2006 Theme Camps

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C.O.L.D. Camp

The Church of Lost Dreams will rise from the ground with a monumental church and steeple. We shall birth this great church from its fertile grounds. The holy book ‘The Crapfucklickon’ is being compiled by sages and prophets to be revealed unto the masses. Convert to a religion that takes living seriously. Daily services include songs of worship, speaking in tounges, and throwing shit. Bring your camps holy persons by for interfaith workshops and Ouiji board readings, and seances. Through religion, we can invade our governments and reshape the world in our image. We must avert the end of the World!

Hometown: Austin, TX

C'est la Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cafe Village aka Coffeetown

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Camp 101

Camp 101 hosts downtempo electronic music events throughout the week in a chill-out atmosphere.

Hometown: northampton , MA

Camp 9 From Outer Space

Our theme camp is inspired by Plan 9 from Outer Space and the other works by the brilliant writer director and star Ed Woods. We will be showing these masterpieces of horrible movies from Ed Wood and others most evenings, while serving drinks to our guests. After all what’s a really bad movie without a drink. Stop by our theme camp to see what’s up and stop in for a drink and a groan at a really bad film.

URL: http://www.camp9fromouterspace.com/Home.htmlHometown: Springfield, MA


Camp APOKILIPTIKA returns in 2006. This theme camp takes hope and fear of the future into heart and full thematic application. The neo-sovietski fascist chic members of APOKILIPTIKA offer wishes of good-willed doom to all who visit.
Pop-aganda blends with artistic satire of all things despotic and tyrannical. The Kantina APOKILIPTIKA will be open daily, where it’s ALWAYS last call! Home to Miniman and the new “Mantis”, the camp will be an installation in itself.

URL: http://www.apokiliptika.comHometown: Carson City, NV

Camp Arachnid

Camp Arachnid provides daily workshops in rope bondage and other sensual power exchange topics in a comfortable, newcomer-friendly environment. Our dome is a safe, no-photo zone. We supply instruction, rope to practice with, and a large, comfy dome. Please check out the WhatWhereWhen and our website for our class and play party schedules (finalized by mid-July). Try to show up on time, we regularly get 100+ attendees! This year will include an even larger dome, a variety of workshops on shibari and other rope topics, introductions to BDSM toys, and parties both for curious newcomers and for seasoned explorers.

URL: http://www.camparachnid.comHometown: South San Francisco, CA

Camp Cacti

Got burn, Got playa foot, stop by for fresh aloe rub downs, sunsceen, and homemade herbal salve.

Hometown: santarosa, ca

Camp Cock

Camp Cock, Co- colorado c- creatives c- camp is a compilation of crazy Coloradans and cohorts converging cohesively to cohabitate and connect to our cock-eyed community.

Hometown: dillon, CO

Camp Evolution

This is our first year as a registered theme camp. We will be expressing our own hopes and fears of the future in various forms from paintings to palm readings. And we encourage participants to express their own hopes and fears as they pass through our “evolving door”. SEES – Self Enclosed Expression Stations, will also be provided for those who want to pull up a chair and bear their soul on an open canvas. Finished works will be displayed through the camp during the week.

URL: www.campevolution.comHometown: West Sacramento, CA

Camp Fishy

‘Camp Fishy’, good food, alot of cheer and funny people, so stay away. You may leave wondering what the hell just happened, ‘Camp Fishy’.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Fuck You Bitches

Camp Fuck You Bitches is here to bring sound, movies, and a general fuck it all attitude to the playa. Throughout the week watch as camp artists paint a large 16×8 space transforming sound into texture.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Camp Gallavant

We are the creators of the (Mutant Vehicle) S.S. Nevada and we love to Gallavant across the playa spreading fun and adventure wherever we go! When you visit us
at our home port (Camp Gallavant), you’ll find that we always share our booty
with all our fellow Black Rock denizens!

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Camp Green Zone

The safest place this side of Baghdad – Camp Green Zone!

URL: http://www.campgreenzone.comHometown: Incline Village, NV

Camp I Am

Camp I Am is home to the Panoramic Photo Wall (giant panoramic photos of Burning Mans from 1988 to 2004) which has been on the Esplanade since 2000, the Big Round Cubatron (spectacular and dynamic light sculpture!), the Embassy Camp (live bands on stage!), “Playa Bell” phone booth (free calls to anywhere in the world!), Hope and Fear Internet Cafe (maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t!), Save The Man Camp (it’s just a flesh wound!), Ma’am the mammoth, Big Wheel, and new hydraulic Mondo Spider art vehicles (races daily!), kite-landboards, the Oasis Dome (a magical chill space filled with fountains and misters and ferns, oh my!) and various small art pieces (come and see!).

URL: http://www.efalk.org/CampIAm/Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Camp In-Tents

Camp In-Tents is the perfect place to try and escape the intensities of living in a tent city. Our intent is to integrate inner nirvana into your most intimate interiors of your essence through essential shade, shamanistic shenanigans, and relaxing elixers.

Hometown: Ashland, Oregon

Camp Jonestown Afterlife

After four years of poisoning our fellow burners, the afterlife experience will be envigorating and healthy. The Kool-Aid has taken a turn for the beneficial this year.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Katrina

Camp Katrina is home to Burners Without Borders, a group of community service and disaster response volunteers, formed out of the response to Hurricane Katrina. We’ll have interactive displays of our work in the hurricane zone, including images and video, as well as the Gallery Of Burnable Art–a daily art gallery of playa-made art, expressly designed to be built, viewed, and burned in the same day. Becuase the playa needs more things on fire, damnit.

Hometown: SF, CA


Come celebrate our 5th year on the playa with us! You know the deal, Camp Klepto has been serving up fresh beats and stiff drinks for over 5 years now and we will be representing strong this year!. Come on down and shake your booty on acid & nu-jazz, ocal house, soul…..anything with a groove! We’ve got a thing with round things so there will be two co-ed pick-up soccer games (Tuesday & thursday) and as usual on friday we will be playing our legendary bunny-ball game. This years game will be lead by no other than “Megaman”. The new addition to our camp this year is massage and face painting and just general pampering during the day, cause we want to spoil you! Just remember, YOU make our experience on the playa…….so never ever be shy to drop by and say hi!

URL: www.basho.com/kleptoHometown: San Francisco, CA

camp one

healing hands/hands of light

Hometown: Santa Barbara, DC

Camp Shine

Camp Shine, “Where the Future is ALWAYS Bright”! Hailing from Northern California this handful of Burners (and ‘will-be’ burners) invites you to experience a luscious wonderland of light and love. After darkness falls each eve a beacon of shimmering light will burst forth into our skies summoning a new dawn, a future full of positivity. Come join with us in this celebration of infinite possibilities. We will be hosting events to join in and entice others to embrace the burners spirit of interactive participation – that which makes burning man burn in our hearts and souls all year long.

Hometown: Redding, CA

Camp Stella

We are a camp of diverse queer and queer friendly folks who have agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober for the duration of the event. Some of us are active in AA and other 12 step programs. Others are not.

Camp Stella hosts open AA meetings at 3:00 each day. All are welcome to attend.

We are located within Avalon Village.

URL: www.campstella.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Sunscreen

Camp Sunscreen is not just dedicated to sunburn prevention. Please visit our websites if you are interested in building domes or working with coolneon wire. Go to desertdomes.com or coolneon.com to learn more.

URL: coolneon.comHometown: Berkeley, CA

Camp Touch This

Allow your reach to exceed your grasp at Camp Touch This, where we are 1/2 dead-serious and 100% totally ridiculous. Flamboyant Freaks from Far into the Future embark to reintroduce you to your Jojobabacacalala. Find your way into our BlackLight Kiva-Dome to experience your transformation through the Art, Music, Dance and Improv of fellow Burners. A very specific Future Prediction will be made for you according to your “Asstro-Illogical Whore-a-Scope”. With your newfound courage, allow yourself to be served “Ginnerators” from the Popes at our “Pope & Beer” bar. With your newfound True Soul Design, and in the disguise of a Pleasant Mother Pheasant Plucker, allow us to guide you to the Beaches of Djibouti. Watch out for the Darth Vader Landscaping Crew and the High Priest of Uranus. Meet Discharged members of the BRC Military. Bring a suitcase with you from the default world of any “baggage” you may have, and together we will burn it all forever. All this taking place in the middle of the “Critical-need-for-Tits” bike parade – where we will again transform – this time into a gang of milk hungry oversized toddlers. Live in the moment, use your imagination and interact! Get crazy or be lazy.

URL: http://www.vital5productions.com/afwfa/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Camp Unofficial

Ever feel lost at Burning Man? The Camp Unofficial Tourist Office will provide guidance. Under our shade structure, wayward travelers will find tea, a map of Burning Man, playa newspapers (and other libel), and, most ominously, GUIDE SERVICES. Take advantage of our guides before they take advantage of you. Get your pASSport stamped. Feed the bears. Or be a bear. No bears will be hurt. But your mind may never be the same.

URL: http://pufendorf.org/art/burningman/unofficial_2006.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Wabi

Are you afraid of the future? Wrap yourself in some Wabi! When civilization collapses, we’ll be eating Vodka-O’s and hamnog, we’ll be playing blitzcroquet in the rising waters. Come teach us fallout shelter singalong songs! Come learn the art of the molotov socktail! Come write a manifesto and then forget you ever wrote a manifesto!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Camp Withering Tights

Morning stretch with super gumby people … Camp Withering Tights is the perfect place to get your body lubed and loosened for the Playa. Tuesday through Friday mornings – 9am

URL: www.choozientertainment.comHometown: Las Vegas, NV

Campo Alegre

“Your Daily Horoscope: In the near future, you will find yourself in a desert surrounded by endless possibilities, new perspectives and positive energy. With so much openness around you, it will be easy to find a soul connection. This is an opportune time to find a place to focus your attention on that person.”

Enter here, a private, backroom to the playa playground that we call the “Champagne Room”. Step into this oasis in the desert, where you and a partner are free to explore anything that you desire on the bed (or anywhere in the tent). Here you will find a comfortable, intimate area of mutual respect and expression. You and your partner’s expressions of connection will become a shadow play for others as the soft interior light projects your movements on the outside of the tent. After all, don’t we all like to watch too?

URL: www.campoalegre.orgHometown: Chicago, IL

Carbon Dioxide

We are a bunch of punk technical artists from around the SouthWest, organized around the theme of our precious waste gas, CO2, only slightly ironically. We individually and collectively produce works of art, community organizing, cultural events, all with a DIY and punk socially-responsible aesthetic.

URL: http://wps.com/BMHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Castra Roto Thema Thematis (CRTT)

Hometown: san francisco, ca

Cave of the Echo People

Cave of the Echo People are a band of nomads who exist to share the message of hope and fear. Come by any time to be regaled at Colonel Klink’s Story Corner. bask in the light and sounds of Reflection. Enjoy the comfort of the Cave.

URL: http://www.archnevada.com/echopeopleHometown: VC Highlands, NV

Champs & Poms

Champagne and pomegranate seeds await tired Deep End dancers under our shaded and cushioned camp. Nudity encouraged, Deep End attitude a must.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Children of Chaos

The Children of Chaos will organize a gold parade for the last time this year. We will also perform impromtu theater when the spirit moves us.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~imstevens/chaos_camp.htmlHometown: Portland, Oregon


The Chillonia camp’s mission is simple: we want to create a relaxing space to share with each other and our visitors. We will base our efforts on the motif of the mythological turtle, who feels at home no matter where he goes. The primary structure in our camp, a domed turtle, will serve as the nexus of our activities. Within its comforting walls, we will provide liquid refreshment to our visitors at any hour of the day or night. We will do our best to make sure that everyone we meet feels as relaxed and comfortable in our camp as they do in their favorite neighborhood bar.

URL: www.chillonia.orgHometown: San Fransicko, CA

Circus Maximus-Rome in Decay

As we all know, history repeats itself. As the Romans watched their empire crumble centuries ago, we are watching the American empire crumble before us. Our camp, which mimics a Roman palace in decay, will host chariot races, open bar and an endless supply of grapes for anyone who wants to partake.

Hometown: Sausalito, CA

Cirque de Flambe

Cirque de Flambe ponders; ‘The writing on the wall’. Come write your unfounded fears and delusional hopes on our school blackboard. Get it off your chest!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Cirque du Stilte

Cirque du Stilte’ is a collection of stilters from Santa Cruz, CA. Formerly the TreeDwellers Theme camp from 2005, we have expanded to include a circus theme and include amazing samba drummers so we can shake our sexy stilter booties.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Citrus Camp

Welcome to Citrus Camp – it’s citrus-tastic! Camp Citrus provides friendly chill space and chilly beverages to our hot and dusty fellow burners. Stop by in the heat of the afternoon, spin the Wheel O’ Drinks, and quench your thirst with a Poon Tang, a Sunny G, or our favorite – the Blue Loo. Hang around to enjoy our house DJ’s spinning mellow tunes to go with your drink. Visit the small Psychic Dome for a mystical experience.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Clevian Circularity

Tues-Fri, come for our famous Speed Dating ONLY 8-9pm in Snowflake Village.
Visit our Apocalypse Dome, where you may be married–or buried.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Club Verboten

Club Verboten will once again host a number of dance nights under our"retro avant garde"music format.All workers,soldiers and artists are invited to join us each and every night in the revolutionary and progressive Peoples Tent No.8.

URL: http://www.apokiliptika.com/terminal_city_page.htmHometown: Reno, NV

Coff-It-Up Cafe

Grab a cuppa java and get a buzz going that will last you for at least half the day! When the old caffeine hits the bloodstream, if you’ve got something to say, well, just get up on the soap box and tell it like it is. If you’d rather entertain us with a song, poem, joke or magic trick that’s cool too. The stage and mike are provided.

From California, Florida and New York we’re an interesting bunch with a wide range of talents coming together in BRC to create the Coff-It-Up Cafe. It’s our goal to keep burners supplied with caffeine so they can keep on keepin on. (Sometimes Center Camp is just too, too far away when the hangover is way hung over.) Fill out our questionnaire about your hopes and fears and be included in our survey. Results will be submitted to the BRC radio station on Friday.

The first pot of the day will be ready by 8:30 a.m. and we’ll keep ’em comin’ til at least 10:30 a.m. We may be putting the pot on after supper as well, so watch for the JAVARAMA COFFAROONI IS READY sign.

Hometown: Cooper City, FL


Dedicated to COLLECTIVE REGENERATION in all of its many manifestations. Join us to make prayer flags for the future, be creative, dance, relax, renew, have tea and bike-blended smoothies, spinning classes to generate bike-power, participate in
workshops such as meditation, yoga, puppetry, creating your future, and
participate in regeneration by leading a workshop yourself !!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Comfort & Joy

Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy, where you can play in our enchanting immersive art installations, relax in one of our domes, soothe your playa-foot at our pedicure salon, come down gently in our Afterglow Lounge, and meet your neighbors at any of our many events.

URL: http://www.klodhopper.com/joyHometown: San Francisco, CA

Conexus Village

Conexus Village is a joint community comprised of several San Francisco-based tribes, as well as an art installation on the playa that reflects hope, inspiration, and beauty. The Village is home to a mobile chill ambulance, a chill yurt complete with kirtan and cookies at midnight, a lush morrocan oasis and tarot, three art cars to mobilize your playa experience, and plush shade to cool your body and soul.

Conexus Cathedral, a 200-ft long cathedral on the playa, aspires to inspire all BRC residents to participate and interact with it–to generate ritual, ceremony, and art; to dance, celebrate, and surrender; to experience joy and spirit, fun and silliness.

The Village is comprised of the following theme camps: Ambience Ambulance, Cathedral Camp (supporting Conexus Cathedral art installation), Cathousian Transcendance, Conscious Craving, Raver Scouts, and Temple of the Joyful Mystery and Immaculate Assumptions et al.

URL: http://www.conexusvillage.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Conscious Craving

Hometown: San Francsico, CA

consensual art camp

Ever wonder what would happen if a large group of people merged their creativity to produce miraculous pieces of artwork. Wonder no more, just stop by and see what comes into being. Bring your creativity and become part of the process. (If you lack an imagination one may be provided for you)

Hometown: Diamond Springs, CA

Contact Camp

Contact Camp is a nexus for the exploration of Contact Improvisation. We offer classes for beginners and experienced contactors alike, host contact jams and related activities and performances, offer a place where contactors can come to initiate labs, jam, or just hang out and meet others into contact improvisation.

Drop by camp to see our evolving posting of offerings and to get involved!

URL: www.burningcontact.orgHometown: Seattle, WA


The Contraptionists are an affiliation of laid back freaks doing a variety of intriguing projects and activities. Come by to hang out in our shady, cool, and comfortable Nebula lounge and have a snow cone or a smoothie (with or without alcohol). While youâ?™re there, check out one of our unique specialties â?“ rideable contraptions. The contraptions include recumbent hands-free â?œtippy trikes,â?? a rear-wheel steering family tricycle, and some other trikes of very weird geometries. Power up our pedal-powered wind dancers.

 Ladies can avail themselves of the services of KittyTrim by Sire Bushwhacker (18 years old and above).
 Men may want to check in with our DoggyTrim and Manscaping specialist, Super Nan (18 years old and above).

 Yoga Classes (Check on-site schedule)
 Naked Misting Twister (Participants only)
 A scheduled evening dance party
 Midnight Golf

Be sure to check our on-site/in camp schedule for times and other events!

URL: http://Contraptionists.comHometown: Boulder, Colorado


Open every afternoon and early evening, CoolTown is a fully misted community shade structure to chill, rest, relax and socialize. Join us for adult flavored snowcones in the afternoon, or pleasant conversation and a cool drink anytime.

Hometown: Orangevale, CA

Cosmic Elves

The Cosmic Elves were seeded in the frequencies of the BC westcoast tribal dance community at Black Rock City in 2003. Representing the intentional dance community being fostered locally in the lower mainland of BC and transporting it to the desert has been a vision to further its folksoul maturation

Cosmic Elves are those who share a desire to nurture and explore Gaian intelligence and design as well a celebratory reunion with our galactic citizenship.

We strive towards:

* zero-waste
* healthy vital foods
* keeping our relationships directed towards harmony
* taking responsibility for our actions and owning our emotions
* healing our psyche of what does not serve our highest selves
* celebrating the beauty of existence
* sharing knowledge that enhances the souls life
* directing energies towards cultural and planetary healing and vitality
* creative solutions to the worlds problems
* remaining non-dogmatic while exploring new paradigms

In its first 2 years the Cosmic Elves were camped with the Brane Village, a confederation of dance community tribes from all over North America associated originally through the Gathering of the Tribes foundation. In 2006 the Cosmic Elves are joining in an initiative called the Evolutionary Center . Its goal is to unite burners who wish to see a earth-friendly Burning Man festival as a model to the world that can inspire regions from all over the globe. The Cosmic Elves will thus be able to collaborate with a more extended family exchanging mutual aid in the direction of sourcing solutions for the rest of the Burning Man community. These experiences along with resources generated can be transferred back into our home communities to further our integral values shared.

URL: http://wiki.cosmicelves.org (not for public publishing)Hometown: Nelson, BC

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

The Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet will finding you your soulmate during banker’s hours on the playa again in 2006. Drop by, fill out a questionaire, and be matched to your future soulmate, thereby avoiding the usual multi-year process this requires without our services.

URL: http://thespoon.com/costco/Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Crazy Canadian Cosmic Cats (C4)

The Crazy Canadian Cosmic Cats are back! Drop by our large, funky, orange, beckoning Cat Dome, and explore your Fears in our Jungle… what lies in that bush? Or behind that palm tree? Dance tribal-style late into the night and thrash away your fears and inhibitions… Then, during the day, relax in our Sanctuary-like tent that will envelope you in a warm, blissful environment. Replenish and nurture your soul, fill your spirit with Peace, Love and Hope. The camp will also have a variety of all-ages crafts and creative activities during the day… drop by and say “Hi”, eh?

Hometown: London, Ont

Cuddle Princess Island

Just because you’ve come to Cuddle Princess Island doesn’t mean you won’t get NarNar r8pd.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Cult of Distraction Cypress Lounge

Cult of Distraction and Cypress Lounge Bingo are teaming up to bring you night and day entertainment. During the day, Cypress Lounge invites you to play flogging BINGO. You HOPE to win so that you can choose to flog or be flogged. But you FEAR not winning, and being flogged by that sweaty stranger. Don’t fear us, we keep it fun, and family friendly. We’ll be serving beer and cocktails during the game. Come back at night for a cocktail, and chill music as Cult of Distraction takes over this lazy chill space.

We’ll also have a couple of practice disc golf holes for those needing a little physical activity, night or day. You just might have to sink a put to get a dink.

We are two camps in one, causing more distraction then ever. Your biggest fear is getting so distracted that you stay here all day, and all night, but we hope you have a good time doing it.

We’ll have space for Mutant Vehicle parking, so please bring your car by and visit us. We’d love to have a bus full of old ladies come to play bingo. Can you accommodate that?

URL: http://www.cypresslounge.com/burningman.htmlHometown: Marina, CA


The CYBORGS have traveled back in time, to bring you, the Fertile Crescent. The ancient home of Sultans, Genie, Belly Dancers… Ali Baba, Turbans, Scimitars, Aladdin. Cyborgs and Sultans is a journey back to that mystery.

A culture that we hide from our own view.
A culture supplanted by oil wells and troops.

HOPE for a beautiful people and their glorious culture.
FEAR for it’s loss in a maelstrom of mechanized destruction.

Come on see the wonders of Mesopotamia.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/cysamHometown: Los Angeles, CA