2007 Theme Camps

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Pan's Garden

Enter our enchanted garden where all of you Earthly and non-Earthly wishes can be fulfilled. Gain insight into the joy and magic of organic gardening, and find the age answer to the age old question of if magic is an organic component or not.

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA

Pancake Playhouse

Get your morning-after dose of syrupy goodness from the folks at Pancake Playhouse. We’ve been feeding Burners’ minds, bodies, and souls since 2001. When soft rock is heard, pancakes are served!

URL: http://www.pancakeplayhouse.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Pandemonium by Synaesthesia

Pan’s flute is alight, delighting in the rites of all things that bloom. Join in the mayhem of his enchanted forest, where beats fit for the gods, nymphs, satyrs and faeries abound in joyous debauchery.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/synaesthesiaburnersHometown: Redwood City, CA

Pandora's Lounge & Fix It Shoppe

Stuff breaks at Burning Man. Come fix it at Pandora’s Fit It Shoppe. We will have available basic materials and tools for repairing bikes, costumes, fire spinning gear or whatever. And enjoy some liquor at the lounge while waiting for your friends to finish fixing their stuff.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pandoras_camp/Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

Paradox Lounge Corner Store

Paradox returns to provide entertainment, tunes, and those silly items you may have forgot. For those we know, come by and say hi. For those we don’t know, come by and say hi!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Particle Camp

Particle Camp will monitor the air quality of Black Rock City from 6 months before the Burn until several days afterwards. Our camp will incorporate a team of PhD’s as well as lab grunts and will show continuously-updated statistics set to a nice electronic beat.

URL: http://particlecamp.org/Hometown: Sausalito, CA

Party Naked Tiki Bar

Clothing-Optional Tiki Bar

Hometown: Henderson, NV


The tribe welcomes you home to Partytime’s psychedelic jungle for ice cold frozen organic margaritas and smoothies every day, all day, and many evenings. We have a full bar, fresh made popcorn, DJ and live music, pole dancing, fire spinning, stilt-walking classes, and twister.

Hometown: Campbell, CA

Pee Funnel Camp

We are a full service Pee Funnel Camp, dispensing Pee Funnels to ladies (or gentlemen) at any time of day or night! Pee Funnels allow ladies to easily stand and pee or aim into a jug.

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

People's Art Congress (P.A.C.)

Touch it,stroke it,sniff it,lick it.Our art feels good,smells good and tastes good too.The People’s Art -The only true art.

Hometown: Muscatine , IA

Philly Phunktastic

Back again for the 7th year running from the City that Loves You Back, bringing you cool beats and cool drinks to the Playa. Come and get out of the sun and bob your head and move your feet to some soul, funk, reggae and house.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


Camp Photogartho is an interactive photo studio and gallery where you are invited to appear in your playa finest & get your picture taken to be displayed in our playa gallery and projected onto our walls in the evenings. The photos are gifted to you after the burn.

URL: http://www.photogartho.comHometown: Berkeley, CA


Picasso Camp
Come paint something Beyond Belief on one of our giant canvases, or come chill out and listen to music at the FUBAR.

URL: http://www.picassocamp.orgHometown: Reno, NV

Pigmalions: Earth 2nd. Bacon 1st!

Make your way to Pigmalions camp where each morning an inconvenienced pig provides you with your daily dose of delicious bacon. Bacon and Bloody Marys – served each day around 11:00 a.m. PIGMALIONS: EARTH SECOND. BACON FIRST!

Hometown: San


The pinhole camp builds and operates a walk-in pinhole darkroom. Burning Man participants
can take out one of our portable pinhole barrel cameras and photograph the art and other
participants on the playa in a new and unique way. They then return to our camp to have
these photographs developed, creating beautiful art of their own.

URL: http://www.pinholecamp.orgHometown: New York, NY

Pink Chair Initiative

Pink is the new PINK! Here at the Pink Chair Initiative, we think that pink is the color of adventures and stories; so come, relax, lounge in our pink chairs and share your most outrageous stories.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/pinkfuckingchairHometown: San Francisco, CA

Pink Purl

Pink. It is really pink. In the tradition of our previous theme camps, Pink Purl continues the Pink theme. This time Pink knitting is the dominant art form. Come enjoy the pink environment, get a pink tan under our pink shade structure, and have a pink cocktail, and knit a pink bracelet.

Hometown: Hailey, ID

Pirates of the CarbonGreen

We are a krass of like-minded individuals who recognize when those with the ability to effect change are no longer responsive to critical concerns; any person has prerogative and moral obligation to act to resolve the situation. We associate ourselves with pirates because they acted by adopting a sustainable ("green") lifestyle off the grid of their day.

URL: http://www.PiratesoftheCarbonGreen.orgHometown: Sacramento, CA

PISS CLEAR newspaper offices

PISS CLEAR is Black Rock City’s oldest alternative newspaper, and for 13 years, has been Burning Man’s snarky reality check, chock full of witty articles, acerbic rants, thoughtful commentaries, and funny lists. Free from censorship, it is an essential independent voice on the playa. It got its unusual name from the Black Rock Desert’s #1 survival tip: "drink enough water so that you piss clear." This will be its last year of publication.

URL: http://www.pissclear.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Pizza Smut

Have one of our succulent playa pizzas. Peruse the titillating reading materials provided with your meal while thick, steaming pepperoni and hot, oozing cheese slides down your throat. Bask in the glory of our Smut Hut – porn, toys and mattress provided. Enter our lottery and we may select you as the lucky winner for a pizza and porn delivery to your camp!

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Playa Book of Records

From largest mutant vehicle to most pairs of underpants worn at one time, the Playa World Records™ Executive Committee is open to any and all submissions. Every application will be considered for entry into our archive. Records established last year in such categories as “Most Flexible Couple” and “Longest Urination” also remain open for challenges.
The Playa Book of Record Headquarters™ will be open daily to witness and verify Record attempts. The Executive Committee is sworn to complete impartiality and promises to maintain a commitment to integrity and truth.

URL: http://www.playaworldrecords.com

Playa Go Round

Come to Playa Go Round located at 2:30 & Esplanade and take pleasure in the never ending spin. While looking up into a 65 foot cargo parachute, air brushed with planets, moons and fluorescent stars, the perfectly tuned sound systems fills the ether with beats. Featuring the best DJs from Denver, S.F. and Seattle. Live Musical Performances by Bhakti Rasa Thursday’s Fashion show by Mercedes at dusk. PGR Presents; The Rock Opera ~ Sublime Dreams ~ Friday Night Burn 9:00pm on the Playa.
~PGR info www.PlayaGoRound.com ~ Rock Opera info www.ColoradoBurningMan.com

URL: http://www.PlayaGoRound.comHometown: Denver, Colorado

Playa Info

Information and Lost & Found
Questions should be directed to the sexy and knowledgeable Playa Info volunteers in Center Camp. The info crew can answer questions about theme camp placement, events, and volunteering. Turn in found items to Playa Info to be reunited with their owners. Hours are generally 9:00 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted.
Finding Yourself and Your Friends
Use the Playa Info computers to register yourself and your camp location as well as find your friends. Via the online Directory network you can exchange messages (no Internet access). Also, find and post event schedules, ride shares, and other services. The Dynamic Board maps campsite coordinates. Bulletin Boards are always available for artful posting of events, messages and general information.

URL: http://www.playainfo.burningman.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Playa Q

The Playa Q is best described as a multi-disciplinary performance BBQ camp. We are here to serve and celebrate the Burning Man community through our Carne Armada attacks, playa cooking contests, BBQ sermons at the Chapel of Smoke, end of the week food give-away and performance at the Fire Bar, The Ancient Gallery home to amazing UV reactive art, and, of course, random acts of bacon brought to you by the Ubercarnies.

URL: http://www.playaq.comHometown: Detroit, MI

Playa Security Agency

BRC is a dangerous place but don’t worry, the Playa Security Agency is committed to your security. Our Agents are always on the lookout for IEDs (improvised entertainment diversions) and will keep you apprised of the current threat level.

URL: http://joygantic.typepad.com/psa/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Playa Surfers

Playa Surfers return in 2007 with new and improved electric powered surf-craft. Come surf the playa with us or get lessons if you never have!

Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA

Playaball Hoops Madness

Full court lighted basketball. Slam Dunk Contest for men and women(lowered hoop)Full court and half court games, Cheerleaders, naked basketball 3Pt. Contest. Coed basketball. Mens basketball. Womans basketball. Cheerleader contest.

Hometown: Gardnerville, Nevada

PlayaHero MegaStars

Do you want to be a Superhero? We can help you out! Come to our
Transformation Station where with careful analysis we discover your inner
super hero powers and then transform you into a PlayaHero MegaStar! (This is a
Space Virgin affiliate camp, so stop by and say hi if you are from Seattle!)

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Pleasure Garden

From the ashes of our 2006 theme camp, The Sprawl, comes the Pleasure Garden!! Every morning, in the welcoming shade of our Sunscreen Station, we will tempt innocent pedestrians with icy cold lemonade and sunscreen application to their dusty bodies. We will also offer Spatch’s Naked Massage Parlor, a Fig Leaf Decorating Workshop & Parade, Hand-cranked Ice Cream, and a Very Merry Un-Birthday Tea & Costume Party. Our goal is to provide the Burning Man community with a little slice of paradise on the playa devoted to relaxation and exploration of the pleasures of the senses.

URL: http://www.pleasuregarden07.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Pod Cluster

Pod Cluster is a community of small independent self-sufficient micro-camps banding together to create a unified cluster of visionary artists centered around a large sheltered gallery of paintings with a lounge space and ambient music.

URL: http://www.magicfunkpalace.org/podclusterHometown: San Francisco, CA


At the edges of the far north Polaris exists as a life saving replenishment for all over-heated polar bears. Replenish your body, mind and spirit. Cool down, chill out and spend some time with ursus maritimus, the polar bear. Replenish life in the Polarium. Just follow the north star!

URL: http://polaris.wikispaces.com/Hometown: Berkeley, CA


PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of
Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ for the past 9 years. We are a group of polyamorists seeking to live our dreams, and this camp is one manifestation of that. Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners.

Come in from the sun… take a load off your feet…
Trade in your "OLD" Playa dust for "NEW" Playa Dust at the Infamous ‘Human Carcass Wash’ 3:00-4:30p Daily
Get involved with some of your closest Playa friends and some new friends in trading your old Playa Dust in for a clean body ready to be dusted once again. This event honors your stated boundaries of where you do want to be touched or

Join us for ‘Poly High Tea’ 4:30-6:00p Daily. First, it’s a Tea Party. We will be serving Tea and Cookies… for tea and cookies. All you Polyamorous, poly-curious, and poly-friendly folks out there on the playa are invited to join us for a discussion about the practical issues of loving more than one in an open, responsible multi-person relationship. There are many workable forms of Polyamorous relationship – polyamory is polymorphic!

Greater Intimacy with HYPNOSIS Tuesday & Thursday 11:00a – 1:00p
In this fun and interactive session we will look at hypnosis and the power of suggestion. The goal will be to achieve a greater understanding of hypnosis and how it works. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and a group hypnosis induction will give participants an opportunity to experience hypnosis first hand. We will then look at how the power of hypnosis and suggestion can be used to enhance intimacy and sensual pleasure.

See the Lights with ‘Mind Melt’ – A Symphony of Light & Sound 8:00-9:00p – Mon – Fri

URL: http://polyparadise.azcompuguy.comHometown: Phoenix, AZ


Kfoae ayqo asieiu lfpaoqel yqiehgal aoj9038 a.jgggd.ae poppycock!

URL: http://www.camppoppycock.comHometown: Tempe, AZ


Calling all Subs & Doms (and Voyeurs)
Bondage for Beginners
Fast-Food S&M Feeding/Eating/Gawking
Strap-On Corn-Dog Exhibitionism

URL: http://www.geocities.com/brc_fun/Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Pornj Lane Gang

Time-lapse video at Disorient.

Hometown: New York, NY

Primitive Technologies

Primitive Technologies brings the ancient power of the Pyramid to the playa along with other more primitive ways of starting fire, making homemade ice cream and live acoustical music with ever changing lyrics!

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA


Bringing the Gift of Fire to Humankind since the Dawn of Time! Come experience the fully immersive Tesseract Mirror Box (now with 200% more mirror!), have a drink at the Friendly Fire Bar, drop in to Blissful Goddess’ Interactive Goddess Thealtar to renew the divine within and join us for nightly fire shows as we liberate the Spirit of Flame!

URL: http://www.prometheatrics.comHometown: Topanga, CA

Psychic Taxi

Psychic Taxi provides comfort to the foot weary; our Random Service Taxi is a pedal powered rickshaw that ferries travelers. Our Hammock pavilion offers shade and luxurious ease at camp, and our roving, pedal powered, Psychic Taxi Nomadic Café, provides refreshment to the thirsty all over BRC.

URL: http://www.psychictaxi.comHometown: Oakland, CA

psychonautilus mutantes of theDEEP

we are the manifested intersection of deep sea speciation, chambered mind penetration and psychadelic samba.

URL: http://www.psychonautilusmutantes.orgHometown: Hollywood, CA

Psycircle - Greenman

DJ Greenman and Psycircle productions from San Diego present to you the best of psychedelic trance music, featuring and seeking talent from all over the planet. Anybody willing to participate, especially those with sound systems willing to collaborate, contact djgreenman@gmail.com .

URL: http://djgreenman.comHometown: San Diego, CA

Punani Trim Parlor

Our 7th year as BM’s original Trim Parlor. All services provided with respect and permission, spiced with laughter and a pinch of the sensual. It’s all about being fun. The Greenman has been honored to serve over 600 clients since 1999. My, how time flies when you’re having fun! Nice theme choice.

Hometown: Garberville, CA

Putt-Putt Playa

Putt-Putt Playa celebrates human’s dynamic relationship with nature through an interactive miniature golf course. Players will navigate through a 9-1/2 hole course where each hole takes on another green theme; mini installations will be assembled on each hole and lead to the 1/2 hole forming a central social location. Skill, luck, grace, and good spirits will aid the player through the Green.

URL: http://www.puttputtplaya.comHometown: Ardmore, PA

Pyronauts of Giza

Pyronauts of Giza is a magical theme camp featuring a multitude of blacklight Pyramids. Black Rock Citizens are welcome to dance and socialize in this mystical and surreal environment where Fire Dancers, Spinners and Movement Artists will converge in order to propel the Fire and Flow Arts forward.
Pyronauts are an International All-Star, Super-Hero Troupe that performs in the Fire Conclave around the Man just prior to ignition on Burn night. There are Pyronauts from 13 U.S. States and 11 Countries Worldwide and every Pyronaut is at the top of their Art Form. Some Pyronauts perform with Cirque du Soleil and others have won the HomeOfPoi.com "Circles of Light" International Video Competition. We even have one of the World’s top Sword Swallowers and top Hula-Hoopers, who hold 2 World Records each!

URL: http://pyronauts.netHometown: San Francisco, CA