2008 Theme Camps

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I'm OK You're OK Corral

A Burning Man tradition, the “I’m OK You’re OK Corral” has been serving up love, hotties and good ‘ol fresh muzak since BM was a wee widdle baby. Awww.

URL: http://www.imokyok.comHometown: Portland, OR

Ice cubed

Ice cubed is the ice sales camp located inside the 3-o-clock plaza. Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday from 9am – 6pm (closed Labor Day). 10lb blocks of ice and 7lb bags of crushed ice can be purchased for $3 each. Ice can also be purchased in the 6 & 9 o’clock plazas.

Hometown: Portland, OR


Ice-9 is the ice sales camp located inside the 9-o-clock plaza. Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday from 9am – 6pm (closed Labor Day). 10lb blocks of ice and 7lb bags of crushed ice can be purchased for $3 each. Ice can also be purchased in the 3 & 6 o’clock plazas.

Hometown: Portland, OR

illumination village

2008 is The Illumination Village’s 14th anniversary on the playa. We are an active, driven community of dedicated artists, technologists and hardcore fans of fire. We stoke the flames, mixing fire and steel, keeping your body warm at night, and your eyes twinkling with the reflections of combustion.

URL: http://www.burningart.comHometown: Makawao, HI

Image Node

Image Node! Apple Pie! Mom! Blinky stuff! Movies! Experimental and improvisational music! The playa’s finest VJs! A mailbox with a little birdie on it! Feel nostalgia for a past you never really had! America — You break it, you bought it!

URL: http://www.imagenode.orgHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Inca Roads Kamp

Did a vehicle come from somewhere out there just to fly across the mountains and find a place to park itself. Or did someone build a place to leave a space for such a thing to land.

URL: http://www.eSeer.com/IncaRoads/Hometown: Seattle, WA

InComp-e-Care HMO

Tired of your general practitioner? Does your health plan cover everything you need? Well, the Internal Complete Care Health Manipulation Organization (InCompeCare HMO) has EVERYthing you need to feel better. Whether you need fettering, dermabrasion, a touch of laudenum or a little TLC, come on in.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA


The royal order of the INEBRIATI. For the first time since its formation the general public are invited to go through sacred initiation rites and become level 1 members. Join the order and have access to the lodge and its ammenities. The level 30 grand master ‘Bodie’ will be attending annual party.

Hometown: Camarillo, CA


InJustUs is your place for a little playa-style judgement Come visit our Court to have The Supremes decide your charge, verdict and sentencing all in one swell foop. Who knows what might happen.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Inspiratum is the home of inspiration to build, create, or play. Come play with the Crossbow Glowstick Shooters, climb the 46′ signal tower, relax in the hammock beneath the palm trees or check out the numerous human and otherwise powered machines that live in the outer courtyard.

URL: http://www.blackco.org/inspiratum/Hometown: Rancho Cordova, CA

Interaction Cafe

At the Interaction Cafe we do not serve food or drinks – we serve interactions. Perhaps you’d like to start off with a casual conversation for an appetizer, engage in an interactive game for an entree and end with a song

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Iron Rose

Not enough fire? Too much techno? Iron Rose answers with all kinds of music and fire of our own for you to set by. …did someone say bluegrass?

Hometown: Laytonville, CA

Island of the Lost Cupcakes

The Island of the Lost Cupcakes is the home of the Sqysh Fysh, and various Klowny Shenanigans

URL: http://www.sqyshfysh.com/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


iUniverse is a group of diverse individuals with an array of skills. We offer several interactive experiences including dancing, silks, drumming, and performance art gatherings and our “sexy beast” themed activity. Most importantly we are a community who finds delight in playing & creating together

Hometown: Portland, OR