2007 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Qube Qamp

Qube Camp presents Greenman’s Chinese Theater. Greenman’s Walk-in/Bike-in Movie Palace will bring carbon-neutral Tinseltown glamour to Black Rock City with a kaleidoscope of green-themed visuals, red carpet revelry, sublime nightly cocktail parties, and provocative playa puppetry. Come join your fellow playa celebrities and leave your handprints at Greenman’s Chinese Theater!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Quixotes Presents The Green Man

Quixote’s are back on the playa in 2007!
As Burning Man tips its hat to global warming with 2007’s theme "The Green Man", so we embrace it – and add a little British twist! "The Green Man" is a popular name for Olde English Pubs, and so we present – an Olde English Pub!
We’re a collective from Europe and the USA and our gift to the desert is a Pub and Cabaret Stage where you can come and realise your Cabaret fantasies. Join us in the evening for a pint of beer, make use of our open mic cabaret stage to flaunt your talents and enjoy our myriad Bar Games. We’ve got the staging, we’ve got the sounds, we have the lights, we’ve got the Ale and we’ve got the cutest Irish Nurse on the Playa and now we need you. If you’d like to be part of the Quixote’s experience Pop in, have a drink, grab a chair and say hello.

Hometown: London, GB