2006 Theme Camps

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Walk with peace

My Theme Village for Burning Man involves the project: Walk With Peace. A big sail will be placed on the sand in the desert in Nevada. The sail is approximately 12 meter x 6 meter. Around the sail there are severel cans with paint in all different kinds of colours, where people participating at Burning Man are invited to put there feet in the can and walk out on the sail painting their footprints for peace. The aim is to encourage people to walk with peace in mind on the sail thinking of all the people in the world, who are living in fear. The footprins on the sail will be a manifest of people walking with peace in their mind. The perspective is to bring the sail after Burning Man to places in the world, where people are living in fear. The sail should be shown for the people living here as the manifest that there is hope in the future. In this manner it is the goal that the sail will travel around the world giving hope to people living in a life with fear. This also sends a signal to the rest of the world living in peace that these people are in the need for hope for their future. Various humanitarían organisations will be contacted in order to make them facilitate the places in the world, who are in the greatest need for hope for the future. One small step for man – is one giant leap for mankind.

URL: www.walkwithpeace.net (online late July 2006 - otherwise look at www.moldeqtrain.dk)Hometown: Randers, N/A

Wattos Junk Yard

The center for Light Saber Jedi action. Come to get sabers, supplies and repairs for thursday night’s "Battle of Certainty".
Jedis, Sith, Dancers, Warriors, and Generals are all welcome!

URL: http://www.LightSaberDonation.orgHometown: San Mateo,

Wattos Junk Yard

A place to exchange and fix all star wars equipment. Mainly light sabers.

URL: http://www2.kcd.com/wattoHometown: San Mateo, CA

We're Next to the Blinky Thing

Stuck spinning in the Sisyphean wheel of the rat race? Is that chunk of cheddar taunting and eluding your twitching, whiskered snout? Dare to step outside your comfort zone and break that cycle; come to…We’re Next to that Blinky Thing.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Having more fun than you since 2004!

Wheeeee!villle is our collective gift to the Black Rock City, a place to share our passions, including drinks and fire, with whatever BRCitizens happen to wander by. Theme camps within the village will lure in unsuspecting dustmonkeys and enthrall them in a number of highly varied, moderately disturbed ways.

Wheeeeeeee!villle is more a process than a place. It is a state of mind more than a state of physical matter. It comes to be in a toss of the hair and disappears on the breeze of an eyelid’s flutter. Wheeee!villle is a thing that flies through the air between people and bounces off walls. What theme could we invent to capture the essence of this vanishing fantasy?

Our theme camps include: Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro, BDRHQ, DonutLove, Scratch-Ass, and Smite Camp. The rest of the highly interactive lovelies are found in what we fondly refer to as LooseNutz

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Whiskey and Whores Saloon

The Legendary Whiskey and Whores Saloon returns to inebriate, titillate and fascinate. We got whiskey, we got whores, what else do you want. For a redneck bar it is the coolest little honky-tonk on the playa.

URL: http://asylumvillage.com/whiskeyandwhores/Hometown: New Orleans, LA

White Dragon Noodle Bar

Can’t remember your last hot, home-cooked meal? Stop by the White
Dragon Noodle Bar at dinnertime for a cup of our delicious soup and a
splash of our signature cocktail, the Leg Opener. Stick around for
witty banter with the bartenders and a great view from the tower.

Hometown: washington, DC


WigTown is a conglomeration of artists, freaks, engineers and families from San Francisco, New York City, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, London, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Portland and even from Germany and Japan! We Invent Goofs! Witches In Green! Wherever I Guess! WIG stands for everything and everyone. Solar-powered, never gasoline! Where Intimate-clad Go for a Wednesday afternoon Lingerie Party!

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wigtown/Hometown: Pacifica, CA

Wind Dancer

The future is here and it is good! Travel from place to place with the flow of movement. Hint, like my kin did.

Hometown: los Angeles, CA

Winking Lotus

Winking Lotus, we’re the people behind the wink. Guided by our illustrious ringmaster, the Oracle of Teaz, we delight our guests with opulence and acts of unanticipated hospitality. Come relax with a warm cup of tea, receive guidance from the Oracle, and chill to what might be the most hypnotic and high quality sound at Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.winkinglotus.comHometown: San Jose, CA

Wishing Star

When you see a star, do you make a wish? Do you wish for something for yourself? Someone else? Someone you love? Someone you hate? Something really big? Something smaller, and easier? Something that you can do yourself, without the aid of the wish??? Come to Camp Wishing Star, where you can make a wish which will be burned so it will ascend to join the other stars in the heavens.

Hometown: Bishop, CA


Take a bunch of loco Texans, add a little San Jose love and sprinkle with Playa dust. The Wonderlounge. We’ve had y’all before, you’ll be back for more.

URL: Wonderlounge@yahoogroups.comHometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Word of Mouth BRC

Spanning multiple cities on the West Coast, Word of Mouth has been bringing the sound of the underground to people from all walks of life for approximately seven years. This year, Word of Mouth, in the spirit of cooperation, is teaming up with many others in the Irrational Geographic Society Village to provide quality music of multiple genres from many talented artists.

URL: www.womsound.comHometown: Oakland, CA