2006 Theme Camps

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Rabble Rouzer Retreat

Join us for a relaxing, re-energizing retreat for rabble rouzers from across the ether.

Hometown: toluca Lake, CA

Radio Free Burning Man

RFBM returns to Black Rock City for the thirteenth time! Join us on the air at 99.5FM or drop by our spacions veranda as we hope and fear our way to the future.

URL: www.rfbm.orgHometown: San Jose, CA

Radio Free Valhalla

Join the Viking roundtable in the halls of Valhalla while we discuss the future of our world. Temper that sarcastic bent of fear with a twinge of icy cold hope – on tap 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We’ll be recording 3-4 roundtable shows throughout the week, we hope you’ll join us. www.vikingyouth.com

URL: http://www.thefeedlot.org/vikingyouth/radio_free/radio_free.phpHometown: Chicago, IL

Rainforest Refugee Camp RRC

Rainforest Refugee Camp (RRC) Returns as the Playa’s “premier” relief station where over heated Participants from lands graced with lower temperatures and higher humidity can seek Refuge and ask for asylum from the harsh treatment they are enduring on the Playa. The entrance of the RRC has an overhead misting system giving the participant the joy of forests mists. Within moments your body temperature will drop several degrees. This is a clothing optional camp and you will be asked to remove your shoes and boots. We will be open only during the heat of the day approx. noon – 4pm every day that the temps are above 85*f We are playa virgin friendly, membership cut off is 45 members. We are approaching that number quickly.

URL: http://snursery.com/rrc/rrc06.htmHometown: Hoquiam, WA

Ranger HQ

The Black Rock Rangers are the rebar of Burning Man. We ride the edge of chaos, and have been making reasonable excuses for your behavior since 1992.

URL: www.rangers.burningman.comHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Ranger Oupost Berlin

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

Ranger Outpost Tokyo loves you. Rangers ride the edge of chaos, and have been
making reasonable excuses for your behavior since 1992. Please expect change, and feel free to get over it. We are not your mothers, but we want to help. If you have a real problem, please come by for a visit. Or just stop by to say hi.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Recycle Camp

Showing Black Rock citizens the way to reducing waste on the Playa. Leave all unnecessary packaging at home, reduce what you bring to the playa, leave sorry ass glass at home, choose something that you can actually leave behind on the playa. Choose aluminum when buying your beverages. That’s right, we will take all of your aluminum cans and donate them to the Gerlach School and you don’t have to carry them home with you. We will be by early in the week to visit & remind each and ever one of you and pick up anything you have and then remember to bring us the rest of your cans before you leave. Don’t wait till the last minute though cause we only accept cans through Sunday after the Burn until 5pm. Tell your friends and neighbors about us when they offer you a beverage.

Please help us help the Gerlach School and seperate your trash in your camp and make sure to show us your CANS!!!!!!!

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/recycle_camp.htmlHometown: Oakland, CA

Red Nose District

Behold the hope of the awake, the fear of those who sleep, the kaleidoscopic future of circus: the Red Nose District! Take a deep breath and dive into a wondrous world of intoxicatingly delicious performance, music, and art, the likes of which Black Rock City and the rest of this fine globe have never before been.

URL: http://www.rednosedistrict.orgHometown: San Francisco, California

Red Rubber Tattoo

Hometown: Berkeley,, CA

Redwood City Burners (RWC Burners)

This camp is dedicated to 1st time Burners like we were last year. Come by for a drink and we can answer any of your newbie questions. Celebrate love, life and a week with 40,000 stangers who will be your family at the end.

URL: not ready yetHometown: Redwood City, CA

Regional Information Center

Want Burning Man to last ALL year long? It can! Stop by the Regional
Information Center (RIC) in Center Camp and learn about our year-round community and off-playa regional gatherings. The RIC can connect you with burners where you live and help you meet them on the road. Stop by the RIC to learn about our growing Regional Network and keep the flame burning all year long!!!

URL: http://regionals.burningman.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

REMSA Medical Tent

Hometown: Occidental, CA

REMSA/ESD Station 6

Hometown: Port Orchard, WA


We’re back at Risa for a 6th year! Risa is themed after a resort planet from Star Trek, renowned for its breezes and easy-going, unihibited sexuality.
Risa is also the home of The Dancing Peahen and Peacock.

URL: http://www.brcrisa.com/Hometown: Carson City, Nevada


The Roarshack is a product of postmodern medicine, filled with art connoisseurs and medical fetishists who just want to help you find your inner child and, if possible, surgically excise it. Specialists in neurobotany, art therapy, hoop therapy, op art, pop art, pop tarts, invasive brain surgery, recreational psychiatry, ritual bloodlettings, and jello shots, the Roarshack promises miracles and even, occasionally, delivers.

Visit us and discover the healing powers of mankind’s greatest creations, art and alcohol. Behold the Perpetual Art Opening, walls and pedestals covered in the best and worst of art from around the playa (we don’t judge, at least not to your face) lined up along the roadside for your patronage, perusal, and pity. Exercise your darkest demons with the help of our skilled quack doctors/docents, who will happily pour you chilled white wine out of a box into little plastic cups — the greatest medicine of all.

URL: http://roarshack.org/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Robots Unite!

Robots Unite! is an invite to all Hu-mans, wether you ‘heart’ robots, or suffer from extreme Robo-phobia, to interact and/or meltdown with our all-new SpectralSensoric Interactive Video Screens. The Robot Few-Thousand will engage you in any manner you deem necessary, while the screens will once again be audio-enhanced by d6.

URL: www.robotronia.comHometown: reno, nevada


The Root of all….all things above and below
Above is hope. Below is fear
Above temptation. Below the belt. The love below…
The root of all evil? Maybe!

But you want it. Your mind wanders…the mystery draws you in.
Your mind imagines…dreams of its power.
The contrast of the extremes. We hope for new experiences.
We fear the below we can not see.

The way people and energy move through space.
Keeping score of the activity…away from the natural balance
The Root Society!

URL: bmrootsociety.comHometown: CHARLESTOWN, MA

Rotten Island

This year Rotten Island will be bringing you Revenge of the Red Line (on trikes) a twenty-four foot tower to play on, a comfortable spot to park it and share a drink and fire breathing lesions, sooth your pedal extremities in a bath from our Playa Podiatrist. We have a large collection of music and we are always open to requests.

Burning Man has a unique meaning to every single person out on the playa. Why people continue to come back is something that is important to each and every one of us maybe it is simple as; it is a lot of fun, or we come for the art, either to absorb it or create it. The playa is filled with cathartic moments that whisper to us and sometimes knock us right off our asses. Rotten Island is a group of close friends who have been part of the playa for a long time now. Our little group has a wide range of outlooks upon life and The Man. We welcome all to our camp. We wish to give and receive experience as one little group who helps make up the entirety of what is Burning Man.
Base of Operindi: Sonoma County, CA
Web: Rottenisland.org
Contact: oshyan@oshyan.com

URL: rottenisland.orgHometown: Santa Rosa, CA