2006 Theme Camps

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Earth Guardians, Our LNT Past to the Future

We’re trying to inspire you to appreciate the Black Rock environment and embrace Leave No Trace by focusing our collective artistic, technical and spiritual energy to protect our beloved playa. Hug the ground and go beyond no trace and leave positive traces (and no MOOP!) on the land. This year we’re embracing our past and wondering how our traces will impact the future. We’ll have a visual timeline of Black Rock, our impacts upon it and a 1950’s archeological camp where you can explore the playa on your own. Join us for daily activities including: yoga, MOOPing, nature walks and restoration, hot spring patrols and LNT brainstorming. Classes, cocktail hours and many kids activities Rest by the water bar and expand your mind with our enviromental library and movies when the day’s LNT activities are done.

URL: http://www.tonyandkarina.us/eg/volunteer_bmcamp.htmHometown: Incline Village, NV

Earth Tribe

We are a group of intergalactic time travelers, lovers, and healers here helping create a better world and further the notion that heaven is NOW! Earth Tribe manifests each year in BRC to provide a home for our people; many of whom come from different countries and cannot bring in all the essentials necessary for proper playa living. We build an indoor dome village from the ground up and from a to z. Earth Tribe does this so each camp member can fully experience the playa and find what they need spiritually, without the three dimensional distractions common to playa living.

But Earth Tribe is more than just a breezy place to lay your head ofter a long night, our village is interactive as well. In 2005, we built a public ambient dome with environmentally sound swamp cooling systems. In 2006, we intend to build a large scale, indoor community space and dance club. This will be housed inside of a large 50 ft geodesic dome and will feature: a TurboSound system, live visuals, a one watt DPSS laser system, and sacred geometry future themed decor. We also open this space to community gatherings, workshops, and rituals – for the use of the space please contact us pre-playa.

We strive to be environmentally friendly by using bio diesel generators, minimizing waste output, leaving the desert in perfect condition, and creating reusable structures.

Many people from around the globe call Earth Tribe their true home. Perhaps it can be yours as well… 2006

URL: Earth-Tribe.netHometown: eugene, OR

Ecstacy Massage and Dance

Daytime Activity: Relaxing and rejuvenating sponge bath followed by a very erotic full-body massage.
Evening Activity: Erotic Dance with Exotic Sex-Goddess Tammy performing and inviting others to join in belly-dance, pole-dance, and strip-tease.

URL: ecstacycampmassage@yahoo.comHometown: Reno, NV

Elders ("The Elders")

“The Elders” are providing Brie, Bach, & Talk from 4:00 to 6:00 each day. Join
us for a snack of Brie, a glass of wine, some soothing music (not all Bach),
and lot’s of conversation. We have no idea how many to expect, so if we run
out of Brie and Wine we’ll still have “Bach and Talk!

Any time the “front door” is open you’re welcome to come in and sit, chat, draw, body paint or just chill.

URL: http://lalagom.org/TheElders/Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Embassy For Extra-Terrestrials

Our Hope for the Future is to Welcome Advanced Human Beings from another Planet to an Embassy on Earth…
Our Theme camp, The Embassy for Extra-Terrestrials, is just the beginning of this Hope!!! Come and discover the Infinite possibilities of Humanity entering the Golden Age, a time and place on earth that Science and Art, Spirituality and Sensuality, Love and Consciousness are merging as ONE! Yes it’s up to us to change our selves first befor we can change this little Blue Planet, our Earth…. During our week in the Playa we will share a glimps of how we can do just that… Sensual Workshops to open the mind and body by awakening the Senses and Sensitivity to our surroundings, Philosophical Lectures on the history of Humanity, Religions, UFOs, Crop Circles, and open discussions on subjects like the New Pollution Rating System and nanotecnology, also join Physical Classes in Yoga, Dance, Meditation, enjoy some of our Professional Therapists with a body or head massage…. Ohhh and yes of course we will have a few artistic Shows and Parties to simply share the Beautiful Creation of Human Beings shinning their Genetic Code, ‘souls’, in the element of Freedom and Expression! Come along and discover Raelians, see our giant UFO and be ready for a close encounter with some of the most sensual beings from this side of the Milky Way”! Your sure to have Fun!!!

URL: www.burningman.rael.orgHometown: Las Vegas , Nevada

Emergency Svcs. Station 9 Camp

Emergency Services Station 9 Camp is a loose collective of BurningMan
Emergency Services Department personnel, families and friends. This camp also
hosts the Emergency Services Department Medical Staion 9.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Energy Riders

Come ride the energy with the Energy Riders! We will ride to the ends of the universe and fly through time and space to places we have been, are going to, and to places never dreamed of YET!!

URL: funktionwear.comHometown: basalt, CT

Entheon Village

Entheon Village will host the Multidicplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) during their 20th anniversary celebration, Alex and Allyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), the art of Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman, and many other visionary artists and psychedelic luminaries.

URL: www.entheonvillage.comHometown: chicago, il

Eplaya Bar Camp

Camp Description: The ePlaya Bar Camp is the physical extension of “The Bar” from the Burning Man.com ePlaya, the most prolific topic on the ePlaya. We exist as a meeting point for anyone and everyone who ever has, or ever will, drop by “The Bar” whether virtually or not.

We hope to see you in the future at the Eplaya Bar on the Playa and off the Playa at the Eplaya Bar thread.
We fear you may have too much fun, meet new friends and generally get addicted to the Eplaya Bar.

Full Description: Following BurningMan 2004, the ePlayan known as Tisha2 created a topic for discussion on the ePlaya called “The Bar”. I think her opening lines are worth quoting here:

“Well kids,

I was just appreciating how much this here Eplaya
is like the real playa with the witty conversation, and the
mayhem, and the diverse opinions; being able to jump from one
camp (thread) to another…just realized that besides
the dust, there was something missing….hey! Where’s my
fucking drink?!

SO – I take my needs into my own hands…

Welcome to the Eplaya Bar! Tish the Dish, the Hostess with the
Mostess at your service! She is plenty experienced (you heard me)
and pretty darn hot to boot. Step right up, pull up a barstool
and have a seat. The bar is fully stocked and lookee there!
A hundred kegs with every beer you’ve ever wanted on tap!

Act appropriately (as defined by you of course) and no puking!

What’ll it be, baby?”

Now, it’s true that we don’t have a hundred kegs, but everything else is true!

We’re the physical incarnation of the virtual theme camp that our Ms Tisha dreamt up. More than that, we give you a place to come and be with those barflies you’ve come to know and love. We’ll be recreating as much of the virtual world in the real world as is physically possible. On display, and for general use will be the bar, the NEB (never ending blanket), the megaphone, the beer, the whiskey, the stripper pole (hey I don’t remember seeing that in “The Bar”), the drinks, the coffee, the people, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

URL: http://eplayabar.blogspot.com/Hometown: Tracy, CA

erogenous zone


Come and experience the many interesting activities happening at the Erogenous zone. While in the Zone, get an I.D. tag for your bike, at the Wheel Of Karma bike tag kiosk. Visit the EZ Lounge and chill out on your favorite, erogenous, soft sculptured body part, crawl into our sensuous pink womb room, or escape into the alien garden for a stroll and treasure hunt in our gift exchange. Other interactive games, giant puppetry performances and spontaneous acts of lunacy. Open 24/7 on the playa.

Hometown: obrien, OR

Espresso Camp

We HOPE to take the FEAR out of the FUTURE by taking the Un out of unconscious.
Serving NAKED ESPRESSO — no foo-foo froth, mocha, frappa-crappa,soy,latte drinks; just the real stuff. Open when we get up, until about noon.BYO cup, we don’t have any to go.Stop by, say hi, have some of the last legal high.
Where Espresso wakes you up to see the DOOM. A Terminal City Alliance of Satellite States“ Part of Glorious Terminal City Alliance!"

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~espressocamp/index.htmlHometown: Vancouver, WA


We HOPE to take away the FEAR of the FUTURE by taking the Un out of unconscious.
Serving NAKED ESPRESSO — no foo-foo froth, mocha, frappa-crappa,soy,latte drinks;
just the real stuff. Open when we get up, until about noon.
BYO cup, we don’t have any to go.
Stop by, say hi, have some of the last legal high.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Evil Space Unicorns

“The Glittery Malevolent Tome of Rainbow Blight”
In the distant year 1975, the unicorns descended upon the earth in a brilliant display of glorious mist and rainbows. Their glowing spiral rockets corkscrewed through the atmosphere from deep space, socketing themselves deep into the heart of Mount Rushmore, the valley of Golgotha, and Disneyland. The unicorns emerged and danced before the television cameras, shaking their sparkly manes and winning the hearts of all children. The children rejoiced and did anything to please the space unicorns. They braided the unicorns’ manes. They fed them glittery sugarcubes. They built ray-guns. They killed their parents.
Then, the evil space unicorns took over the world.

Now we, the very children who brought the unicorns to power, have grown to realize the blight the unicorns have brought upon this world. Secretly, we plot to overthrow those who led us astray, building special anti-unicorn ray-guns, and space antennas / landing strips for the other space creatures who have vowed to help us.

But, until the time comes to rise up, we must worship our evil space unicorn masters —

All Hail the Glory of Their Capricious Might!
All Hail the Gory of Their Cuteness Spite!
All Hail the Story of Their Rainbow Blight!

Bow Down before their Malevolent Cuteness!

The age of Reason has ended.
The age of Rainbow Darkness is just beginning!

URL: http://www.hydrogirl.com/esu/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Evolutionary Center

The Evolutionary Center is a theme camp that has emerged out of the Greening Burning Man movement, which is focused around creating a more sustainable BRC culture, and integrating some of the methods we use in the “real world,” such as permaculture. Our contribution is providing workshops, resources and tools to educate and inspire Black Rock City citizens to live more softly on the Earth, both on the playa and off, collaborating with other “green camps” to unify the mission of greening Burning Man.

Cosmic Elves~ Sunshine Coast
Evolver Project~ LA, NY, SF
Goz & friends
City Repair Project~ Portland, OR
Star people & Light workers ` Ashland, NC
Kachina Katrina~ Everywhere
Visionaries for a more cosmic world!


URL: www.burncleanproject.orgHometown: Venice, CA


Seeking a unique experience at Burning Man this year? Always wondered how other burners spend their days on the playa? Now you can! Come by and participate with the Exchange Zone for Registered Aliens…your friendliest, most knowledgeable foreign exchange camp in Black Rock City! At EZRA, we believe that the best way to learn the true heart and soul of another culture is by experiencing it first hand. You can become a host family, or the newest member of a host family, depending on the experience you desire. Spend a day….or a night with your new family/family member, to get to know one another better. Love, educate, laugh, experience, learn and share. This is your opportunity to take with you something truly amazing from this burn. EZRA…Uniting community since 2006!!!

URL: http://www.ezracamp.comHometown: Reno, NV