2007 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

A Cavallo

Docking for the carousel, which departs daily and nightly (almost), with horses galloping, performers performing, and flames a-flaming. Acts and events will be posted at camp so you can completely space on the times and just chase us down when you see us cruising (don’t worry, we move slowly).

URL: http://www.acavallo.orgHometown: New York



Hometown: Nevada City, CA

A Very Merry Unbirthday Camp

Sick & tired of crappy birthdays? Visit the Un-Birthday Camp for tea & sympathy. Laugh! Hug! Tell the DorMouse your troubles. Write your woes in the Crappy Birthday Album & let the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar poke your aura & share advice. Iced Tea Time among shaded blossoms from 2-4 p.m.

URL: http://www.earthskids.com/b-man/very_merry_unbirthday_camp.htmHometown: San Jose, CA


Notre camp peuvent etre apprécié à n’importe quelle occasion;
cependant, il est parfait pours ces périodes spéciales où le jour se
tourne vers la soirée et la soirée se transforme en nuit !

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Above the Limit

Over 100 gallons of a wide variety of outstanding hand-crafted beers are on tap, supplemented by Flaming Lamborghinis and other exotic beverages for thirsty passers-by. Visitors welcome to stop by for libations, relaxation, homebrew workshops, and conversation on anything and everything–desert structures, playa flying, Ayn Rand, ELWire, photography, flame effects, entheogens, shamanism, software, ancient civilizations, and much more–always undertaken at least two steps Above the Limit.

Hometown: Reno, NV


Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa,providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millenium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambience and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: http://abstininthe.tribe.netHometown: Berkeley, CA

Accessory Alley

Accessory Alley – We Accessorize the Playa.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Airport - BRC Port of Entry

BRC International is a real but temporary airport with over 150 planes, skydivers, ultralights, runway, terminal building, and Customs Inspectors. The Port of Entry Village (at the intersection of 5:00 and the trash fence) is home to aviators, land sailors, theme camps, art cars, and artists.

URL: http://www.portofentry.orgHometown: Larkspur, CA


Bubbles make people happy. That’s why we create unique inflatable installations. We think of what we do as performance-sculpture.

URL: http://www.akairways.comHometown: New York, NY

Al Gore Presidential Fitness Test

Remember the presidential fitness test? A bit of running, a few pullups, "flexed arm hang" for some, some situps perhaps? While the nationwide introduction of the President Al Gore Fitness Test in 2001 was not to be, we will run the certification program in BRC. Including Green Earth Tetherball, Carbon Balance Beam, Ozone Hole Accuracy Test…and more!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

alQmy Camp

alQmy: Metaphysical Therapy, Meditation and more…

URL: http://www.camp.alqmy.comHometown: Berkeley, CA

Altered Art Camp

Recycle books, found objects, junk as Art!

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Alternative Energy Zone village

If you have an interest in alternative energy (of any kind), AND do not have a gas or diesel generator; then welcome, you are invited to join our village. We do not demand, we lead by example toward a delightful, joke-filled, fun way to enjoy Burning Man. You will see solar panels, wind generators, solar ovens, solar showers, water cleaning, MANY MANY blinky lights, and many folks around who can show YOU how to do it too (if you ask). Mainly a friendly village of folks showing a different way to get things done. (a way that treads a little more lightly on the playa). See you there.

URL: http://www.ae-zone.orgHometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Aluminum Pansy

Seeking alumination and oneness with our inner biker. Buddha in a cowboy hat. Kegerator meets Kama Sutra. Come see why we’re Brewsed, Battered, and Bloody.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aluminumpansy/Hometown: Clovis, CA


AMO Annex is claiming space for the study, science and praxis of love. Our space is an intentional incubator for ideas, drawing the brilliant genii of AMO to experiment with focus, resonance, frequency and quality of connection. Visit our living learning lab and explore our OYA installation in the pavilion under the man.

URL: http://amoration.pbwiki.com/AMOAnnexHometown: Los Angeles, CA


Emissaries from the planet Amphibia will land their mothership at Burning Man. It will be a relaxing chill space with couches, ambient music, movies, a small stage, and the environmental message – “It’s Easy to be Green!”

URL: http://planetamphibia.comHometown: Prescott, AZ

Androids Dungeon

Once the sun has set on another Black Rock afternoon, we’ll fire up the Spectralsensoric Interactive Screen as well as an additional screen setting for some of our favorite Starewicz films. ‘Hu-go2’ is the interlocuter, our 2nd version of an 11ft tall robotic centurion. We need you to continue our visual experiments, as we near the end of our 10-year ‘testing’ period. d6 ambient oblivion returns for the 8th time to assist in your movements, while Hotshot robotic mayhem will be rampant in the streets!

URL: http://www.robotronia.comHometown: Reno, NV

Angels of Acknowledgement

We are the Angels of Acknowledgement – a theme camp part of Lustre Village. What we do is acknowledge people on the playa for who they are, what they do, and for their own unique gift and contribution that they bring to the world. This is an interactive experience for Burning Man Participants. Come and be acknowledged or acknowledge someone else who has affected you in life, and write a message on the acknowledgement scroll – a deeply moving personal experience!

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Anonymous Village

Anonymous Village is a community of recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and other addiction affected souls. We celebrate our recovery and growth with gusto and welcome all to the safety and joy of regularly scheduled and spontanious meetings.

Hometown: Graham, WA

Ant Colony

Ant Colony is the home base for The Ant.

URL: http://www.shearn.net/antHometown: Colorado Springs, CO


The highest point in Black Rock City, ANTICamp offers a panoramic view of the playa from our 50 foot observation platform. Groove into the night, at our stage with the funkyest local musicians.

URL: http://www.anticamp.orgHometown: Eugene, OR


"Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right…" -Robert Hunter
Dancing shadows, tattoos & more, eclectic tunes including non-Dead, strangers & strange friends. Our 11th on-playa year. AKA: Scarlet Fire At the Mars Hotel, Eyes of the World, Dark Star, The Dead Sea, Beyond the Dead, et al.

URL: http://www.the-garrison.com/

Apocalypse How

Come hang out in our Hammock Tree—chaotic oscillatory entertainment or just a place to chill.

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Apocalypse Lounge

Hangover or not, the sun is up and so are you. Come over to enjoy coffee, dough nuts and conversation in the morning and come back to enjoy the shade all day!

URL: http://www.myspace.com/apocalypse_loungeHometown: Portland, OR


APOKILIPTIKA- Cosmodrome Security and Secret Police Sub-Station, bringing Doom to the Playa for the third year in a row. The Terminal HQ for your Terminal City Camp Alliance experience!

URL: http://www.apokiliptika.comHometown: Carson City, NV

Apres Ski B.R.C.

a·près-ski[ah-prey-skee,ap-rey,noun] The period of relaxation after skiing A rich cultural heritage at ski resorts worldwide We have now brought this magic to the playa. After a long day on the slopes come and mingle with our snow men frolic with our gogo dancing ski bunnies and relax your muscles in our winter wonderland.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC


Love your water, love your body! Come to the AquaZone’s AquaLove Bar to quench your thirst with Love-infused water. Afterwards, chill to the sounds of the surf in the AquaDome.

URL: http://home.pacbell.net/stevko/AquaZone/index.htmlHometown: Berkeley, CA

Arachne's Web

Arachne’s Web is an offshoot of Camp Arachnid. We offer instruction in rope bondage and other erotic BDSM activities to all skill levels, from curious to experienced. A great place to contact experienced BDSM players! Also offering animal roleplay and pony cart races during the week (Pony Cart Downs). Please check the Playa calendar for schedules.

URL: http://members.dslextreme.com/users/arachnesweb/Hometown: San Jose, CA


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Art Car Repellant Camp

A place to go to get prepared for nigttime travel. Keep yourself safe and light up! We can help! REPEL THE ART CARS! LET THEM KNOW YOU’RE THERE!

Hometown: Reno, NV

Art Model Camp

Sketch paint or sculpt, as models take varied poses, during daylight hours Tues-Sun. All models and most artists welcome – photos only by individual permission please.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/burningmanartmodelcampHometown: Calabasas, CA

art of such n such

this is the resting place of the contraptions of a green man.

URL: http://www.howhowhow.com/bmancamp07.htmlHometown: Atlanta, GA


ArtBus is a collective of artsists, writers, musicians, & dancers based in big torch key, florida. we will be providing a variety of interactive experiences for Burning Man participants, including experimental theatre, painting, sculpture, dance, & bdsm.

Hometown: Big Torch Key, FL

arThou phine TOBACCO

RIGHT TO ENJOY TOBACCO and other plants. We also believe that these plants should not be polluted with unnecessary chemicals or gene changes. We specialize in serving high-quality natural tobacco to the burner community. We basically roll you a cigarette on the spot, if you can prove you don’t MOOP. We also educate and advise tobacco users on ways to switch from commercial cigarettes to roll-it-yourself phine tobacco solutions.
We express our thanks to arThou, our sponsoring organization. arThou smoking yet? With us thou shalt! 🙂
Come join us on Tribe.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/tobacco2112Hometown: Flushing,

Ascension Tribe

Ascension Tribe is a spiritual, sensual, sexy and sometimes sacred place for ritual, workshops, performances, and events. We offer unique and popular transformational workshops focusing mainly on the Spiritual nature of growth and development in the areas of sensual touch, Tantric explorations, spiritual awareness and all which honors the Divine in oneself.

URL: http://www.ascensiontribe.comHometown: Layton, UT

Ashram Galactica (The Grand Hotel)

“Your Home Away from Home Away from Home™”
The Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica sets the standard for hotel and conference facilities in the Black Rock City Metropolitan Area. Plan an overnight stay in one of our four luxurious suites, enjoy a crisp cocktail at the world-famous Twilight Bar, play Quantum Croquet on the lush hotel grounds, dine in our exquisite Moroccan restaurant, or relax with one of our renowned Nepalese aromatherapy massages at the Poshram Spa. Our well-informed and obsequious concierge will be only too happy to book a room or advise the weary traveler of the many sights, sounds and smells the city offers. Stop by, or visit www.ashramgalactica.com for more information.

URL: http://www.ashramgalactica.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Astor Place Imagined

Astor Place imagined… 2,678 miles from New York City.
Join us in imagining Astor Place with artists, performers, a stage and activities you can recreate in your home town without the cars.
This space will leverage the principles of the Livable Streets movement in the hopes of inspiring change in public space.
We invite the citizens of Black Rock City in joining us with a lively livable atmosphere, and bring this magic home with you.

URL: http://www.openplans.org/projects/astor-playaHometown: New York, NY

Astral Headwash

Good day dirty dwellers we have a pleasure for you… we will be washing hair in the desert again this year Come visit us with your happy spirits, your smiling faces and your dirty hair and we’ll do our best to make you feel like you’re in heaven. We ask that you share with us something… something that makes BM such a special place — That could be a story, a song, a dance, a turn at washing someone else’s hair, a goodie, a little shoulder work for our hard worked muscles, a little humor or a little love =) And of course, we can’t exist without your H2O contributions, so bring some for yourself and a little more to share.
We’ll see you Monday – Friday noon – 4 PM. Remember, we are limited with how much we can wash, so come early to make sure you get wet with us.

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Astral Photo Project

Do you live your life by the stars or is astrology simply a distraction? Can you tell a bold Ram by looking at him? A sexy Scorpio? Stop by Astral Photo Project to get your portrait taken, and claim your rightful place amongst the stars in our planetarium gallery – will patterns emerge? Come find out.

URL: http://astral-photo-project.comHometown: Astoria, NY

Astral Vortex

The Astral Vortex is back with feel-good vibes, a welcoming atmosphere and, new this year, Hoop Heaven!

Hometown: Portland, OR


Astropups are back for our 7th year, proud to be part of Avalon Village!
We’ll be providing the usual amount of fun and merriment Astropups have been famous for since the dawn of this century.

URL: http://www.astropups.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Asylum Village

Asylum Village is constantly changing, like our environment. So, this year, in addition to our fabulous returning staples like Orgasmateria & Moonenlightenment, we added some zip with the Frozen Wet Spot from Utah. Then we added in some great new camps – the Container Camp, Green Lady, King of America, Tellie’s Service Station (an offshoot of the Whiskey & Whores Saloon from year’s past), Jaded Camp, and lastly Psychonauts. It’s going to be HOT in Asylum – see you there.

URL: http://www.asylumvillage.com/Hometown: New York, NY

Audrey's Jungle Love

Share the vibe of Audrey’s Jungle Love! By day, revive under her verdant dome with massages, foot baths, facials, and more. At Friday night’s Jungle Love Fest, Audrey’s Manimals savage your soothed beast with wild grooves, killer cocktails, and exotic mating dances. Grrrr!

URL: http://web.mac.com/jeffreykennedy/iWeb/BurningMen/Base%20Camp.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Automatic Subconscious

Where your most (insert superlative) dreams can & will come true, if only you apply the will to make them. If’n you don’t have enough dreams of your own, come & take one of ours, we have plenty to spare, some we desire to trade & some you don’t want, but hey man that’s just the luck of the draw. BKKT

URL: http://www.ruuskado.com/AutoSub_07/index.shtmlHometown: Brighton, MA

Avalon Village

Astro Pups, Fairyland, Camp Stella, Quixote’s Cabaret, Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp, Camp Montage, Camp Fluffer and The Uncharted Territories are some of the queer/queer friendly camps that make up Avalon Village. Come join us during the day and grab a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, make tutus at Fairyland, attend AA meetings at Camp Stella, participate in queer discussion groups at the Uncharted Territories, celebrate fun and frolic with the AstroPups, frolic some more at Camp Fluffer, view giant photos at Camp Montage, and return in the evening to our solar-lit blue pavilion for Quixote’s Cabaret and evening parties!

URL: http://www.avalonvillage.orgHometown: Sacramento,


Games! Panties! Being shouted at! Shouting at others! Standing on boxes! See! the Panty Dome! Play! Human Whack-A-Mole! Spin! the Wheel Of Karma!
Come on by and immerse yourself in pure Awesome! Subject yourself to experimentation in our Science Bar, play our games, ramble into our recording devices for posterity and a chance at fleeting fame! Listen to our highly trained Awesome-ists go on and on and on and on and on!

URL: http://www.awesomeville.usHometown: Oakland, CA