp. Bring the fire ocean to the playa. Join us for fire baseball, fire jumprope, our party Monday night, open spins, fire dancing lessons, and more.

URL: http://www.campzoom.org Hometown: Oakland

" ING "

We are the PlayaNauts! Come play with us! Games, Parties, a Bar,
We have tons of events throughout the week, Giant Beer Pong tournaments, Giant Drinking Jenga, Ball Pit Pool, and so much more
look for our ArtCar “Scarabis Beetalius” or seek our Secret Bus Stops for an experience of a lifetime 😉

URL: http://www.playanauts.com Hometown: South Lake Tahoe


Come # with us!!

URL: https://octothorpe.club Hometown: Cascadia


Care to stretch out after a long day? Why not slip into something more comfortable and relax at Camp )'(anadu, a meeting place for Spandex lovers far and wide. Stop by anytime at our Spandex Annex to make your own sexy outfit, or get a photo of your naked silhouette pressed against our giant life-size “Moan-A- Loosa” stretched spandex picture frame. Add some matching neon body paint, and then light yourself up under our open-air shade structure during one of our black light deep house parties or live music sessions.

Hometown: Orange County

)*(Aloha = H'Aloha

A Playanesian Paradise of endless Aloha KaKou
Komo mai e inu ka wai, e noho, wala’au

Hometown: Lake Tahoe


fearless felines, feeling frantic? feel free to fervently flutter up our fantastically fanciful yet firm fabrication (please climb on our dome!). comatose cats, come crawl climb or clamber into cool and comfortable cushioned cradles for a cathartic catnap (we have hammocks, sleep in them!).

Hometown: bay area

1001 Nights

1001 Nights is a camp that offers a day oriental lounge to collect love and support MaKaTeeB (Arabic for letters) from burners reaching 1001 MakToob (singular for MaKaTeeB) in the 7 nights of the burning man experience. Spreading the MaKaTeeB nurturing the energy that connects us and spreading love and support: important pillars to the survival of our community.

The camp also offers a “Majlis” experience with Arabic coffee and sweets served during the day. The lounge will have suspended fabric for shade, floor carpet and seating, playa furniture, in addition to suspended chair hammocks.. The space is open at night for public use with the starry and dreamy lights.

Flow artists are welcome to flow in our space for jams on our flow tunes along with world renowned hoopers.

Hometown: Hometown : Dubaï. Residence : Lausanne and Los Angeles

16 Inches of Joy

16 Inches of Joy serves steaming hot and delicious New York Pizza. Delivery available.

Hometown: New York, Copenhagen (Denmark), Washington D.C, Beijing

17 Virgins

17 Virgins: get transported through BRC in our sensory Portal, and come recharge, re-nourish, or rest during Hammocks, Hookahs, and Hot-Dogs in our Zen Den.

Hometown: Toronto

1st Bank of BRC

Come to the 1st bank of BRC! Get it poppin!!!

Hometown: San Francisco

3SP (Third Space Place)

3SP (Third Space Place), located in Home Rule Village, celebrates “third spaces” – social, relaxing locations that offer a sense of place beyond the two usual environments of home (“first space”) and work (“second space”). A true “third space,” 3SP’s comfortable retreat will offer shaded conversations throughout the day, warm fireside chats at night, and interactive events that 3SP hopes will entice our Black Rock City community to stop by, have a chat, and Participate!

Hometown: Washington DC

404: Village Not Found

404:Village not Found, Come here to get lost.
The last place you’re looking for.

Hometown: Salem

7 Deadly Gins

Come enjoy a premium, ice-cold gin & tonic in our famously lush desert oasis bar (we have a big surprise for the gin aficionados of BRC this year!), and get your groove on to quality tunes. Plus, you won’t want to miss the Wednesday night “Speak Sleazy” Gin Tasting of the world of boutique gins! And of course our beloved mascot – Special Ed, the vibrating, girating giraffe – will be providing devious entertainment again! It’s all happening Monday – Sunday; 3.30-6.30pm. (Check our FB page for a full schedule of other daytime and nighttime events.)

URL: https://www.facebook.com/The7DeadlyGins

7 Sins Lounge

Come Embrace the Heat as the Playa’s Friendliest Little Slice of Hell returns for the 16th straight year!

Daytime brings what Sinners need – shade, chill music and slushy drinks. But NIGHT brings what Sinners want – Flaming Libations and the ever popular WHEEL of SINS! Our highly skilled and dedicated staff will happily deliver absolution & encouragement with a FIRM hand!

So come earn your “Get Out of HELL Free” card and remember:
Start your SINS at 7!

Hometown: Sacramento

7 Sirens Cove

A pirate bohemia where merrymaking, gypsy lounging, dancing rhythms and mischief run aground. Beware, it is futile to resist the 7 Siren’s call!

URL: http://www.7sirenscove.com Hometown: Bay Area

8-bit Bunny

Come spin the wheel at 8-bit Bunny. Play our bunny themed games and win drinks!

Hometown: Oakland

9 Energies

Join 9 Energies to find out your Superpower. Open daily from 10-4ish, come sober please. Morning 9 Energies Meditation at opening will also be offered, come experience your Natural Energy and the other 8! It will enhance your Burning Man experience, and give you home-base within yourself to come back to.

URL: https://www.9energies.com Hometown: Novato


Welcome to ¡Playasos!, a light-hearted and inclusive community with a love for play, spontaneity, and exploration. Come experience Señor Snail von Slidesmouth, the Tunnel of Snailscendence, Chez ‘Cargot, and Electric Stationary Joust. Fun for all ages.

URL: http://www.playasos.com Hometown: San Francisco