2006 Theme Camps

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A Path : Anodyne

Along all paths in this world, there is the constant of change to propel us into the future. Necessary to change are the break down and rebuilding of all things physical and mental. Come take apart or repair yourself in preparation for any and all tomorrows. Within your being is the ability to ameliorate this process. At A Path: Anodyne, we supply the ingredients and atmosphere to launch you into a mode of construct or deconstruct. At the Divination Dome, you can pick the method in which a possible future is told by our well-versed campmates. We will make a suggestion which you can choose whether or not to observe. You will be expelled down a lush rolling path surrounded by our growing Lost/Found Forest, where you’ll come to a fork in the road: choose your direction, Construct or Deconstruct. Once in the sanctuary of another dome, we ask you to observe, reflect, and write; quelling any fear of change, inspiring hope, and motivating you with mental materials to strengthen your path toward the future.
Following this, you’ll emerge into our Elucidation Space, where lounging and creation is encouraged. We will supply odds and ends from which you can create a physical or sonic reflection. Choose to place your creation in our Lost/Found Forest or wear it home with you.
EVERY MORNING from 10 AM to NOON: Everyone is welcome for our daily nourishment session of green eggs and ham, an anodyne favorite.

URL: www.anelect.com/bm2006Hometown: Chicago, IL


Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa,providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millenium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambience and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: http://abstininthe.tribe.netHometown: berkeley, ca


Come travel with us through life-size ear canals between our cutting-edge, minimal techno environment and ol’ fashioned acoustic playground where participation is a MUST! Our sound system will be mobile, so look for the “Ghost of Music Yet to Come” marked by a pillar of light out in the deep playa as well. How do we interpret sound? What is Acousma? And what is the future of music?

Hometown: denver, CO

Action Figure Camp

Action Figure Camp is a play space full of toys, games, activities and Barbie porn. Come play with us, but please no children and no bartering.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

AeroNaught Interplayatary Airport

There was a time when air travel was glamorous; airports were designed as destinations in themselves. AeroNaught will be operating out of the new Interplayatary Terminal. Our ticketing agents will analyze your needs to create the ultimate travel itinerary. Relax in the Premiere Bar and Lounge to steel your nerves for the red eye ahead. And help us discover the stories Lost Luggage can tell. And did we mention the AeroNaughty stewardesses? Stop by daily Wed-Sat to earn your Stewardess Academy Diploma. AeroNaught has the best safety record in the air, because AeroNaught does not actually own an airplane. But we do have an airport – so come on by!

URL: http://www.aeronaught.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Airport - BRC Port of Entry

The Black Rock City International Airport is a real airport with a runway, windsocks, Customs Agents, over 100 airplanes, helicopters, skydivers, and ultralights. The Port of Entry Village also houses a harbor for landsailers, and theme camps such as the Black Rock Travel Agency and the Phoenix Bar & Lounge. There is plenty of room for more theme camps and art. Check the What Where When guide for the date of our pancake breakfast.

We are half a mile outside the edge of BRC because airplanes are not allowed on city streets, but we are only one mile from Center Camp and out of the city dust. Find us by following the 5:00 radial street outbound, and then continue on Aviation Blvd adjacent to walk-in camping.

URL: http://www.portofentry.org/Hometown: San Jose, CA

Alien Underground

Aliens are landing on the playa. We’re setting up a suitable habitat for human-like creatures to enjoy chill and dance aurations which will be even more enjoyable when combined with the company of libations. Gnomes, Craftswomen, Lovers, and Corporate Executives will agree. Come visit and ask them.

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

alQmy Camp

Metaphysical Therapy and Healthy Pleasure. Get your circuits tuned at this multidimensional comfort station.

URL: http://www.alqmy.info [search: alQmy Camp]Hometown: Berkeley, CA


The AlterDome is a new SF-based theme created by long-time Burning Man participants willing to introduce the community to nutrition products which are Fair Trade certified. Those include rice, tea, coffee, chocolate, and quinoa, amongst others. The idea is not to promote any brand, but to share with people experience and products of fair trade, and show how such this new way of exchange between countries from the North and South can contribute changing the world.

URL: www.alterdome.comHometown: New York, NY

Alternative Energy Zone village

If you have an interest in alternative energy (of any kind), AND do not have a gas or diesel generator; then welcome, you are invited to join our village. We do not demand, we lead by example toward a delightful, joke-filled, fun way to enjoy Burning Man. You will see solar panels, wind generators, solar ovens, solar showers, water cleaning, MANY MANY blinky lights, and many folks around who can show YOU how to do it too (if you ask). Mainly a friendly village of folks showing a different way to get things done. (a way that treads a little more lightly on the playa). See you there.

URL: http://www.ae-zone.orgHometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Amphibious Ark


Hometown: los angeles, califronia

Anonymous Village

Anonymous Village is a community of recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and other addiction affected souls. We celebrate our recovery and growth with gusto and welcome all to the safety and joy of regularly scheduled and spontanious meetings.

Hometown: Graham, WA


“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” -William Blake

Meanwhile, Back Door Man penetrates & breaks on through to the other side only to discover there is no chicken offered @ the Horse Latitudes Bar & Grill. Perplexed, the Back Door Man, in the end, decides when he wakes up that he should have another beer since the future is uncertain and the end is always near. Meanwhile, St. Stephen hates the sin but loves the sinner. After all, he too is just another rider on the storm. Cosmic Charley just smiles.

URL: http://www.the-garrison.com/Hometown: santa rosa , ca

Apocalypse Lounge

It’s the morning of the Apocalypse, and what better way to start your day than meeting your friends at the Apocalypse Lounge. While you wait for your new friends and old friends to show up why don’t you fix yourself a Bloody Mary at the Bloody Mary buffet?

URL: http://www.lostmachine.com/apocalypse/Hometown: Beaverton, OR


APOKILIPTIKA- Cosmodrome Security and Secret Police Sub-Station, bringing Doom to the Playa for the third year in a row. The Terminal HQ for your Terminal City Camp Alliance experience!

URL: http://www.apokiliptika.comHometown: Carson City, NV

Apres on the Playa

The future climate is changing and we want your body, mind and soul to be present to it

Come and relish the sensation of the body fondue in an apre unworldly sensation,

Step into our winter mountain top snow drift village where you’ll find your future world

Of delish & Apre Playa Luv

Hometown: Vancouver, BC


Come taste Hope at the AquaZone AquaLove Water Bar.

Love your water, love your body! Did you know that words like LOVE and GRATITUDE and HOPE can actually realign the molecules of water to their original and pure crystalline state? And words like FEAR and HATE and FOOL can destroy any alignment. So be careful what you say to your water! (and to yourself, and to the Earth, since you and the Earth are mostly water too!). At the AquaLove Water Bar, we’re serving up all kinds of re-aligned water –- each vessel has been labeled and spoken to with words of hope to provide you with water at its best. Come sample the delicate flavors of all different kinds of waters, from all over the globe. Try side-by-side comparisons and blind taste tests. Bring a sample of your own hometown water and see if you can discern the subtle shades of you’re familiar water from those of waters from elsewhere. See Masaru Emoto’s electron microscope photographs of water crystals before and after the water was exposed to words of hope, or fear. Open 3pm – 6pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The AquaDome will be open any time just to chill, connect, find out more about how Hope and Fear affect your water, and to re-align!

URL: http://home.pacbell.net/stevko/AquaZone/index.htmlHometown: BERKELEY, CA

Architects of the Future

Architects of the Future presents a vision for life in the world as we don’t know it: zany, fun, and possibly practical, brought to you by the words “new” and “improved”.

URL: http://www.futitecture.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

AREA 2257

AREA 2257 is an adult village. We’ve got healing, we’ve got yoga, we’ve got lots of fire, we’ve got a barber shop, we’ve got sno-cones, we’ve got strippers, we’ve got a bar, we’ve got amazing people making it happen, we’ve got some adult monitored venues—we’ve got what it takes when you just want an adult night on the playa. No children camp in our village, but they are not unwelcome with adult supervision in the day. Come during the day for peace, stop by at night for passion. This village represents HOPE and we believe it is rising every day!

URL: www.area2257.templewhore.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Area 47

Area 47 is back to the playa for our 69th Sirusian Year on the Playa: Headfirst, No Brakes, No Helmet. The Space Virgins, Flight to Mars, and Alien Monkey Love Nest are bringing their vision of the future to the playa with a twenty-four seven participatory event throughout the entire week of Burning Man. With the Flight to Mars mobile units and Stacia One, the Space Virgin Oracle and Space Dome, and the Alien Monkey Love Nest Talent Show Stage, the Federated Area 47 Village is there to explode the Playa with more interactivity, roving bands of mutant vehicles on art tour, and incredible music and stationary art for all participants to enjoy. Come ask a question to the Space Virgin Oracle, beamed to Planet Luminous Flux to the Sacred Virgin Goddess, and relax in the chill dome. Share your stupid human tricks, your art, your talent, your skills, your flexibility at the Alien Monkey Love Nest talent show and win one of the infamous AMLN pendants! Take a ride with the Flight to Mars to destinations unknown on Hellion or the Squiddha People Transport, in the mobile ball pit, or visit Stacia One to get your intergalactic groove on.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Army of _______(fill in the blank)

When you join up with the Army of _______(fill in the blank), like the future, you never know what you are getting yourself into. Where the future holds uncertainty, so does the Army of _______(fill in the blank). We offer to the community something, but we ain’t, like the future, beholdin’ to tell the likes of you!

Come on by and see what the future holds.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Art Appreciation Camp

New in 2006, “Art Appreciation Camp” is a place where participatory involvement is by appreciation. Truly in the spirit of the event, AA members will make daily playa excursions to appreciate art of all kinds. Awards will be presented to artists who we feel have created exceptional work.

URL: http://www.artappreciationcamp.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Art Car Camp

A camp for “Daily Driver” art cars, which are street legal and licensed – considered on the fringe in the real world but celebrated, almost worshipped at Burning Man.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Art Car Repellant Camp

A place to go to get prepared for nigttime travel. Keep yourself safe and light up! We can help! REPEL THE ART CARS! LET THEM KNOW YOU’RE THERE!

Hometown: Reno, NV


ArtBus is a collective of artsists, writers, musicians, & dancers based in big torch key, florida. we will be providing a variety of interactive experiences for Burning Man participants, including experimental theatre, painting, sculpture, dance, & bdsm.

Hometown: Big Torch Key, FL


The ARTery Headquarters functions as a check-in center for artists, as well as a hub for information about art.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/installations/artery.htmlHometown: toronto, on


Great playa art comes in small packages! Celebrate a variety of art in the gallery, featuring works in diverse media from artists around the globe.

URL: http://www.ericsmith.com/artspace/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Ascension Tribe

At the meeting of body and spirit, energy and inspiration, fear and hope is the Ascension Tribe. Our home is a spiritual, sensual, sexy, and sometimes sacred place for ritual, workshops, performances, and events that celebrate, energize, and unite body and soul. Now in our fourth year of the playa, we offer transformational workshops, classes in sensual touch, Tantric explorations, improvisational games, and much more. Our physical home includes a beautifully decorated dome, whose disco-ball top has been a fixture on the Esplanade for four years; the Golden Teepee healing space; and wondrous art installations including the famed Pole Dance Revolution, the Fire Vortex, and new pyrotechnic work.

Our programming this year is the most diverse ever and will help us ground our hopes and fears in the place they are most often realized: our bodies. Our workshops include: Energy Exploration, Conscious Co-Creation/Utopian Visions, “I Like It Too” Performance Art workshop, God/Goddess Encounter, Taoist Erotic Massage for Men, Sacred Spot Massage for Women and their Lovers, Goddess Ecstasy, Tantric Encounter, “Young Jedi Training” for Little Burners, Golden Teepee (Healing Womb), Storytime Shisha, Joyful Empowerment, plus fun classes in pole dancing and lap dancing. Our nighttime rituals include the Rite of Ascension, Liquid Mind, Liquid Body sensual exploration, and Late-Night Black-Light Audio/Visual Experiences. All this plus Pole Dance Revolution. More info at www.ascensiontribe.com.

URL: http://www.ascensiontribe.comHometown: Putnam Valley, NY

Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)

“Your Home Away from Home Away from Home™”
The Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica sets the standard for hotel and conference facilities in the Black Rock City Metropolitan Area. Plan an overnight stay in one of our four luxurious suites, enjoy a crisp cocktail at the world-famous Twilight Bar, play Quantum Croquet on the lush hotel grounds, dine in our exquisite Moroccan restaurant, or relax with one of our renowned Nepalese aromatherapy massages at the Poshram Spa. Our well-informed and obsequious concierge will be only too happy to book a room or advise the weary traveler of the many sights, sounds and smells the city offers. Stop by, or visit www.ashramgalactica.com for more information.

URL: http://www.ashramgalactica.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Astral Headwash

Good day dirty dwellers We have a pleasure for you… we will be washing hair in the desert again this year Come visit us with your happy spirits, your smiling faces and your dirty hair and we’ll do our best to make you feel like you’re in heaven. We ask that you share with us something… something that makes BM such a special place — That could be a story, a song, a dance, a turn at washing someone else’s hair, a goodie, a little shoulder work for our hard worked muscles, a little humor or a little love =) And of course, we can’t exist without your H2O contributions, so bring some for yourself and a little more to share.

We’ll see you Monday – Friday noon – 4 PM. Remember, we are limited with how much we can wash, so come early to make sure you get wet with us.

Hometown: Lafayette, co

Astral Vortex

The Astral Vortex returns to BRC a third time to open a portal to the Future with an eccentric, random, but ultimately soul-uncorking mix of music, vibe and creative sass. Returning to the playa after a year of workaday trundling of musicians and side trips is the Mobile Groove Bomb (MGB)! The MGB flavors the playa with bio-diesel-powered, dance-atop live music and some of the gettiest-down mix grooves happening. The MGB is your friend.

Hometown: Portland, OR

AstroPups: Year of the Atomic Dog

Whether you are looking for comedy, drama, thrills or excitement, look no further! The AstroPups are celebrating the Year of the Dog and going all out to bring you our best line up ever.

We are back for a sixth Pup-studded season at Burning Man, and our line up this year is better than ever, as we pull out all the stops to give our viewers the best in entertainment! We have your favorite old shows as well as an exciting line up of new series. We’re broadcasting live from our studios at the Atomic Dog Bomb Shelter on the edge of Avalon Village. It’s a season you won’t want to miss – fun filled game shows, thrilling surprise endings, and entertainment for the whole family – so make sure you visit your most loyal and generous friends the AstroPups at the Atomic Dog Bomb Shelter and see what we’ve got in store for you!

THE AMAZING PLACE: Tuesday at 4pm
HOPE AND FEAR FACTOR: Wednesday at 8pm
BRWF WRESTLING: Wednesday at 4pm
My Fabulous GAY PROM: Thursday at 8pm
THE AMAZING PLACE: Friday at 4pm

Check out our website for complete details!

URL: http://www.astropups.com/Hometown: New York, NY

Asylum Village

Asylum Village is for all those wayward New Yorkers and their friends from all over who are looking for a place to land on the Playa. Featuring amazing theme camps every year, there is something for everyone in Asylum!

URL: http://www.asylumvillage.com/Hometown: NY, NY

Atelier Rusette

Atelier Rusette (Studio of Little Tricks at New Amsterdam Village)

Atelier Rusette’s team of crafty, creative ladies of leisure foresaw a dark and terrible time in man’s history – they amassed art supplies in their quaint bunker, “Le Petite Fleur de Lis”, and settled down to wait out the end of everything as they knew it.

Later, after a Bordeaux-enhanced enchanted slumber, they would emerge and open their dusty little studio to the citizens they discovered above their craft-lair, the residents of New Amsterdam Village and Black Rock city, gifting their supplies and art of chenille-stem crowns and tiaras to the characters of the new world order

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Everything we need to know, we learned in Kindergarten – and we’ve been forgetting it ever since. Suddenly, here we are, all grown up. Facing corrupt institutions bent on reducing us to simple-minded citizen-consumer-zealot-zombies. The world was supposed to be in our hands … but it’s going to hell in a hand basket.

Or is it? Maybe we’ve been working too hard to get ahead. Trying too hard to fit in. Struggling too hard with life’s unending dilemmas. Living so long inside the box that we can’t even imagine an “outside.”

Audrey feels our pain. In fact, she felt so much pain after last year’s Brain Wash & Set that she spent the winter in a prestigious Bavarian sanatorium. While there, guess what she found, playing in a sunny meadow far from melting glaciers, mercury-laced tuna, car bombs and Tom DeLay?

Her inner child….and the fabulous Staggering Libido Sisters!

So, after a lifetime of “growing up,” Audrey’s grown back down…! Now she’s back….and she’s brought her new found, lip syncin’, big hair, high heeled, diva dancing, drama filled drag Sisters back to the playa to teach us all we need to know, like:

You can trust strangers (even scary drag divas)
Humans have a profound need to connect (and sometimes hook up)
Love is all we need (but anything with vodka is nice)

And if there’s one thing Audrey knows, it’s how to have fun… So bring your inner child over for a play date and let Audrey and her Sisters have their way with YOU!

URL: http://web.mac.com/canyonboys/iWeb/BurningMen/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Avalon Village

Astro Pups, Fairyland, Camp Stella, Quixote’s Cabaret, Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp, Camp Montage, the Avalon Fire Mystics & The Uncharted Territories are some of the queer/queer friendly camps that make up the mammoth Avalon Village. This year Avalon will be hosting a Thursday Night Queer Block Party of fire performance and dancing with fellow villages in our neighborhood. Come join us during the day and grab a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, make tutus and poi at Fairyland, attend AA meetings at Camp Stella, participate in queer discussion groups at the Uncharted Territories, celebrate the Year of the Dog by getting your belly rubbed with the AstroPups, view giant photos at Camp Montage, and return in the evening to our solar-lit blue pavilion for Quixote’s Cabaret and evening parties!

Don’t forget – Thursday Night Queer Block Party at 8PM!!!
Avalon Village is partnering with Queer / Queer Friendly Villages “Comfort & Joy Village” & “Lustre Village” on Thursday night to throw a major party with fire performances, music, dancing and wild times in our neck of the Playa, so come join us!

Web Links to our Village & Theme Camps:
Avalon Village: http://www.avalonvillage.org
AstroPups Year of the Atomic Dog: http://www.astropups.com/
Fairyland: www.playafairies.com
Quixote’s Cabaret: http://.www.qccb.org
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp: http://www.noeboys.net/vicc
Camp Stella: www.campstella.org
Camp Montage: http://www.campmontage.com
Uncharted Territories: http://www.avalonvillage.org

URL: http://www.avalonvillage.org/Hometown: Sacramento, ca