2007 Theme Camps

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S'mores N Amour

Bringing two of the best parts of camping together everynight at sundown!! We offer Love and, those childhood goodies…S’mores. Then slide it into the melted chocolate and graham crackers. You supply song and cheer, we supply the love! Every night at sundown.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/b1e2bf96-a3bf-4a91-b145-9a9b0fdff718Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Sacred Sound and Vision

The Sacred Sound and Vision Solar village is an international collective of Spiritual Travellers dedicated to the exploration of Universal Rhythm through music and film, and created to act as a safe and empowering portal from which members and guests can resonate with the shifting energies of the playa.

Hometown: Boutte, LA

Sacred Space

World Famous Home of the Morning Coffee Enema and the Cuny Trim and Spa. Humans have been enjoying the HEALTH and PLEASURE of enemas for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Visit our Camp and Discover the benefits of enemas for yourself… LADIES are invited to enjoy the most eXotic full service Pelvic Spa on the Playa. Indulge in a relaxing pelvic massage or just a trim around the edges. What ever your PLEASURE, you deserve the BEST.

URL: http://sacred.space.home.att.net/index.htmHometown: Jefferson, Oregon

Sacred Water Temple

Come honor, celebrate and bless our Living Water in a 60′ dome sanctuary. Evening 360° multimedia projections, shadow dancers, performance of “Cantaqua: the Water Cantata,” Daytime Aqua Form River labyrinth, Healing Rainbow Shower, Sacred Water Tabernacle. Presented by Museum of Outdoor Arts in collaboration with Earthdance and Cyberset.

URL: http://www.sacredwatertemple.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Safer Sex Camp

Source of all your playa safer sex needs. Safer Sex Kits have condoms, lube, gloves, and plastic wrap for dams. Distributors needed. All orientations most welcome. Participate as part of the gift economy. Drop by Safer Sex Camp early am or e-mail with playa contact info. All kits are free, not for sale, not for barter. Also: Erotic Fetish Wear – Tue & Sat 4:00-6:30 and Women’s Only Liquid Latex Body Painting – Fri 11:00-3:40. Details in the What When Where activities guide.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Dragon Debris presents SAGRADA, an exploration of organic architecture, recycling/repurposing, geometry, and modernism, sourcing Gaudi, Jujol, and Dali. "When emulating your masters, seek what they sought, not what they achieved."

URL: http://www.dragondebris.comHometown: West Hollywood, CA


Sakénoma is a seasonal saké bar and modern day stage coach stop, located in BRC NV. It appears like a mirage in late August and then fades away without a trace. We serve cold saké during the hottest part of the day and close at night. The refreshment we provide has helped to establish Sakénoma as the premiere Saké bar on the playa. The slight acidity of the saké pairs nicely with the alkaline properties of playa dust. Our bar is an oasis of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. The encampment provides shade and liquid refreshments to any playa traveler. Our cascading fountains provide an audible lanscape of tranquility and has been known to transport the open minded to an alpine waterfall. In addition to the obvious health benefits of Sakénoma and its famous cold saké, we also offer advanced eyewear cleaning. We welcome you to visit Sakénoma, leave refreshed and see the world more clearly.

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other beings. We invite the Burning Man community to join us in our quiet, reflective quadruple Do-Me Dome to philosophize about the Burning Man experience, or for one of our therapeutic fairs offering massage, readings, and healing treatments. Or add to your list of escapades by coming to our third annual fire opera, performed by our crew of talented fire spinners.

URL: http://www.salonsoleil.netHometown: Somerville, MA

Samba Stilt Circus

Samba Stilt Circus from santa cruz, ca. connecting YOU! to the brasilian booty, rhythm and dance, and inviting stilters to play and enjoy costumes and libations with us. Uniting previous camps: Cirque du Stilte and Samba Circus together!

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Six years of: staffing for Radio Electra, unique art, interactive events, and dedication to the Principles of Deep Fun. Home of WaltSnipe’s annual Tuesday night world music dance, with free CDs of the night’s mix to the first 50 dancers.

URL: http://scarabcamp.tribe.netHometown: Glendale, AZ

Secret Exchange

Like a splinter in the minds eye, thoughts and memories abide. The anonymous sharing of this energy is a purification – a spiritual release. The Secret Exchange is all about facilitating that release.
What is your burning secret? What do you keep so close to your chest that by sharing will ultimately allow you to move forward in peace? We offer an opportunity to tangibly release that which you have kept buried inside.

Hometown: San Marcos,


Bring your instruments and your voice! Experience the power of nature, by joining the thunder of drums, the richness of organic music. Escape (at night) in our psychedelic Sensorium Dome, letting your brain take you from nature to industrial sites, guided by concrete music, scents, and textures.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Sensory Experience

Be prepared for an overload. Every sense will feel good.

Hometown: Portland, OR


Is it what it sounds like? You tell us! Shape sexodome camp as you will! Have a talk, a one-playa stand, a cuddle-up, a one-night stand, a relationship born, or just go crazilicious party!

URL: http://www.sexodome.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Shady Asylum

Shady Asylum returns for the eighth year on the playa. Find the big black pyramid to enter a shaded lush and green space perfect for hosting weddings, readings, stories, and the spontaneous creation of community. This year’s Tower will feature cooling misters operating during the hottest part of the day so come to Black Rock City’s first public park and take a load off.

URL: http://www.shadyasylum.orgHometown: Seattle, WA


To SHIFT the WORLD you have to SHIFT your MIND… Somehow you have manifested this moment in time, embrace it, cherish it… this is the set and setting for your SHIFT experience.
Absinthe, poetry, dream manifestation, world renowned DJ’s from around the world, air-planes, skydiving, talks by Sasha and Ann Shulgin, Dr. Dream, and Alex Grey, morning affirmations & Yoga are all here for you.
Share your "Shift" experience with our video team and then see it later that night up on our 20 foot screen.
Look for our "Shift" sign high above the Playa.

Hometown: La Jolla, CA

Shine Brothers

A hands on demonstration and workshop on the art of making Moonshine – or Grappa in Old World slang. Participants can witness the marvel of creation, and if interest and contributions continue, the exhibition will continue daily.

Hometown: Inverness,

Shoe Spray Shack

Got a great costume but failed to get your shoes? Hoof those boring shoes over to the Shoe Spray Shack and colorize them to fit your daily costume. Gold, silver, rainbow, flourescents, glow in the dark… we got it. Use our environmentally friendly spray box to paint your shoes, enjoy a beverage in our shade while they dry, and then walk on. Spraypaint donations welcome.

Hometown: Boise, ID

Shower Show Camp

Shower Show Camp, the theme camp for dirty exhibitionists and voyeurs.

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Shuttlecraft "Galileo

The shuttlecraft "Galileo" is the home base of a faithful reproduction of the 60’s era shuttlecraft used in TOS "Star Trek". C’mon by and let’s go for a ride! You don’t have to be a geek, dweeb, spaz or nerd to appreciate the shuttlecraft "Galileo"!

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Silicon Village

Welcome to Silicon Village! At our entryway you’ll find HOTD live open-mike music stage + bar, and on the other side, Temple of All Gods dome. Visit our central plaza for Happy Hour Coyote Ugly dance shows + events. Inside, relax in the PlayaTech lounge, Mystic Massage (signup), or play pool at the 8’x16′ standup table. Wind surfing lessons and misting station are on our outer streets.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SiliconVillage/Hometown: San Jose, CA

Sloth Camp

Sloth Camp was created to provide respite from the busy world that is threatening the existence of our species and our favorite sin.

Hometown: Belmont, CA

Slumber Marshals

The Slumber Marshals, where we play out our waking dreams. The slumber marshals camp will explore rest, relaxation and sleep and how the environment effects these activities.

URL: http://andybot.googlepages.com/slumbermarshalsHometown: Palo Alto, CA


VIRGIN ALERT !!!! small two or three man camp with comercial slushi machine, and sound system.
would make a great side camp to a larger theme or village maybe even inside one. Note: I have never been to burningman before, Iam a constant festival partier and have done years of burning man studying. I will be prepared for the conditions, am a big time outdoorsman, having lived in AK for years now from MN will be bringing 250 gal tank of water and 20-30 gal of vodka for slushi machine, I AM NOT GOING TO CHARGE FOR SLUSHIS

Hometown: Dertoit Lakes, MN


Come to Slutgarden and grow your very own slut! We provide the music, mirrors, dancing, drinks and glam…you provide the seed.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA


The Smoochdome is the best place to smooch on the playa! Bring your partner (or find one here), settle into our cozy atmosphere, and enjoy!

URL: http://www.smoochdome.orgHometown: New York, NY


Sing a happy song and Smurf the whole day long at SmurfNutz. Our House of Smurf mushroom lounge welcomes you to join our smurfalicious camp for music, dancing, comfort, refreshments, laughter, smurfedelic visuals and unlimited smurf-hugs. Happy things will come to you when you Smurf with SmurfNutz soon!

URL: http://www.smurfnutz.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Snack Food Glory Hole

Walk up to the Snack Food Glory Hole, open your mouth, and get a treat: 100% edible food, but no guarantees beyond that!

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Snow Koan Solar

Snow Koan Solar is a loosely knit band of burners who share a passion for the power of the sun and a love of tasty refreshments that involve ice. We are a place to rest, recharge, and restore your radiant self for playa adventures.

URL: http://www.littlebeast.com/snowkoanHometown: Berkeley, CA

Snowballs in Hell

Snowballs In Hell (formerly Citrus Camp)
What are the chances of finding shelter from the sweltering heat?
What are the chances of finding a shelter with slushy drinks being
served by subordinates of the Dark Lord Satan? What are the chances
of listening to chill beats while lounging in cozy chairs and sipping
your slushy drink as Satan’s nubile minions cover your body with soft
kisses from their fiery red lips? About a snowball’s chance in hell!

Hometown: SAn Francisco, CA

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village has been a home for Midwesterners and other long-distance travelers since 2000. We bring out unique sensibility to the Playa with smaller but intensely interactive camps.

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake2007Hometown: Milwaukee, WI


SOULICIOUS is a space filled with laughter, beauty, gratitude, decadence and abundance. We welcome anyone off the dusty street to dance, practice healing arts or jump into an impromptu blindfolded pillowfight/winetasting/hula-hooping battle/game of tickling. Enter our Hopium Den and you might find yourself in a guided visualization, or sipping an authentic cuban mojito by resident mixologist Juan Carlos G$, or smack in da middle of the most soulful and elicit music the playa has to offer. Stop by on Friday for our famous Soulbrunch day party, where we dish up the eats, the beats and a glorious day of celebration. We live our lives with mad love and respect. We’d love to meet you.

URL: http://www.soulicious.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Space Bass

Space Bass brings the sounds of solar wind and stellar journeys to Deep Down Disorient Daze. We invite you to visit our lunar party and enjoy reading through our collection of Astronomy magazines while sipping on a Mint Julep.

Hometown: Ottawa, Ont

Space Cowboys

Wrangling the cosmos for over a decade, the Space Cowboys are proud to provide the hitching post for the playa’s finest dancers, discos, djs, dreamers, and sugar daddys. but please don’t follow us, we’re only following the Mog…

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Space Elevator

In order to avoid the necessaty for actual space elevators resetteling humans in outer space this sonic space elevator is intended to defy mental gravity, expand conciousness and foster a sense of global community along the lines of think global, act local, and keep on dancing.

Hometown: Aptos, CA

Space Virgins

The Space Virgins are en-route to another world and their home planet has been left behind. Amongst the Virgin ruins a new generation emerges, ready and willing to make the home planet the most ‘bumpin’ place in the galaxy. Our mission? To help you achieve a state of mind that allows you to do it all like it’s the first time, again–withoutfear, without guilt, without shame, and without judgment. There is no escape from this transformation of the senses; the experience will enchant you willingly.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Spike's Inferno

Shamans of fire are welcome to come and perform their mystical ceremonies of demonic revelry on our cursed stage of the flame. Spike’s Inferno is a fire-spinning stage open to any mortal, minion or master with the courage to entertain the deviant hordes. An ill-begotten spawn of Spike’s Vampire Bar, Spike’s Inferno shares the Goth/Industrial Spike’s proper is known for, but boasts its own bar and separate sound system.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/spikesinfernoHometown: Fremont, CA

Spike's Vampire Bar

The time has come again to die and be reborn as an immortal child of the night in our dark den of drinks, dancing and divine decadence. From dusk until dawn you can dine on the fresh blood of our victims as it flows directly from the source. Dance until you expire to the constant melody of our coven’s extensive collection of Goth and Industrial dirges. Explore the majestic art of pole dancing on the anointed poles of our sacrificial stage. The dark and beautiful night side of the playa awaits you.
For those of you who fear the intensity of our midnight bacchanal, our human minions will offer several daytime experiences to ease your introduction into our macabre world. As the vampires rest, enjoy the bar in a more relaxed setting where you can dance to music of a wider variety, taste our libations and find solace from the heat of the sun. Be sure to check the What-Where-When for the dates and times of these special events.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/spikesvampirebarHometown: Fremont, CA

Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafe

Mysteries abound. The peek-a-boo nature and nurture of a Creator is discovered by those who hunger drives them to say "NOW is the time"
Our menu board is up again with it’s spirit seasoned offerings. For the 7th year Spirit Dream interpretation Cafe is back serving up our best in prophetic offerings of dream interpretations, cleansings, and destiny words with kindness as a main course. In addition, we continue our tradition of gifting water, espresso drinks and drumming/music in the dome. Welcome to our community of light for your journey. Our friends will leave the light on for you.

Hometown: North Sutton, NH

Spoon Return Center

The Spoon Return Center is BACK after a 3 year hiatus! Bring your lost and wayward spoons home to us and place it among its own in our SPOON ART GALLERY! There are many spoons in the world, but yours is an individual. Take it out and show it a good time! Make some art out of it! Bring it home to us. Enjoy refreshing drinks with your spoon. Lounge with your spoon. Your spoon will never be happier.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Stardust Cafe

Green Groovy Cafe for your morning grind, bring your mug for some organic love.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Starfactory's Garden of Hedon

Thursday and Friday night, a fully interactive nightclub sextravaganza. Shows, djs, dirty dancers and more. The garden bears it’s succulent fruits and naughty surprises for you 10PM-4AM. Open stocked bar too & gogo dancers too!

URL: http://misskittysparlour.com/garden/garden.htmHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Starlight Express

The stars return for their fourth year- and this one will be magical indeed. Join us in the Nargileh Tent for a cup of Raki and a puff on the hookah. Lift your spirits up on the viewing platform. Marvel at the Denver Project lightshow. So it is written, so it is done. More or less.

Hometown: Concord, CA

Static/Dynamic Band Camp

Static/Dynamic Camp is the new home of the Burning Band. the Black Rock Philharmonic, and many random musical groups. We’re here to play with and for you. Come on over and make a request for a band – odds are good we can do it. You want salsa or swing? Classical or classless? We can do that. And we can do it at our camp or yours.

Hometown: Monmouth, OR

Steam Bath Project

The Steam Bath Project offers Black Rock City a public, wood-fired steam bath in which to cleanse and meditate within a geodesic dome. The space is open to all hoping for relaxation and friendship.

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~japyrHometown: Alexandria, VA


Stegalopolis is the nesting/feeding ground for the stegalopolites and
their lizard God. Zaganchoo. Excuse us.

Hometown: Providence, RI


Camp Stella is a Burning Man theme camp of diverse queer and queer friendly folks who have agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober for the duration of the event. Some of us are active in AA and other 12 step programs, others are not, and we all enjoy the great reality that is Burning Man!!!

URL: http://www.campstella.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA


Penetration Village welcomes GLBT campers who support the adventurous, spirited and sex-positive playground that surrounds our infamous tents. Stiffylube: The Original & Only Authorized Cocksucking Establishment on the Playa!

URL: http://www.getingetoffgetout.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Strip Jeopardy

For $200: It punnishes stupidity by enforcing public nudity.
What is Strip Jeopardy?

Hometown: Portland, OR

Suicide Bomber Singing Telegram

Send a message they’ll remember for generations! Our team of seasoned hitmaker hitmen and women will compose a song based on your missive, message, or manifesto, and deliver it to a victim of your choice anywhere on the playa. Spurned by a lover? Dishononred by an infidel? Trying to arrange a time to get a chai? We’ll leave them humming a catchy tune before casting off that mortal coil.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/subombsingingtelHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Summer of Love

The best little bar on the playa! Daily themes at our bar and grill, with happy hour specials for all our BRC regulars, and irregulars! Come and party at our elevated deck with open mic nights for your participation (drum circle, singing, poetry readings, whatever!) but be prepared, on Thursday night we’ve got the sixties fashion show! Come walk on the catwalk or watch and just catcall! If you don’t have sixties clothes, we’ll fix you up with some!
Chill out in our comfy lounge and let Suzy the bartendress ( and the only girl in camp) fix you a drink, and listen to your troubles!
Come on over to the happiest bar on the playa!

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunrise Coffee Camp

Come over and visit us right around sunrise. We will have some hot coffee and pastries for you. Together we will welcome in the new day and send out some good vibes for a greener future for all.

URL: http://www.sunrisecoffeecamp.comHometown: Sunnyvale, CA


Sunvalley Theme camp celebrates it’s 10th year on the playa with our annual Blinky Rose giveaways, Swing Dance Thursdays and our Celestial Observatory. It’s always better under the sun.

URL: http://lennyjones.net/sunvalley2007.htmlHometown: Burbank, CA


SurlyCamp – Home to the SurlyBird which has risen from the ashes as a Phoenix does to be reborn into the one and only Bio-Diesel SurlyBird. And still the home to a bunch of assholes, so don’t fuck with it. Fuck yeah bitches!

Hometown: Anchorage, AL


Our mission is to nourish the planet with delicious, organic, vegan, brown rice sushi, made with love. You can also stop by for an astrology reading or a vibrational healing session.

URL: http://sushilovecake.googlepages.com/homeHometown: New York, NY


Sustainabilaville is collection of people who are committed to creating social and environmental systems that help us all live sustainably on the planet. For our offering we will create a space for fellow citizens to dialogue about sustainability while munching on solar oven baked cookies and sipping organic yerba maté tea in a comfortable daytime living room.

URL: http://sustainabilaville.org/Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA

Sweet Dreams

dream intrepretation and guided imagery services

Hometown: Cheney, WA