2007 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

B Camp

Buddhafull Burners from Bellingham in BRC, Be Here Now. Bodies, Beauty, Bealicious. We offer space For Play.

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

B.R.A.T. Camp

Beings Realizing Astral Travel are Bridging Really Awesome Tribes. BRAT Camp Braves Radically Altered Terrain to Bring Radical Approaches To Benign Randomly Attuned Terrestrials. Behold! Revolutionary Artists
Together Bringing Rhumpus And Thunder! Black Rock Area Transit may also provide Black Rock Art Tours.

Black Rock Acid Tasters are welcome to stumble by for eye candy, Bask, Relate And Talk beneath the luxurious shade of the Laughing Willow, and / or gawk at the locals, enjoy a cup of Acoustic Kool-Aid and Behave Really Absurdly Today.

Hands on opportunities for Art, Adventure and perhaps Short-Duration Personal Salvation Through Nacho Communion may be available provided schedules, personal whims and the whims of the Fates comply. Inquire
within. New acronyms for BRAT are encouraged by The Management.

URL: http://www.whereissteve-o.com/bratcampHometown: South Orleans, MA

Babarist Babylon

Pure joy and enlightenment can be found under the luscious foliage of King Babar’s Jungle Canopy. Absorb the Babar’s lessons and shed the illusion of separation from the natural world as you accept the trunk within you.

URL: http://www.babarist.orgHometown: Arcata, CA

Bad Advice Bear

The Bears are back! That furry little devil on your shoulder, that stranger eyeing you from across the tent, those curious cries of "Whoop Whoop!" floating across the desert in the early morning. Once again the Bad Advice Bears return to the playa with their message of love and mischief.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Bad Idea Theater

"To Serve and Project" Bad Idea Theater once again returns to bring you refreshment of the mind and body. Stop by and visit our expanded lounge and theater complex, providing you the best in Psychotronic entertainment. What’s Psychotronic, you ask? Look here http://www.badideatheater.com/movie_faq.html. Stop by during the day for a cool refreshing beverage, have a seat, hide from the sun, ask where they hid the port-a-potties this year. After nightfall stop by for our "Mind Numbing" service by watching the best movies you’ve never seen. Stop on by, it’s all for you. We’re open day and night, because we never know when you’ll be stopping by.

URL: http://www.badideatheater.com/Hometown: Garden Grove, CA


Living Green is a state of mind as BALL Camp transports the wilder-ness to the Playa. Find our camp and explore the many ways to Be Green. Use your body at our Blender powered Bar or vaulted tower, your mind through our ecological tests and wilderness, and your soul through our meditation, massage, yoga, and fire spinning dreamers.

Hometown: Yosemite, CA


Banned Camp presents CLOUD NINE. A dance party sound & visual installation for all the free thinkers and thrill seekers banned by system default to freely express themselves in our "real world", not so green society. We will get you into the groove and make your body move with an array of Sound, Visual Effects, and Surprises from Underground DJ’s and Performance Artists from around the world. Trip the light fantastic with us and live the burning man dance experience. Join the Banned, let it all hang out. Are you "in"?

URL: http://www.bannedcamp.infoHometown: San Diego, CA

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro

For the eighth consecutive year one of the most anticipated, revered, outrageous, and personable theme camps makes it’s triumphant return to Black Rock City: Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro, the friendliest concentration camp on the playa. Nestled within the confines of Wheeeee!Ville BDC&WB will once again be pouring vintage California merlot, zinfindel, and cabernet sauvignon while dismembering one of America’s icons, Barbie. Be sure to drop by and have a glass of wine and feel free to dispose of any of your unwanted Barbies, Kens, and assorted trailer trash. BDC&WB has been written up and featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, Wired magazine, Burning Man TV, the novel "The Man Burns Tonight", "Desert To Dream: 10 Years of Burning Man Photography" by Barbara Traub, CNN, the Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, and The Sacramento Bee. And once again BDC&WB will be hosting one of the playa’s favorite events short of burn night, the annual Eplaya/3playa Meet & Greet. Check the Burning Man calendar for the official listing. Your hosts again this year include Dr. Pyro, Frank the Vintner, Blowfish, Chickenbutt and his lovely wife Renee, Sunsetred, Garcia, Felony Arson, Buster, KJ, Gary, barB, Don, Tots, Shorty, Marta, David, Xander, Joe, Ferd, The Professor, Ron, Sue, Liam, Terry, Carly, and a whole host of characters better left unmentioned. So be sure and drop by our little slice of paradise, and be prepared to be offended by the Barbiebarians, the sickest bastards on the playa.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~dtalley24/BM/BDC/Hometown: Newcastle, CA

Bat Country

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro.”
-Hunter S Thompson
Bat Country is home to the professionally weird and socially feared.
Signature drinks, vibrating hugs, and mimosa-samosa binging are among the landmarks that can be put in print.
NOTE: Bat Country is also a government-designated sanctuary for the now-endangered Lustmonkeys.

URL: http://www.visitbatcountry.comHometown: Solana Beach, CA

Bear Liberation Front

The Bear Liberation Front (BLF) is a super-secret spy organization dedicated to the liberation of bear througout the world, the universe, and time. The BLF’s adversaries include Scroodle Corp, Stephen Colbert, and all others who would dare oppress the ursine race.

URL: http://www.bearliberationfront.comHometown: Seattle, WA


Stop by Bedlam for the maddest version of diagnosis and treatment, playa style!

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Best Camp Ever. Ever.

The name says it all.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Big Puffy Yellow

There is hope for Mankind. All things big, puffy, and yellow — a collective of artists and techies that enjoy vistors of all walks of life, camp camaraderie, music, communal cooking, drinking morning coffee and ice cold beer — enjoy an overabundance of all things big, puffy, and yellow.
Explore the sounds of the Big Puffy Yellow Theremin (invented by Russian physicist Leon Theremin 1896-1993). Lounge in Big Puffy Yellow chill space, shady, soft and puffy. See the light — our suspended hellium ballon serves as a beacon of light for all Burners — follow the light to find Big Puffy Yellow or use it as a marker to the locate your camp. Catch some shade — relax under one of the Big Puffy Yellow shade tents, enjoy the tunes, or take nap. You can find all of this and more at Big Puffy Yellow.
Big Puffy Yellow was conceived in 2001 and has participated in the Burning Man Project ever since. Come celebrate in the hope for mankind!

URL: http://www.puffyyellow.comHometown: Charlotte,


Bioluminati has been illuminating the Playa for twelve years with art, innovations, feasts, art quests, and now PIMP MY BIKE; the bling-ification station where Black Rock Citizens upgrade their ride with some extra get-up-and-glow. Open Daily.

URL: http://bioluminati.org

Birds of Playadise WVO station

Birds of Playadise Waste Veggie Oil Filling Station and Waste Veggie Oil Educational Center.
The Birds have gone green to meet your veggie fuel needs on the playa. Our camp provides FREE filtered Waste Veggie Oil to art cars running WVO on the playa. (Noon to 2pm Daily) Even if you don’t have a WVO car, stop by the camp’s education station to learn about this easy and accessible carbon-neutral fuel alternative. (We’ll also be exhibiting a converted WVO vehicle at the Green Pavilion.)Pre-playa requests for veggie oil distribution on playa can be made by contacting BirdsOP@googlegroups.com

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Camp Bicuit is a place for bisuits to gather and hang out.
Mostly we hang out in bed.
Warm fires, views, and constant esplanade entertainment nightly.
This year we will showcase our new tea house bed.
So please, come by for a spot of tea!

Hometown: Big Sur, CA

Black Forest Bar

The fine folks who brought you Eggchair!, Pyromid & BlackRock BierGarten, we present a brand new playa bar to Black Rock City. Come Drink, Sing, Dance, Enjoy the GREEN MAN in our new Black Forest environment!

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~eggchairsteve/blackforestbar.htmHometown: Alameda, CA

Black Forest Ham

Black Forest Ham is a place where all your forest dreams can come to life. Snake charmers, garden variety fairies and gritty lumberjacks will be crawling out of the proverbial wood work all week. We also appreciate HAM! Black Forest Ham are we!

Hometown: Larkspur, CA

Black Rock Beacon

We will be producing a daily newspaper for Black Rock City with a mix
of fun articles and serious news. Our Press Club & News Room will provide
shade and refreshment for ourselves as well as other members of the press and
interested burners.

URL: http://www.blackrockbeacon.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Bookmobile

The Black Rock Bookmobile Librarians welcome you. Come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our reading room or take a ride in the bookmobile. If you don’t finish your read, take it with you. Just remember, burn the man, not the books and as always, expiration is eternity.

Hometown: Washoe Valley, NN

Black Rock Boutique

Providing fabulous funky furry and freaky clothing to the citizens of BRC.
Come to the boutique and let our fashionistas slip you into something a little more questionable. Already got the pefect outfit–strut your stuff on our runway. Too much stuff- we gladly take playa wear donations.

URL: http://www.blackrockboutique.comHometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock City Hardware

We are the Black Rock City Municipal Hardware Shoppe and have been helping the playa since 1999. If you are building a camp and find out you lack something or that something needs to be fixed, come to us and see if we can help. We’ll have power tools, hand tools, materials, fasteners, and people to help you when you are in need. If we can’t fix it, we can at least drown your sorrows in whiskey and provide an ear to listen. Disclaimer: We are not a secret front for the Church of Volis [praise be his name], the god of control although we will have a shrine to Volis [praise be his name] dedicated to the virtues of science and duct tape and how it relates to the foundations of the universe.

URL: http://www.brchardware.org/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock City Post Office

Join our host of performance artists in sending mail anywhere, on playa or off. We’ve got original art playa stamps, harassment postcards, bureaucracy, stickers, adult experiences, and surprises. Work the counter or traverse the playa as a Delivery Specialist or both; sign on for one shift or dozens.

URL: http://www.brcpo.orgHometown: Chico, CA

Black Rock City Recycle Camp

Recycle Camp is located in Center Camp. Come visit us, bring us you aluminum cans, stay awhile & ride the bike that powers the state of the art crushing machine. Recycle Camp strives to lead by example, to show the participants of Burning Man that change is possible, it is in our reach & we will get there, one can at a time.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/environment_concerns/recycle_camp.htmlHometown: Oakland, CA

Black Rock Diner

BRD: Changing lives, one grilled cheese sandwich at a time.
The Black Rock Diner serves up grilled cheese, groovy music, and good vibrations to our late night playa neighbors from about 2a.m. until dawn. Over the years, BRD has evolved into a favorite underground chillspace for those wanting a little warmth in the whey hours of the morning. Come for the comfort food, and stay for the friendly community and ribald conversation.

URL: http://www.blackrockdiner.comHometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner Hostel

In our sixth year of rolling out the Red Carpet to treat Burners from Abroad like Royalty in World-Class, Five-Star style and comfort. Reservations REQUIRED, in advance, by June 15th, for campspace within our borders. Visitors welcomed, of course.

URL: http://www.blackrockburnerhostel.comHometown: Sparks, Nevada

Black Rock JCC

Do the green thing Jewish style–learn about tikkun olam/repairing the world and pursuing justice, dance, pray and learn. Friday night will be a veggie/milchic (fish ok)pot luck and ecstatic prayer.

Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Black Rock Lemonade

Cold Lemonade for Duzty Humans

URL: http://www.blackrocklemonade.orgHometown: Willits, CA

Black Rock Roller Disco

The Black Rock Roller Disco comes to the desert each year as an extention of the fantastic skating scene you will find in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, New York’s Central Park and and the skate spot in Venice Beach. Ca. We love to skate and we want to share the joy of skating with everyone at Burning Man. We will be rollin’ 24/7 to the old school funk and roller disco beat. We’ll have over 100 pairs of skates, skate instructors, performances AND all girl roller derby. Bring your skates and plan to boogie with the Black Rock Rollers.

URL: http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2007.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock Spatial Delivery

We are the bicycle messengers of the playa! Since 1999 we’ve reliably delivered missives, schwag, and sundries from burners to burners all over the playa.

URL: http://faludidesign.com/BRSD/BRSD.htmlHometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock Travel Agency

It was 1996. The Black Rock Travel Agency (BRTA)-sensing the birth of a radical city of artists, born in the backseat of a Chevy Monte Carlo-pitched a golden spike along the outskirts of that city, on the troubled road to Rave Camp. A Travel Agency Was Born. BRTA and Hospitality-no two words could have closer meaning.

URL: http://www.anythreewords.com/pdf/SurvivalUnderThermonuclearAttack.pdfHometown: Nevada City, CA

Black Rock University

Black Rock University is a diverse campus of fun-lovers who continue to optimize the equation between community work and good times. We welcome all types of strangers, and invite them to join us in creating body art, performance, protest, recreation, parades, and libations. Go Fighting Dust Flamingos! Black Rock U!

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blackrocku/?tab=sHometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock Yearbook

Black Rock Yearbook…recording your memories so you don’t have to!
Swing by any day,after noon until sundown, and take your yearbook shot, bring along the whole club or have us swing by for a class shot. Vote for the "most likely…" and be prepared to hang out in Detention for a few drinks with the teacher you wish you had.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Blacklight Aquarium

Algae’s blooming in Blaqua’s tank, and we’re a little green – The Blacklight Aquarium returns to host the Belligerent Blooms, dispensers of flowery invective and deeply rooted perspective on this year’s theme. Look for the spinning fish sign in the sky and ask Maestro for helpful Feeshformation.

URL: http://www.blaqua.com/projects/algae_bloom.htmHometown: Redwood City, CA

Blazin Raisin

Our Village is a refuge from busy playa stimulus,… A haven for the harmonious.

URL: http://blazin-raisin.tribe.net/Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Blood Vessel-Rue Morgue

The Rue Morgue, home of the Blood Vessel. Come pay your respects to your dearly departed. Inside the Mausoleum Create an origami crane with your condolences and goodbyes to place inside our hand made coffins that are taken to the Temple Burn. Then hitch a ride on the Blood Vessel/ Last Caress and head for the open playa on our one of many excursions OR have a drink with us in the Reception room in the shade.

URL: http://www.bloodvessel.orgHometown: San Jose, CA


What’s your pleasure? Grooving to live African beats? Give-and-take massage? High tea? Making hair-falls? That and more comes care of your silly, sexy, friendly neighborhood Bloopies! We’re gifting toe-nail polishing and body painting. Hot performance art. Workshops and weddings! Even an "air-conditioned" igloo dome! Come revel, bask, learn, and enjoy!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Blue Light District

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Invites all desert earthlings, to make a 2 1/4" , pin on button,using their photo or one that we take and print for them.All age groups are invited to capture the spirit of 2007 Greenman

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA

Bob Barker's Fun & Games Camp

Come on Down!! The camp known as Putting for Pabst is back in 2007 Bob Barker style. The Price is Right on the playa – can you make it from contestants row to the stage to play Drinko? Join us Wends 6-9pm for our Hump Day Happy Hour and enjoy the musical stylings of DJ’s B-Lit, NeoVision and Neeko.

URL: http://www.barkers-beauties.comHometown: Portland, OR

Body Art Guild

5th year on the playa decorating you to be mobile art.
An art collective offering Airbrush Painting, Brush Painting, Henna, Latex, and Magic Marker body decoration.
We offer a space to get decorated, and a space for artists to visit and decorate playa citizens.
(Visiting Artists please contact us before arriving on the playa. Bring your own equipment, clean up your mess.)
Friday, Critical Tits Special, Two-for-one!

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Body Temple Camp

The Body Temple Camp is the home base for the crew that’s supporting The Body Temple.

URL: http:// www.blackrockbodytemple.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Bohemian Blacksmith of Space.....

Our anvils and hammers are licking their chops in anticipation of showing the world what a Bohemian Blacksmith can forge on this playasphere.

URL: http://cobaltmetalworks.comHometown: Denver, CO

Booby Bar

A social gathering place for new and returning burners alike.There will be health and well-being seminars; enviromental green-ness, impact and recycling discussions.
A theatrically interactive place to laugh and enjoy each day of life.
As well as a part of the Glorious Terminal City Alliance.

URL: http://www.apokiliptika.com/terminal_city_page.htmHometown: Reno, NV

Boogie Universal ARTS Collective

After 5+ years of creating legendary events in the PNW, and collaborating with numerous on-Playa projects, The Boogie Universal ARTS Collective warmly welcomes you to our latest endevour: The B.U. Pyramid. Come enjoy exceptionally varied genres of music and performance in our 3,600 square foot pyramid. Enjoy it’s abundance of shade for afternoon funk parties, day & night workshops, seminars, yoga classes, massage, story-telling, live music, and more. Sign up to host your own events and post them on our public board outside the door. Come back often, there will be something different everytime. Be sure to join us behind the pyramid in the dome for a cold beverage too.

URL: http://www.boogieuniversal.comHometown: Bellingham, WA

Boxxus Nexus

The gracious god of godlessness, beneficent Boxxus Nexus, beckons you to consociate with curious compatriots whilst availing yourself of his abundance of economic, alcoholic potation. Translation: Come make some new friends over cheap boxed wine!

URL: http://www.adonic.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Boysterous Knights

Stewards of fun, freedom and passion bound only by your imagination and with integrity, strength and honor, we create inspired connection and ferocious loving.

URL: http://TRIBE.net/freedomcommunityburnsHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Brain Forest Camp

From the tropical jungles of Costa Rica comes an interactive visual journey where you will be stripped to your bare essence and reminded of your primal self. All life systems are cyclical, birth and death are the same, just seen from different points of view.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA


Everyone has seen many of the unique stickers from the various camps over the years. Again this year Brainfreeze/Got Sticker camp will bring them to you. We will have a central place where you can drop off stickers or swag from your camp and pickup stickers and goodies from other camps and Villages. In addition, we will be offering frozen margaritas every afternoon. (For those 21 & older) And for your entertainment we will have our famous electric chair for those who need to recharge their batteries. We will be located on the back side of the "Devil’s Workshop and Day Spa Village".

Hometown: Oakland, CA

BRAINS - A Concentration Camp

An experiment gone wrong! Zombies now rome the playa! Daily oubreaks and zombie hunts for everyone!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Brand-UR-Ass 'N More

Brand-UR-Ass ‘N More will stimulate your entire being, from your mind to your ass. Bare your butt at the hitchin’ post and get a pleasurable temporary brand, your soul to our Speedtherapist, your spirit at Moonbeam’s healing Reiki touch, and your thirst at the James Brown Memorial Martini Bar (and slut salon). Y’all come and play!

Hometown: Reno, NV

BRC Bike Messenger Assoc.

BRC Bike Messenger Assoc. is the place to be for BRC Bike Culture. We also do bike repairs.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

BRC Endangered Species Council

Which citizens of Black Rock City are Endangered? We find them, measure them, tag them, observe them in their natural habitat, and provide a sanctuary preserve.

Hometown: Portland, OR


Halt Spectator! You are now in custody by the Fashion Police! You have the right to drop those drawers. Anything you wear can and will be used against you in our Court of Style. You have the right to a good costume. If you cannot furnish a good costume, a suitably fabulous one will be provided. If you pursue this legal re-dress, we will frisk you (as many times as we like) and re-costume you as our officers see fit – but this in no way guarantees a good fit!
Failure to participate in our style reconstruction may result in imprisonment in the BRC FPD HQ, where you will be forced to watch old episodes of Richard Simmons in your underwear.
Warning: all blocks of BRC will be randomly patrolled by Fashion Police mobile units. Couture crimes, yuppie outfits, fraternal order t-shirts, or virginal lack-of-costuming violations are all punishable by style reconstruction or speedy trial. But fear not, for in our Court of Style, redress is always provided.

URL: http://www.daretruth.com/bm2k7Hometown: San Francisco, CA

BRC's Bike Recovery Camp

Lost a bike, found a bike, or woke up with a bike not your own? Come inquire about- and hopefully find- your wheels, or drop off the wheels you found (good karma deed). Also, be proactive… pre-register/tag your bike in case you lose it! 1-3pm Mon-Friday, but try us anytime, day hours please.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

BRCVFD, Fire Camp (Station #3)

Fire Camp has been the semiofficial home of the Black Rock City Fire Department since 2001. You’re invited to come by and visit the firefighters who volunteer their training and skill to our wonderful city. The members of the department come from across north america to participate in this Playa version of a real fire house. We’re here to help so don’t be shy.

Hometown: Deming, WA

Brenda's Top O' the Playa

The lovely Brenda invites you to join her and her friends for a cocktail or a glass of wine at the Top O’ the Playa Head Bar and Bodypainting Lounge. The DJ promises goovalicious music, and our artists are ready to oblige you by creating a piece of art on the body part of your choice. Join us and enjoy the panoramic views!

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA


A camp for admirers, followers, and lovers of Brigit. Join us for a White party and let your light shine bright.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Broom Closet

Enter our Broom Closet, what will you find?
Costumes and jewelry for all Burn kind.
Stop by our Witches Ladder, tie on your hopes.
They will burn with the man, told in his smoke.
Adventure you seek, Tree of Destiny..not for the meek.
The Tree of Needful Things, may have your needs this week.

Hometown: Sooke, BC

Bubble Lounge

The bubble. Nature’s ephemeral, perfect structure (the smallest possible surface area for a given volume) spinning with all of the iridescent light of the rainbow. Take home your free bubble generator, create bubbles large and small with our bubble toys, dance among the hundreds of colorful orbs floating in the air. Walk into the bubble cube where 75 silver spheres float, illuminated at night by one thousand-five hundred green, acrylic leaves powered by light emitting diodes.
“ This life of separateness may be compared to a dream, a phantasm, a shadow, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning, a bubble.” Siddharta, founder of Buddhism

Hometown: Venice, CA

Buddha Belly

After emerging on the playa last year as Fort Wenty, we are back this year in the belly of the buddha. Come to see our new improved crystal dome or look for our mobile sound mutant ganesh out on the playa.

Hometown: Slc, UT

Buddha Camp @ the Lotus Dome

When deluded one is an ordinary being; when enlightened one is called a Buddha.
Life proceeds along a path; though invisible, it definitely leads to absolute happiness-that path is the road of the Mystic Law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. BuddhaCamp@the LotusDome. Bringing True Buddhism to the playa since 2007!

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BuddhaCamp/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Bunnies Bondage Puppet Porn Shows

Bunnies Bondage Porn Puppet Shows,featuring all of your favorite Burning Man characters.Come crawl in our hole and see what kind of fun lies within. Repent in the rear. Adults only please.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Burners Without Borders

Come find out what Burners Without Borders has been up to since completing over $1 million worth of debris removal on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. BWB is an idea that lives whenever we take the values from the playa and bring them into our local communities. Come and get involved!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Burning Roadshow Camp

Attention Burners old and new, performance freaks, costume gurus, community activists — the Burning Roadshow invites you to immortalize your playa experience and conspire to bring it home with you!
Come share your "aha" moments on video at our "Magic U-Ball" booth, where the ball will ask the questions and U provide the answers. Strut your playa finery at our "Archetype Fashion Show", to the accompaniement of the live Roadshow Band. Brainstorm ideas for wild off-playa community projects with us as we co-host the Burners Without Borders Meet’n’Greet, then add them to our "Roadshow Roadmap" 3-D puzzle.
Singers, dancers, musicians, performers of all stripes: audition for "How to Survive the Apocalypse: A Burning Roadshow", our off-playa traveling event that will combine elements of an old-time populist rally, a post-rock opera, a carnival midway, and a freaky cult ritual — the heart of whih is a mutant musical about some friends and lovers who visit Burning Man for the first time, and who crash and burn and rise from the ashes transformed. Imagine a "Hair" for Burners rather than hippies, with an electronically damaged live brass band and an audiene that will be poked & prodded out of their spectatorship.
Check out our beta site for more info about the larger project, and email Technopatra for more info about the camp.

URL: http://postplayaproductions.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Skydiving, Observer Rides, Aerial Art Exhibition, Aerial Photography and Videography are some of the many aspects of BurningSky. Stop by and enter a drawing to win an Observer Ride with the skydivers as we jump over BRC from 12,000 feet above the playa.

URL: http://burningsky.orgHometown: Rocklin, CA

Burnstream Court

Do you gape when you see a shiny aluminum streamlined RV on the road; does the name "Airstream" summon images of retro-coolness and camping at the same time? Stop by Burnstream Court, the shiniest trailer park in the suburbs of Black Rock City to see Airstreams from every decade since the 50’s; camp events will be listed on our bulletin board beside our ultra cool neon sign.

URL: http://www.burnstream.netHometown: Arlington Heights, IL


Burntown is an eclectic, eccentric, yet somehow concentric collection of individuals from the foothills of Northern California. Our camp on the playa is the culmination of preparation, practice, and community gatherings that take place year-round.

URL: http://burntown.netHometown: Auburn, CA


After several years of participating in theme camps, we decided to branch off and contribute a little piece of our heart to yours. A group of veterans and newbs converging together to bring you: Camp Busted. When your batteries need recharging… where tired, busted campers can drink lovely cups of tea, sink into billowy couches and revel in good company. Our unique environment provides the ultimate lazy headquarters for cat-napping in those sunny afternoons. We provide your own little spot in the shade, good music, and a genuine concern for your relaxation needs. We welcome everyone! Camp Busted, where you go when your shit’s busted.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


BYB Bicycle Rickshaw Stop, Census Stop, and Advice Camp

URL: http://www.borrachosybicicletas.orgHometown: Austin, TX