2008 Theme Camps

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Come by and enjoy the outdoor Vamp Camp lounge and try some vamp juice. You will find a relaxing setting with friendly vampers and burners. Also for your use and enjoyment partake in BRC only fully functional bidet.

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Vedges & Gimps Camp

Vedges & Gimps Camp returns to BRC, this time alongside Hot Wheelz Camp. Both camps are here in service & support of BRC’s handi-capable citizens to aid in their effort to traverse, explore & enjoy Burning Man. We bring vehicles ready to transport those who really need it.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


VegCamp invites people to consider the environmental impacts of animal agriculture and the ways in which humanity’s actions affect non-human animals. We will have videos, vegan food, cooking demos, lectures, literature, a reference library, and interactive art.

URL: http://www.VegCamp.orgHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Velvet Soul Mine

Velvet Soulmine Saloon and Dance Hall is a cozy chill space where you can indulge in Southern hospitality mixed with Western resolve. This year the Soul mine has hit the mother load and we are living large. Come enjoy the boom right before it all goes bust.

URL: http://mesabear1967.tripod.comHometown: Salt Lake City , UT

Vertical Camp

At Vertical Camp we answer the Burning Question–“What happens when BRC runs out of space?” The answer is simple– We go Vertical! Come breathe the fresh air of dense urban living at its best. Visit our rooftop deck and check out the Man from the top of BRC’s first and finest Condo Hi-Rise.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Videogasm featuring independent / experimental video art on our three screens, nightly at Snowflake Village. Home of the renowned spray paint artists, The Spray Dogs. Come by and get tagged! Contact us if you have an original video you’d like to show at our Playa Theatre.

URL: http://www.videogasm.com/burningman/Hometown: Woodhaven, MI

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp

Come out of the sun, into the shade and drink some very tasty Vietnamese Iced Coffee, aka Crack-In-A-Cup!! We are located in Avalon Village, usually serving from around 12noon to around 4pm, in Quixote’s of Avalon. Cups provided!!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


In 1003, Leif Erikson founded Vinland, the first European settlement in North America. Though it no longer stands, its descendants live on. Join us at Vinland to celebrate his legacy by learning songs and stories, feasting upon beef and mead, and sharing with us the joy and freedom of a new world.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Voodoo Bistro

The VooDoo Bistro exists as a spiritual center to all of Black Rock City. Not only do the devotees that call The Bistro home perform the VooDoo rites, but we act as an outreach to the Burning Man Community by inviting participation in the rites and guidance on how to affect your universe through VooDoo practice.

URL: http://www.Frogbeater.comHometown: Sun Valley, CA

Voted Best Camp

Nothing complicated here folks. Nightly Punk Rock mayhem drenched in beer and whiskey with amazing displays of skateboarding. We have a bar, a stage, and an halfpipe; everything else is just dress up. Please be advised that when night falls we are rated R and the kiddies should stay back at camp.

URL: http://myspace.com/votedbestcampHometown: Reno, NV

VW Bus Camp

VW Bus Camp welcomes all arriving in a VW Bus or other unique camping vehicle to join our camp. Visit us and experience the unique American Dream that comes from experienced Burners still driving these archaic and slow vehicles, hula hooping to a non-stop 4th of July, dreaming of strong tail winds!

URL: http://www.vwbuscamp.comHometown: Tucson, AZ