2006 Theme Camps

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K-Svert 106.5 FM Performance Stage

K-Svert 106.5 FM provides the good citizens of Black Rock City a voice, a venue, an outlet for creativity in the form of not only radio waves, but also a professional quality performance stage that is open to any and all who wish to share their talents with the masses. K-Svert is your spot on the radio dial to keep in touch with the happenings in our fair city. At night the stage comes alive with performance, shadow dancing, artistic visuals,fire spinning, and spectacle. A feast for the eyes and ears! Located on the Esplanade, look for the 50 foot broadcast tower.

URL: www.k-svert.comHometown: San Jose, CA

Ka Pilina camp

Kama’aina have no better home on the playa than at the Ka Pilina camp, the official Hawaii Regional embassy. Meet other Hawaii burners and learn about the many events and the growing community in the islands. One of the camp’s goals is to bring to the playa a taste of Hawaiian culture expressed through art and performance. Our biggest event of the week will be our 4th annual gathering of “kama’aina on the playa” luau on Friday 6-10 PM. Stop on by if you want to connect with Hawaii burners and learn all about the Ka Pilina Interactive Arts Society, and to get a glimpse of the crazy events going on in Hawaii all year long.

URL: http://www.kapilina.org/kapilina/tcamp06.htmlHometown: Haleiwa, HI



You stand poised at a tipping point. A charged instant propels you through the portal of change. Action follows a flash of insight. A moment of truth moves you to seize the opportunity. You swing on the hinge of Fate, moving beyond the point of no return. You drive, with the force of clarity, into the Future.

Since the age of Socrates, Man has called that climactic, defining moment “KAIROS”

We provide the Big Bar forum, the audience, the Stage, the Pole, the inspiration, and the tools for you to achieve KAIROS. You jump on!.

Our doctors and nurses will help you into the proper state. Dance. Drink. Speak. Bare your mind and your body. Post your Hopes and Fears, dreams and fantasies on our walls. Acknowledge your “biggest dreams” then start to realize them. Our photographers will ensure that a small piece of you stays in this moment.

Return to this moment and to our camp during your time in this desert. Exalt with us in change as together we experience KAIROS.

Hometown: la jolla, ca

Kamp Go Fuck Yourself

Unicorns. Friendship bracelets. Butterflies. Pinky swears. French Poodles. OMG BFF!!!

No! Go fuck yourself!

We are not your psychiatrist. We have no cheese for your whine. We don’t care about your politics. We are here to create art wherever we go. Stop by, we won’t kick you off our couches (unless they are needed for copulation), but don’t be surprised if you run into us in the wild; we are EVERYWHERE!

And if you see us, greet us with a hearty “Go Fuck Yourself!”

Hometown: BELLEVUE, WA

Kamp Kammaniwannalaya

Kamp Kammaniwannalaya is an closely knit group of eclectic artists, perverts, musicians, drug abusers, self abusers, and recovering recoverers. During the week of Burning Man we build and maintain a safe refuge where tackiness is not only tolerated but applauded and praised. Political correctness, simple common human dignity and voting rights are mocked and discouraged. World class Mai Tai’s poured by Spanky and floral lai’s are offered on Friday nite to ask for forgiveness for our wickedness. Competitive Limbo competitions are rumored to be slated for ESPN. Smore Whore will be making a triumphant return to the Playa and supplying her hot fresh Smores. Free form Island drumming is a staple diet and public humiliation will be found at the Limbo Queen’ feet. Juicy Yum Yum is said to be returning if enough eye glitter can be found.

Hometown: Alturas, CA

Kamp Suckie FuckAYE

Suckie FuckAYE!
Kamp Suckie FuckAYE has be an unofficial playa tradition since 1999. In 2006 it is finally graduating to an authorized map-listed camp. Home base for the legendary Garnish Five Conclave, Society Insomnia, and the 3 Star Smoked Fish Posse. Also headquarters for the campaign to re-elect Neptune for Mayor. It is a breeding ground for all strange creatures including: fire pixies, menacing demons, ancient gods, and intrepid ninjas.

URL: www.creativefactor.com/garnishHometown: Los Angeles, CA


There’s no need to muster hot and bothered in the relentless heat of a dreadful August sun! Be it a scorching afternoon or a bitter, wind-stormy day, escape to KATHANIKA and enjoy Storytime Shisha: savory flavoured tobaccos while listening to (and reciting) fearsome, firey narrations on all sorts of topics!

Think you’re too tall to tell a tale? Nonsense! We’re building a stilts-only bar for tall-walking tower-high visitors.

Also enjoy our Give A Gift Take A Gift, our trampoline, our booze, our love, our hopes and our fears =)

URL: http://www.kathanika.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA


KidsVille is of, by and for kids and their families. We welcome any and all to camp with us or stop by and play for a bit. We are not a babysitting service, but some amazing friendships have been created and have lasted over the years.

URL: http://www.burningkids.comHometown: Bullhead City, AZ

knarly carnival

The knarly carnival camp will keep you entertained day and night, providing fun carnival games such as flying chickens throw rings, and burst that baloon, win crazy prizes, it will take you back to the old carnival days, have fun and when you are tired, just relax at the carnival bar for a cold one!

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Kostume Kult

Bubbling up from the NYC underground, Kostume Kult is an artistic party crew like none other. Inside the costume dome we offer up costuming and body art while sweet DJ’s massage the vibe in our chill lounge/performance area. Early in the week we seek to trade but, by the burn, everything must go! During the days, our dome is open to all and, by night, the Kostume Kultists parade the playa in style! Themed “Carousel”, this year we embrace hope, ascension and a sci-future aesthetic. Our Thursday/midnight costume party is always insane and there will be fashion shows, hooping lessons and random theatrics going on all week. Please stop by if you love costuming and comfortable vibes. You are one of us 🙂

URL: www.KostumeKult.comHometown: New York, NY

Krishna Camp

Krishna Camp brings to Burning Man a rich heritage of spiritual culture with amazing vegetarian food, astounding performances, awe-inspiring dance and addicting music amidst unique and thought provoking art installations. To confront the onslaught of a fearful future into which we all must plunge, we seek to provide a fearless shelter into which we can continually dive to relish transcendental pleasure uninhibited by considerations of age, race, sex, nationality or creed.

URL: http://www.krishnacamp.comHometown: College Park, MD

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta is built on the shifting desert sands between hope and fear. Revolution takes many forms. And this one, this is ours. It’s our time to rise up, impact our community, to make our stand. We’re a fortified rebel compound comprised of refugees from Opulent Temple, Space Cowboys, Disorient, Flaming Lotus Girls, Burners Without Borders/Camp Katrina, and Gigsville. And we’re coming at ya, loud, proud, unafraid. Are you ready? Better yet, are you worthy? Are you!?!?
Approach our gates and find out. Maybe – just maybe – you’ll join the rebellion and reap the rewards: ambrosia and honey, manna from the heavens, all rolling together as one. That is, IF you are allowed to enter. Do you have what it takes? Can you see with the right kind of eyes and glimpse the new dawn, just beyond the horizon? Does glory await you? Are you one of us?
Because we see what’s going down and we’re ready. Without eternal vigilance, it can happen here. Power to the freaky people!

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/kudetaHometown: San Francisco, CA