2006 Theme Camps

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You Are That Pig

You Are That Pig Presents: You Must Be This Pig To Ride This Tall!

Come join YATP on our Night Playground! This year face your Fears, chase your Hopes, and head into one of a myriad Futures!

YATP brings you an adult-sized Night Playground in 2006, featuring a homemade HexSwingSet, a real-live FerrisWheel (proudly co-presented by its builder Steve Chesney, and seen on-playa in 2004 at Space Cowboys), and our very own Reactor – an interactive experience that encourages the movement of projected images with your body!

Also joining us this year is the PigMobile, an art car experience of porcine proportions, the Thousand Points of Hippy Blindness, and a state-of-the-art tyvek mural to brighten the frontage and blow your mind.

As ever, The Trough will be quenching your thirst Hefe-style, and the big pink pig head known as the PigLoo is always open if you need to plant your butt and put up your dogs.

URL: http://www.youarethatpig.orgHometown: Portland, OR

Yummy RUMInations

Home of the fabulous Yum Cart, the Letter Exchange, daily Rumi readings, performance art workshops and The Laughing Club.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Yurt Cafe

The Yurt Cafe will offer shady refuge in the afternoons and a library of board games like scrabble, checkers, boggle, etc. The chef will periodically feed guests pizza or cookies from the solar ovens.

URL: http://www.imperialjellyfish.com/yurtcafeHometown: Portland, OR