2008 Theme Camps

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Society for the Perpetuation of Empatheogenic Celebrations from Victoria, BC, Canada. S.P.E.C. is dedicated to promoting community events that engender an empathic bond between the participants.

Hometown: Victoria, BC

S'mores n Amour

S’MORES…we provide this camping favorite. Not just a treat, but a roasting experience. You bring the good cheer and we provide the rest. Every night at sunset. Campfire singers and entertainers get more than a chocolate surprise! Warning: your marshmellows may get burned.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/b1e2bf96-a3bf-4a91-b145-9a9b0fdff718Hometown: North Hollywood, CA


Camp Sa-hana-tana is offering Kirtan and icy cold lemonade. Come sing with us!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Sacred Space

An oasis in the desert, famous throughout the known universe, Home of the CUNY TRIM & PELVIC SPA and the MORNING COFFEE ENEMA. Ladies are invited to enjoy the most eXotic pelvic spa on the Playa. Humans discovered the HEALTH & PLEASURE of enemas thousands of years ago, discover enemas for yourself.

URL: http://home.att.net/~sacred.space/Hometown: Jefferson, OR

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces is a camp of mystically-inclined burners exploring states of consciousness and magical transformation through the creation of sacred spaces including: a 25k sq ft Temple called Pantheogenesis(with Entheon), the Vajra Healing Lounge, and the Spiral Salon for philosophical discussion.

URL: http://www.pantheogenesis.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Safer Sex Camp

Forgot your kit? Your Playa source for Safer Sex Kits – all your safer sex needs – condoms, lube, gloves, plastic-wrap dams. All Kits are free, not for sale, not for barter. Look for Outpost Bags. Distributors wanted; all orientations welcome. Daily events. See What When Where for details.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Sakιnoma is a seasonal sakι bar and modern day stage coach stop, located in BRC NV. It appears like a mirage in late August and then fades away without a trace. The slight acidity of the cold sakι we serve, pairs nicely with the alkaline properties of playa dust. Stop by for a cold one.

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil provides a welcoming space for personal exploration and self-expression through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual interaction with other beings. We invite the Burning Man community to join us in our quest to find the true meaning of the American Dream.

URL: http://www.salonsoleil.netHometown: San Francisco, CA

Sanctuary Support Camp

Sanctuary Support Camp is the home village for the rangers who work in Sanctuary, a Burning Man resource managed by the Black Rock Rangers. Laid back and friendly, we offer round the clock chai, bodywork and a yoga practice space.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Sanctuary, The

The Sanctuary represents the evolution of healing ~ a refuge from the chaos of burning man. Stop by and experience massage, manipulation, reiki, energetic medicine, yoga, music, and love.

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Save the Man

Home of the save the man protesters, the panoramic photo wall showing giant photos of the history of Burning Man, the Pacific Hell free phone booth to the world, the ATM machine, Sno-cone cart, and more.

URL: http://www.templetons.com/brad/burn/savetheman.htmlHometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Schaweet and Noice

Camp Schweet and Noice is an eclectic mix of circus and live music. The home-base of VigilantiUp! Stilt brigade and Dooki Doodle, the best band to ever sing about poo.

URL: http://www.vigilantiup.orgHometown: Reno, NV

Secret Exchange Camp

What is your burning secret? What do you keep so close to your chest that by sharing will ultimately let you move forward in peace? Secret Exchange Camp offers an opportunity to tangibly release that which you have kept buried inside.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Semuta Lounge

“Semuta” is mentioned several times in the Frank Herbert “Dune” novels, but never in much detail. It is described as a drug addiction that requires both a specific drug (“semuta”) and a specific type of music (“semuta music”) to work. Without the music, the drug is apparently fairly useless, but the combination of the two produces “sustained, timeless ecstasy.”

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Sex Filth Avenue Boutique

SEX FILTH AVENUE was a great success. We gave away more than 1000+ Naughty sexy costumes. We need costume donations to make this happen again next year. Please send me a box of costumes. Please post any pics you have from SFA on the website below.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/S_e_x_Filth_Ave/Hometown: Carson City, NV

Shadebearers' Temporate Zone

Shadebearers carry light but large parasols to offer shade to people touring art installations, and make new and lasting friends while providing a public service. Meet at the Temporate Zone pavilion in the mornings, then come by in the evening for libations, cool lighting, cool sounds, sleep over.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Shady Waffle

Burning Man can be pretty intense: the people, the music, the motion, the heat… we provide an escape from all of that. We are a shady, cozy nook on the playa where you can take a yoga class, meditate, or enjoy a peaceful breakfast.

URL: http://nlp.stanford.edu/jrfinkel/shadywaffle/Hometown: Portola Valley, CA


Shadyvil is Black Rock City’s own master planned community. Follow you American Dream & assimilate into uniformity. Picnic in the park, educate yourself in our school, relax in the chill domes & enjoy a drink in the Shadyvil Pub with entertainment & micro-brews.

URL: http://www.shadyvil.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Shaye for President Headquarters

This is the BRC Satellite Office of the Shaye for President Campaign. Stop on by to share your american dream, have a slice of apple pie, and talk about how thinking outside of the box can change the future of America. Live a Legacy of Love and May Peace Prevail! Visit shaye4president.com

URL: http://www.shaye4president.comHometown: Arcata, CA


You manifested this moment in time, embrace it, cherish it… share with us your SHIFT experience … and YOUR American Dream. Our mash-up of the world’s cultures, ideas, languages, and skills points the way to the future of the planet! ART by Jason Tucker, group discussions featuring Ann and Sasha Shulg_i_n_ _ _a_n_d_ _f_r_i_e_n_d_s_,_ _ _D_r_._ _D_r_e_a_m_’_s_ _A_m_e_r_i_c_a_n_ _d_r_e_a_m_ _m_a_n_i_f_e_s_t_a_t_i_o_n_ _d_o_m_e_,_ _R_o_c_k_ _a_n_d_ _R_o_l_l_ _O_p_e_n_ _M_i_c_,_ _a

Hometown: La Jolla, CA

Shipwreck tiki lounge

Shipwreck tiki lounge- An actual vintage wooden sailboat beached upon the rocks of a forbidden isle. Join the castaways for afternoon grog at their exotic tiki bar of hand made idols, gods and flaming totems. Beware of cannibals!

URL: http://www.shipwrecktikilounge.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Shuttlecraft Galileo

Shuttlecraft Galileo camp, inside “Terminal City”, is the home port for NCC-1701/7. You don’t have to be a geek, dweeb or nerd or even a Star Trek fan to appreciate the TOS shuttlecraft, but it helps! http://www.trexxis.com/shuttle/shuttle.html

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Silicon Village

Silicon Village including sub theme-camps from the San Francisco South Bay

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SiliconVillage/Hometown: South San Francisco, CA

Skyline Camp

Home base for the crew working on Skyline, the helium balloon wind sculpture out on the playa. Balloonchain.com

URL: http://Balloonchain.comHometown: New York, NY

Slumber Marshalls

The Slumber Marshals, where we play out our waking dreams. The slumber marshals camp will explore rest, relaxation and sleep and how the environment effects these activities.

URL: http://andybot.googlepages.com/slumbermarshalsHometown: Menlo Park, CA


Hey you in the khakis and the fanny pack, everyone else thinks you’re a loser but Slutgarden knows you want to fly your freak flag high. Our sluts provide the mirrors, the sauce, the glam and DJ Cockstorm! You provide the seed.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/slutgarden2008Hometown: Vancouver, WA


Looking for a romantic place to smooch on the playa? Want to learn creative, fun, and sexy techniques for kissing? Welcome to the Smoochdome! We’ve created the best environment for smooching on the playa! Bring your partner (or find one here), settle into our cozy chilled-out atmosphere, and enjoy!

URL: http://www.smoochdome.orgHometown: New York, NY


Sing a happy song and Smurf the whole day long at SmurfNutz. Our House of Smurf mushroom lounge welcomes you to join our smurfalicious camp for music, dancing, comfort, refreshments, laughter, smurfedelic visuals and unlimited smurf-hugs. Happy things will come to you when you Smurf with SmurfNutz soon!

URL: http://www.smurfnutz.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Snack Food Glory Hole

Close your eyes and open your mouth for a tasty treat! Guaranteed 100% edible.

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Sneakiest Camp Ever Ever

You think you’re sneaky?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Snow Koan Solar

Snow Koan Solar is a loosely knit band of burners who share a passion for the power of the sun and a love of tasty refreshments that involve ice. We are a place to rest, recharge, and restore your radiant self for playa adventures.

URL: http://littlebeast.com/snowkoanHometown: Berkeley, CA

Snowballs In Hell

What are the chances of finding shelter from the sweltering heat? What are the chances of finding a shelter with slushy drinks being served by subordinates of the Dark Lord Satan? What are the chances of listening to chill beats while lounging in cozy chairs and sipping your slushy drink as Satan’s nubile minions cover your body with soft kisses from their fiery red lips? About a snowball’s chance in hell!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village (since 2000) is a haven for Midwesterners and other long-distance travelers. We bring our unique ethos of smaller-scale, one-on-one interactivity to the Playa.

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake2008Hometown: Milwaukee, WI


As Americans, we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What could contribute more to your pursuit of happiness, than a safe, comfortable, inviting space for people to meet the universal need for human touch?

URL: http://www.snuggletown.orgHometown: Salem, OR

sober Free society

The sober Free society brings you The Action Hero Bar! Come hang with your favorite or least favorite 70’s & 80’s action heroes (such as: Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, and Arnold) or come party with us as an action hero yourself, have a drink and kick some ass!

URL: http://www.soberfree.com/projectsHometown: Seattle, WA

Sore Nipple Camp

Come spin the wheel of enjoyment (maybe), ride the Sibian, have a drink and enjoy some games. Try to beat last years record of 9 C.D.’s on your nipple.(We will supply the ice) Get a tramp stamp, or come by to get a flogging. Beware!!! We are the people that your parents warned you about.

Hometown: Sparks, NV


Soulicious is filled with laughter beauty gratitude decadence and abundance. Anyone is welcome off the dusty street for an impromptu blindfolded pillowfight/winetasting/hooping game of tickling or simply to dance. Stop by Friday for SOULBRUNCH when we offer the yummiest eats and filthiest beats.

URL: http://www.soulicious.orgHometown: West Hollywood, CA

Space Bass

The Space Bass will be a silent outpost this year, established in memory of Nick Robertshaw (BigNick) who contributed much flurescent love to our outpost in the dust in 2007. Stop by for a mint Julep and share in the creation of our memorial to be burned at the temple.

URL: http://wiki.disorient.info/index.php?title=Space_BassHometown: Ottawa, ON

Space Camp

Need some Space? We have an infinite supply! Come by Space Camp where Spaced Scientists will provide you with virtual knowledge, Instant Relaxation(tm) and the answers to all those Burning questions about UFO’s, space men and even space people.

Hometown: Sierra Madre, CA

Space Carp Orphans

Orphaned after 2007, Carp and Space Cowboys join forces to bring you the most drunken, cantankerous, surly, obnoxious theme camp on the playa. We are the dream team – Space Carp Orphans!

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Space Elevator

Space Elevator, elevating from the trance communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring psytrance, progressive trance, funky-electro beats and chill-out music on a 20,000 watt sound system, with local and international DJs from all over the world bringing their best music to you on the playa.

Hometown: Aptos, CA

Spanky's Wine Bar

Spanky’s Wine Bar – Home of the “Shattered American Dream Lounge” (join us for some wine!), The Spank-O-Matic machine, The infamous Burning Band, Villains & Virgins, the MPR radio show (Morning Painjoy Radio), the Carne Armada, the orgASSmatron and the newest toy… The “Burn Your Own Man” machine.

Hometown: El Dorado Hills, CA

Sparky's House of Phlame

Home base for Sparky the Fire Truck and his loyal followers.

URL: http://www.fernworks.net/SHOPHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Spike's Vampire Bar

Welcome to Spike’s Vampire Bar, the darkest den of drinks, dancing and divine decadence on the Playa. Our wine bar and Goth/Industrial dance floor are guaranteed to entertain you nightly from dusk until dawn.

URL: http://spikesvampirebar.tribe.net/Hometown: Oakland, CA

Spin-Art Camp

Remember Spin-Art? Come join the fun and make your own Spin-Art on the four foot version we built. We have core boards or wear a shirt you’d like to decorate.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafe

A coffee cafe, gifted water, with a side of kind people and a spiritual menu that weighs light on the inside. Enjoy our prophetic expressions for your journey.

URL: http://www.spiritdream.orgHometown: Coeur D'alene, ID

Spock Mountain Research Labs

Eleven straight years on the playa, Spock Mountain Research Labs continue to be the world leaders in Beverage Science and Leisure Technology. Stop on by and ask for some Hyper-whiskey. Or pick up a copy of their hard-hitting newspaper, the Spock Science Monitor.

URL: http://www.smrl.orgHometown: Laurel, MD


Spudville will be mashing a bunch of old and new potatoes together to see what the hell happens. Come see us, we will have plenty of fun! We might even make some potatoes, although I think the predominant crop is now wheat. WTF? Stupid preconceived notions…

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spudvilleHometown: Boise, ID

Stalker Camp

Stalker Camp is dedicated to the principle that everyone who wants a stalker should have one. Follow our stalking rules and your consensual stalking experience will be super!

URL: http://www.stalkercamp.comHometown: Campbell, CA

Star Factory

We cater to Black Rock City’s “stars” in all of their varied forms, by offering an entourage, groupies, a professional stage, make-up (including skilled body painting) and wardrobe make-over provided by the famed Black Rock Boutique. We also sponsor a competition to locate Black Rock City’s top star.

URL: http://www.starfactory.usHometown: Portland, OR

Stardust Lounge

When the Stardust Casino was reduced to a pile of ashes, dust, and memories, witnesses swore they saw a glittering swirl of purple smoke drifting Northwest. Pawn your jewelry and double down at the Stardust Lounge, where dirty martinis and dirtier cocktail waitresses rekindle the spirit of old Vegas.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Starlight Express

Stars big and small…bright in the night sky. And furry. That’s us!

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Station 3/Fire Camp

Fire Camp, home of the Black Rock City Volunteer Fire department. City: Deming, WA

Station 6/Main Medical

The main medical clinic for the event it located at 1:00 on The Wheel Road around Center Camp (on the Esplanade) in Center Camp.

URL: http://911.burningman.com/Hometown: Port Orchard, WA

Station 9/Medical Camp

Emergency Services Medical Clinic and Fire Station at the 9 O’clock Plaza.

URL: http://911.burningman.com/Hometown: Port Orchard, WA

Steambath Project

Steam Bath Project welcomes each one who visits to share a steam bath experience: a hopeful ritual embodying the possibility of transformation. Visitors are invited to enter the geodesic dome and relax on wooden bench where boiling water produces steam and negative ions that fill the dome.

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~japyr/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

StiffyLube / Penetration Village

Penetration Village welcomes GLBT campers who support the adventurous, spirited and sex-positive playground that surrounds our infamous tents. Stiffylube: The Original & Only Authorized Cocksucking Establishment on the Playa!

URL: http://www.getingetoffgetout.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Strip Jeopardy

For $500, Third time’s a charm for this crazy battle of wits, tits and naughty bits. The game that punishes you and rewards the rest of the world for your ignorance. Four shows, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, at 5pm. Show up an hour early if you want to play. Layering is okay.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Sub Primal

Don’t worry..come to camp sub-primal and live your American Dream. What’s your desire? Eternal Peace, love and hippieness, a new mutant vehicle, a big plot of land to start your own decompression? We can help. Don’t worry about long forms, credit, the truth…stop on by, your dream, our certificate.

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

Subterranean Psychedellic

Live music in an ultraviolet reactive subterranean cavern, with warm fuzzy geological formations and fungi.

URL: http://anticamp.orgHometown: Mendocino, CA


A place to chill. An igloo of calm coolness and an ice cream van serving up some of the finest underground electronic sounds.

URL: http://web.mac.com/siddeb/sid.deb/burning_man_ice_cream_van.htmlHometown: Santa Monica, CA

Sukkat Shalom

The mission of Sukkat Shalom is to “restore faith to those who sleep in the dust.” The purpose of Sukkat Shalom is to gather disparate sparks of Divine energy contained in each person. The energy of such a convergence will elevate life on earth to more closely resemble a heavenly paradise.

Hometown: Providence, RI


Sumcamp has: A bar “The Lemon Drop” open 9am till 9pm with free coffee and pancakes for the early birds, live music and DJ guest. A movie theater showing movies thru the day on the american dream. And live visuals by POPSmaroon. We will have a daily mask making and jewlery class

Hometown: Pahoa, HI

Sunrise Coffee Camp

Come over and visit us from sunrise until our pots run dry. We will share hot coffee and all the fixings with you to greet the new day or finally send you off to bed! Stay to decorate our graffiti wall. Use of personal cups is greatly appreciated.

URL: http://www.sunrisecoffeecamp.comHometown: San Ramon, CA


In our 11th year on the playa, we would like to honor our country and city with more blinky goodness. What good is a walk on the Esplanade without blinky lights from Sunvalley Theme Camp. Your home for all that is bright.

URL: http://lennyjones.net/sunvalley2008.htmlHometown: Burbank, CA


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a traveling performance art camp on a mission to awe and amaze, or at least give a little laugh. Comprised of some of the best CO Fire Spinners as well as a plethora of other equally “Super” Humans.

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA


SurlyCamp, home to the SurlyBird, a bio-diesel bird of epic proportions. SurlyCamp specializes in the little smokey and Baconator cook offs, fresh beats and a ribald sense of humor. Go Big and Go Time…that is how the Surlies roll.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Suspense Camp

Suspense Camp is dedicated to American-style full-suspension bondage: part kinetic art, part thrill ride, part endorphin rush. Our crew of expert riggers will put on public performances in a number of different styles as well as teaching workshops for all levels and offering bondage rides.

URL: http://www.suspensecamp.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Sweaty Betty's Misting Parlor

Rejuvenate, invigorate and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as you stroll through our misting tunnel and watch the smiles emerge while body temperatures drop. Open each afternoon during peak heat on the playa.

Hometown: Federal Way, WA