2007 Theme Camps

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Please stop by for a mulitude of experiences from cooling off on the Mr. mister stage during the day or warming up by the fire pod at night. Step up to the Vamp Camp bar to refresh your insides or to our artist to delight your outsides. And please interact with the various contraptions around the camp.

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Vedges & Gimps

Vedges & Gimps welcomes all Burners,while our emphasis is on those w/ physical limitations. Among our core members are a few amble-deficients, and we welcome other Burners w/ similar needs. We’ll have a number of DMV-authorized carts to transport less abled Burners around the playa. We also offer a fun and comfortable port for relaxation and revelry.
In addition to our focus on the physically compromised,we also welcome the mentally and emotionally handicapped. Makes for more amusing conversation…not to mention that we’re nuts, too.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


"There’s more to global warming than too many cars."
VegCamp invites people to consider both the effects of their actions on non-human animals and the environmental impact of humanity’s consumption of animal products.
We will have videos, vegan food, cooking demos, lectures, literature, and art.

URL: http://www.VegCamp.orgHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Velvet Soulmine

Velvet Soulmine is a continually evolving cozy chill space where you can indulge in Southern hospitality mixed with Western resolve. We have created a Morracan/Asian style chill dome crossed with a contemporary mine-shaft entrance to create several different areas of the camp. This year in addition to the bar we’ve added a stage for musicians, comedians & hooligans. Improv and stand up comedy will be featured Wednesday evening and Thursday is Cabaret Night. Friday evening will feature our first ever performance art piece. Stop by Thursday or Friday during the day to have your nude body painted. And if wretched excess is your thing, then the 10th Annual Southern Style Vodka party Saturday afternoon is for you, where wretched excess is never enough.

URL: http://www.homepage.mac.com/kimberlylanders/velvetsoulmine2007Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Venice Beach Drum Circle Camp

Some refugees from Venice Beach who love to drum and dance invite you to their camp to drum and dance. Any instruments (especially percussion) are welcome.

Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA

Vertical Camp

Come see the Future of Black Rock City TODAY.
At Vertical Camp we answer the Burning Question–"What happens when BRC runs out of space?"
The answer is simple– We go Vertical!
In the age of suburban playa sprawl, come breathe the fresh air of dense urban living at its best. Visit our rooftop deck and check out the Man from the top of BRC’s first and finest high-rise condominium tower.
Vertical Camp, where every unit has a bitchin’ view of the Playa.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Bringing our Playa Theater to BRC once again! Stop on by for an eclectic mix of shorts, animation and film festival works as well as independent productions you might have to contribute.

URL: http://www.videogasm.comHometown: Wayne, PA

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp

Come jazz up your body for the Playa with tastey Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Find us mobile or drop by base camp!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Virus Camp

Our energy is infectious! We support conscious growth through increased awareness. We encourage people to learn more about how to take personal responsibility and manage their own energies. Open your third eye, know the patterns of your chakras, have fun, and let your spirit shine.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Volcano Worshipers

Achieve kindness through the gentle sacrafice of virgins in volcano, among other things.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Voodoo Shooting Gallery


URL: http://www.voodooshootinggallery.comHometown: Portland, OR

Voted Best Camp

Skateboarding, Alcohol, Live Rock & Roll; this is punk fucking rock and make no mistake about it. We have a solid miniramp that can handle what you got, our stage can handle your band, and our bar will satisfy your most alcoholic of desires(we’re not a kids camp so forget it you little bastards).

Hometown: Reno, NV

VW Bus Camp

Come celebrate VW Bus Camp’s 10th year on the Playa by joining camp in your VW or other unique camping vehicle. You will be welcomed by our giant Bus Camp Man while enjoying the Leopard Lounge, snuggling in the Hubble Cuddle Dome, playing Hoops and Beer, listening to Radio Dionysus, utilizing the Bus Camp Free Store, riding in our helicopter, and participating in our Sawmi’s Lunar Eclipse celebration The Marrige of the Sun and the Moon!

URL: http://www.vwbuscamp.comHometown: Tucson, AZ