2007 Theme Camps

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Zanzibar is an opulent interactive chill space where you can come to have a drink in our beautiful Moroccan bar and lounge area, or relax under our cool silver sun shade, over shimmering azure Astro Turf and sheer blue curtained walls, giving you the feel of being in a cool pool, and enjoy what we’re spinning. You know that favorite club/lounge that you have stumbled across in your travels, well we have it on the playa.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Zen Methodist Church

Church of Workers and Others United in Zen Methodism, the True Religion, a non-aligned space and forum to explore spirituality in the Burning Man Way.

Hometown: Three Rivers, CA

Zombies United

Zombies United is a holding facility for any zombies captured during the Burning Man festival. More importantly it is a CORPSOPHOBIC free zone. The undead are encouraged to feel free to indulge in any flesh eating, brain gnawing, intestine sucking or limb ripping without feeling the disdainful eye of the living. Dead friendly "warmies" are strongly encouraged to drop dead, i mean, drop by!

URL: http://www.tomfabrizio.comHometown: Seattle, WA


The inspiration for ZooTown arises from the beauty of the Missoula Valley and all of the positive and amazing connections that have been experienced by members of this special camp. Stop by for a taste of what ZooTown has to offer; whether it be a safari ride on the ZooTown Train, an indulgent visit to our dayspa, a late-night, electronica infused petting zoo, or simply, an ice-cold PBR, ZooTown has a little bit of love for everyone.

Hometown: Bozeman, MT