2006 Theme Camps

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Babarist Babylon

Comfort and guidance can be found at Babarist Babylon. Come to enjoy the Jungle Dome, stay for the enlightenment.

URL: www.babarist.orgHometown: Tempe, AZ

Bad Idea Theater

“To Serve and Project” Bad Idea Theater once again returns to bring you refreshment of the mind and body. Stop by and visit our expanded lounge and theater complex, providing you the best in Psychotronic entertainment. Fear not, the future is here and hope is not lost… okay, some would fear our efforts were hopeless, but that’s not important right now. What’s Psychotronic, you ask? Look here http://www.badideatheater.com/movie_faq.html . Stop by during the day for a cool refreshing beverage, have a seat, hide from the sun, ask where they hid the port-a-potties this year. After nightfall stop by for our “Mind Numbing” service by watching the best movies you’ve never seen. Stop on by, it’s all for you. We’re open day and night, because we never know when you’ll be stopping by. We can’t wait to see you again!!!

URL: http://www.badideatheater.com/Hometown: Garden Grove, CA


BADOLINA gathering @ burning man ’06
full line up and details at www.badolina.com

URL: www.badolina.comHometown: Sacramento, CA


6. Take some refuge from the dust, sun and fun amidst our lavender and sage gardens and rounded Yosemite river rocks…
Dissolve your Fear of the Future…weave your Hopes into lavender and sage smudge sticks. Sit in our tepee sipping on Moroccan Tea while painting yourself with henna.
Take time to reflect and connect with other burners, lovers, dreamers, drummers, artists, humans, etc.
We will explore this year’s theme of Hopes and Fears and share stories through guided writing about our Burning Man experience(s).
Please bring something to write on and with, an open heart, and open mind.
Welcome to the Future, welcome to BALL Camp.
Hosted by Ball Camp

Hometown: El Portal, CA

Banana Camp

Do not fear, stick around, you’ll find appealing bananas abound. The “yellow zone” is for loading hope and unloading your fears.

Hometown: san Francisco, CA

Barbarella Bootcamp

The VERY friendly freaks and faeries at Barbarella Bootcamp invite you to our space ship freshly crash-landed in BRC. In our intergalactic travels we have assembled quite a cast of hot lesbos, queers, social activists, contortionists,
recent imigrants, heteros and distracting eye candy to titillate the appetites and vascillations of all known and often outlawed sensual mutations.
Any attempt to categorize our highly individuated members will be met with scorn -but our circus truly does include ‘something for everyone” – whether they consider themselves ready for ‘it’or not. You never know when the party might start – YOU might just provide the necessary spark!

URL: http://www.blakeseeley.com/barbarella/Structure.htmlHometown: Corte Madera, CA

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro

For the eighth consecutive year one of the most anticipated, revered, outrageous, and personable theme camps makes it’s triumphant return to Black Rock City: Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro, the friendliest concentration camp on the playa. Nestled within the confines of Wheeeee!Ville BDC&WB will once again be pouring vintage California merlot, zinfindel, and cabernet sauvignon while dismembering one of America’s icons, Barbie. Be sure to drop by and have a glass of wine and feel free to dispose of any of your unwanted Barbies, Kens, and assorted trailer trash. BDC&WB has been written up and featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, Wired magazine, Burning Man TV, the novel "The Man Burns Tonight", "Desert To Dream: 10 Years of Burning Man Photography" by Barbara Traub, CNN, the Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, and The Sacramento Bee. And once again BDC&WB will be hosting one of the playa’s favorite events short of burn night, the annual Eplaya/3playa Meet & Greet. Check the Burning Man calendar for the official listing. Your hosts again this year include Dr. Pyro, Frank the Vintner, Blowfish, Chickenbutt and his lovely wife Renee, Sunsetred, Garcia, Felony Arson, Buster, KJ, Gary, barB, Don, Tots, Shorty, Marta, David, Xander, Joe, Ferd, The Professor, Ron, Sue, Liam, Terry, Carly, and a whole host of characters better left unmentioned. So be sure and drop by our little slice of paradise, and be prepared to be offended by the Barbiebarians, the sickest bastards on the playa.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~dtalley24/BM/BDC/Hometown: Newcastle, CA


We can neither confirm nor deny the existance of this theme camp. BDRs know who they are, and know that they are welcome here. Our motto: “I wasn’t there / It didn’t happen / Next Question”

Hometown: Richmond, CA


“Explore your fears and hopes as we determine if you are an ‘Insane Burner’, and if so, administer a variety of imaginative cures including the ElectroBrain Helmet, fabulous concoctions, therapeutic regimes and torturer… I mean hospitality. The doctors, nurses and staff will be waiting. Then send you on to ‘your’ future, but a little better as a result!”

URL: http://www.clevian.com/Hometown: Austin, TX

Best Camp Ever. Ever.

Hometown: san francisco, ca

Big Evil Corporation

Come to The Big Evil Corporation for a glimpse of the future. Let’s be honest, in a few years we are going to own you anyway, so you may as well sign up now! Our daily hiring drives will give you a chance to use your evil skills to the fullest, helping the worlds most successful and innovative provider of evil. Our family of products has been developed specifically to meet the needs of both evil professionals and ordinary evil citizens alike. Our products include the world famous Baby Seal Clubomatic™, and the wildly popular Styrofoam coffin. Additionally, we offer studio quality ass-photocopying for those who are serious about their ass photocopies.
Whatever your skill set, we have work for you.

URL: thebigevilcorporation.comHometown: nyc, NY

Big Puffy Yellow

There is hope for Mankind. All things big, puffy, and yellow — a collective of artists and techies that enjoy vistors of all walks of life, camp camaraderie, music, communal cooking, drinking morning coffee and ice cold beer — enjoy an overabundance of all things big, puffy, and yellow.

Explore the sounds of the Big Puffy Yellow Theremin (invented by Russian physicist Leon Theremin 1896-1993). Lounge in Big Puffy Yellow chill space, shady, soft and puffy. See the light — our suspended hellium ballon serves as a beacon of light for all Burners — follow the light to find Big Puffy Yellow or use it as a marker to the locate your camp. Catch some shade — relax under one of the Big Puffy Yellow shade tents, enjoy the tunes, or take nap. You can find all of this and more at Big Puffy Yellow.

Big Puffy Yellow was conceived in 2001 and has participated in the Burning Man Project ever since. Come celebrate in the hope for mankind!

URL: Current Site URL: www.bigpuffyyellow.com - New Site URL (as of 8/1/06): www.puffyyellow.comHometown: Dallas, TX

Billion Bunnies: Fur and Loafing i

Does the Hare-raising prospect of Hop n’ Fur have your PEEP down? Is Big Bunny watching you or are you hoppily gathering jelly beans? Whatever your LEPICULAR state of mind is, come congre-EGG-ate with the Billion Bunnies in BRC and our RABBITAT AGAINST HUMANITY for some Fur and Loafing, Bunny style.

This year we will be Bunnifying playa citizens and performing bizzare and twisted DNA Modification by inserting Bunny genetic MEMES into Furriendly visitors who need some BUNNY in them. Bring your bad Bunny self to our HOPPY HOUR at the HOP N’ FUR Bar, daily 6-7, Monday through Friday for Bunnification. We will also be serving scrumptous potables such as Bunny Marys, Damn You Ra$pas and Screwy Rabbits. Get a special surprise from MISTRESS HAREBRUSH and become swept away into the swarthy carnivalesque of FUR of BUNNIES: the Trebuchet tossing wascally wabbits skyward, Splat the bunny game, and hit the Bunny hammer compliments of the DPW bunny contingent. IF you don’t crawl out of the hutch till later, CHILL NIGHTLY at the LATE NIGHT BUNNY DOME, Alice in Wonderland style.

Most importantly, DON’T BE LATE and JOIN YOUR FELLOW BUNNIES Thurday at 6pm SHARP to march in the BILLION BUNNY MARCH to protest humanity (Bunnification will start at 4) as we hop skip and jump to the ultimate symbol of Hop N’ Fur, THE MAN!

Hometown: San Francicso, CA


Bioluminati has been illuminating the Playa for eleven years with art, innovations, feasts, quests, and this year: Pimp My Bike the playa customization station where Black Rock Citizens outfit their bikes with that extra get-up-and-glow. Bioluminati will also be the home of the Quest Repository where riddles are collected that lead to points of interest in BRC.

URL: http://www.bioluminati.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Black Forest Bar

The fine folks who brought you Eggchair!, Pyromid & BlackRock BierGarten, we present a brand new playa bar to Black Rock City. Come Drink, Sing, Dance, Enjoy the GREEN MAN in our new Black Forest environment!

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~eggchairsteve/blackforestbar.htmHometown: Alameda, CA

Black Rock Arts Museum

The Black Rock Arts Museum will thrill participants with its exhibits on art pieces that have graced the playa during past years of Burning Man. Included in the exhibits is a historical timeline of significant Burning Man events through the 20 year history of the event along with a narrative of how the Man is built each year. Docent led tours will be available to give insider information on the art pieces as well as an introduction to this year’s art on the playa.

URL: http://www.jroworkshop.com/BlackRockArtsMuseum.htmHometown: South San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Beacon

We will be producing a daily newspaper for Black Rock City with a mix of fun articles and serious news. Our Press Club & News Room will provide shade and refreshment for ourselves as well as other members of the press and interested burners.

URL: http://blackrockbeacon.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Body Art Guild

Black Rock Body Art Guild
4th year on the playa decorating you to be mobile art.
An art collective offering Airbrush Painting, Brush Painting, Henna, Latex, and Magic Marker body decoration.
We offer a space to get decorated, and a space for artists to visit and decorate playa citizens.
(Visiting Artists please contact us before arriving on the playa. Bring your own equipment, clean up your mess.)

Friday, Critical Tits Special, Two-for-one!
Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Black Rock Bookmobile

We are the Black Rock Bookmobile, where reading is fun for the mental! The books are always Free, no cards, or strings attached. You may pick up a book from the bookmobile while we are in camp or on the move…then come in to our comfy reading room lounge to relax, be entertained, and check out our new SFA Boutique!

Hometown: Washoe Valley, NV

Black Rock Boutique

Come on down to the BLACK ROCK BOUTIQUE and let our fashion consultants slip you into something a little more questionable! Be a STAR and STRUT YOUR STUFF on our runway. Check the WHO, WHAT, WHERE for our highly anticipated “theme parties”. Funky, fabulous and furry clothing donations are always welcome.

URL: www.blackrockboutique.comHometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock City Animal Control

BRC Animal Control will make collections of those pesky playa creatures
who are running free causing disturbances to camps, streets and or persons of
the City. These captured animals will be documented and tagged for scientific
research and easy recognition. Some animals may need to be spayed/neutered or
given shots. Our trained staff will use the latest in animal reform practices
to allow these potentially dangerous animals the chance to be reintroduced to
life on the playa. If our staff concludes that an animal has achieved reformed
status they will be released and may have the opportunity to be adopted by/auctioned to a responsible Black Rock City citizen OR released to the playa in its natural habitat.

URL: http://www.brcac.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock City Gym

We lug a ton of iron, rocks and other Strong Man toys to the playa. Come play with us.

URL: http://www.ob3y.com/BRCGym/Hometown: venice, CA

Black Rock City Hardware

We are the Black Rock City Municipal Hardware Shoppe and have been helping the playa since 1999. If you are building a camp and find out you lack something or that something needs to be fixed, come to us and see if we can help. We’ll have power tools, hand tools, materials, fasteners, and people to help you when you are in need. If we can’t fix it, we can at least drown your sorrows in whiskey and provide an ear to listen. Disclaimer: We are not a secret front for the Church of
Volis [praise be his name], the god of control although we will have a shrine to Volis [praise be his name] dedicated to the virtues of science and duct tape and how it relates to the foundations of the universe.

URL: http://www.brchardware.org/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock City Post Office

Join our host of performance artists in sending mail anywhere, on playa or off (default world requires real US postage, which is not for sale per BRC no vending rule, quid malmborg in plano). We’ve got original art playa stamps, harassment postcards, bureaucracy, stickers, adult experiences, and some of the longest lines on the playa! Work the counter or traverse the playa as a Delivery Specialist; sign on for one shift or dozens.

URL: www.brcpo.orgHometown: Chico, CA

Black Rock Diner

Join the cultish kurds of The Whey. You will never be the same again. A camp devoted to grill and chill in the whey hours of the morning. The Black Rock Diner will be serving grilled cheese sandwiches, mac-n-cheese, and other comfort foods to our late night brethren. When the sign is on, we offer late night snacks and a chill space for those coming home from a night on the playa, or in some cases, those who are lost, on their way home.

URL: http://www.satinlounge.com/shikantazaHometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Housing Authority

Black Rock Housing Authority is THE place on the Playa to explore your Hopes and vanquish your Fears through the LOVE that IS House Music as you dance, Dance, DANCE the days and nights away! Our sunrise sets have become legendary at Burning Man, and this year we welcome Gavin Brown Bear who will be interpreting and translating the music with a live light show that will take the dance experience to a new level — don’t miss a single Playa dawn at the Black Rock Housing Authority!

Hometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner Hostel

A few friendly and committed Americans extending Good Old American Hospitality, and as many creature comforts and luxuries as possible, to a Big Bunch of Burners from around the world. Requests for membership must be made in advance, by August 1, since we cannot possibly accomodate all unexpected “drop-ins”, but there are exceptions to every rule.

URL: www.blackrockburnerhostel.comHometown: Sparks, Nevada

Black Rock JCC

Celebrate, experience, create, acclimate to and learn about Olam HaBa, the World to Come. Gateways include Shabbos evening davening (prayer and song) and dancing and pot luck dinner, midnight meditation, daily davening and deep spiritual discussion for any and all interested citizens of Black Rock City.

URL: metatronics.net/burnHometown: Oak Park, IL

Black rock Lemonade

ice cold lemonade for dusty humans

Hometown: truckee, ca

Black Rock Real Estate Corp.

The Black Rock Real Estate Corporation will be offering to participants of BM the once in a life time opportunity to become a part of the worlds largest RV community located right on the current site of the BM Festival. This new master planned community will offer the best in strip malls and plenty of paved parking lots along with the finest in Fast Food dining. Your real estate investment will be protected by a mandatory membership in our powerful Home Owners Association, which will insure conformity and decency. These exclusive sites are sure not to last. Drop by and meet our friendly sales representatives and see how you can become a part of the glowing future of the Black Rock Urban Development Project. Reserve your lot TODAY!

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Black Rock Roller Disco

The Black Rock Roller Disco is back on the Playa in 2006. Come and get your skate groove on with us as we continue to build on the ultimate interactive Burning Man exoerience ON WHEELS!!!!!

There are many things you may forget to bring to Burning Man, btu don’t forget the skates. This year we heve better skates, a bigger surface, 3 foosball tables, air hockey and more. We’ll be pumpin’ with the JBL powered 15’s all night long and you’ll be able to spot that disco ball from a mile away – maybe 2.

The GodFather will be your funky DJ with Christopher and the Venice Beach Crew backing me up. Also We’ll be lookin’ fot Motion Potion to stop by and groove your body on the skate floor. Also be on the lookout for the Texas Rollergirls. They may give the Thunderdome a run for their money – or skate!!!!!

Can’t Skate, No Worries. Skate lessons are every afternoon at 2PM

URL: http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2006.htmlHometown: San Francisco, California

Black Rock Spatial Delivery

Our uniformed bike messengers have served the community since 1999 with playawide delivery services for your postcards, parcels, and other gifts. We welcome and train volunteer deliverators on-playa!

URL: http://www.ziptie.org/brsd/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock Springs

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Black Rock Stacking Camp

Black Rock Stacking camp is a calm haven from the chaos of every day life in Black Rock City. Relax in our rock garden as you balance rocks for meditation, dynamic performance art, or for the sake of simple enjoyment. Take solace in our shaded Zen retreat, where you can find calming music for meditation, a soothing water fountain and a library of related books for you to browse at your leisure.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/blackrockstackingcampHometown: Fremont, CA

Black Rock Temp Agency

Our goal is to promote volunteerism both at BRC and at home. Our main focus will be to faciliate people volunteering at burningman. The Black Rock Temp Agency will have a job board with postings. People may be desired to help other theme camps or to help at Black Rock City. We will interview people, perhaps using a questionare and some evalutaion tools. We will then try and match candidates who are willing to volunteer with places that can use some help. We will also encourage people to continue the spirit of volunteering when they depart from BRC.

Hometown: chicago, il

Black Rock Travel Agency

The Black Rock Travel Agency (BRTA) has been serving its playa customers in the most untoward ways since 1937. BRTA is one of the oldest institutions at BRC (since 1991) and was instrumental in keeping Helco at bay in 1996 (though some of the details of these black ops have never been–and will never be–revealed). We will tell you about the old days, if you have the time. Otherwise, we will just take you on an airplane trip and try not to give you too much of a thrill. If you catch our drift.

URL: www.nevadacityfreepress.comHometown: Larkspur, CA

Black Rock University

Fear and Hope…Black Rock University responds to these throughout our curriculum which is based on the Future Studies equation pioneered by Dr. M. Mao in the late 1980s. The symbolic Ivory Tower which stands both literally and figuratively at BRU communicates this idea and its meaning: Hope x Fear = Change – Power + Vacation Time.

The BRU Department of Psychology offers therapeutic mental message and subliminal hope. The Art and Performance Art Departments offers Art Therapy Sessions. The Philosophy Department presents Bliss Studies Workshops in the Think Tank Chill Out Hammock Lounge. The Physics Program gives out snowcones for brain freezing while the Department of Chemistry host a morning coffee exam sans tests. And our Campus Recreation Center includes a Clay Court Tennis Area while everyone fears the incoming balls and hopes for the best. We have a Performance Stage for lectures and improv performance, a Wheel of Hope and Fear that we spin at our afternoon therapy sessions so students and faculty can play and earn grades and Pre-Ride bodypainting.

Further, our University offers a wide variety of fields of learning presented through unqualified but interestingly costumed performers who give away cookie dough and engage others enthusiastically, as if they are from an accredited institution.

Also, there will be cheerleaders. The Fighting Dust Flamingo Cheerleaders to be exact, who will be catting around all week cheering where ever they are not/needed.

Our Scholastic Motto: “Drink, Give Out Cookie Dough and Whatever Else We Want To Do” forms the dictate upon which our Black Rock University exists and thrives. Go BRU!!!

URL: http://www.com2020.com/BRUCampPlan2006.JPGHometown: Takoma Park, MD

Blacklight Aquarium, The

Who knows what you’ll find floating around in Blaqua’s tank this year. But, whatever it is, don’t even try flushing it down. The unsinkable Blacklight Aquarium has resurfaced for its tenth year straight to celebrate a Decade in the Dust! Our Beav-loved Maestro will be on deck serving up refreshing iced sweet green tea and delicious Thai Boba (watch out for the bubbles). Peeps and feesh alike won’t want to pass up Patrick’s Pancake Pastie Playa Playhouse or face the Wrath of Ra. Don’t know where to find us? Just ask Playa Feeshformation or hitch a ride on RoboShaw and look for the giant, big-ass spinning fish sign!

URL: http://www.blaqua.com/projects/ditd.htmHometown: Folsom, CA

Blazin Raisin

A cozy homespun heart-centered villiage featuring a bedouin living space, 100 ft. parachute, naked DJ and lots of love. If yer lookin’ for a little kicked back yin, come on in!

URL: http://blazin-raisin.tribe.net/Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Hometown: oakland , CA

Blood Vessel-Rue Morgue

The Rue Morgue, home of the Blood Vessel. Come pay your respects to your dearly departed. Inside the Mausoleum Create an origami crane with your condolences and goodbyes to place inside our hand made coffins that are taken to the Temple Burn. Then hitch a ride on the Blood Vessel/ Last Caress and head for the open playa on our one of many excursions OR have a drink with us in the Reception room in the shade.

URL: http://www.bloodvessel.orgHometown: San Jose, CA


Our greatest desire is that the Bloop be dispersed to the rest of the world. Our marking? The purple Bloop on the forehead. It is our job to enlighten the world about the purple dot, to encourage people to do the things they have always wanted to do but afraid to act, to bring stangers together, to be open, friendly, and loving..
Our Tourist Information Booth will have maps, passports & papers, guided tours and a general ‘Ask your question here or receive your service here’ Booth. We will also be actively patrolling the grounds and corralling people to become naturalized BRC citizens and Blooped! We will host a non-exclusive but authentic “Locals” Bar where those tourists in the know can come and socialize and learn about real estate opportunities and naturalization possibilities. Our roaming Alter Ego project will be projected in realy-time on our camp projection screen. Oh yeah.. and we are going to BLOOP the hell out black rock city.

URL: www.bloopcamp.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Blue Moon Tea House

The Blue Moon Teahouse is a timeless respite for Burning Man travelers. Enter East into our Japanese influenced salon for refreshing sun brewed tea, conversation and relaxation. When ready, your teacup becomes a message or offering to the old ones. Exiting West, the world has continued and time has pressed on. Exit Blue Moon Teahouse and be in the future. The Blue Moon Teahouse is open from 4 to 6 Thurs. through Sat. for tea service but is open for relaxing and self service tea all other times.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Blue Oasis

During the day a shady place where citizens can relax and enjoy the passing parade.

Each evening movies will be presented in the Blue Oasis Theater. Enjoy movies on a big screen under the stars with full stereo sound. Our film collection includes big name feature films, cult movies and true art collectables. Or bring your own (DVD format only) and arrange for a special showing. The planned program for each night will be displayed on the marquee at the front of the theater.



Hometown: boise, id


bmanbutton camp
this is the place to have photos and what you make on a 2 1/4 pin on button
to wear or share. to remember the future are show your fears and hopes
hometown:citurs heights ca

URL: bmanbutton@yahoo.comHometown: CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIF


Invites all desert earthlings, to make a 2 1/4" , pin on button,using their photo or one that we take and print for them.All age groups are invited to capture the spirit of 2007 Greenman

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA

BMTV - "Unfair and Biased

We’re unfair, we’re biased, we deliver the news while drinking scotch, and we don’t give a rat’s ass about accuracy. Welcome dear viewers, to Burning Man TV!

Every city needs its own local TV news station, so our crack reporting team will deliver the very latest on BRC traffic, weather, with live sports reports from the Thunderdome, red carpet interviews at the Miss Black Rock City Beauty Pageant, plus STD public service announcements, live cooking shows, totally libelous investigations, restaurant reviews and plenty of art criticism.

Come watch the evening news at 5, 6 and 11 pm at our camp and enjoy a cocktail from our bar, “The Thirst Amendment.” During the day, we will provide other network programming, such as The Dating Game. News tips, game show guests, and freelance reporters gladly accepted.

(Disclaimer: this is a FAKE TV station, none of the footage will ever air off-Playa.)

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BurningManTV/Hometown: Oakland, ca


Bohemians are intrepid hedonists who believe that the hope for the future lies in fearing less and loving more. We are artists, musicians, dancers, poets and lovers from two states who will fly hope over the playa in love and celebration. Please join us for our “Welcome to Burningman” cocktail party” at 5:00 pm on Tuesday the 29th. and our “Pink and Paint” party from noon until 6:00 pm on Thursday the 31st. “Pink and Paint” will include body painting, face painting, hair coloring and temporary tattoo application (including custom Burningman design tattoos.) Please stop by at any time during the week to add your prayer/message for the future to a Hope Flag for us to fly above our camp.

Hometown: Burbank, CA

Booby Bar

A social gathering place for new and returning burners alike.There will be health and well-being seminars; enviromental green-ness, impact and recycling discussions.
A theatrically interactive place to laugh and enjoy each day of life.
As well as a part of the Glorious Terminal City Alliance.

URL: http://www.apokiliptika.com/terminal_city_page.htmHometown: Reno, NV

Boonville CAbaret

Act out your hopes and fears on stage at the Boonville CAbaret!

Hometown: Boonville, CA

Borrachos Y Bicicletas

BYB returns for its 7th straight year of keeping burners rolling. Bike repair, cool people, occasional mayhem – what more could you ask for?

URL: http://www.borrachosybicicletas.orgHometown: Concord, CA

Brain Freeze/ Got Stickers Camp

Everyone has seen many of the unique stickers from the various camps over the years. Brainfreeze/Got Sticker camp will bring them to you. We will have a central place where you can drop off stickers from your camp and pickup stickers from other camps. We will seed the pool with several thousand of the beautiful stickers from the Flaming Lotus Girls and from their 06′ project, “The Serpent Mother”. In addition, we will be offering frozen margaritas every afternoon. (For those 21 & older) We will again have the famous electric chair from 05′ for those who need to recharge their batteries. Brainfreeze/Got Stickers camp is the home of El Diablo, the jet powered flame thrower. We will be located on the back side of Illumination Village.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Brand-UR-Ass 'N More

Brand-UR-Ass ‘N More will stimulate your entire being, from your mind to your ass. Start by baring that cheeky butt at the hitching post and get a special, fun, and purely pleasurable brand. Bare your hopes and fears at the Black Rock Supertherapist. Need more? Enjoy a Martini at the Barry White Memorial Bar while soaking in our hot tub. Y’all come and play!

Hometown: Reno, NV

Brassiere Reclamation Cantina

Come experience lounging and entertainment! In the future, you ladies will not be needing those uncomfortable brassieres. Decorate our bar with yours and get a drink! Lounge in our Tranquiloungers. Rock out to our house bands. Friday night, experience the performance/cooking/variety show that is CIRQUE DU MOLE! Futuristic bubble tea will hopfully be available nearby, as well, for you non-alkies.

URL: http://www.seedwiki.com/wiki/bm06yall/plan.htmlHometown: Austin, TX

BRC Bike Messenger Assoc.

BRC Bike Messenger Assoc. is the place to be for BRC Bike Culture. We also do bike repairs.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

BRCVFD, Fire Camp (Station #3)

Fire Camp has been the semiofficial home of the Black Rock City Fire Department since 2001. You’re invited to come by and visit the firefighters who volunteer their training and skill to our wonderful city. The members of the department come from across north america to participate in this Playa version of a real fire house. We’re here to help so don’t be shy.

Hometown: Deming, WA

Bubble Bar

Get another chance at childhood at the Bubble Bar camp–only this time with a frosty rum drink in your hand. Play giant Operation, giant Kerplunk and other games, ask questions of the 21 foot wide Giant Magic 8-ball, and have a cocktail at the Bubble Bar lounge.

URL: http://oof.org/bubbles/Hometown: La Jolla, CA

Bubble Lounge

Come fly our eclectic skies…
Welcome to the Mile High Club Theme Camp. We’ve got your ticket to ride on a flight to outrageousness. Stop by our outgoing, scrumptious, international camp whether you’re looking to relax, find good conversation or just plain get crazy.
Our Denver based flight crew knows you have a choice of airlines, so we will do our best to take you to altitudes you’ve never reached before. Fasten your seatbelts, locate your cocktail waitress call button and prepare for take off! First class and no class flights available. One way only.

URL: http://www.milehighcamp.info/index.htmlHometown: Lakewood, CO

Bubble Lounge

The future is a bubble and is contained in the swirling irridescent orb we call a bubble. Stop by, pick up your own free personal bubble generator, wonder at the projected “Images of the Future”, and wander in our “Garden of the Future” featuring 100 glowing acrylic flowers, and dance among the bubbles floating day and night. And remember…the softer you blow, the bigger the bubble!

Hometown: Venice, CA

budgetcamp 6

Budgetcamp is a minimalist look at theme camp lifestyle on the playa. Attachment to our things brings us unnecessary hopes and fears. Budgetcamp takes a look into the future and returns to the dust we all came from.

URL: http://www.wormhole.org/budgetcamp/Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Bump Camp

Come for your Bump and Grind! Good music, good people, and a nice chill environment.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Bumps In The Night

20 years and yet, the man burns stronger… this year our family at “Bumps In The Night” are proud to bring you 35,000 watts of BUMPIN’ Mackie sound. We will be featuring a main arena with raised sound stage with dj cave, mind numbing intelligent stalagtite lighting and visuals complete with Argon lasers,surrounded by 2 full size visual screens shadow dancing caves, complete with 3 sided raised platform for multiple dancers in the center of the dancefloor. Just when you think you’re ready to drop from dehydration due to excessive ass shakin’ you can step over to the cave bar and lounge for some playa punch and relaxation 🙂 Bumps In The Night will be featuring several talents from the pacific northwest and all over the west coast and hope to recriute many new djs we meet throughout the week(if anyone is interested in sending demos before they reach the playa please email illbphunkin4u@yahoo.com for details)

Hometown: portland, oregon

Burn the Geek

Burn the Geek started out as a gaggle of geeks who liked to talk about technology and the future, known as HikeTheGeek. After exhausting most of the trails in Los Angeles, we decided to head out to Burning Man to spread our message of Hope through Accountability.

Our camp offers several opportunities… You’ll be guaranteed injections of rationality with our Brutal Rationality Counselor. Take apart a motherboard and turn it into art or bugs. Are you sure the oven is off? Come to our OCD station. Lectures given throughout the day. Find out why you have been fundamentally wrong about your basic premise of reality and technology.

URL: http://www.hikethegeek.comHometown: Sun Valley, CA

Burners' Court

Did you get hit on the head by a large, inflatable banana? Did your campmate smear body glitter all over the inside of your sleeping bag? Did you lose your glowstick when running from a deranged robot? Don’t fret! You do not have to sit and stew quietly! Air your grievance at The Burner’s Court! Our professional panel of Judges, Attorneys and BailBots are here for you! We can resolve your case quickly, in an ostentatious display of bizarre justice that will have you begging for more. Don’t trust us? Spin the Random Wheel of Justice and let fate decide the outcome! Participants are encouraged to try their own cases and hope for the best. We mete out punishments as well as rewards, all of which will be gleefuly described by our very own Guy With a Microphone and Great Hair. The Burner’s Court also offers a wide range of legal services for Playa-Goers, such as Pre-Nuptial contracts for Burning Man Weddings, as well as annulments and divorce. Enjoy your whirlwind romance without fear of reprisal! So come on down to The Burner’s Court poste haste! Why stay mad at your campmate for stealing your last condom, when you can watch him make Snow Angels in Playa Dust?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Burning Silicon Collective Camp

Burning Silicon Collective (BSC) Camp is a radically inclusive camp with most members residing in Silicon Valley. Our residents are providing a wide array of distractions for your Playa pleasure. Play on our giant, 3-cornered swing. Cool off at the Mist’r Cool Misting Booth. Tell a story at the “One Time at Burning Man…” stage. Lounge around the Playatech Factory Showroom. Enjoy the comfort and company of the 5 Elements Pavilion or relax in a Midsummer’s Night Dream. If you live in Silicon Valley or just love those who do, stop by Friday at sundown for our First Friday party at the 5 Elements Pavilion.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CampatBM/Hometown: Boulder Creek, CA

Burning Tribe's Dancing Dragon

The Tribe will attempt to break that record by creating a two mile long Chinese Festival dragon with the help of hundreds of volunteers and direct participants. Also, come visit our Playa Play Land with crawling tunnels and climbing tower

URL: www.burningtribe.comHometown: Los Angeles, ca


BurningSky has been providing ‘skydiving’, and ‘observation rides’ since 2001.
We originally began working together as the Sky People in December of 2001.
Our theme is twofold: bringing a third dimension to the art of Black Rock City, and living out the ancient awe of beings in the sky that finds expression in virtually every human culture.
To achieve this vision we are developing objects that will bring color and depth to the sky, planning jumps and ground installations that will allow BRC citizens to experience the aerial view of the city either in person or vicariously, creating costumes and camp art that reflect humanity’s timeless love affair with the heavens and offering ‘observation rides’ to those who wish to join us in sky over the playa.

URL: http://www.burningsky.org/Hometown: Rocklin, CA

Burnstream Court

Do you gape when you see a shiny aluminum streamlined RV on the road; Does the name “Airstream” summon images of retro-coolness and camping at the same time? Please stop by Burnstream Court, the trailer park in the suburbs of Black Rock City, to see Airstreams from every decade since the 50’s and join us for an open-house and a trailer trash freak show/carnival. We even have a “Hood” across the tracks. We’ll be playing daily croquet games. Stop by anytime and visit us. Camp events will be listed on our bulletin board beside our ultra cool neon sign.
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Contact: contact@burnstream.net
URL: http://www.burnstream.net

URL: URL: http://www.burnstream.netHometown: Evrgreen, CO


Definition : Burntown

Main Entry: 1. burntown
Pronunciation: bern-taun
Function: noun, title, icon
Inflected Form – inhabitants : plural burntownies
Etymology: by way of 12th century old English, akin to Old High German by way of the foothills Norte California.

1 : a state of mind without limitation, born through confluence – formed by conjunction

2 : a gathering of communal minded persons deliberately interested in friendship, fire, incendiary agents and any and all things creative

3 : indefinable by regular means. Must be experienced in order to truly understand. Visits and further exploration highly recommended


All above definitions are ephemeral and dependent on any number of outside influences including, but not limited by, time of day, time of night, population, known or unknown sex of population, intellect of population, impact of surrounding environment (such as nearby events, dust storms, extreme heat or cold, etcetera), possible baser needs or drives of individuals present (IE hunger, thirst, etcetera) and other unknown and unexpected influences; whether hope for or feared, desirous or otherwise.

Burntown’s promise or warning: Expect it when you least expect it.

Burntown is an eclectic, eccentric, yet somehow concentric collection of individuals from the foothills of Northern California. The core are longtime friends from the town of Auburn; hence the ‘burn’ in Burntown. Some are contractors, school teachers, doctors and healers, and all have their own special creative element they bring to the table.

Our camp on the playa is the culmination, if you will, of preparation, practice and community gatherings that take place year-round. Burntown is not something brought together merely for seven days on the playa. Burntown is a way of life.

Come and experience Burntown for yourself. Our black-free-market (who knows what that means?) economy, interactive art, creative environment and welcoming atmosphere. Bring yourself and contribute, participate and add to the mix.

URL: http://burntown.netHometown: Auburn, CA