2008 Theme Camps

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Fallout Shelter is going full tilt again this year with large tent, couches, large over stuffed pillows, carpet Den like atmosphere, with rock & Roll music, more colored lights, bar, indoor and outdoor relaxation. Outdoor large screen rock videos and or shawdow dancing. take a break, come on by.

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Family of Friends

Our name says it all. We’re a Family of Friends. And when you come to our camp, you’re family. Relax on a bean bag in our cool shade, enjoy an icy cold beer, help yourself to a tasty snack, or bounce around on our huge trampoline.

URL: http://www.freewebs.com/jessicaheleHometown: San Francisco, CA


Fandango welcomes you back to our Playa, and invites you to come by for a barter-free cocktail at the Slowburn Lounge. We’ll have the high-striker, rock and funk DJs,and the Black Rock Broadcasting Corporation’s World Headquarters, offering the world-wide simulcast of this year’s Bootie:BRC.

URL: http://www.fandango.netHometown: San Francisco, CA


Fickleodeon: random, quick-hit, ever-changing and sometimes spontaneous theater, will provide both a stationary and mobile venue for rare and ridiculous performances. In camp, a bar, lounge and stage. On the road, Mobileodeon, will award starring roles and cold beverages to thespians everywhere!

URL: http://fickleodeonpublic.wetpaint.com/Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Fiery Fractals

We are the Fiery Fractals.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension Village Includes Putt Putt Playa, The Philadelphia Experiment, Camp BBC & The Chorus of Dreams. Through various Creative outlets the Fifth Dimension will offer a diversity of interactive experiences that are auditory, visual, physical, emotional and experiential. This is 24/7.

URL: http://www.thephiladelphiaexperiment.orgHometown: Philadelphia, PA

Fire Conclave Convergence

Mandatory check in point for all members of the Fire Conclave. Members of Reno’s fire group welcome all members of the fire community. Check out the happenings with fire art on the playa. Ambient drummers are welcome to join fire activities.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/performance/fire_conclave.html#topHometown: Oakland, CA

First Republic of Slacking

Does your homeland not reflect your true ideals? Are you looking for a new spiritual home? The First Republic of Slacking will be accepting asylum application for the first time ever at Burning Man 2008. Slackers spend their days dancing, chilling, hooping, sunning and meditating.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/slackfranciscoHometown: San Francisco, CA

First Transdimensional Bank

While other banking institutions offer easy answers and convenient solutions, we at the First Transdimensional Bank promise difficult questions and intractable problems. Everyone already has an account, so you might want to use our Karmic Teller Machine (KTM) to check your balance.

URL: http://www.ftb-brc.org/Hometown: New York, NY

fixxxation station

Through the creative and concsious efforts of its members, Fixxxation Station thrives on a common goal of community interactivity: We provide BRC with an environment that stimulates the senses and soul. Doing so through interactive art, music, yoga, massage, conversation and libations.

URL: http://www.fixxxationstation.orgHometown: Pollock Pines, CA


FLARETOPIA – BRC’s Ole Tyme Foto Booth – We’ll add flare, then shoot you. B.Y.O.C (Bring your own camera)

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Flattery Camp

Flattery Camp returns to the neighborhood to unleash a contagion of flattery. Be flattered and/or join us in the fine art of flattery as the fabulous citizens of Black Rock pass by. We aim for sincerety, originality, humor, and comfort in the shade.

URL: http://mysite.verizon.net/sierracircuit/BRCHometown: Portland, OR

Fort Kanuckistan

Straight outta the Empty Quarter! Featuring Old Country Vodka Snorting Bar, 4th annual Xeni Cup street hockey tournament (Hockey Night in Kanuckistan), Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, Purgatory mutant vehicle base, Royal Kanuckistan Navy navigation beacon.

URL: http://groups.google.com/group/fortkanuckistan/Hometown: Calgary, AB

FREE Hookah Tent

Free Tent. Four Big Hookahs. over 20 flavors. Pillows. chill music.

Hometown: Laytonville, CA

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone has been photographing, in a studio setting, and giving prints to the participants of Burning Man since 1996. Each year each person photographed is given a Polaroid print of themselves as a tangible reminder of their time at Burning Man

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA


Freedelicious is a welcoming, fun and creative space for exploring freedom, self-expression and the meaning of the American Dream… Please join us in the comfortable chill space of our dome for: Yummy American treats, happy hour DJ sets, Reality TV interpretation and “paint-dancing” celebrations.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Freedom lounge

AMERICA – LAND OF THE “FREE”. The Freedom Lounge offers a safe atmosphere to let the Spirit revive you. The perfect place to make a new start and leave the past. new direction, healing, spiritual cleansing, dream interpretation and connection with your original purpose.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT


Freedomcommunity challenges everyone to be their highest self.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/freedomcommunityburnsHometown: Red Bank, NJ

FreeStyle Palace

FreeStyle Palace hosted by TripKnight LLC and LawyersforBurners.com proudly announces its ensemble performance for Burning Man 2008: FreeStyle Palace Sings Songs of Freedom. Our gift to the Black Rock City this year will be the creation of a melting pot of music, dance and visual arts manifesting personal or collective songs of freedom.

URL: http://www.tripknight.comHometown: Palo Alto, CA


Frogma is the little theme camp that could, where everyone is your friend and neighbor! Hop on over to our lily pads Monday through Thursday at 5:00pm for BRC’s one and only Hoppy Hour.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Fu*king Unicorn Camp

In our American Dreams we see Unicorns from all corners of the Unicorn Universe coming together to frolick in rainbow waterfalls, to gallop about freely, and to hump! Come by our camp for a “Mystical Creatures Party”,”Floating or Fucking Unicorns” picture sessions and other magical happenings!

Hometown: Denver, CO

Funky Town

Funky Town is a group of Montana Djs and friends who love music, sun and yard games. Come dance, enjoy a drink and play some of the hottest yard games while listening to the best club tunes these djs can play.

URL: http://www.playgroundproductions.bizHometown: Bozeman, MT

Furniture Car Rally Camp

Come one, come all, with your mobile furniture to the Furniture Car Rally! Meet us Thursday afternoon at 2:00 for fun, games, prizes, and, of course, to see tons of furniture on wheels.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/aminandaHometown: San Francisco, CA


Fusion Valley, will be offering an internet cafe, stop by enjoy our carpeted 30×30 shade. We’ll have couches, computers, music, movies, painting, games, and other fun activities. We also have black light art, and many paintings, some will be gifted. Also come by and cross the Continental Divide!

URL: http://rawfire.torche.com/fv/campmap/Hometown: Gerlach, NV


What is the american dream if not the drive to go fuurther? We want to bring immediate questions into consciousness and awaken our inner human beings. Come here to mystically ponder, experience soul reverberations, and to contribute to transcending the stereotypes of today.

Hometown: Kirkland, WA