2008 Theme Camps

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Radio Electra 89.9 FM

Electra FM 89.9 returns for our 9th year of broadcasting at Burning Man. Tune in for an eclectic array of music, mayhem and commentary. Or just stop in and enjoy our fire art displays. Theme camps, villages, and artists wishing to make radio announcements about events on the playa are welcome to stop in or contact us by email prior to the event. We want to help you make your playa event or art a success.

URL: http://www.radio-electra.orgHometown: Tucson, AZ

Radio Free Burning Man

RFBM returns for the 15th time! Listen in on 99.5FM for music and talk you won’t hear anywhere else. Meet us on our vast veranda. Come inside and be on the air. It’s that simple!

URL: http://www.rfbm.orgHometown: San Jose, CA

Raging Madness

Good old fashioned Hunter S. Thompson hospitality.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Random Pizza Experience

We are all connected through random experiences. At Random Pizza Experience you have the opportunity to create a pizza for someone else and randomly deliver it to them. Assuming, of course, that we are randomly open when you happen to come by.

URL: http://www.randompizza.netHometown: San Francisco, CA


Reality is based on our abilities to perceive and construct our environment.

URL: http://realitycamp.orgHometown: Seattle, WA


Relaxing on recliners is a Dream of most Americans so we raise the bar by experiencing Black Rock City in the comfort of mobile recliners. We will have motorized recliners [Laz-E-Boy, BarcoLounger, etc] to display and to show people how to construct them.

Hometown: Shingle Springs, CA

Recycle Camp

BRC Recycle Camp is located @ 6:00 & Center Camp. Come visit us, bring us you aluminum cans, sort them, no trash please. Ride the bike that powers the state of the art crushing machine. Recycle Camp strives to lead by example, to show the participants of Burning Man how to tread lightly and have fun.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/environment_concerns/recycle_camp.htmlHometown: Oakland, CA

Red Nose District

Behold the Red Nose District, home to a mighty indie circus, performance and comfort collective comprised of Cirque Berzerk, Gooferman, Vau de Vire Society, the EnHightened Beings of Leisure, and Waffling Waystation. Shows Tuesday through Saturday nights, and daily afternoon world music dance parties, midway amusements, happy hour, and waffle breakfast, all open to the public.

URL: http://www.rednosedistrict.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Redirection Connection

Welcome to Redirection Connection, the new conglomerate of well-known, established and FUN Theme Camps! Drop in for a ride on one of our many Mutant Vehicles at the new hub/loading station for the Official Public Transit System of Black Rock City and get Connected for Redirection to another location!

URL: http://hometown.aol.com/ricksax1/Village.htmlHometown: Sparks, NV


ReGroove.A.Nation was born of a community that has facilitated events in the Northwest together for over two years. We are coming together as a Burning Man camp with the intention of sharing our vision of sustainability, healthful gifting, visual art, sound, and dance.

URL: http://www.regrooveanation.comHometown: Seattle , WA

Relaxomatic Plushitorium

The relaxomatic plushitorium returns in 2008 as Black Rock City’s unofficial purveyors of RELAX. Our professional staff offers services in all aspects of RELAX including but not limited to, sleeping, cuddling, RELAX, massaging, and of course RELAX. Now with 45% more Pink!

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


RhythmWave [Dance] Theme Camp at Burning Man is dedicated to bringing intentional dance, including the 5Rhythms moving meditation practice, and other forms to Black Rock City. We welcome anyone seeking the Divine through Dance, come Sweat your Prayers with us!

URL: http://www.rhythmwave.orgHometown: San Rafael, CA

Rigged to Flip

Rigged to Flip will once again be offering you the ride of your life! Come join us for our live djs spinning excellent music, our refreshing ice water bar and daily drink specials along with our world famous flipping apparatus. We know you will enjoy our cool misting lounge, great vibe and dancing.

URL: http://www.burningdesert.comHometown: Grand Junction, CO


RISA is just like the resort planet from Star Trek, renowned for its breezes and easy-going, uninhibited sexuality. Our main attraction at Risa this year is the Dancing Peahen and Peacock Shuttle. Look for Risa and the Shuttle within Redirection Connection Village!

URL: http://brc-risa.com/Hometown: Carson City, NV

Roarshack & The Lorax Lounge

Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together! We are a synergistic combination of the recreational psychiatry of the ROARSHACK with eco-sybaritic alliteration of the LORAX LOUNGE. We will refresh your body and soul with drink and song under our Truffula Forest!

URL: http://roarshack.orgHometown: Marina Del Rey, CA

Robot He(art)

ROBOT HE(ART) is a new collective gathered from people from around the world, with various backgrounds and callings, who came as serperate cells, but through burning man became one body in the spirit! The mission behind Robot He(art) is Empowering Art and the human race through technology.

Hometown: Boston, MA

robot ranglers

multi-media enviroment,live jam bands.d.js,program and control your own robot,video live editing,interactive art,forest misters chill zone,tribal drum jam,alien contact ceromny, open to all beings

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Root Society

Root Society’s big domes proudly present: GOGO-60’s. The world in a frenzy…go-go mania grips popular culture. The looks-the music-define the 60’s with staggering cultural penetration…forever serialized into the American Dream. The 60’s are the core that creates all that follows. Hipsters unite!!

URL: http://myspace.com/rootsocietyHometown: Charlestown, MA

Rubber Chicken Camp

Rubber Chicken Camp is made up of artists working on playa art installations: Bummer, Lips=Love, and Ellis Island – Black Rock City. Art information will be on display and the opportunity to sign up to volunteer. There will be a Rubber Chicken Social in which the drink of choice is the Chicken Shot.

Hometown: New York, NY