2006 Theme Camps

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Tahoe Clan

The Lake Tahoe Clan is a group of individuals that live in the Lake Tahoe area and look to the future with HOPE. As a group of individuals, we like to play hard and enjoy ourselves. Stop by for a massage, accupunture, a good laugh, or to make some friends!

Hometown: Malibu, CA

Takilma Tribe/Illuminated Fools

Step out of the pasture and into the future, leave your fears at the door and experience the presents like never before. Cold beverages and a stage with gymnastic equipment will make for a hot time in the old town.

Hometown: Cave Junction, OR


TangoBeso is a dance hall provided for a variety of social dances with an emphasis on Argentine Tango.

URL: http://www.tangobeso.comHometown: Vancouver, WA


Taoseños is a apart of Hushville, which not only is an aural oasis, but a visaul oasis, by requiring all vehicles to be covered or disguised

Hometown: Taos, NM


Tazii is a chill space that welcomes folks to wander into an authentic Moroccan tent filled with flowers, candles, tapestries and ambient music each night into dawn. The tent rises from the playa floor to soar over 40’ in the air; the inside of the tent beckons with hand-sewn silk inlaid gold-colored panels that provide an ambience of romance and respite…Tazii provides a refuge for the body as well as the spirit.

Each day Tazii hosts yoga sessions and music mediation and impromptu music jam sessions.

URL: www.tazii.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Teletubbies Camp

LOVE+TECHNOLOGY=THE FUTURE: The Teletubbies lifestyle is an excellent prototype for futuristic societies–taking into account renewable energies, sophisticated technologies, and lots of love.

Please join us for regular screenings of selected Teletubbies episodes. Now is the time to manifest our true potential. Come learn from the best.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Temple of Atonement

Temple of Atonement: Black Rock City’s premier BDSM camp. Take part in our sanctuary of decadence as we pursue transformation, education and personal development amidst our dark fantasies.
This is an opportunity for individuals to explore the darker side of their imagination: to learn more about themselves and their fantasies without fear of negative connotations, or social repercussions… It’s an opportunity for supplicants to ask, veterans to play and the curious to learn.

For our 10th Anniversary, the Temple will open its doors to the dusty playa, welcoming Black Rock Citizens.

TOA is a complete sanctuary and dungeon with wall-to-wall carpet, lots of SM equipment & a chill space. It is a place where we make our (& your) dark fantasies a reality. The Temple is our home, our place to be free, and our family.

URL: www.templeofatonement.orgHometown: San Jose, CA

Temple of Venus

Come bliss out in our sanctuary for wandering Goddesses. Visit one of our temples where the only thing a goddess has to do is relax and receive.

Hometown: albion, CA


The badass kids of TempleWhore provide Reiki, massage, herbal medicine, yoga, tantric education, weddings and adult themed events on the playa. TempleWhore is the calm in the storm of the rave and the lights and the noise of Burning Man; just another varied beauty to bliss you out and hang with your body and spirit, all served up to you with a Kali-smile and a Magdelen-kiss.

URL: www.templewhore.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Terra Nova

The year is 4026 and Mankind has fled a decimated Earth. When fate crash-landed us upon this desolate, inhospitable moon, we had no choice but to make this our new home. Come see how our isolated culture has evolved away from the conservative, socially restrictive one our ancestors knew. Test your boundaries in the Liberation Dome, a free space where visitors can safely explore new horizons with no judgment from others. Come taste an exotic, extra-terrestrial beverage at the Terra Nova bar. We practice Sharing, Non Judgmental Acceptance of Diverse Cultures and Life Styles, Creativity, Having Fun, Nudity, Self-Reliance and Open Minded Self Improvement.

Also join us on Monday for the Mobile Petting Zoo, an event where we dress up as animals and parade down the esplanade in search of petting. We will also host the Porta Potty Punch Party, and Burning Bellies. See the What-When-Where for details.

URL: www.water-brother.comHometown: Scottsdale, AZ

That Bloody Camp

That Bloody Camp returns with its haven of morning-after repose. We will cut through the dust of the playa and the previous night’s excesses with spicy bloody marys and even spicier servers. And of course we will give you space to relax, connect and maybe even make a new friend.

Hometown: San Francisco, ca

The AlterVision Black Light Lounge

After a two-year break from “theme-ing,” Camp Steal Your Soul—the ones who produced souvenir Burning Man postcards using your photo—returns with AlterVision: An Interactive Black Light 3D Adventure.

Indigenous tribes worldwide defined themselves by marking colors and patterns on faces and bodies. From the black Maori Ta Moko tattoo to the red butterfly on the face of a Mohave woman, from the henna art on an Indian bride to the green and yellow on the weekend warriors at a Packers game, body painting is an expression of identity and communication. It is used to ward off evil and seduce, bring luck, announce milestones, make war, make magic, make merry and prepare the passage into the afterlife.

Step into AlterVision’s Blacklight Lounge, and help us define a new tribe. Don a pair of AlterVision glasses. Leave the world of muted gray Playa dust and enter a new dimension of fluorescent murals and objects in shocking pink, neon green and electric blue glowing in a purple haze—all of it in 3D.

Now it’s turn for your AlterVision Quest. Create your own tribal markings with fluorescent body paint. Paint yourself and others, or let us apply our brushes to you, to become the mosaic, become part of our tribe, your tribe… and a living 3D mindfreak.

And then dance. We encourage drummers to come and raise these painted bodies to a unified beat, at once primal and neon futuristic. Slide and shimmy into the black light, then meld into the mural. And when you’re through, keep the glasses and an instant photo of you & your tribe—as a lasting reminder of what went down in AlterVision’s Blacklight Lounge, BRC 2006.

We are a tribe not yet created.
We are a philosophy waiting to be formed.

URL: www.dakshots.com/altervisionHometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Bouncy Bouncy Club

The Bouncy Bouncy Club. A jolly nice place to bounce and home of “The Wilson Phillips Pancake Breakfast”.

URL: http://TBBC.tribe.net/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Cathousian Transcendence

Seated in a gorgeous Morrocan tent, the Cathousian Transcendence offers a refreshing, replenishing, mystical retreat from the elements and celebrates joyful, empowered sensuality. Featuring a visually stunning lounge area, visitors are refreshed by cold water, ambient North-African beats, pamperings by Priestesses, self-exploration through the writing of letters to be delivered to you in 5 years, the co-creation of a new danceform called SunSnake, and readings from the Tarot of Atlantis.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Deep End

High Spirits, Deep Grooves

URL: www.thedeependcamp.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Dusty Goddess

Get your pole-dancing groove on at the Dusty Goddess. Our open stripper pole awaits funky playa people of all sizes, shapes, genders and persuasions.

URL: http://alpolito.net/dustygoddess.htmlHometown: van nuys, CA

The Fringe

The Fringe goes mobile this year with its creation of a live music and performance platform unlike any other. A variety of live & evolutionary musical treats will transmigrate any auditory fear into hope and singe your Fringe. Burning man is at the Fringe of society, we will be on the Fringe of the Rednose District in 2006, pushing its musical limits.

URL: www.fringecamp.comHometown: san francisco, CA

The future swings on & on & on....

Hometown: Reno, NV

The Hut of the Glam-Tech Warrior

Before a long night riding the Disorient Express, the Glam-Tech Warrior reclines in his Hut where he keeps his wardrobe, tools and emblems of power, all presented under black light. Yes, He wears SFP 60+ at night too.

URL: http://www.flyvision.org/hut/Hometown: New York, NY

The Illumination Village

2006 is The Illumination Village’s 12th anniversary on the playa.
The Illumination Village has grown into an active community of wickedly dedicated artists, and hardcore fans of fire. We’re a powerful force on the playa; building, supporting and burning some of the best and biggest art the playa has ever seen. The Illumination Village is old school fire. We bring fuel, we bring energy, we bring art, and we burn it. Black Rock City loves what we do, loves that we keep the big fires burning, loves that we mix fire and steel, keeping you warm at night, and glowing throughout the year. We’ve built a reputation over the years, and this year we’re adding powerful new legends to that legacy.

URL: http://www.burningart.com/ill_vill_2006/bman2006.htmlHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

The Liver's End

Friendly neighborhood bar and source of serenity.

Hometown: Sparks, Nevada

The Lost Boys

A cool place in the sun! Join the Lost Boys (and girls!) at our elation station. Where sublime levels of relaxation will be dolled out with rejuvinating lemonade all to the dulcit tones of Morrison. Our lemony scented, sugary sweet, phallically dispensed lemonade is yellow so yours doesn’t have to be.

URL: http://www.radiofreenyc.comHometown: burleson, TX

The Lost Colony

19th Century French and British colonialism meets the year 2525: intergalactic can-can dancers armed with tasers take prisoners, while Alan Quartermain look-a-likes, don their jet packs to explore the outer boundaries of the playa.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/colonyofthelostHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Lost Penguin Cafe

That’s right…there are penguins in the desert. We’ve marched long and hard from the far corners of the globe to converge on our old home for the sixth year.

We hope you’ll leave your fear at the front door as you explore what the future has in store.

We’ll help by offering wine and chocolate. We’ll entertain you nightly with live acts on our stage (starting at 9). We’ll let you entertain us during our open mic times. And when the stage is quiet, simply chill with us on our comfy couches as we soothe you with music. Day or night, our oasis will provide for you.

Don’t miss the return of Wednesday afternoon’s Fleetwood Mac Happy Hour, or our many theme nights. Look for our daily penguin marches and join the parade as we bring penguin love to the city. And be sure to bring your lost penguins to the Penguin Reclamation Center, where they will find the home they so deserve. Or ask about our penguin adoption program.

The Lost Penguin Cafe mission statement reads: Our emphasis is on hospitality and community while relying on our positive Burning Man brand recognition. This includes entertainment for guests, group penguin activities and an environment that encourages comfort, companionship, trust and personal growth.

See you in the future!

URL: www.thelostpenguincafe.comHometown: s. san fran, ca

The Necklace Factory

The Necklace Factory is an oasis of creativity for those who need to create when they are in Black Rock City. Fabulous materials from all over the world are provided FREE to those who choose to work in The Necklace Factory. If you must create, please join us for a bit of shade, a tasty conversation, some intoxicating music, and the best jewelry making materials that planet Earth has to offer.

URL: town-center.net/burningman/burn.htmlHometown: Kingwood, Texas

The Oracle at Erowid

Hometown: san francisco, CA

The Paddy Mirage

The “Green Man” has embodied the spirit of nature for many generations and this year the Paddy Mirage is a celebration of that spirit and its return to the forefront of consciousness. The inspirations of so much creativity has developed through the great culture of the pub in Ireland and so the Paddy Mirage will be at Burning Man, a place where sweet music and a drink in your hand give the perfect setting to be inspired and share with those around you.

URL: http://www.burntheirishbar.comHometown: Kilkenny, N/A

The Philadelphia Experiment

Back again for the 6th year running from the City that Loves You Back, The Philadelphia Experiment brings you cool beats and cool drinks to the Playa. Come and get out of the sun and bob your head and move your feet to some soul, funk, reggae and house.

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa

The Pink Flamingo Lounge

The Pink Flamingo Lounge is excited to be coming to the playa for her sophmore year. Big, Pink and full of life and we invite all of you to join us. This year we will be a “happy hour” stop for all who wish to dance, hang out, get out of the sun and relax!!! Dance area, music, shade and relaxation are all yours to have at our wonderful little spot on the playa.

Hometown: Onalaska, WA

The Pink Pussy Cats

Hometown: kearny, nj

The Pink Spot

The Pink Spot is pink, furry and fun! We will be providing a dome/chill area w/music during the days, and be throwing 2 parties, Wednesday and Friday at night. Please hop on our art cars, they’re pink and furry!

Hometown: Park City, UT

The Playa Jazz Cafe

Live experimental jazz, fresh Irish coffee and a warm comfy lounge for the weary playa traveller. Welcome to The Jazz Cafe…

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PlayaJazz/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The playground

The Playground, (formerly the conGLOMerate, GLOM)is back Featuring the best adult toys the Playa has to offer celebrating Mayor Joey’s 11th year at the event.
For many years now, our village has been rated as one of the “must see” landmarks on the Playa.
This year shall prove no differently.
With the reuniting of our Boise, ID. co-founders of many years ago, this year we shall celebrate a new-found fresh presentation of sights, sounds and sensations that can only be described by folks who have experienced our village in previous years.
Our village is also the home base for the BurningBand that has been a long established BurningMan Icon.
This will also be the last year for gASSo, the authentic desert gASS station that has thrilled hundreds of participants with it’s unusual adult features including the ORGASMATRON, The SPANK-OMATIC, ETHYL the propane enema, as well as certain other features that you’ll have to experience to believe!
Our BASS (Big Ass Shade Structure) as well as the Magic Mushroom lounge provides XTRA comfy chill space with some of the best cocktails available on the Playa.
If you haven’t been to us before, you must check it out and ride our attractions.
If you have enjoyed us in the past, welcome back home.

URL: http://www.playaplayground.comHometown: fallon, NV

The Prisoner Camp 2006:The Village

“I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own.” Is that not why we come to Burning Man? The Village offers everything the playa dweller would want, chill space; music that will soothe, revitalize, and condition; liquid libations to liberate; games played on the trampolines; and consultations at the citizens’ advice bureau. All that is asked for in return is a little information.
“Be seeing youâ€Ω

URL: http://www.prisonercamp.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Q

The Q is a multi-sensory performance art project the begins with the sense of taste and moves out through auditory, olfactory, visual and contact.

URL: www.playaq.comHometown: San Diego, CA

The Scissor Farm

And what a boozy cookie you will be. Let white coated exhibisionists with sharp sharp scissors dance the moonwalk on your boozy little head. Arm yourself with holsters of toast for a sleek new canoe from The Scissor Farm.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

The Sprawl

Each morning from Monday thru Friday, when you’re looking for a little sunscreen fix, stop on by The Sprawl’s Sunscreen Station where willing hands will apply suntan lotion to your most difficult-to-reach spots. While you enjoy the luxurious slathering, we will spoil you with scrumptious cookies and icy lemonade. Like a day at the beach, minus the surf.

URL: http://www.sunscreen-station.blogspot.com/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

The Tittyman camp

The TittyMan is a modern day superhero.. he came to burning man with a painted motorhome and a dream to better the desert with the ultimate service…. cleansing the spirit. Tittyman is a natural born artist and he has mastered the art of body painting in mexico under shamen pedro chi-chi. Through years of practice he has mastered cleansing the chest, mind, and soul. Most of the year TittyMan is busy saving the world from the perils of evil but one week a year he takes a break to help his tribe and others by taking prints and autographs at Burning Man. Who is this masked man? Find out at titty city. We at titty city hope to see you at the event where you can make your burning man experience history with TittyMan.

URL: TheTittyman.comHometown: Modesto, Ca.

The Tittyman Camp

How did TITTY MAN begin one night I awoke and my room was glowing, a voice said "ucker wake up!! Yeah u ucker"..
I think God likes to say "ucker".
"I command you to Go to the desert. once there, Build a city. Build a city of TITTYS. I command you too. IF THY DOES NOT COVET THY TITTY, they will come 2 by 2," said the voice.
Since 1999 I have gone to the Black Rock Desert with my dedicated tribe, because it takes a few dedicated people to build a City of Tittys. I have collected Titty prints using a special painting technique. I start first by preparing my painting surfaces by sanding and sealing 4 foot by eight foot pieces of plywood. I then paint the surfaces and frame them. These are my building blocks. I apply paint to the tittys and press them onto the boards transferring the prints onto them each titty soul then signs the prints, immortalizing them forever. I build my buildings in increments of 8 feet. Each building is 16 feet by 16 feet. Each panel locks the other panels into a rigid structure, able to withstand 70 m.p.h. wind gusts. And at night they glow under 12, 48 inch double tube black lights. Its a process of evolution, it keeps growing and changing.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/titty_manHometown: Modesto, CA


With more strange events and experiences than you can imagine, The_Many is Black Rock City’s first post-post-post-CyberPunk strip mall dedicated to the celebration of radical self-expression. Look for the huge olive green shade structure and stop by for a complete listing of daily events.

The_Many is primarily an afternoon activity theme camp, with some limited nighttime and morning activities. We have circus tent-style shade to enjoy while drinking your grog between vodka snorts and getting your portrait done while listening to great music and “being in the moment”. Our “inner sanctum” public chill space will be open for the duration of Burning Man.

The_Many is a meta-camp where people are invited to use our infrastructure. Serving those who want to provide a service or experience at Burning Man but who are limited by a lack of resources and shade space, The_Many are dedicated to providing a persistent (year-to-year) infrastructure to allow people with limited resources to express themselves. Our style is informal, organic and fluid; the camp will mutate on its own, favouring loose guidelines over strict rules, improv over scripted events.


Planned Events include:

KBK Radio Station (104.3 FM) and Techno Music performance
Kanadian Broadkasting Korporation returns with Live PA by Jonnay!

Dawn and Drew Show podcast Fan Gathering (Thursday 4:00 PM into the evening)
The_Many will be hosting a Dawn and Drew Show podcast get together. This is your chance to meet the podcast celebs face-to-face. It’s not often you can put a face to your favorite podcast host! (For those of you who don’t know who Dawn and Drew are, their show was one of the first to become part of the Podshow network and has become one of the most (in)famous podcasts to date.)

Art Car / BRC transit stop
Bus shelter for white-out windstorms and a place to hang out.

Sunnay’s Portrait Studio (afternoons)
The portrait studio will be open for walk-ins.

Black Rock City Make-Over and Body Painting: (afternoons)
Get beautiful for your playa portrait.

Traditional Henna (afternoons)
In the midday heat, come and get henna put on your skin to cool down. Traditional henna designs to refresh Burners.

Vodka Snorting Bar (afternoons)
My God, he can’t mean that literally, can he? Yes, friends, come and learn the Russian Martial Art of Vodka Inhalation. Lesser men and women will fear your mighty Spirit powers. I tell you what, bullies will think twice before they kick playa silt in your face. Yes, Sir! The Vodka Snorting dojo will only be open in the afternoons. ***Snort at your own risk.*** Like your Burning Man ticket says, you voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death by banging vodka up your nose. The_Many will not be held responsible for the Reverend Craig’s actions or training techniques.

SubGenius Reverends available 24/7 for Short-Duration Marriage ceremonies, sickenings, healings, fake psychic surgery, ranting and reality test-piloting. Lease your soul to “Bob”!

Sean of the Dead’s Soul Trading Emporium
Don’t let the high cost of soul ownership get you down! We buy world-famous celebrity souls in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Upgrade your corporeal vessel in style with one of our “bearer bond” soul certificates.

Tarot and Anime Portraits (late morning and all afternoon)
Jonnay, one of our resident spiritual advisors will be providing spiritual enlightenment and spiritual psychology in the form of tarot readings. Come learn how much you don’t know about you, your universe, and your place in it. (Alternatively, if spirituality isn’t your thing, come get an Anime Portrait of yourself.)

Bike Repair (afternoons)
Need some maintenance on your playa bike? Maybe your drive chain is frozen solid? The_Many will help with those playa bike emergencies.

“Fun Fun Fun till your daddy takes your T-bird away”
That’s right, a real man in a frilly French maid apron, frilly panties (and not much else) and a vacuum cleaner, making sure that the streets of Black Rock City are immaculate. It really can’t get anymore fun than that!

Royal Kanuckistan Navy grog muster (Daily at 11:00 AM)
Rum-based beverages (including grog, mojitos and bumboo) will be served.

The Last Supper (Daily at 1:00 PM)
Featuring shrimp ‘n’ bacon tacos, twelve of your newest friends, the best cheap red wine we can get our hands on in Reno and a chance to be part of Desert Religious Ceremonies 2.0 (beta).

RKN Navigation Beacon (sunset to sunrise)
Figure-out where you are with the colour-coded sector LED light array on top of The_Many’s centre mast.



DIY DJ: How to Spin Vinyl
Costuming and Crafts Workshops (including LED and EL-wire electronics)
Meditation in the Eye of the Storm
Lectures and ranting on The Future: Ecstasy and Dread


Do you want The_Many? Do you need The_Many? Be The_Many: send your event/experience details to tom2293@gmail.com

URL: http://wiki.jonnay.net/many/themanyHometown: Calgary, Alb

Thermal Shock

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Those Damn kids: JeeHawd!!

come get in trouble with those damn kids again as they lead the insurgency on a Domed stage full of inspired muses, producers, bands and theatrical mayhem. Expect mashup potatoes, squelchy acid electro with hip hop new york rock sensibilities, singer songwriter performances, aerialists, spontaneous chaotic episodes of jazzercized Jeehawd, as televised on Aljeezera.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Tierra del Fuego

delFuego’s Green Peace Interactive Painting Wall Available 24 Hours. Tarot and Rune Reading…Sunrise Ceremonies…Mind Blowing Body Rubs…stop on in!!!

URL: http://www.gasanim.com/delfuego.htmHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tierra delFuego

The Journey is the FEAR…the letting go
The burning of the vessel is the HOPE…no returning
create yourself and give to the art…become a delFuego


URL: www.shamanarts.net/tierra/delfuego.htmHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tokyo Lo-Pros

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Tomales Bay Explorers Club and Sexy Dinosaurs present: Elian Abduction Camp

Tomales Bay Explorers Club and Flying Dinosaurs present: Elian Abduction Camp. Viva la Revolución!

URL: http://www.sirius.com/~bobstahl/burn2000.htmHometown: San Francisco, CA

touch of fear village

touch of fear village will conduct experiments in mind control & behavorial programing thru tactile stimulation for a future fear (insert evil laugh here)

Hometown: san francisco, CA

Tramp, Camp

Watch hopes rise and fall on the trampoline of life! Its a never ending bouncing marathon at Camp Tramp, stop by and sing Jumping Jack Flash, or show us your best trampoline moves!

Hometown: Milpitas, CA

Tranquill Waters

Just some guys from Texas with alot of canopys and solar fountains, Im a blind mortician and because of the distance we are traveling all we can offer is a place for people to rest and enjoy each others company under shade. I was at Wood Stock 69, Burning Man 95&05/06 . We will have an art car that is located in Reno plus we will have a four person surry bicycle to be used as a burning man no rush taxi ! We are all volunteers and will help out where we can.Will have a popcorn machine running 24 hours untill nothing left to pop.

Hometown: Lubbock, TX


Transmorphagon – A place of change. A space to re-arrange. This camp-like object has as many sides as it currently has; enough to show you another side of where you are. Participants are welcomed into the environment for a lasting experience that will change with each visit. Face your fears, generate hope, and change through a random experience, a deliberate experience, and/or a casual experience. Projects like ‘The Human Trap,’ and ‘Electroshock Therapy’ surround a music space that transforms throughout the night. You are welcome to change. Face the future with a new you!

URL: email: transmorphagon@sbcglobal.netHometown: Berkeley, CA


In 2006, we welcome the return of the rantomatic, as well as an increase in our megaphone to human ratio.

We’ll be providing music of a non-techno nature, both prerecorded and live. Please contact us if you would like to perform jazz, punk, metal, soul, country, magic shows, etc. Check our marquee for the latest performance plans.

Our partners from Freekutopia will be using Trashistan to meet your fashion needs: on Thursday, we’ll be hosting a fashion show, and all week, you can come by Cocoluna’s Closet during the day to pick up a new costume for yourself, or drop one off, so it can find a new home.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


sexy women blending raw smoothies with pedal power, so you can feel good while having the time of your life at Burning Man!

URL: http://kayosmarket.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Tribal Thunder

We Like to Drink
We Like to Drum

Hometown: martinez, CA

Tribe of the Crescent Star

In the brutal wilderness between the teeming cities of the future, along the trade routes of the Neo-Caravaners and the battle migrations of Jihadists and Jihadistas, lie the dwellings of the Tribe of the Crescent Star, sheltered in an oasis of its own construction. Welcoming all who drop their weapons and their attitude outside its perimeters, the Tribe of the Crescent Star offers their guests the comforts of a Brave Old World — for the body: cool mint tea, sweet dates, and mountains of soft pillows; for the soul: the play of light and water, and the music of paradise. By day, the order’s satin banners can be seen by weary travellers from afar; in the evening, the glow of the tent-dome serves as a beacon calling all to the night’s revels.

URL: http://www.crescentstar.orgHometown: Seattle, WA

Tricycle Alley

No need to fear, just hope for the best! Blaze your own trail as you race from our vision of the past into the future.

Celebrate your inner child while racing on our fleet of lightening fast tricycles! Feel the wind through your three-year old hair as you navigate our figure-eight track representing the grown up choice between Hope and Fear, Future and Past. Check out our themed races on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, or go freestyle during various daily open track times.

Come experience the Hope of Victory and the Fear of Heckling!

URL: http://tricyclealley.comHometown: Portland, OR


Dig down to your most primal memories.
Troglodyte takes you back into time.
The “fear” of not evolving, not advancing, not stepping into the future can be our end.
The “hope” to venture beyond archaic, primitive thoughts and conciousness is what drives us.
hear the drums…
feel the beat…
experience the journey…

Hometown: concord, ca

True Mirror Palace

The True Mirror Palace returns to the Playa to once again reveal the true nature of those that look into a mirror that reflects unreversed images!

Both Hope and Fear are quickly felt by all who even contemplate the idea of seeing themselves as they really are, as others see them. “Will I like what I see, will the True Mirror show me something good? Or will it reveal to me deep dark secrets that I am hiding from others – the Fear can be palpable! Will I see the dreaded “Crooked Face” (a perception which is exaggerated, just so you know)?”

Are you ready for this new view of you? Why go through this? Because the Hope is that you will see the magical, beautiful, creative, alive, happy, dynamic Burner that we see in you, and that you see in us. Our self-perception never gets to include ourselves “in action” – the sparkling in our smile, the love in our eyes, the power we have when we are being our true selves.

Be sure to look for the explanations on the wall, and share the experience with a friend – its the best way to be animated!

URL: www.truemirror.com/burningman2006Hometown: brooklyn, ny

Twisted Twister

Twisted Twister A twisted spin on the age old game we all grew up with.

Hometown: Dover, Idaho

Two Lanterns

By day come by and help build the Global Village (you’ll help build a miniature clay city) or be joined in an Unofficial Playa Civil Union, in the afternoon be here for Weird Poker (no money bets!) when there is no wind, at night groove to the riddims. And don’t forget your free stuff and the Aeolian Orchid!!

URL: http://www.ebold.com/~bobo/Hometown: Felton, CA