2008 Theme Camps

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M*A*S*H 4207th

“Best Care Anywhere” The least disciplined but the most hospitable military unit in Black Rock City, M*A*S*H 4207th is the bastion of democracy in the sea of communist infiltrators known as Terminal City. Support your military troops by keeping the commies at bay!

Hometown: Salem, OR


2 ten x ten easy ups with tent and ca

Hometown: Mountain Center, CA

Mad Flava

Mad Flava brings you big playa taste, from your tongue to your feet. From zany pancake flavors in collaboration with the Pancake Playhouse to the 2nd annual Black Rock City 5k run and Beer mile!, we’ll make the Atkins diet our bitch while satiating your need for speed. BRC 5k Thurs 8am Center camp.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/campmadflavaHometown: La Jolla, CA

Made in Brazil

This mito-poetic population lives well with ambivalence, contradiction and paradox, leavened by music, is exuberant, energetic, affable, fun-loving and compassionate. This is the thought behind the design of the “Made in Brazil” camp concept.

URL: http://www.madeinbrazil-burningman2008.com/Hometown: Santa Monica, CA


Mal-Mart is an exploration into America’s consumer driven society where the shopping mall reigns supreme. Mal-Mart will deconstruct the shopping experience by offering Burning Man residents their first multi-level shopping mall where nothing is for sale and ideas are more valuable than “valuables.”

URL: http://www.mal-mart.orgHometown: Venice Beach, CA

ManyFest Destiny

Quick – kill a rabbit before Jimmy Dies of Dysentery… Swing yer ass on by ManyFest Destiny for cold ones and loved ones, uncovered wagons and gunslinger ballads.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Martini Village

Welcome to the next step of entertainment! Emerging from Martini camp, is Martini Village! Stop by for a multitude of enjoyment with Martini Lunches and Cocktail Parties, Lollipop-Alcohol Adventures, F.U.N. Comedy and Lots of Music! Please check the What, When, Where for more information.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Math Camp @ Group W

Math Camp, a safe place for Mathematics. A small, social camp, we offer a place to drink and derive! Home of the Fabulous Electric Cupcakes. Purveyors of crunchy snacks. Temporary Tattoos. The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the Playa.

URL: http://www.mathcamp.usHometown: Berkeley, CA

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is the place to go for professional media wanting cover Burning Man as news or documentary. Media Mecca will also be the communications center for crisis management or important announcements during the event.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/pressHometown: Logan, UT

Melting Pot Massage/Body Painting

Table massage and body painting for any and all Black Rock immigrants, followed by a big glass of cold water, followed by the cocktail of your choice. You can also contribute to our “Piss Clear on the American Dream” art installation.

Hometown: West Hartford, CT

Merkin Dream

Here’s where your Merkin Dream will come true. Have a cold drink of Not Mom’s Apple Pie while you brush up on your Merkin History and decide which merkin to wear and where to wear it.

Hometown: Novato, CA

Midnight Ridazz

In our American dream, people move by pedal power. Ride on in with your unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, or whatever you roll with. We “organize” bike tours, and partake in bike decoration, DIY bike repairs, bike blessings and more bike geek talk than you can shake an Allen wrench at.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Mile High Club

Come fly our frisky skies with the Mile High Club! Get your attitude up to altitude with Heavenly Yoga and Soothing Hand-Jobs. This Colorado-based crew flies the friendliest plane on the Playa so fasten your seatbelt and summon your flight attendant. First Class and No Class flights only!

URL: http://www.milehighcamp.info/Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Mind Shaft Society

The Mind Shaft Society is a collaboration of artistic scientists. We go on Expeditions every winter, then recreate the findings and present them at Burning Man.

URL: http://www.mindshaftsociety.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Mint Condition

Mint Condition

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Mischief Camp

Instant access to all that is going on around BRC 24/7. Check out our web cam Kiosks fed from our vast network of wireless webcams placed throughout BRC. Come play shocking reaction games, skill games and if you dare, try to beat the lie detectors shocking consequences. A little mischief awaits!

Hometown: Manitou Springs, CO

Misfit Nation

Join us at The Misfit Nation in celebrating the important historic role that Misfits have played in shaping our great nation. Explore the American Frontiers by visiting the Misfit Saloon shooting gallery, our urban cityscape and space exploration dance floor.

URL: http://turnedontv.blip.tvHometown: Burbank, CA

Mission Country Club

Welcome to the Club! Wake up and smell the fresh roasted coffee we’ve brewed for your daily delectation or to reconnect with your Common Sense at the Paine Society. And be sure to stop by for our wildly popular Sangria SoundClash party on Thursday afternoon.

URL: http://www.missioncountryclub.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica

When the sun reaches its zenith and is beating down on the citizens of Black Rock City, head over to the coolest Bedouin Place on the playa and relax with an ice cold martini while lounging on pillows and poufs. Peruse our book of true erotic stories and if the spirit moves you write one yourself.

URL: http://www.tribeofartists.comHometown: Incline Village, NV


Welcome to Monoplaya! where you’re invited to sit in the Community Chest or compete for pieces of our great American dream in the form of luxurious hotels and other properties. Or, just come by and check out who’s in Jail and why.

URL: http://jasoneppink.com/burningman/2008/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Moonbass, the Space Oasis… offering participants an altered landscape, soundscape and aesthetic simulating an alien lunar environment. We welcome you to join us amongst the numerous geodesic dance domes, intelligent lighting, featuring broken beats in all shapes, sizes and tempos, moon rocks, hammocks, space wreckage, and other cosmic oddities…

URL: http://www.moonbass.netHometown: Denver, CO

Moonbow Camp

When the Full Moon shines upon Yosemite Falls, the Moonbow there, creates a special place of reflection that represents America’s great parks and Nature. We’re campers and activists that will bring todays Gay Pride to BRC for America’s growing community. Our theme is “Our Gay American Dream”

URL: http://hometown.aol.com/anpu2001/moonbow.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Mooncake Rebellion

Mooncake Rebellion offers an organic community building atmosphere facilitating relaxation and conversation by providing multiple serene chill spaces serviced with tea, coffee, and homebrew beer. We offer the following classes: Firestaff construction, Greywater management, and wardrobe rejuvenation.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Moonshine Tavern

We are one of the coolest bars on the playa with the addition of our new stage featuring live bands, DJs and misc. performances! Come on by and EARN this year’s Burning Man shot glass to add to your growing collection!

URL: http://www.moonshinetavern.comHometown: Reno, NV

Mother Load

Mother Load – The first fine arts museum on the playa. Bro’s, Ho’s and Shows are invited to join our large Hands-on collection of mastur art pieces celebrating the human form. Unload your rocks in our Johnny Quest Machine as an offering of masculinity to be sacrificed when the big man burns; get your stamp that says you “gave it up for the Man” each time you cum back.

URL: http://www.freewebs.com/motherloadcamp/Hometown: Orange Park, FL

Mutant Audio Outpost

A haven for audio experimentation and those seeking out non-traditional and unorthodox music and sound. Stop by and play our experimental instruments, listen to unusual musical performances, and take part in sound creation workshops.

URL: http://www.mutantaudio.net/outpostHometown: San Diego, CA

Mystic, Camp

Mystics are a medley of creative talent & energy. Inspired by a sense of mystery & wonder, we perceive the consciousness of We Are All One. Mystics encourage the enigmatic spirit to explore a deeper connection not only this planet and all that exists within, but the realm of the entire universe.

URL: http://www.artpacific.com/burningfriends.htmlHometown: Island In The Sky, WA