2007 Theme Camps

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Because Sometimes its all just a bit Too Much. Because Sometimes you just need a little comfort, a little bliss, a little void to let your mind echo and your heart re-org.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

M*A*S*H 4207th

The least disciplined but most hospitable military unit in Black Rock City, M*A*S*H 4207th has been on the playa since 1999, and a registered theme camp since 2000. Feeling unwell? The doctors & nurses of our unit will prescribe inebriation therapy till you can’t walk, then throw you on the stretcher & haul you from post-op to your home camp or where we decide to dump you. Our well-trained alchoholics will gladly eliminate any surplus liquor you may have. Who else on the playa will hand out military spec toilet paper rations at 3 AM when the JoTS have run out? If we like you, you may get invited to the 38th Parallel Medical Society poker game. If we don’t like you, that won’t stop us from giving you shelter from the heat & dust. While the USO seems to be avoiding us, that has never stopped music & comedy from occuring at random in the mess hall. Travel with caution near our camp at night; The CO & others are avid playa fishermen. From draglines to driftnets to simple fishing in front of camp, no tripper wanting that free glow stick is safe from our master anglers. Carry your BRC issued ID near this camp: random security checkpoints at all hours. Raids & blockades of other camps will occur when least expected.

Hometown: Salem, OR

Mad Flava

Mad Flava brings you big playa taste, from your tounge to your feet, through Jonny & the Ho’s mobile noodle cart to the 1st annual BRC 5k run, not to mention the most excellent and highly triumphant game of costumed Mondo Croquet, where we eschew mallets and wooden balls for sledgehammers and bowling balls!

Hometown: La Jolla, CA

Magic Forest

Come romp, play and pose amongst our old growth tree spirits, mystical magical mushroom, green man and lady of the woods. The Giant Puppets will come alive, strolling, romping and playing on the playa. Volunteers welcome. Play the wheel of Karma Game. Get a free florescent, artistically designed, bike identification tag. What gifts are hidden in the mysterious knot holes of our gifting tree? Our Forest is inhabited by a colony of misfit monkeys. Play their games. Adopt a gorilla gram.

URL: http://coyoterisingpuppetry.n3.netHometown: Obrien, OR

Magique Bazaar

Delight in a psychedlic pan-world tribe of itinerate musicians, magicians, dancers and fortune tellers. Play with the gypsies at Magique Bazaar!

URL: http://www.beatmagic.org/magiquebazaar.htmlHometown: San Jose, CA

Maker Camp

Celebrate your right to tweak, hack, and bend technology to your own will. Void your warranty, violate a user agreement, fry a circuit, blow a fuse, poke an eye out. Come make something fun at Maker Camp!

URL: http://makezine.com/community/burningman/Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

Mangusta/LAFCO VideoScreening Park

The camp features a solar powered energy generating screening room which will have nightly "openings" of video art installations. The camp provides 24 hr video editing facilities in the LAFCO BUS

URL: http://www.lafco.tvHometown: New York, NY

Math Camp @ Group W

Math Camp, a safe place for Mathematics. Home of the Fabulous Electric Cupcakes. Electric Mutant Vehicle creators and evangelists. Purveyors of crunchy snacks. The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the Playa. Solar Mutant Vehicle charging! A small, social camp, we offer temporary tattoos, drinks, and a place to hang-out.

URL: http://www.fastfurniture.comHometown: Berkeley, CA

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is the contact point for all news media and professional photographers. You must check in here and have your camera tag before you can photograph or film anything for outside distribution or sale. Personal use video cameras need to be register at Playa Infomation which is right next to Media Mecca.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/pressHometown: Logan, UT

Metaporch : P¤ârtico Verde

Come on by and set a spell.

URL: http://porchlife.net/Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Midwest Mayhem

Home of the Laser Dome, a psycedelic laser experiance made to test you sensory threshold. We bring the falva of the midway to the playa, coupling music and mayhem in true midwest fashion. Come for the laser treatment, stay for the freak out.

URL: http://www.CampMidwestMayhem.comHometown: Glenview, IL

Mikes Garage and Karaoke

Bring your mechanical or electrical problems to Mike’s Garage.I will gladly drill,grind,glue,weld,solder or whatever it takes. All I ask is your favorite karaoke rendition. Please no bikes,broken hearts or dental work!

URL: http://web.mac.com/mrmusty2/iWeb/Mikes%20garage%20and%20karaoke/layout.htmlHometown: Silvis, IL

Mile High Club

Welcome to the Mile High Club! Get your attitude up to altitude with Heavenly Yoga and Soothing Hand-Jobs. Enjoy our Arctic Chill Space, Titti Air Tiki Bar, Burn Barrel, and Stargazer Chairs. This Colorado-based crew flies the friendliest plane on the Playa so fasten your seatbelt and summon your flight attendant. First Class and No Class flights only!

URL: http://www.milehighcamp.info/index.htmlHometown: Westminster, CO

Mind Shaft Society

The Mind Shaft Society is a collaboration of artistically disciplined scientists. We go on Expeditions every winter, recreate the findings, and present them at Black Rock City every summer.

URL: http://www.mindshaftsociety.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Bloody Mary breakfast, pirate Thursday spaghetti wedding dinner, pool table, flame cannon, otter pops, chill dome, good times for all!

URL: http://www.misfitburner.comHometown: Redding, CA


Visit the only Japanese tea garden on the Playa. In Japanese culture, a garden is considered to be one of the highest art forms, expressing in a limited space the essence of nature. Stop by to relax, enjoy a cup of tea and explore the garden.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica

When the sun reaches its zenith and is beating down on the citizens of Black Rock city head over to the coolest Bedouin Palace on the playa and indulge in an ice cold martini while lounging on pillows,poufs,camel saddles and lots of carpets. Lay around Mohammeds and philosophize about life or read from our "Book of 1001 Erotic Tales". This ancient tome is a collection of our guests erotic stories from the last four years and is housed in a 300 year old book that is illustrated with scenes from past years at Mohammeds. The drinks and nibblies are offered with traditional Bedouin hospitality but we do ask, if the spirit moves you,to write a true erotic story that we can include in this history of the sensual life of the denizens of Black Rock City. We Mohammedans tend to shake our martini thing between lunchtime and dinner but come early or late and you may be suprised. This year the "Tribe of Artists" photo studio will be operating next to Mohammeds

URL: http://www.tribeofartists.comHometown: Incline Village, NV

Moishe Mobile

Moishe Mobile is a project of The Forest Foundation, providing personal growth workshops. We believe that in order to make the world a better place we must first make ourselves better people.

URL: http://www.theforestfoundation.netHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Monkey Puzzle

Playa tested and approved, Monkey Puzzle’s 5th incarnation packs a heavy duty punch! A registered theme camp since 2003, our sexy, seasoned crew returns once more to the Black Rock Desert ready to deliver the goods. Skilled in the arts of rejuvenation, we welcome weary travelers to our sanctuary. An improved audioscape in the Hanudome ignites your inner Jedi senses. You’ll find yourself throwing down to the very best World Music in the land, while impromptu performances by our lovely Playa Players promise sophisticated "off-Esplanade" theater for the mind.
Whether swinging by to check out original musical performances or stealing quiet moments in the Green Room, we’re certain you’ll flip upon experiencing the alchemy of the Puzzle. Monkeys spare no expense to make you feel like you’re part of the magic…

URL: http://www.monkeypuzzle.usHometown: Portland, OR


Camp Montage uses ‘Art’ to document ‘Art’. We are a year-round art project, collecting digital images from talented Burning Man photographers, creating original works of ‘montage’ art. These works of are dipslayed at our gallery on the playa. Our art gallery this year will display over 40 large vinyl and backlit film montages, featuring art photographed on the playa from 2005 and 2006. The imagery and art of Burning Man is extraordinary. Camp Montage documents the spectacular imagery of Burning Man with our panoramic landscapes of Black Rock City playa art.

URL: http://www.campmontage.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Montana Camp

Base camp for the grizzly bear insemination team. Theme camp site is very dependent
on address of 420 "G…."

Hometown: Bozeman, MT


The Royal Society of the Powdered Wig welcomes you to our home, Monticello, an epicenter of unbridled debauchery, pseudo-aristocratic absurdism, total sexiness, and pantaloon-shaking beats.
Stop by our soap box and proclaim your manifesto to the world!
Invent and enscribe utopian laws you’d like to see in our Constiution, open to all Black Rock Citizens!
Eat a marshmallow hamster for Jesus!

URL: http://powderedwig.tribe.netHometown: San Francisco, CA


Moonbass, the Space Oasis… offering participants an altered landscape, soundscape and aesthetic simulating an alien lunar environment. We welcome you to join us amongst the numerous geodesic dance domes, intelligent lighting, our 30,000+ watt H.A.S. System(Huge Ass Sound)featuring broken beats in all shapes, sizes and tempos, moon rocks, hammocks, space wreckage, and other cosmic oddities… GUARANTEED to be one of the HOTtest spots in the desert this year..(:j)

Moonbow Camp

When the Full Moon shines upon Yosemite Falls, the Moonbow there, creates a special mystic place where the Celestial Spirits and the Green Man meet in the dark forest. A quiet place of meditation, magick, spirituality and to watch the Full Lunar Eclipse in ceremony and harmony.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Mooncake Rebellion

We’ll be serving iced tea (and occasionally other non-alcoholic drinks) most days. While you’re enjoying your beverage, you may want to shake that poetry out of your soul and into the sand of our Zen Garden. After that, catch some shade and scope out the neighborhood or snuggle into the pillowry in our little tower nook. We’ll also be offering a fire-staff making workshop on Tuesday at 11 (last year we had too many people show, and ran out of materials, so be relatively on time), to be followed by an after-dark fire-show at the camp. The show is welcome to all, but new performers will be given preference. We’re also going to sponsor a real-life "Choose your own Adventure", that will be a mix of activities around the playa, in conjunction with other camps. The day and time are TBA, and we’ll spread word around early in the week.

URL: http://www.mooncakerebellion.comHometown: Portland,

Moonshine Tavern

We’re here once again to see who has the balls to try our concoction and earn yourself the prize to take home, for your Moonshine Tavern collection! The bastards of Moonshine Tavern are back! We’re excited to see all of our past patrons and our new victims!

Hometown: Reno, NV


Always open to the weary traveler….Join us for a drink, a bite or better yet a lounge on the soon to be world famous tranquil loungers. Enjoy the music and the friendly atmosphere of Mumbleville, that state of partial oblivion just before consciousness leaves.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Mutant Audio Outpost

A haven for audio experimentation and those seeking out non-traditional and unorthodox sounds. Stop by and play our experimental instruments, listen to unusual musical performances, and take part in sound creation workshops.

URL: http://www.mutantaudio.net/outpostHometown: San Diego,

Mystical Misfits

An Oasis providing all misfits another mystical place to exist on the playa

Hometown: Hollywood, CA