2006 Theme Camps

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M*A*S*H 4207th

The least disciplined but most hospitable military unit in Black Rock City, M*A*S*H 4207th has been on the playa since 1999, and a registered theme camp since 2000. Feeling unwell? The doctors & nurses of our unit will prescribe inebriation therapy till you can’t walk, then throw you on the stretcher & haul you from post-op to your home camp or where we decide to dump you. Our well-trained alchoholics will gladly eliminate any surplus liquor you may have. Who else on the playa will hand out military spec toilet paper rations at 3 AM when the JoTS have run out? If we like you, you may get invited to the 38th Parallel Medical Society poker game. If we don’t like you, that won’t stop us from giving you shelter from the heat & dust. While the USO seems to be avoiding us, that has never stopped music & comedy from occuring at random in the mess hall. Travel with caution near our camp at night; The CO & others are avid playa fishermen. From draglines to driftnets to simple fishing in front of camp, no tripper wanting that free glow stick is safe from our master anglers. Carry your BRC issued ID near this camp: random security checkpoints at all hours. Raids & blockades of other camps will occur when least expected.

Hometown: Salem, OR

Mad Science

How many Igors does it take to burn out a lightbulb? Our crew of mad mad scientists, lovely assistants and Igors will help you figure it out. We will dazzle and intrigue you with feats of mechanics, magnetism, light, chemistry and fire and then force your brain to understand the science behind it. Muhahaha!

We have some of the nerdiest interactive toys on the playa like the human gyroscope and the brain-controlled multicolored flame! Daily shows and demos- safe and not sane fun for all ages.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


The Mad-Scientists have brought you the L2K, the Hypknowtrons, a spotlight talking to space and many other grand visions over the years. This year we bring a new predominant feature to the playa, the replacement for the L2K, a new ring of lights around the man. Check our camp for the new and improved control room and other extra goodness.

URL: www.mad-scientists.comHometown: san Jose, cA

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is Black Rock City’s press room — a resource for the media to check in, get information, and learn more about Burning Man. All press are required to pre-register at http://www.burningman.com/press. Media Mecca, located in Center Camp, is open daily from 9 AM-ish to 5 PM-ish.

URL: http;//www.burningman.com/pressHometown: san francisco, CA

Meet Me Here

We welcome all new, old and wise burners a place to meet and greet all whom enter our camp. We will provide shelter from the shade, morning hotcakes while they last and glow in the dark paint for those who need a little distraction while they are waiting for their friends. There will also be a message board for those who just can’t wait!

Hometown: Campbell River, BC

Mekka Oasis

Located on the Esplanade, the Mekka Oasis will provide refuge for those adventurous travellers looking to engage their senses, expand their mind, and transcend their world while sharing all their hopes and fears. The Oasis will be comprised of three tents each focused on the primal, the cerbral and the spiritual. Throughout the week the Outpost will serve as a forum for artists, lovers, performers, thinkers, tinkerers, speakers, philosophers, preachers, and healers to interact and share their experiences. The week will culminate with a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit after the burn with music, light, video and interactive art throughout the night and into the new day.

URL: http://www.mekka.com/burningman2006/Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA


Come on over and bring some crazy — there may not be enough to go around.

URL: N/AHometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Hope and Fear are two extremes. By showing two groups with diametrically opposed perspectives we look at how hope and fear can be interwoven. Come and see the Way of all Flesh and see how they hope to eradicate the cyborg menace from burning man. If you support the cause, you can participate in our party rally which will be held late afternoon on Friday. There will be hot dogs and balloons for the kids. Not good enough? Come and see the revolutionary Cyborgs free the hearts and minds of Black Rock City’s citizens from the fear of the biological supremacists. If you support the cyborgs, you can show your support by coming to our revolutionary party just before dark on Friday. We will show the Way of All Flesh not to mess with the cyborgs.

URL: http://www.geocities.com/dimyarbles/meza9.htmlHometown: Sacramento, CA

Midwest Mayhem

Home of the Laser Dome, a psycedelic laser experiance made to test you sensory threshold. We bring the falva of the midway to the playa, coupling music and mayhem in true midwest fashion. Come for the laser treatment, stay for the freak out.

URL: http://www.CampMidwestMayhem.comHometown: Glenview, IL

Mind Shaft Society

The Mind Shaft Society is reconstructing an ancient Time Portal that was discovered in the late 19th century by Dr. Frank Lloyd Wright. Dr. Wright was researching his distant cousin, The Great Borzuni, who first stumbled upon the Time Portal in the mountains of Transylvania. The Portal was secretly used as a fortune-telling device by wandering hordes of Greeks, Romans, Turks, Gypsies and other nomadic tribes. Originating in New Guinea and transported via the Silk Trade Route, it established a connection to the future under the guidance of mysterious figures.

The Mind Shaft Society is reconstructing this fabled artifact so that you too may partake of its magic. When it is fully reconstructed, you will be invited to step into the Time Portal to peek into images from the future and to examine your Hope! and Fear!

The Mind Shaft Society explores Black Rock City in the hybrid Huracan ~ the God of Fierce Winds from the Mayan Culture. We discuss the results of the daily findings in the Field Laboratory. The key is in the mail box… come on in.

URL: http://www.mindshaftsociety.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Ming' Speakeasy

Ming’s Speakeasy reprises the sci-fitastic ambience that was Moons of Mongo in years past. It’s a place for aliens to gather.

URL: http://www.moonsofmongo.comHometown: Berkeley, CA

Mischief Camp

Ready for a little Mischief on the Playa? stop by 24/7 and vote at the official hope/fear booth. Then venture into Mischief dome where you will find the Emporium of electric shock toys. Test your reflexes against your friends in a game of reaction, take a lie detector test, play the shocking simon game to test your memory and at 2pm daily, be a member of one of two teams of five to play electric shock laser tag! It’s the most shocking game of capture the flag ever!

Hometown: colorado springs, CO

Miss Information Station

Our 2nd Year Miss-Guiding, Miss-Directing and general all around good (or bad) advice about Burning Man survival to anyone willing to listen. Newbies are more than always welcomed!

Hometown: los banos, CA

Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica

When the sun reaches its zenith and is beating down on the citizens of Black Rock city head over to the coolest Bedouin Palace on the playa and indulge in an ice cold martini while lounging on pillows,poufs,camel saddles and lots of carpets. Lay around Mohammeds and philosophize about life or read from our “Book of 1001 Erotic Tales”. This ancient tome is a collection of our guests erotic stories from the last three years and is housed in a 300 year old book that is illustrated with scenes from past years at Mohammeds. The drinks and nibblies are offered with traditional Bedouin hospitality but we do ask,if the spirit moves you,to write a true erotic story that we can include in this history of the sensual life of the denizens of Black Rock City. We Mohammedans tend to shake our martini thing between lunchtime and dinner but come early or late and you may be suprised.

Hometown: Incline Village, Nevada


MonkeyPuzzle, a band of playful performers, invites you to face your fears and embrace your hopes. Join us in the Monkey Dome for relaxation, or on our 8 Foot Stage to perform, emote, inspire, and be inspired.

URL: http://www.monkeypuzzle.usHometown: Portland, OR


Camp Montage collects digital images from Burning Man to create original works of ‘Montage’ art. At this year’s Burn we will feature over 20 enlarged Montages from last year. Inpired by the costumes, camps and cars of our fellow burners we are able to create truly spectacular works of Burning Man Art.

URL: www.campmontage.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

MoonBass - The Space Oasis

Moonbass, the Space Oasis…offering participants an altered landscape, soundscape and stimuli simulating a lunar environment. We welcome you to join us here on our laser grid dancefloor amongst the geodesic domes, moonrawks, breakbeats, and other cosmic oddites…we HOPE to see you there.

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Moonbow Camp

When the Full Moon shines upon Yosemite Falls, the Moonbow there, creates a special mystic place where the Celestial Spirits and the Green Man meet in the dark forest. A quiet place of meditation, magick, spirituality and to watch the Full Lunar Eclipse in ceremony and harmony.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Mooncake Rebellion

A bike-drawn tea cart offering a space to get out of the sun, and enjoy the refreshment of tasty (non-alcoholic) beverages (varying between tea, thai iced tea, ginjembre, and similar offerings). We’ll offer spontaneous firestaff dancing lessons, and a firestaff making class at our camp on Tuesday at 1:00. People are invited to make use of a portable MIG welder that we’re bringing as well (it’s going to be solar-powered, so use may be somewhat limited).

Hometown: Portland, OR


MOONLIGHTENMENT ~ invites you to JOIN us as WE find
**Get Your Inner Lunatic On**

URL: http://www.moonlightenment.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Moonshine Tavern

Come to your friendliest “Moonshine Tavern” on the Playa for all of the alcoholic pleasures the playa has to offer. We guarentee faded interactions with a severe case of limited recall! This will be our 4th year but the first time as an “official theme camp”. Nothing like slamming a couple down and trying your luck on our trampoline with others in the same frame of mind! We provide an exellent carpeted shelter with couches and the occational jello shot or popsicle. Come say hello to Synergy, Frankie Nipples, Lady Whips-a-Lot, Grasshopper, Styler and maybe get to take a little something home with you! Can’t wait to see you there!

Hometown: reno, NV

Muses' Ark

Embark the oniric ship!
Follow the footsteps of russian geniuses and participate in the making of an animation movie — Animation movie workshops wednesday and friday afternoon —
Play with the dreamy giant puppets!
Walk (in) the big-tiny dragon!
(Muses’ Ark is part of Kidsville)

URL: http://www.mendiburu.net/musesarkHometown: los angeles, CA

Mutant Audio Outpost

A haven for audio experimentation and those seeking out non-traditional and unorthodox sounds. Stop by and play our experimental instruments, listen to unusual musical performances, and take part in sound creation workshops.

URL: http://www.mutantaudio.net/outpostHometown: San Diego,

Mystical Mysfits

Come Join the mystical mysfits as we once again take a journey into the unknown future that is Burningman. Our mystical experiments will transform your entire entity into a mysfit of nature! Much Love See you on the playa

URL: http://mysticalmysfits.com/Hometown: reseda, CA