2008 Theme Camps

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Lamplighter Village

Lamplighter Village

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/lamplighter.htmlHometown: Galt, CA

Lamplighter Work Space

Lamplighters light the streets of Black Rock City every night of the event! We gather nightly at 5:00 p.m. in the Lamplighter Workspace to clean, prepare and light near 1,000 lamps before we hang them ceremoniously throughout our city. The whole process takes 2-3 hours each night and we’ll need over 1,000 volunteers over the course of the week. Volunteers can participate as few or as many nights as they wish! Bring a friend!

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/lamplighter.htmlHometown: Galt, CA

Lance Land

"We power the playa…"

Hometown: Brisbane, CA

Law Officer Oversight Project-LOOP

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the presence of law enforcement in Black Rock City. With this has come numerous reports of officer misconduct and unconstitutional searches and arrests. LOOP brings accountability and oversight of law enforcement on behalf of individual rights.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA


LE KAFE provides fair trade and organic coffee (hot and iced) every morning. Our camp offers a Dome (chill-out, yoga classes, board games, etc), a communal shade structure, a bacci ball court, and much more!

Hometown: New York, NY


Helium camp with too many balloons is trying to defy gravity by taking giant leaps accross the playa. Free hot dogs, too!

URL: http://www.leapman.orgHometown: San Jose, CA

Lego Land

Giant human sized Lego people. Living in giant Lego houses. Built on giant Lego grass. Our Lego pets will be on Lego leashes or within the confines of the Lego fence. Stop by and have a Lego lunch of Lego bricks with us most afternoons…

URL: http://fists.us/f1sts/index.php?topic=2314.0Hometown: Lake Havasu City, AZ

Leisure Sport Camp

Have you ever wished you could go back to a time when things were simple and a game of four square or hop scotch was the highlight of your day? Well good news, here at Leisure Sport Camp, you can do just that! Enjoy a game of over-sized four square, bad mitten, croquet, hopscotch and much more!

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Lenny Camp

Come visit Pope Lenny O The Playa and his loyal minions as they wreak havoc in the friendly confines of Lenny Camp, now situated within the new Redirection Connection Village. We’re the secret substance that holds it all together…..come see how!

URL: http://hometown.aol.com/ricksax1/LennyCamp.htmlHometown: Sparks, NV


This quaint camp boasts a 55′ wingspan, hydraulic actuated steel butterfly that perches atop its recently vacated chrysalis. Visitors are encouraged to board and manipulate the interactive components utilizing fire, sound, changing wing color, and the gasification of trash enabling mobility.

URL: http://www.lepidodgera.comHometown: Oakland, CA


Walk into your dream home-a white picket fence, a rocking chair, a dog, a cat, all the new fangled appliances, a chicken in the pot, a clothesline outside with 200 pairs of fancy thong undies (unisex of course)-you try one on, you keep it. A 1927 model t ford will pull our disco across the playa.

Hometown: Ventura, CA

Liminal Labs

come! don a space helmet! get strapped into our 3G s(t)imulator! witness our firm grasp of rocketry! view space through our 12" lens telescope. then fortify yourself with our atomic-flavored treats. mmm. the fuzzy cosmonaut. the buzz aldrin. better living through physics and chemistry.

URL: http://www.zorca.com/liminal_labs08/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Lip Service

BURN THE MAN, SAVE YOUR LIPS! When the harsh playa takes its toll on your lips and soul, come see Lip Service. We’ve got just what you need… soothing Lip Balm, really Bad Advice (cool beverages, great beats and other debauchery generally included)!

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Liquid Latex Lounge

Come by and enjoy our shade, bring some drinks to share, and enjoy the conversation. Perhaps get painted for some added fun, or just watch… why not. We are open every day from 11am till 4.

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Lollipop Shot Camp

Lollipop Shot Camp – Have a shot and a treat! A lollipop shot is where you can experience a shot of Vodka with your very own lollipop flavor and shot glass – reusable, renewable and it glows in the dark! This is "living your dream!" Part of the new Martini Village.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Lost Penguin Cafe (The)

What could be more lost in the desert than a Penguin? You aren’t lost, you’ve just found the place you are looking for! Drop in and enjoy our shade, couches, rugs, wine, chocolate, friendly people and good times. Night and day there is always something or someone interesting at The Lost Penguin!

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Named after the elven city in Lord of the Rings, Lothlorien is a cooperative living community both on the playa and off. We share cooperative values of consensus, vegetarianism, social consciousness, love, excitement, and expansiveness!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Love Potion Camp

Love Potion Camp welcomes you to a chill space full of art, creativity, family and LUV. This is a non-sexual space but cuddling and BIG hugs are welcomed and encouraged. Please join us Thursday evening for our Love Potion Charging Ceremony.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Love Puddle Playground

It’s recess time at Love Puddle Playground! Join us for 4-Square, Tether Ball and our very own Dildo Jousting. Maybe you’ll be king/queen of the playground, maybe you’ll be sent to detention at the bar, who knows? Come play with us! Tired of bad tasting playa drinks? Then we’re your Puddle!

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Love to Bone

We love to bone. We also love all the other good things in life, like dancing all night long on a 70’s disco dance floor inside an inflatable. Sunday sunrise tea parties while wearing little white gloves. Free condoms whenever you need ’em, and a great place to just stop by and visit for a spell.

Hometown: El Cerrito, CA

Lustre Village

A village dedicated to playful public interactions. Featuring: GLITTERBOX – 24 hour bar/groove station, with DJs, live music and daily glittering by Glittercamp, COSMIC RECESS PLAYGROUND – 24hr Bowling! Hula-hooping!Tetherball! Fortune Telling! More! ANGELS OF GRATITUDE – Spreading the love

URL: http://www.openplans.org/lustrevillageHometown: London, UK